Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 32

As the main person in charge of destroying the wall, Ice Dragon Auros, has taken the ice girl Lilai out to play.

"I just came to this new world. Of course, I have to get to know it well to inspire me."

With that, he took Lilai away.

Luo Yi didn't need to worry about the strength of Auros.

Strength: 315, Agility: 299, Intelligence: 399.

This attribute is higher than Lucifer's.

Luo Yi even felt that when he first traversed, he was playing the IMBA mode, otherwise how to explain this attribute.

It's too abnormal. Just calculating according to strength, a little strength increases 20 points of health. This intellectual hero has 6000 health bars. The butcher, a hero who can accumulate strength, will cry when he sees it.

After being taught, Luo silently walked around the back of the tavern.

This is the back of the street. If you draw a lottery here, even if you draw a hero, it is not easy to attract attention.

You can't buy a boat, find an island, and run out every time you call.

Besides, he now has a doomsday father and an ice dragon. What is he afraid of? As long as the generals are not coming in person and the Four Emperors invaded, Luo felt that he was invincible.

Although his current attributes are only one-tenth of Auroth's, he is also proud. These are all heroes summoned by his own efforts, even if Pele does not earn it himself.

Calling out the system interface, Luo Yi continued to click ten consecutive draws.

"You got the scroll: Crystal Sword"

"You got the scroll: the niche of the soul"

"You got the ball of essence"

"You got the vitality ball"


"Three-year-old shop, click and click to add group 626894216, boutique dial, one person, one number, 1T resources, complete types, monthly update, and number package replacement"

After 29 consecutive draws of ten consecutive draws, all the sword coins in his hand were drawn, and no new hero appeared. Luo realized that he was able to summon the ground before, whether he had used all his luck.

However, with a glance, the lottery this time is indeed different from before.

The two things, the fixed tree sacrifice and the iron branch trunk, are obviously much less, and only once will appear once every two ten consecutive draws.

However, the number of experience books has not changed, and it just so happens that the hand is almost used up, and just another batch has been drawn.

The other things, except for a bunch of skins, were the equipment Luo Yi had longed for a long time.

After the system was upgraded to level 3, it was possible to draw items worth less than 1,500 gold coins, and many basic items that were not originally drawn also appeared.


"Crystal Sword."


"Vladimir's Sacrifice"




It doesn't matter whether he needs it or not, it will be synthesized first.

Soon, Luo Yi's equipment was changed all over.

Power shoes

Sanye vs. Sword: Sanhua and Yasha resonate after the moonlight shines, and the combination of the two swords exerts greater power.

Vanguard Shield: A powerful shield that allows the holder to avoid the deadliest attack.

Mekansm: I don't know how the various parts are perfectly combined to form a jewel that exudes light.

Vladimir's sacrifice: a weird mask that entangles the resentment of a dead vampire.

Mordiggian's armband: It can make you a beast's weapon, and the bearer sacrifices his life energy to gain great power.

Luo Yi didn't want to synthesize more advanced items, but his thoughts were full and the reality was very skinny.

Many equipment, although they are composed of many small pieces, are only one or two single pieces, which are more expensive than some equipment combined.

The Mithril Hammer alone is exactly 1600, and the scrolls of some equipment are just 1550, isn't it embarrassing?

Luo Yi sorted out the resources in his hand and prepared Lilai and his equipment.

The most distressing thing is the relatively cheap equipment, most of which are wizard equipment or auxiliary equipment.

Just like the Mekansm that Luo Yi now wears, it is a group's recovery halo, plus an active group blood-increasing equipment.

To put it harder, it is an auxiliary equipment.

The other equipment, although not powerful, can be used as a transition.

At least Sanye vs. Sword was Luo's first big piece.

But now, Luo has another piece of equipment in his hand.

Aghanim's Scepter: This scepter belongs to a wizard with the power of a demigod.

A staff, magic staff, is short for this equipment.

Because before DOTA2 appeared, the original name of the Scepter in DOTA1 was Aghanim's Scepter. Because it was written in English at that time, he would also be called Blue Scepter because he was a blue staff.

This piece of equipment was originally a must-produced equipment for many heroes, because the effect of the A rod is to enhance the hero's ultimate skill, which is the so-called secret skill.

However, these effects are only available for some heroes, so the limitations are quite large.

Not long ago, DOTA2 carried out a big update, all heroes have been added A rod effect.

This is interesting.

Luo Yi now wants to know what the effect is if Manjikes is equipped with A staff.

The red stick handle is about one meter long, the front end is made of dark gold material to make a base, blue gems are inlaid on the top, Luo holding stick A in one hand, go downstairs.

Don't worry about Manjix. Luo asked him if he would separate the elements, but Manjix's reply was to be drunk.

Luo felt it, then forget it.

That seems to be due to the power brought about by the talent of God in his body, and the current Manjix can not effectively control it. Once he has mastered this power, his strength will definitely be many times stronger than now.

As for the others, Lilai shouldn’t give it to her. In the game, the rod of A is strengthened by the ice girl’s ultimate move. Now Lilai can’t even control the power of Frost. Don’t give it to the tavern. Demolished.

Then the candidates are limited to Lucifer, Dibu and Auros.

"Huh, scepter?"

When Luo Yi came downstairs, Lucifer appeared suddenly.

Staring straight at the magic staff in Luo Yi's hand.

"Would you like to try it?"

When Luo saw that Lucifer was so direct, he passed the A stick in his hand.

Lucifer glanced at Luo and stretched out his left hand, holding the handle of the magic scepter.


57. How do you want me to praise you?

Lilai was pulled out by Auroth.

But for her, the feeling that Ice Dragon Auros gave her was very close. Compared with the contract power brought by the system, Lilai could clearly feel that this was a kind of inborn closeness.

It's like the feeling of the same family.

"That's because we both practice frost magic."

Auros seemed to see through Lilai's thoughts and explained with a smile.

Both of them wore ice blue dresses, but Auroth's hair was pure white, while Lilai's was golden.

The two walking on the road holding hands, like mothers and daughters, and sisters, attracted the attention of many people. Many people have been taken away by their own wives or girlfriends by their ears.

"Teacher, the navy is"

"Teacher, ZF organization is"

"Teacher, the pirate is"

"Teacher, the great route is"

The two were not walking fast, Lilai bought two drinks, and they slowly strolled around while eating, Lilai explained the world of One Piece to Auroth little by little.

This is a huge international organization composed of more than 170 participating countries. Its affiliated organizations include the direct secret espionage agency CP0CP9, the navy, the king's Qiwuhai, the scientific force, the deep sea prison, and the judicial island.

These were introduced by Luo Yi and Lilai, and they unreservedly told him all the secrets about World ZF.

Auros listened and concluded in his heart.

In general, this world is different from the world she was originally in. This world is almost all islands, and of course there are also continents, the so-called red earth continents, which surround the middle of the planet like a belt.

But the great route is erected.

The combination of the two divides the world into four regions: the East China Sea, the West China Sea, the South China Sea, and the North Sea.

But what separates the great route from other sea areas is a windless zone, like a natural magic enchantment, isolating all winds.

However, below the windless zone, there are a large number of sea kings living in them, and they are even larger. The sea kings active in the four seas or great sea routes are a younger brother than the creatures in the windless zone.

Even when Auros heard that the geomagnetism, celestial phenomena, ocean currents, and air currents on this great route were all in chaos, it was very difficult to even confirm his position, let alone search for islands, he couldn't restrain his emotions. , Wanting to become the main body, rush out to take a look at the world.

She has a hunch, here, she will be able to write a great biography of the hero, of course, we need to summarize the experience of previous failures.

Auros understood that what he remembered was force, not the words he wrote meticulously, so this time he must restrain himself and not let others easily know his strength.

Now that you have come to this world, you should abide by the laws of this world and go sailing on a boat. Perhaps it will be more helpful for her to experience the way of life of human beings.

However, Lilai only briefly explained what she probably knew, and there were many things she learned from the recent newspaper.

After all, there is no way to explain a world in a few words.

But now, the two of them didn't even go out on the 70th GR Street, they received an urgent message, which was sent by Luo Yi.

Lilai and the others now also have a system panel, but it is not as comprehensive as Luo Yi's, only the hero information and map below, and the chat section above the information panel.

And now, on the chat module of the two people, messages popped up.

"The Auroth Tavern is on fire, come back and help."

"The Lilai Tavern is on fire, come back and help."

Caught fire?

Auros pulled up Lilai directly, fighting gas turned into wings behind his back, and his magic turned into a pair of frosty wings. Amidst the screams of a group of passers-by, he rose up into the sky, and at a glance, he saw that the seat was smoking. The building is not the Dota Tavern.

"It seems that our general from the dark realm has lost control."

Auros saw at a glance that the burning flame was the branded fire brought by the death knell of Wa Shiangdu, and this flame was deeply hidden in Lucifer's body.

No wonder they have to come back to help if there is a fire. At this time, ordinary water can't put out the fire.

The old man said, to use magic to defeat magic.

The ice wing behind him trembled, and Auros led Lilai across an icy blue streamline in the sky, and appeared above the Dota Tavern in a flash.

"Watch it well."

Speaking to Lilai who was still nestled in his arms, Auros raised his right hand, Lilai suddenly felt that the surrounding air began to become cold, it was a deep cold, which should be said by Bilo. The Sprite is still exciting.

Chill broke out from Auroth's hands, and fell from the sky, directly covering the entire Dota Tavern.

However, if the branding fire were really extinguished so easily, he would be ashamed of his doomsday.

The strong chill echoes with the terrifying flames, as if fighting for sovereignty.

Auros continued to increase the output of magic power in his body. Fortunately, this flame is now an unowned thing, just the product of an accident that broke out. Without follow-up support, it is impossible to fight against himself.

Endless cold air spurted from Auroth's hand, and the Dota Tavern, which was originally burning, was slowly freezing from top to bottom, together with the flame.

The slightly transparent, but clearly visible ice layer is eroding the branded fire bit by bit. The frozen part of the flame can even see signs of beating, but it also struggled a few times and was consumed. Exhausted the magic and went down.