Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 33

"Get the camera out quickly."

"Yes, Major Bell."

Among the crowd, Bell was also attracted by the commotion. He just didn't walk far, but he didn't come back so quickly.

When he first arrived, Bell saw Auros freezing the flames. Even if he was standing outside the fence, Bell could feel the heat.

It's not just Bell who took pictures. There are already many people around who have raised their chest cameras. Needless to say, these people just remember it right.

Soon, the flames were completely frozen, and the Dota Tavern became a frozen statue, reflecting the colorful rays of light in the afternoon sun.

The flame went out, and Auroth took Lilai down from the sky.

There was anger on his face.

Just now I was thinking of hiding my strength, but now it is directly exposed, the group of humans outside, but really watched them put out the fire.

Auros, who has not yet understood this world power system, said that his mood is very unbeautiful, and even the surrounding air has dropped several degrees.

And in the open space downstairs in the tavern, only Luo Yi, Lucifer, Dibu, and Oliver's family are here.

Lucifer was in a coma, lying on the ground, Dibu separated a clone with a fan in his hand, fanning him beside Lucifer.


The ice cubes were scattered.

With his panda face black, Manjikes strode towards Luo Yi, and Auros, staring at the magic staff in Luo Yi's hand.

"How do you want me to praise you?"

Manjix put his hands around his chest and looked at Luo Yi.

"Sorry, I was wrong."


58. Luo Yi seems to understand something


A newspaper was shot on the table, and Luo was taken aback.

Opposite it was the expressionless face of Manjikes, but when Luo knew it, he was angry.

However, if you change, you will definitely get angry.

Although they didn’t spend a penny to get this tavern, it took a lot of thought and money to make basic renovations. In addition, Manjix just gave Luo a hundred and thirty million Baileys, and he spent all of them. It was dropped, and now they have basically no deposits in their hands.

If it weren’t for the fire, Manjix had barely blocked the flames by relying on his true qi in the basement, and even if Auros returned, extinguished the flames and saved all the inventory in the basement, then they would be true. The one is poor and the other is white.

"Fortunately, the more precious wine, I brewed here."

Fortunately, Manjikes did not put his eggs in the same basket.

Although the original tavern has not been reopened, the first floor has been slightly remodeled to look like a warehouse. In the basement, there are also Manjikes' treasures.

Luo Yi trembling hands picked up the newspaper on the table.

No way, because of her mistake yesterday, their tavern was directly burned by the branding fire. Although Auros rushed back in time to stop the flame, according to her statement.

"When the ice cubes melt, the house will almost collapse."

Two huge magical powers are having an impact in ordinary buildings, and neither of them is ordinary power. They have long destroyed the structure of that building.

In order to punish Luo Yi and let him have a long memory, Manjikes personally practiced Luo Yi last night. After that drunken fist, he played for three hours, and he almost didn't give up Luo Yi.

Had it not been for the healing ointment, and the frost magic of Auroth had a skill called Chilling Embrace, this would have eliminated Luo Yi's sequelae.

Extreme Cold Embrace: There is a cold and healing embrace in the heart of Winter.The hard ice slows down the flow of blood, making the magic of the treatment more thorough.

However, although the injury was healed, the exhaustion still existed.

Not only his hands, but if he weren't sitting on a chair, Luo Yi would shake his legs now.

To be honest, if Lilai hadn't come to help him this morning, Luo Yi wouldn't know how to go downstairs.

In the newspaper, the report of the Dota Tavern occupied the front page of today.

Two clear and very clear photos, one is a picture of the tavern completely wrapped in flames, and the other is a scene of Auroth flying in the air, holding Lilai, releasing frost magic.

I have to say that the Dota Tavern was on fire, and it was the kind that directly cremated itself.

Luo Yi didn't even want to read the following report.

Anyway, almost everyone now knows that a woman has appeared in this world, and her ability seems to be very similar to the frozen fruit ability of the current admiral, the green pheasant.

Auros also saw this report.

She felt that her plan was still born.

He had just come into this world, and in less than a day, he announced his existence through newspapers.

This world is terrible.

People in this village, this city, and this country would know what they did before, and it was not so fast.

But just now when Auros asked Lilai what news is, Lilai said.

"It's a way to print things on paper and inform the world."

Humph, this kind of good stuff is a waste of not being used to promote the biography written by yourself.

Obviously, their current situation is not very good.

Oliver's family also temporarily rented a house, and lost Luo Yi to put part of the money in the old tavern.

Lucifer is still asleep and has not woken up yet.

Fortunately, Dibu can be divided into four clones, which brought Lucifer back.

As for the craftsman who repaired the wall, he originally came to the tavern to check the situation, scolded Luo, and then went back to prepare the tools and materials.

But when they came back again, they saw the building that had been burned to darkness but had been frozen again, and they were smiling and cursing and returning.

Luo Yi inferred from the expression on his face that it was an expression of receiving a big deal.

Ye Di, do you think about how to rebuild?

But Luo Yi didn't say anything, after all, he had been "praised" by Manjikes.

This tavern was burnt down before it was warmed up.

"Let me explain to you the role of Aghanim's Scepter."

Manjikes sat opposite Luo Yi and said solemnly.

Luo immediately sat up straight, looking like he was ready to accept a lesson.

"That scepter was originally used by a mage with the power of a demigod. Do you know why?"

Luo Yi shook his head.

"Because this magic scepter itself has the power of a demigod."

Manjikes said something that surprised Luo Yidu.

No, the price of this magic scepter in the game is not too high, only 4200 gold coins, there are still four small pieces in total, and even the scroll is not used, and it will actually have the power of a demigod.

"The true function of this magic scepter is to stimulate the power latent in the user's body, that is, to tap the unstimulated potential hidden deep in the body."

"But this kind of power that is suddenly stimulated is completely different from the power that oneself cultivates. It is not controlled at all. Unless you have reached the limit that you can reach, it is possible to truly master the power brought by the scepter. "

Manjikes didn't have much explanation, but Luo Yi almost understood it.

Like Lilai, after she was born, the power of frost in her body was extremely large, but she was completely out of control.

Luo Yi didn't expect that an ordinary piece of equipment originally in the game could actually have such an effect.

After that, if you come up with some equipment, you have to ask before you can get it out.

"In the past, the equipment had some magic power added to it, so it was able to increase the user's attributes or bring some more powerful abilities, but once it has something to do with the gods, it is not that simple."

"The gods of our world, you should have some understanding."

"Does Zeus count?" Luo Yi tilted his head.

"Forget it, Zeus was originally a whole body, but he was deprived of his general power by his wife and kicked from the gods. Now he is a demigod."

"In addition to Zeus, there are gods like Nex, the goddess of the moon, Celimonie, and the god of death. On top, they are the forgers of the world, but these are too mysterious. It’s not clear, but what is certain is that the power of God is extremely powerful."

Manjikes was very serious, and even the Auros on the side nodded.

She is a scholar among the ancient dragons, and has traveled all the year round, knowing nothing less than Manjikes, or even more, even so, she still did not touch the realm of a demigod.

"Then why, there is nothing wrong with me holding the magic scepter?"

Luo Yi suddenly took the magic scepter out of the armory and held it in his hand, but couldn't feel anything.

But Manjikes gave him a meaningful look, even Auros stood up, patted Luo Yi on the shoulder, and sighed and shook his head.

From their eyes, Luo Yi seemed to understand something.

59. Follow

If it is said that Lucifer and Manjix were known because they had a game on the Chambord Islands, then the reputation of Auros is farther than the two of them.

Marine Headquarters, Marin Vando.

Warring States now wished to become a big Buddha directly, and gave this Karp who was eating and drinking in his office again to vent his depression.

In his hand, he is holding today's newspaper, the World Economic News.

For this area, apart from the trilateral forces of the navy, pirates, and revolutionary forces, nothing is more fascinating than the appearance of the strong.

Moreover, this strong man has many digging points.

For example, she is a woman, and her appearance is very beautiful, almost comparable to the Empress of Nine Snake Island, the world's first beauty.

Powerful and beautiful, it is indeed capable of attracting everyone's attention.

But the issue of Warring States' concern is that this woman is also a member of the Dota Tavern.

What's the matter, this tavern is very active recently.

It is said that the Navy has recently purchased some very delicious ale, and the source of this ale is this tavern.

It can be said that the name Dota Tavern seems to have been heard in various channels recently, which made the Warring States have to pay attention to it.

Warring States: "Kapu"

Karp: "Eat senbei?"

Warring States: "Go out."

Karp: "Wow ha ha ha ha, stingy."

Warring States: "Don't wipe your nose on my table."

Karp: "I see, I will bring donuts next time."

Karp went out, and Warring States put down the newspaper in his hands.

The Navy has its own set of intelligence systems, and the Warring States Period decided to pay more attention to this suddenly rising tavern.

However, he actually burned his tavern in order to get on the news, and he was really a cruel man.

The great route, the new world, Dresrosa.

"Humhhhhhhhhh, I heard that all your wine is purchased from this pub, President Cook."

Pointed shoes, cropped trousers, professional mage, professional pirate, blond hair, wearing sunglasses, wearing a pink feather coat, Doflamingo sits on the throne, looking at Cook who is kneeling down below .

"The ale for your Majesty is the ale purchased from the Dota Tavern."

Cook has long lost the peace of the past, just kneeling here requires great courage.

The man on the throne is Don Quixote flamenco, who has recently become one of the seven martial arts under the king.

It took a lot of thought for Cook to connect with the head of this dark force, and to be able to see Doflamingo himself, thanks to the ale provided by Manjix.

"But this tavern, not only wine is interesting."

Doflamingo raised the newspaper in his hand, only he was interested, but he didn’t have much to do with him, so naturally he wouldn’t care too much. If it hadn’t been for Cook just over here today, he saw this on the news. Tavern, he would not call Cook.