Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 35

After he was filled with wine, Manjix took a sip comfortably and lay on the bar with a satisfied expression on his face.

If it weren't for Manjix to let him rest for the past two days, Luo Yi would want to go out and exercise.


The door of the tavern was knocked suddenly, Luo turned his head and looked outside, but only saw a pair of white pants with black spots.

61. Everything is without words

Luo Yi felt familiar with the pair of pants outside the door.

The doors of the old tavern are so big that they are not even the windows compared to the new tavern.

Oh, yes, the new tavern is gone, they only have this tavern now.

But the entrance of the tavern, which is more than two meters high and nearly three meters high, can only see the person's legs outside.

Moreover, Luo Yi felt that the shape of the trousers and the shape of the shoes became more familiar as they looked at them.

Especially the black spots on the pants look a bit like bear paws.

Could it be?

Luo Yi got up from behind the bar and walked out of the tavern.

He saw the whole picture of the man at the door.

The black shirt, white pants, with bear paw prints on them, and a dark brown robe covering his body, did not cover his face and the clothes in front of him.

Luo realized that this was totally unnecessary.

After all, even though this man had his hood covered, the two small ears on the hood directly betrayed him.

Bassoromi Bear, King of the Kingdom of Sorbe, nicknamed "Tyrant".

No, it is not the Seven Wuhai under the King. Everyone knows the staff of the Seven Wuhai. There are still only six people, and there are not seven.

But it should be fast too. Ten years before the plot began, that is, two years ago, Xiong followed Dorag and rescued the protagonist Luffy’s eldest brother Sabo in the East China Sea. Now, the revolutionary army should arrange for Xiong to take over the king. Qiwuhai's invitation, and contact Vegapunk.

This tyrant Xiong, Luo Yi was a loyal fan before. Even if he didn’t make many appearances, it is undeniable that Xiong's popularity is not low. Luo Yi admires Xiong's sacrifice very much, at least on his own body. , Will not do these things.

Xiong also saw Luo Yi walking out.

He came with a mission this time.

The bear who has not yet become the "running dog" of the world's ZF is a cruel and domineering pirate on the sea, with a bounty of 296 million Baileys.

But this is not important. What is important is that he is actually an important cadre of the revolutionary army behind his back.

He came this time, in fact, to recruit talents for the revolutionary army.

That's right, this is what Dorag gave him.

The bear also understood what Doragh meant.

Although the main activity of their revolutionary army is to fan the flames and mobilize the people to resist the regime, the true high-end combat power is indeed lacking.

And at this moment, the Blade Tower Tavern began to appear in the sight of everyone, as well as the mysterious powerhouses that appeared in the tavern, which made Dorag had to pay attention to it.

But even if Dorag wanted to contact the tavern, he couldn't find any suitable candidates.

Based on the information obtained before, the combat effectiveness of these people in the Blade Tower Tavern is estimated to be no less than that of the five major army commanders in the revolutionary army, so if you want to find someone to negotiate, you really need a good person.

Xiong became the first choice and the only one who had time to come over.

Holding a Bible in his hand, the bear lowered his head and looked at the man in front of him.

At this time, he hasn't been transformed into a robot, but his eyes are hidden behind the bear ear cap, and he can't see clearly. In addition, they don't match the lower body at all, just like the upper limbs in the gym without training legs. With the body shape of a fitness trainer and the height of 689cm, Luo Yi felt that he was under a lot of pressure.

"If you travel, where do you want to go?"

The bear is actually very confused now.

If he is asked to fight and kill, Xiong is actually quite good at it, but it's not that simple to get people in.

In fact, Dorag had already relied on his intelligence network to investigate everyone in the Dota Tavern.

It can be known that Luo Yi is not a member of World ZF, so there is a high chance that he will join the revolutionary army.

But Xiong didn't know how to start, so he simply said what he was used to saying.


When Luo heard these words, his heart was cold.

What are you doing.

Do you know that when I saw you saying this last time, the Straw Hat Pirates were torn apart by you, and only met after two years.

Did you do anything?

Why did the revolutionary army send bears to shoot themselves?

Could it be that I accidentally provoke a member of the revolutionary army?

Luo Yi didn't answer immediately, but his heartbeat had already begun to accelerate.

In the tavern, whether it was the Manjix lying on the bar, the geomancer who was sorting the ale, or the Auros who was making ice sculptures with Lilai, they had all appeared at the door, staring at the bear with a bad face.

They felt that Luo Yi was abnormal, which meant that they were not normal people.

"Amazon Lily?"

This is Luo Yi's answer, and it is also a true answer.

He really wants to go here.

Just ask that man who doesn't want to go to the daughter country, and there is also the empress who is the most beautiful woman in the Pirate World.

Luo Yi wanted to see what the female emperor, who was so beautiful that no matter what species she could petrify, looked like.

Xiong saw Luo Yi's strength at a glance, and he still wanted to go to Amazon Lily at this level.

However, the bear also saw Manjix standing in the doorway, looking badly drinking, the geomancer with a shovel on his shoulder, and Auros exuding a slight chill.

This is not okay, it's a bit attractive.

"Wow, if you don't mind, can I go in for a drink?"

Xiong said.

Luo Yi nodded along the way.

He knew that although Xiong was nicknamed a tyrant, he was actually an extremely gentle and kind-hearted person, otherwise he would not join the revolutionary army family, and sacrificed his personality to complete the revolutionary army plan.

Luo Yi thinks there should be no danger, but Xiong needs to care about what identity he is here this time.

But how does the bear get in?

You must not climb in at the door of your own tavern.

The people who saw Luo Yi agree also let the door open.

Looking at the huge bear, bent legs and waist, the bear squeezed into this tavern with great difficulty.

"what do you want to drink?"

Luo Yi very skillfully picked up the cup under the counter and wiped it.

Sitting in front of the bar, Xiong tilted Erlang's legs and put the Bible on his lap.


Hearing what the bear said, Luo Yi readily took out the spring spirits that Manjix had just poured himself, and then replaced it with ordinary ale under Manjix's stern gaze.

Well, the idea of ​​letting the bear drink a bottle for himself has been seen through.

However, Manjix closed the door of the tavern and closed the curtains.

During this period of time with Luo Yi, he felt that Luo Yi seemed to know a lot of things, but Luo Yi did not say, nor did he ask.

"I always feel that you seem to know me."

Although Xiong is still expressionless, he, who was once a king, can tell from the slight change in expression on Luo's face.

"Bassoromi Bear, I still have your wanted warrant."

Luo Yi pointed to the stack of wanted orders placed inside the bar and said.

"No, I mean, my identity."

Luo shook his hand holding the wine glass and accidentally spilled some wine.

Jiang was placed in front of the bear, Luo Yi calmly picked up the rag and wiped the tabletop.

it is more than words.

62. If you travel, where do you want to go?

Bear's eyes.

Luo Yi couldn't see it at all.

Even when he entered the tavern, the bear did not take off the robe from him.

Even if it is taken off, there is still a bear-eared cap inside, and the eyes are still covered.

However, Luo Yi's silence was also acquiesced.

Although the bear is as stable as an old dog on the surface, he is thinking very much in his heart.

Could it be that there are still forces in this world that you don't know?

In other words, Luo Yi is actually a member of the government.

As for other possibilities, Xiong didn't think of it for the time being.

Don't blame the bear for thinking so.

After all, the three major forces in this world are all on the bright side.

Although everyone does not know the identity of the revolutionary army, the revolutionary army's actions in spurring the people to resist violence and rescuing refugees from fire and water have long been known to the world.

However, Xiong's own identity is well hidden. Even in the revolutionary army, many people do not know that he is actually a cadre of the revolutionary army.

So now comes the problem.

Xiong wondered a bit, what level of identity Luo Yi knew.

Pirate?king?Or the revolutionary army.

Luo turned his head and glanced at Manjikes, saw that he shook his head and confirmed that no one around the tavern was eavesdropping, Luo Yi put down the rag in his hand.

"Revolutionary Army."

Although it is only three words, it directly expresses Luo Yi's position.

The bear's hands on the Bible subconsciously grasped the glove on the fingertips, but after a pause, they put it down again.

"How did you know."

Although Xiong is facing Luo Yi, under the domineering sense of seeing and hearing, the Dibu on his left rear, Manjix on his right, and the strongest Auros, even the bear feels uncertain. In a perfect position to besiege yourself.

At this time, Xiong felt that he still adopted a retreat approach.

After all, his task is actually to invite the other party to join the revolutionary army and increase the powerful high-end combat power for the revolutionary army.

"I said I will prophesy you believe it?"

Luo realized that this should be the best answer he could give.

As for spoilers or something.

Spoilers for a while, spoilers for a while.


Xiong didn't speak, but looked at Luo Yi blankly.

He always felt that this man was a liar, but this man knew his identity as a revolutionary army.

In addition, these people in the tavern are indeed powerful, and there seems to be a strong person upstairs, whose aura is constantly improving.

"How do you prove?"