Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 36

Xiong asked.

Manjikes and others were sitting next to each other, but actually felt that the bear was quite rude.

What Luo Yi knew, that was Luo Yi's business.

As for the power struggle in this world, Manjikes actually doesn't like participating.

Just like the Oyu Society in the world of Dota, although there is a little bias towards the Radiant Legion, they are actually neutral.

Therefore, Manjikes did not like this.

In fact, it doesn't matter to Dibu, his rule of survival is to use all his own resources to live, not to live a life that is full without a meal.

Although after coming to this world, he was doing chores every day, but the food was not comparable to the original world.

Can live comfortably, who likes to call?

As for Auros, there was no fluctuation in his heart, and he even wanted to laugh.

Humans are like this.

For the so-called rights, countless people can be sacrificed.

As everyone knows, in this world, we must unite for a long time, and we must divide for a long time.

As for Lilai, she was only 8 years old after all, and she really didn't understand something.

"Seven Wuhai under the King."

When Luo Yi said such a sentence, Xiong had already believed three points.

Not many people in the revolutionary army knew about this matter.

However, there is no guarantee whether someone in the revolutionary army has leaked the news.

But Luo Yi's next sentence was directly confirmed by Xiong.


Looking at Luo Yi, Xiong's heart began to guess.

Maybe, he had eaten time-related fruits. After all, the types of devil fruits have not been recognized by everyone.

Even the Devil Fruit Illustrated Book does not include all fruits.

"I understand."

The bear stood up, and did not continue.

Even if what Luo said was true, it would not be possible for them to join the revolutionary army directly when they met for the first time.

Xiong came this time, it can be said that he was only here to explore the reality, but he did not expect to expose his identity as a revolutionary army.

If Luo Yi knew that Xiong thought so, he would be mad at him.

Your own tavern just burned, you come here like this, and you are dressed like this, no matter how you look at ordinary guests.

If it weren't for the revolutionary army and the bear, how could he directly expose the fact that he knew the identity of the bear.

As for why the revolutionary army came back, Dorag could think of it, but Luo couldn't think of it for a while.

Even after seeing more than 900 cartoons, there are not many masters of the Revolutionary Army.

Even after ten years, Saab, who has become the chief of staff of the Revolutionary Army, has not reached the level of a general in combat effectiveness.

Among the five chiefs of the Revolutionary Army, only the Shemale King Ivankov has demonstrated their strength. However, based on the performance of the war at the top, the combat effectiveness is estimated to be equivalent to that of the bear, and there is still a gap between the generals.

If the fighting power of the five army commanders is similar, in the revolutionary army, the only one who can fight the generals is probably only Dorag.

But the Navy has three generals.

If your revolutionary army wants to fight Mary Gioia, will Dorag have one to three?

Oda said it personally. In his setting, no one can stop the two admirals from joining forces.

Not to mention, there are some older generations of generals in the Navy.

Therefore, regardless of the revolutionary army instigating the overthrow of state power everywhere, there is a very lack of talents in terms of true high-end combat power.

His identity was innocent, he was just a small shopkeeper on the Chambord Islands, but it was the other people in his shop who really attracted the interest of the revolutionary army.

Xiong walked to the door, bent down, and opened the shutter door of the tavern, but he did not go out immediately.

"If you travel, where do you want to go?"

He asked this question again.

Luo Yi tilted his head and thought: "Amazon Lily."

He still wants to go.

Even if it's not the empress, it's very simple to find a beautiful wife in the daughter country.

It can be seen from the comics that on the whole island, the people who hate men are actually the three female emperor sisters and Granny Zai.

For the daughter country fighter who has never seen a man, he is actually a rare treasure.

"I know."

The bear nodded, and carefully left the tavern.

Seeing everyone else looking at him with some doubts, Luo Yi shrugged.

What's wrong, what's the problem with liking women?What's the problem if you want to find a beautiful wife?Really.

63. The first order

The bear is gone.

Both coming and going are baffling.

But Luo Yi didn't bother to care about these things.

He has only two goals now.

One is to make money and become strong, the other is to become strong and then marry a wife.

As for the One Piece, Tianlongren and the like, what does it have to do with Taluo?

Those of you who like to fight will fight, as long as it doesn't affect me to open a tavern and open a chamber of commerce to do business.

When he first came to Pirate World, Luo Yi was actually quite confused.

Although he has already obtained the system, Luo Yi just wanted to be an ordinary clerk in the original world, playing ordinary games with ordinary skills, and might marry an ordinary wife and give birth to an ordinary one. Children, repaying ordinary loans, lead an ordinary life.

But everything changed. When he opened his eyes, he came to an illegal society.

Here, it is possible to die at any time.

It may be a natural disaster or a man-made disaster.

Although Luo Yi now has a system, it is precisely because Luo Yi has a system to exercise his body.

Not to mention reaching the level of a general, the four emperors, at least in this chaotic era of great pirates, has the power to protect itself.

As the owner of the system, although he does not actively participate in the content of the contract, Luo Yi also knows one of the contracts.

That is, after completing the content of the contract, the hero has the right to choose to leave the problem.

Therefore, when Oliver proposed to form a chamber of commerce by himself, Luo Yi also nodded in agreement.

These people may be the team that will establish themselves in this world in the future.

Luo Yi didn't even think about whether he could go back. If he came, he would settle down. It was one of Luo Yi's laws of survival.

If you can go back, then the Chamber of Commerce can't take it away, and it's all Oliver's efforts. Luo Yi said that he would not feel distressed at all.

He is like this. With a salary of five thousand yuan, he feels that fifty thousand yuan is a small amount of money. Even if it is five million yuan, he feels that it is not enough.

As for now, Luo realized that even if he gave him 500 million, he would not be able to fill the bottomless pit of the system.

Manjix said that until the tavern is reformed, he will not be given any money for the time being.

Don't give it if you don't give it.

He is a man of all sorts, can he still live a life of asking for money?

Why not.

After this period of time, although he came to Pirate World for only less than a month.

But Luo Yi felt that every day he opened a tavern, wiped the glasses, entertained guests, and then exercised, and had actual combat with Lilai, and several people sat together and chatted while eating.

Lilai, who is well-behaved, cute and sensible, Manjix who is knowledgeable and sincere, Lucifer who is very cold and arrogant, Meepo who is diligent and hardworking, and Auros who is unpredictable by nature.

These people should be my friends.

Luo Yi felt so, but always felt that apart from the contractual relationship, there was still something missing between them.

Perhaps it was because of the unequal status that made Luo Yi less relaxed.

If you are as powerful as these people, you might not be too restrained.

After he was free, Luo first organized the drunken fist that Manjix had taught him before.

Probably because of the system upgrade, his attribute growth reached 3 points. Luo Yi felt that even the state of learning was much easier than before.

Perhaps, his own understanding is also increasing.


The door of the tavern was knocked again.

After Xiong left, Luo Yi didn't pull the door down.

Although the new tavern was burnt down, there are still loyal customers who come to buy wine.

There are not many stocks over there. It is estimated that in two days, Dibu can remove the clone and don't have to stay there to sell alcohol.

After knocking on the door, the half-waist door was pushed open, and Oliver's face was still excited.

The tavern was burned, and the most distressed was actually the Oliver family.

That was the hard work of their family for more than 20 years.

But so what.

From the day he started his business, Oliver, his father Cecil, was ready to accompany him.

Although they run a hotel, their business is pretty good.

But this is the Chambord Islands. No one knows when his house will collapse.

If the damage was caused by the navy in the process of hunting down the pirates, then some of the bounty would still be obtained from the bounty, as a reward for the citizens' voluntary help. If the losses were heavy, ZF would also add additional subsidies.

Sometimes, the loss caused by the conflict between two pirates will all be borne by the store itself. This is the risk.

Oliver also understood that, even though the tavern was burning, it was during the day when the fire broke out. With the help of the divination, the Oliver family also ran out safely.

As for the money, Oliver has already been placed in the Chamber of Commerce, and has not lost a bit.

This has provided sufficient protection for their two-day operations, not to mention that the things that should be prepared have already been prepared.

"Boss, this is our first order."

A piece of paper was placed in front of Luo Yi, accompanied by Oliver's quick tone, as if they were going to miss the order if they didn't move faster.

Luo Yi picked up the order very calmly.

Compared to contracts in the previous life, contracts in Pirate World are not that complicated. Under normal circumstances, they are just a piece of paper.

This is an order from the royal family of a certain country on an island on the Great Sea Route.

It is an order rather than a contract.

If the liquor of the Dota Chamber of Commerce can meet their requirements, then the royal family’s liquor supply will be the responsibility of the Dota Chamber of Commerce.

The so-called meeting the requirements is to bring the wine and let them taste it first, and the other party decides whether or not.

This is actually not an order, at least Luo Yi thinks so.

The opposite person said whether he wanted it or not, that was the opposite thing, this little violent temper, suddenly wanted to slap the other person on the face.

Love to buy or not.