Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 37

They are also a bit embarrassed now.

Because of poverty.

The request of the other party is very simple. As long as they can provide the wine that satisfies the other party, the price is not too outrageous, and they can all be agreed. I want to come to a relatively wealthy country.

After all, in this world, as long as ZF is a member of the country, a huge amount of heavenly gold will be provided to the Tianlong people every day, and even less can be left to the country. The people's life is miserable, which is also one of the reasons for the emergence of the revolutionary army.

If the other party is willing to pay, that is the father of the funder.

As for whether the wine can satisfy the other party, Manjikes dare to pat his panda butt to make sure that there is absolutely no problem.

"Then get ready to set sail, this time sailing, who wants to go?"

Going to sea means that there is a risk, and a guard is necessary, especially a strong guard.

Manjix is ​​actually a good candidate, after all, this is his wine.

Let the winemaker go directly to the talk with the other party, maybe the success rate is higher.

However, when Luo saw Auros with golden light on the side, he decided who he would choose.

64. Terrible face fruit

Oliver was in charge of the first voyage.

The only samples prepared were ale and spring spirits.

Manjix also talked about the cost of the two wines, and the time required for production, let Oliver set the price himself, and decide the delivery time of the order.

Auros and Lilai followed Oliver to sail, and as for sailors, Oliver was already hiring.

However, Luo Yi thinks it is better to train some people by himself.

For example, the previous Craig, if possible, it is actually good to absorb it.

In the chamber of commerce, some personnel are also needed to perform their duties. Otherwise, Oliver will do everything alone. Even if it is a robot, it will be overburdened and burned directly.

Of course, that is the future.

At least for now, they only need enough people to sail the ship.

There is no other reason, because there is no money.

And what Oliver was preparing to set sail was naturally not done secretly. Some caring people already knew their actions.

"I received it. You continue to observe and tell me when they are going to sea."


Putting down the phone bug, Mr.3 tilted Erlang's legs, and beside him was Miss. Golden Week, who was wandering around, eating senbei and drinking tea.

"Miss. Golden Week, the information has been received. The person who attacked us before is still in a coma, and another terrifying woman is about to set sail. Let's pick this time to come."

"Kacha Kacha"

"This time we specifically choose the time when the opponent's strong person is away. Even if there is an accident, we can still escape, but if we fail, we will still be killed by the boss."

"Guru Guru"

"Miss. Golden Week, can you stop eating for now, I feel a little nervous."

"Guru Guru khachachacha"


Mr.3 is really a headache.

Miss. The life of Golden Week was so moist.

In fact, if it weren't for her ability to match his melting fruit well, he wouldn't want this partner much.

When going out on a mission, he basically relies on himself, but his partner only thinks about eating senbei during a break from get off work, even though she has been eating it during work.

However, whoever makes this partner powerful can use the paint on the color palette to mix colors to suggest to others and control their feelings. If it wasn't for Miss. Golden Week's bullfighting red was painted on the ship immediately, Mr.3 had already He died in Lucifer's hands.

Therefore, there are complaints, but you still have to be a good partner.

They are just two lonely people now.

All of the previous subordinates were killed by Lucifer when they did that vote. Now the resources that can be mobilized are only those responsible for collecting intelligence who originally remained on the Chambord Islands.

Mr.3's idea is very simple. Although they don't think there is any problem with robbing others' property, when the opponent's strength is stronger than their own, it is a very serious problem.

Therefore, Mr.3's idea is very simple.

Come to apologize.

Although their intelligence personnel are not many, Oliver's movements recently are not small. If you observe carefully, you can know that Luo Yi is now Oliver's boss.

Dota Chamber of Commerce and Dota Tavern, if the two are not the same person, Mr.3 dared to eat the candle he made.

However, to apologize for such things, you can't go directly to Oliver.

You tied up someone's family and suffered a lot of torture, so you go straight to yourself and apologize. Wouldn't it be death?

Therefore, Mr.3 decided to go to Luo Yi first. As long as Luo Yi has the possibility of reconciling them, then this matter can be suppressed, and it will not affect the Baroque work agency. He is satisfied.

Thinking of his meticulous arrangement, Mr.3 smiled, smiling happily.

What can be done with a mistake, and what can be done if the subordinates die, as long as the final result is good, then it is not enough.

Although their active place is only the first half of the great route, and they dare not provoke pirates who offer too high a reward, there are actually so many strong people in this world.

Mr.3's bounty is 45 million Baileys, which are piled up abruptly by strength. As for the degree of threat to ZF, the navy side does not feel that he has any threat at present.

The truly powerful pirates have bounties of hundreds of millions, but in this sea, how many pirates can bounties of hundreds of millions are basically concentrated in the second half of the great route.

Mr.3 is not worried at all, really not worried.

Sitting in a small candle-made boat, Mr.3, who is drifting along with the flow, his expression gradually became serious.

The appearance of bears on the Chambord Islands did not attract anyone's attention.

With the domineering look and feel, Xiong naturally knew whether there was anyone watching Luo Yi's tavern, and he came only when there was no one.

And Xiong's departure, Oliver's preparation, did not affect Luo Yi and their actions.

Every day, people from the Cook Chamber of Commerce will deliver the goods to the door on time and take away the drinks that were provided that day.

What Manjikes means is that this month, they will come to the door every day, and from next month, there will be a fixed time for delivery, so they don’t need to run every day. After all, there is no inventory now, but it will not be the next month. .

Therefore, the problem that Manjix is ​​worrying about now is where to put the brewed wine.

After the Dota Chamber of Commerce was renovated, there was no pre-stored storage place. After all, the plan there was used as a professional office.

And the basement of the old tavern.

With all due respect, Manjikes can put a hundred barrels of wine in the sky, and it takes three hundred barrels in a month.

It seems that the brewed wine needs to be moved to the basement of the new tavern first. The space there is large enough to store thousands of barrels.

But the problem is that the kitchen in the old tavern is too small, and even if Manjix wants to increase efficiency, it is too tired.

Although when making wine, it is also a kind of self-cultivation, but you can't make ale all day.

There are tens of millions of liquors in Oyo Club. If you develop from scratch, you can only start brewing from the cheapest liquor.

At least, that's what Manjix thought.

Living a small life graciously, Luo Yi's rest time is over, all attributes have increased by 3 points, and then he begins his daily exercise routine.

Today, it was the third day after Xiong left, and another visitor came to visit.

Luo Yi was a little surprised by the person who came this time, but it seemed that the other party had no other thoughts.

"Boss, can you give me some face, isn't it cheaper?"

With red hair, he laughed and thought of an idiot, he was slapped Luo Yi's back vigorously at this time, and when Luo looked at the fifty barrels of wine he was going to leave, he almost nodded in control.

Tie the motor, what a terrible face fruit.

65. Be safe

The three powers of the great route are the navy, the king under the seven martial arts, and the four emperors.

The Four Emperors are the collective name of the four pirates in the One Piece King. They are also known as the sea emperors. They are like emperors in the new world in the second half of the great sea route.

The Four Emperors can refer to the Four Emperors themselves or their Pirate Group.

The pirate group of the Four Emperors is not only powerful in the leader, but also in the strength of the cadres. The strength of the highest cadre is stronger than most Qiwuhai.

The current four emperors are Edward Newgate with the white beard, Shanks the red-haired, Aunt Charlotte Lingling, and Kaido the beast.

The four sea emperors have distinct personalities.

One collects his son everywhere, one wants face everywhere, one collects her husband everywhere, and one develops the zoo.

And now, the person standing next to Luo Yi was originally wearing a hood and dressed like a revolutionary army, but after entering Luo Yi's tavern, he revealed his true face.

Red-haired Shanks, one of the four emperors.

Luo Yi has seen the official life card of Red Hair. Although he did not say when Red Hair actually became the Four Emperors, the timeline has been given. It was before the Red Hair stayed in the East China Sea that he became the Four Emperors.

Everyone was speculating that the red hair stayed in the East China Sea because he had a woman he liked, so he stayed for a long time.

Even on the title page of a later comic, Magino of Donghai Windmill Town held a child, and everyone wondered if it was red-haired.

When he heard this speculation, Luo Yi hehehe.

One is in the East China Sea, and the other is in the new world in the second half of the great sea route. Even if the red hair is one of the four emperors, it is beyond reach.

It's not that Luo Yi had never thought about meeting Shanks, after all, this was one of his idols.

But he didn't expect that Shanks would actually meet himself in this way.

Even, for the sake of fifty barrels of wine and oneself here for an hour, just to be cheaper?

When you were in the East China Sea, why didn't you let Mackinaw get a discount? Didn't you even distribute the wine to the strongest bandit king in history who dared to humiliate the Four Emperors?

In short, idols belong to idols, it is impossible to be cheap, and it is impossible to be cheap in this life.

A barrel of ale made 80,000 Baileys. For the sake of Shanks's face, he had already discounted it. If it was cheaper, he would have to eat resin.

"No, even if you are the Four Emperors, you have to pay."

Although Auros took Lilai to the pier today, and Lucifer was still lying upstairs. There were only two people in the shop, Manjix and Dibu, but Luo Yi believed in Shanks' character.

Not to mention, Shanks’ former deputy captain also bought wine in his shop.

From Luffy to the Chambordian Islands, Raleigh said that when he wanted to see him a long time ago, Luo felt that Shanks had paved the way for Luffy.

Otherwise, it was just a fate. Leily helped Luffy and the others to stop the Yellow Ape, and swim to the Amazon Lily, and actively taught Luffy to be domineering. If there is no Shanks to get rid of, Luo Yi doesn't think so. Believe it too much.

"Knowing that I am the Four Emperors, you are still the first boss who dares to make me pay."

Shanks, who was originally grinning, suddenly put on a serious expression, domineering sideways, and Luo Yi was a little palpitated when he watched.

"Huh? Your deputy captain has to pay for alcohol here. Why don't you pay."

However, Luo Yi firmly stated that he would not give in.

"Ahahaha, this is wine money."

For the first time, Shanks's face was lost.

I came here to buy wine, naturally because of Raleigh's recommendation, and Shanks was also a little curious about why this tavern could be remembered by Raleigh.

After tasting the ale in the Dota Tavern, Shanks felt that it tasted good and it was not a problem to buy it.

However, this boss is very strange.

Shanks discovered that Luo recognized himself as soon as he had not taken off his hood.

Everyone knows the prestige of the Four Emperors, but not many people have actually seen the Four Emperors.

Shanks was shocked when he recognized himself who had hidden his identity when he had never seen him before, but only relying on the wanted warrant.

He even began to wonder if his partner's goal was too obvious, so he exposed himself.

"A total of fifty barrels of wine, four and a half million Baileys."

Of course the wine didn't need to be moved by Luo himself, Shanks himself brought the people.

Luo Yi stretched out his hand and asked Shanks for money.