Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 40

Even businessmen who sail at sea cannot pin their safety on the patrolling navy, but need to hire escorts to board the ship.

Lifting his head, Oliver looked at the two people standing at the bow of the ship.

Not only him, but many people on the ship looked at them from time to time.

It's so beautiful.

It was like Auros walking out of the painting, with white hair dancing in the sea breeze, and the long skirt on her body could not conceal her bumpy figure.

And Lilai on the side looked like a little princess.

A suit of the cold iron witch completely brought out Lilai's temperament.

Especially a staff held in his hand, standing next to Auroth, like a mother and daughter, but also like a sister.

"This staff seems to be very useful. It can help you effectively guide the release of magic power. Come and try to release frost magic against the sea."

What Auros taught Lilai these days was some theoretical knowledge.

Of course, for Lilai, this knowledge about frost magic is the most important thing. He even obtained a complete set of meditation methods from Auroth. He uses meditation instead of sleep every night, and the effect is even better than direct Sleeping is fine.

Even the power of frost in her body, Lilai felt that she was obedient every day and the power she could control was much more than before.

Raising the staff in his hand, although it looks about the same height as Lilai, Lilai feels very comfortable to use, even like his own hands and feet, very easy to control.

With a light wave, a crystal-like frost flew out and landed on the sea.

With a "poof", he dived into the water and disappeared.

"I can feel the flow of magic power. It is much smoother than when you release it with your bare hands. In a short time, just learn frost magic with a wand. Now, try to freeze the sea into ice, whatever you want. "

Auroth began to guide Lilai's abilities step by step, but Lilai had just raised his staff.

"There is a pirate ship, about 30 nautical miles ahead."

On the observation deck, a sailor suddenly shouted.

69. Lilai shot

Bill is a native of the Chambord Islands.

His grandfather was a sailor, so was his dad, and so was he.

The only big person their family came into contact with was probably the Lieutenant Commander who patrolled the Chambord Islands every day.

However, Bill's mentality is still very good.

He knew that sailing at sea was actually quite dangerous. Even the chamber of commerce where Bill worked before went bankrupt because it was robbed by a pirate.

A few days ago, Bill, who had just been unemployed, was waiting at the shipyard to see if he could find a job as a sailor. Oliver just happened to be attracted.

Whether it was his dark skin or that strong body, Oliver's eyes were deeply attracted. With Oliver's eyesight, he could tell at a glance that this was an experienced sailor.

And it's not just a sailor.

Bill has a lot of experience in sailing at sea, whether it is sailing, or cooking, music, medical skills, and boating skills, but not proficient.

However, this is also normal. After all, a person's energy is limited, and there is no way for him to learn these things systematically in his or her family. All the skills that he knows are the experiences passed down from generation to generation.

Because of Bill's ability, he is considered a leader among the sailors. Although he may be a bit worse than those professionals, he has also gained a good reputation among the sailors.

Even when Oliver approached him, Bill also asked if he could bring his former companions.

Oliver took the case on the spot, and even asked Bill's salary level in the past. For the time being, he decided according to his previous salary.

Because of Oliver's boldness, Bill also directly nodded in agreement, after all, after the previous chamber of commerce closed down, Bill did not have much hope of being able to have previous income.

After that, Bill summoned those who were unemployed together and signed a contract with Oliver to the Chamber of Commerce.

Oliver didn't take the opportunity to get into trouble.

He also knew the news of the Chamber of Commerce where Bill was previously. The president sank into the sea with his ship, and none of the seven ships returned.

Bill actually had many friends who died, but there was no way.

Those who do their job are already mentally prepared. Just like his father and grandfather both died young, and Bill, who was obviously only 28 years old, had not only his wife and two children, but also his own mother and Grandma, also opened a small restaurant together, just to prevent Bill's sudden death at sea.

When the contract was signed, Bill and the others knew that behind Oliver, the Dota Chamber of Commerce, was the up-and-coming Dota Tavern that was recently uploaded in the Chambord Islands.

Everyone knows that there was a fur clan and a man in armor in the Dota Tavern, which destroyed half of the street.

When Bill signed the contract, his hands were trembling. He did not expect that he could do things under the hands of such a character.

Why can the Chamber of Commerce be able to open for a long time, and the business is getting bigger and bigger, isn't it because they have strong men to protect their merchant ships, so they won't be robbed by pirates.

The weather on the Great Sea Route is indeed unpredictable, but the most dangerous ones are the pirates.

A few days after the signing of the contract, Bill received the news of the sailing, and followed Oliver to Luo Yi's place to move some wine and put it on the ship, and summoned manpower to purchase some materials needed for the sailing.

There is no need to prepare back and forth things. The route is not long this time. They can reach their destination in just seven or eight days. In addition to the necessary food, fresh water and medicine, they can also fish at sea while passing the time. Save food reserves.

However, Manjix and Lucifer, whom Bill looked forward to the most, did not go on board together, and even the guards were not hired. Instead, they saw Auros and Lilai being harmless and even raising people. Yu Jie and Loli who are strongly protective.

Bill didn't say anything.

It's just a few days away, and this time I didn't even carry any cargo. Even if I saw the pirates, I could still run.

There are more than a dozen sailors on a boat, and the speed of rowing is not much slower than that of pirates. They used to do this.

Half a day after sailing, the group of people drove smoothly on the route, everything was so peaceful.

The sea is the same as usual, there is not a trace of wind and waves, and there are only white clouds in the sky, basking in the sun and humming songs. The first sailing of this new job is as refreshing as a new life.

However, the pirate still appeared.

Bill did not expect to meet the pirate so soon.

"Two ladies, please go back to the cabin, we are going to speed up the voyage."

Bill immediately found Auros and Lilai. The pirates on the sea were quite brutal. If they let the other party see such beautiful ladies on his ship, he might not be too old to chase them.

"It's okay, drive forward."

Auros shook his head, without the slightest worry.

"Madam, that's a pirate"

"Listen to Lord Oros."

Others didn't know, but Oliver knew that Auroth's combat effectiveness was quite terrifying.

In his impression, Auros is also a capable person.

Until the day they set sail, the ice in the Dota Tavern had not begun to melt.

Oliver said so, and Bill suddenly remembered.

He thought of the newspaper the other day, the beautiful woman who completely frozen the Dota Tavern.

Now take a closer look, isn't it Auros, he didn't even recognize it.

No way, they were all busy looking for jobs at the beginning. Even if they read the newspaper, they only read information related to recruitment.

That's why the picture of Auros was printed on the front page, and Bill was impressed.

Thinking of this, Bill suddenly had confidence.

Yes, the Dota Chamber of Commerce set sail, how could there be no guards?

Under Oliver's order, and with Bill's encouragement, everyone continued to sail forward with anxiety.

"After a while, don't worry, use all the frost power you can mobilize, release it in the way you want to release, remember, magic is a part of your body, use it in the way you want. "

Looking at the pirate ship getting closer and closer, the huge skull painted on the sail, Auroth patted Lilai's head and said softly.

Lilai nodded vigorously, holding her staff in both hands, looking nervously at the Pirate Ship ahead, imagining how to use Frost Magic in her heart.

"Bang biuboom"

A black sphere flew from the sky and fell in front of the merchant ship, exploding a huge water column.

When the two ships approached the cannonball range, the other side attacked. Through the binoculars, Bill could even see the smirk of the other side licking the knife, and the pirate who accidentally cut his tongue.

"Bang Bang Bang"


"Do it."

Auroth stretched out his hand and pointed, several shells that flew toward the merchant ship, frozen into ice balls out of thin air, and landed around the merchant ship, splashing some waves.

Lilai closed her eyes and took a deep breath, mobilizing the frost power in her body according to the method given to her by Professor Auros.

He suddenly opened his eyes, one pair of eyes seemed to be completely replaced by frost and turned into ice blue. The staff in his hand was raised high, and a huge ice floated on Lilai's head, which was more than ten meters in diameter. .

With a strong wave of the staff, Bing Ling flew out with a "swipe" sound. The speed was so fast that it directly hit the bottom of the opponent's ship. Although there was no penetration, it also made a huge hole.

The pirate ship has entered the water.

Lilai, who had completely released the power of frost, leaned on Auroth's body a little, enjoying Auroth's embrace.

And everyone on the deck, including Oliver, had their mouths widened, and they were so surprised that they couldn't speak.

70. Big Sister Head

Lilai did indeed use her best.

If you had to score Lilai's strength, it would probably only have Aaron's destructive power. As for physical strength, strength, and speed, they would only be stronger than ordinary people, incomparable to those who specialized in physical skills.

The reason why he was able to destroy the opponent's ship with one blow was also because the attack position was chosen well.

Not only did it happen to hit the opponent's ship's waterline, but the ice cone even hit the keel.

The keel was broken and the whole ship was scrapped.

Rescue, you have to grab it.

In theory, what should I do if the boat is flooded?

Then a hole of the same size should be punched on the other side to let the sea water flowing into the ship flow out.

Pirate: ‵′︵┻━┻

How can this be saved?

After knowing that the ship was not saved, the pirates had to put down the boat and escape hastily.

However, except for the strange work of the Straw Hat Pirate Group, which sailed to the Chambord Islands with nine people, all the Pirate Groups that can sail here are generally not small.

There were only a dozen small boats on board, so I saw that apart from the captain and other important cadres sitting in a small boat, it looked a bit spacious.

The other pirates were all crowded together with 20 or 30 people, and they were about to sink the boat directly.

"Good job."

Auroth complimented Lilai.

Shoot people first, shoot horses, and capture thieves first.

Although Auros had never heard this sentence, it was indeed the most time-saving and labor-saving way to sink the opponent's ship directly at sea.

Of course, in this case, the other party will definitely choose to row the ship over and grab the merchant ship.

Otherwise, in the vast ocean, relying on a small boat, really only waits for death, especially on the great sea route.

No, Oliver watched the pirates who were controlling the boat and rowing towards them.

"I will leave the rest to you."

Auros hugged Lilai back to the room to rest, turned his head to look at Olis, who had come back to his mind first, and said something.


Olis immediately organized the manpower, and Bill also reacted.

Su Rian was a merchant ship, and the artillery could not be like a pirate ship or a warship, all front, rear, left, and right, but the four directions were also equipped with artillery to counterattack.

In the cabin on the lower deck, under Bill's command, three cannons have been aimed at the pirates rowing ahead.


"Bang Bang Bang"

After a fierce killing, coupled with the shooting of crooked artillery shells falling on the pirate ship that was sinking behind, the pirate group, which had not yet been registered, was gone.