Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 41

After all, it's not a pirate group, they are like the straw hat pirate group, all members receive shells.

Although they only sunk their small boat and big ship, the pirates are still swimming on the surface, but there is no threat anymore.

"Suddenly I felt that the pirate was the same."

With a cigarette in his mouth, Bill stood beside Oliver and said something from the bottom of his heart.

"Although I don't want to interrupt you very much, but I want to say that it has nothing to do with us."

There was a black line on Oliver's head. He wondered if Bill had a problem with his brain.

"If you set sail in the future, will such people be with you on board?"

"If nothing happens, it won't be weaker than the little girl just now."

"I seem to hear that little girl called the master, isn't that the power of the devil fruit, but magic?"

"I don't know too well, I'm just a part-time worker."

Bill looked at Oliver's humble expression and really wanted to put the cigarette on his face.

You are the vice president of the Dota Chamber of Commerce, so you can't tell me clearly.

Forget it, you are a part-time worker, don't worry about that much with your boss.

Slightly off the course, bypassing the group of pirates who were still swimming, Bill continued to do his work.

As for whether to celebrate or not, it's not a matter of escaping from the dead. Isn't it normal to meet pirates while sailing, what is there to celebrate?

"Meditating well now can greatly increase your mental power."

Auroth, who took Lilai back to the room, did not let Lilai lie down to rest, but directly let her meditate.

And Lilai also stopped Auroth's words, sat cross-legged, and began to meditate as Auroth had previously taught.

The effect is also very obvious.

When the meditation was over, Lilai could clearly feel the growth of her mental power, and as Luo Yi did, she directly called the system panel and saw her own increased attributes.

Strength: 18, Agility: 15, Intelligence: 94???

During this period of practice, Lilai's intelligence has increased very quickly, that is, strength and agility. It has always been based on the book of knowledge, plus a little physical exercise with Luo Yi, and it has only increased a little.

But after the appearance of Auroth, Lilai changed to training, physical exercise?nonexistent.

In Auroth's words, when the strength is up, it is enough to use the power of frost to stimulate the physical energy. This is only the use of magic power, and it is too simple.

"I just performed well, except for the lack of combat experience, there are basically no shortcomings."

"Although the potential in your body is very large, it takes a lot of time to develop it. The book of knowledge can continue to be used. However, you need to be familiar with your current strength. Fighting is necessary. Slowly learn to use the least amount. Just consume to achieve the goal."

"The power of Frost that can be mobilized in your body is not too small. It's just that you don't have a systematic study of how to release it, which will cause you to collapse directly after a blow."

"I will teach you how to use the power of frost, but in what form to release it and what effect you want to achieve, you need to explore it yourself."

Auroth didn't say a word.

Her frost magic was actually born by combining the dragon flames in her body, and it did not apply to Lilai. What she could teach was the basic knowledge of magic.

Besides, what she wanted to do was not to make Lilai a frost mage like her, but to write a biography of Lilai's growth into a hero.

In this biography, Auros can appear, but can only appear as a guide, a mentor, and cannot occupy most of the book.

If the magic released by Lilai is no different from the one she released, why not write about the Winter Flying Dragon in another world.

Regarding Auros' teaching, Lilai humbly accepted, like a sponge trying to absorb water, she felt that she seemed to be stronger again.


It didn't take long for Lilai to be hungry for several days.

This is normal. The magician is also a human, and the magician consumes a lot, and the magician also has to eat.

When I walked out of the room, I saw Bill passing by.

The moment the sturdy man saw Lilai, he straightened up and saluted Lilai.

"Big sister head."

Lilai: ""

71. Draw again

Lilai: "Why do they call me Big Sister?"

Manjix: "Maybe they think they can't beat you."

Mi Bo: "Is it more edible?"

Luo Yi: "Did you touch the Shanghai thief?"

Auros: "It's just sinking a ship, keep working hard."

I don't know when, the system interface became their chat window.

Sitting in the tavern, Luo looked at the system interface and Lilai and the others were chatting, suddenly felt that the style of painting was a bit wrong.

But forget it, the benefits of the system upgrade are also here.

Not only allows all heroes to have an information bar, you can also see the maps developed by your teammates, and you can also chat remotely without even buying a phone worm.

And Lilai was also in the process of chatting, and also clarified the matter of encountering the pirate.

After congratulating him, Luo Yi said that when they came back this time, they would hold a banquet to celebrate. If you can have a teacher full of great wisdom, Lilai's improvement will be very fast.

As for now.

"Once, just once."

In the tavern, Luo holds 100,000 Baileys in one hand, begging bitterly in the murderous eyes of Manjix.

Luo Yi also has such things as deposits.

Especially when Luo Yi found that the deposit in his hand was completely at his disposal, looking at the golden dial on the system interface, Luo Yi wanted to take a dip.

Even if it’s not ten consecutive draws, you can draw ten times at a time.

"We have no spare houses to burn."

Manjix's attitude was very determined, giving Luo Yi the illusion that he was playing a computer game while the old mother was watching.

"I'm looking for a secluded corner this time."

Luo Yi raised his hands weakly.

What is this called?

Whose system does not smoke as you want, but consume as you want.

But as for myself, if I want to play a turntable, I have to be controlled by a character summoned by the system.

In the final analysis, it seems to be poor.

If it hadn’t been summoned to Manjix from the beginning, the business in their tavern would definitely not get better, and with Lilai’s appetite, Luo Yi might not be able to draw ten consecutive draws once a month.


Manjikes looked at Luo Yi silently.

He also knew that Luo Yi's magical ability would consume Pele in this world, but the problem was that Luo Yi didn't know that every time he called, there would be items or heroes.

Like when Auros was summoned last time, it didn't seem to be the real body of Auros.

Otherwise, it’s not an exaggeration for an adult dragon to stretch for more than a hundred meters. It should have suppressed its size when it was summoned. He didn’t want to scare the contractor, but he didn’t expect Luo Yi to summon it in the room. .

What about this time.

If another dragon comes out, how do you know everyone will be like Auros, and there are some dragons, they won't become humans.

Manjix also has his own concerns.

He really wants to find a master to compete with him, to improve his strength, and then return to the Oyu Society to get the position of Brewmaster.

But when I arrived in this world, I seemed to be busy all the time, and I didn't drink a few sips of wine. I just started from scratch.

And now, the little bastard he raised is still thinking about doing things.

I don't know why, Manjikes now has a feeling of hating iron but not steel.

However, his contract did not prevent the contractor from continuing to call this ordinance. If Luo insisted on calling, Manjix could not stop it.

"All right, but when the training is over, we will find a seaside where no one is."

The two were deadlocked for a long time, and Manjikes nodded.

Aside from other things, if there is one more person, there will be another mouth.

Lucifer has fallen asleep these days. Do you know how many rations we saved in one day?

As for Auros, they flew out in the middle of the night and made a piece of sea king-like grilled food. They just tasted the taste in the store. After all, Lucifer's cooking skills are still very good.

With Manjix's consent, Luo Yi nodded happily. Even during training, he became extra serious. He even drank a small bottle of spring spirits and drunk the drunken fist that was already getting started.

And Manjix, who was in charge of beating people and training partners, also noticed a change in Luo Yi's mentality.

For some reason, Manjix felt more and more that he was a parent.

In fact, Luo Yi brought Bailey to find Manjix when he wanted to use his abilities. Perhaps he burned the tavern and left a shadow. Luo Yi even took out every piece of equipment he had on hand to let him He reviewed them one by one.

When Manjix saw the Aghanim's Scepter, he actually wanted to touch it, but Auros went out and Lucifer was still asleep. If he ran away by himself, Geobu could not suppress him. Up.

As for other things.

Manjikes was indeed envious of Luo Yi's ability.

If he were in the world of Dota, he could sell a lot of money for the things he had now.

Especially those books of knowledge that were used by Luo Yi were enough to cover the expenses of Oyu Society for several months.

Think about the appetite of their Pandaren, the book of knowledge, but there is no market.

And some of the costumes Luo Yi brought out were also the products of enchantment, the treasure gourd that was dissatisfied with its weight and would not change, Manjikes couldn't like it.

There are also those magic products, some of which even the Oyu Society did not dare to use it so lavishly, but Luo Yi was able to constantly take them out.

Especially before Lilai went to sea, Luo Yi gave her the magic weapon.

Shion: A garnet born from the essence of flame demon.

Shion is a wand that almost all wizards dream of. It not only increases intelligence and mana recovery, but also releases soul burning, seals the opponent's ability, and comes with additional magic damage.

Sure enough, married a wife and forgot her mother.

Not right, he is only two years older than Biro.

At the end of the training, Luo Yi with the equipment on, the recovery speed is still very obvious, after getting up from the ground, the two people found a seaside with no one, waiting for Luo Yi's call.

"You got the book of knowledge"

"You got the magic bottle"

"You got it"


Luo Yi didn't draw all the knives in ten consecutive times this time, instead, he did it one at a time.

Just draw a miracle, these words are not blowing.

At least Luo Yi discovered that after nine consecutive draws, even the three skins drawn were of rare level, and even the scrolls of synthetic items were drawn two.

Now, he has the most 1 knife coin left in his hand.

If you can, be a hero.

"You got the iron branch trunk"


"Why don't you smoke again?"

Ten times of lottery draws will have little effect. Even the synthesized equipment can't be produced. Luo Yi looked at Manjix cautiously, his expression was like a muddled gambler, talking about the last one. It seems.

Manjix folded his chest with his hands, shook his legs, and reluctantly took out ten thousand Baileys from his pocket.