Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 42

72. Little Murloc

"Guru Guru"

There was no one on the beach.

The sea is calm and calm.

But when the sea began to rise and something huge seemed to rise from the bottom of the sea, everything changed.

Luo Yi, who had just recharged ten thousand Baileys before the draw, was attracted by the situation.

Their location is GR 38 of the Chambord Islands, which is located in the northernmost part of the Chambord Islands. There are no buildings here. Everyone is attracted by the amusement park and soap bubble park.

In addition, the view here is wide and it is not suitable for doing some shy things here. Even if a young couple comes to Chambord to play, they will not come here.

As for playing on the beach?

The whole world is surrounded by the sea, and you can go to the beach to play in the water at home, why go to the Chambord Islands to play.

The two of them also came here because there was no one here and the area was open.

But now, something seems to be coming out.

"If it's a sea king, can we have an extra meal tonight?"

Looking at the whole piece of rapidly rising sea, Luo realized that something big was coming out.

"When your physique improves a little bit, and you develop true qi, let's call you a breath sensing method."

Manjikes glanced at Luo and couldn't help but shook his head.

I didn't know what came up, so I thought about eating.

The rising sea water slowly faded away, and transparent bubbles began to appear in Luo Yi's sight.

He recognized that it was the bubble film that opened when the ship dived after coating.

In other words, this is a ship coming up from the bottom of the sea.

As the water faded, the appearance of the ship gradually revealed.

It was a medium-sized three-masted sailing ship. On the roof of the room on the ship, there was a huge shell. There was a huge fish on the bow of the ship. It was always responsible for pulling the boat.

Even Luo Yi saw three big characters on the side of the ship.

Dragon Palace.

This is the ship of Dragon Palace?

Wait, could it be said

Luo Yi suddenly thought of the plot.

When I just crossed over, it happened to be the news that my parents were in a shipwreck, and the news of the death of a Draco vessel came along with him.

In other words, it was Princess Otohime who went to the Holy Land Mariejoa with the Denonites, and a week later, she brought back an autograph of a world nobleman, and then she was assassinated in a few days.

Not many people died in One Piece World, Luo Yi remembered clearly, especially this Princess Ouji, who had a lot of scenes in the comics, and even the name of the story was called Princess Ouji.

This is a woman who can be used as a headline and a great woman.

Although her operation was really sorrowful, Luo Yi couldn't help shouting to her seniors because of her various behaviors, but Luo Yi knew in her heart that no one was qualified to laugh at a person who worked hard for the survival of the people of the country.

The bubble film shattered directly after the ship landed, making a "puff" sound.

Standing here, I just saw the Dragon Palace soldier holding a steel fork, standing there with a serious expression.

"This is the Murloc?"

Even though there are murlocs in the Dota world, it was the first time that Manjikes met and couldn't help asking.

"Yes, the upper body is a fish, and the lower body is a murloc. If the upper body is a human and the lower body is a fish, then it is a mermaid."

"So that woman over there is a mermaid."

"That should be the queen of the Dragon Palace Kingdom, Princess Otohime."

"I always feel that you seem to know a lot of things you shouldn't know."

"Why do you think so, I'm just a little boss who can't even run a tavern."

"I believe you a ghost"

Dragon Palace’s ships did not stop in the Chambord Islands.

In this sea area, there is a little brother pulling a boat. That is a completely different situation.

Amazon Lily’s Nine Snakes and Pirates have two huge sea snakes in charge of pulling the boat, otherwise the ships without wind will not be able to sail at all.

As for the navy, it all depends on technology.

The ships in Dragon Palace moved very fast, and disappeared in a blink of an eye. If this is a sailing, there is no opportunity for people on the shore to wave goodbye.

But this is not important. What is important is that I know that Princess Otohime will be cold after a while, should I think of a way to remind me and pay attention to safety.

Forget it, think about it again, and look at the system interface that has not been closed, so let's hurry up on the last shot.

I clicked on the lottery interface, and the golden turntable turned quickly.

Luo Yi didn't report any hope. After all, there was nothing in the first ten consecutive shots. Now this last draw, how could it be possible to produce good things, not to mention that the items drawn so far are all items below 1500 gold coins.

"You got Slark"

The blue magic circle suddenly lit up.

Luo Yi almost didn't react.

Why did you suddenly get a hero?

And it's Slark.

Who is Slark, that's the little murloc.

One sword for one energy transfer, one sword for all attributes, the meat shield is cut into crispy heroes for you.

There is also the ultimate shadow dance, which directly becomes invisible, and will not be detected by anti-stealth means. Attacks, spells, and use of objects will not make Slark appear.

The ultimate move comes with a passive effect, and the movement speed and health regeneration will be increased when the enemy is out of sight.

Luo Yi used to use little murlocs to row his eyes, one in a row.

But now.

When the blue magic circle disappeared, Slark's figure slowly emerged.

Except for the underwater residents, the Dark Reef is rarely known to the world. It is a sunken prison, and all the marine creatures that have committed heinous crimes are held.The perimeter of this prison was full of barbs, and it was full of cruel murlocs, cunning and vicious deep-sea residents, and bloodthirsty people from the South China Sea.In this gloomy labyrinth, eels patrol everywhere, and huge sea anemones serve as guards. In it, if you want to die, you can only do evil.

Slark’s charge of being thrown into the Dark Reef is no longer known. The half of his life in it has wiped out family affection and conscience. He only trusts himself. The way of life he believes in is sneaky actions and cold heart. His mind keeps on thinking about it. Brew your own ideas and plans.

The introduction of the little murloc is very long, and this is only half of it.

However, the information revealed in it also gave Luo Yi some information.

The little murloc is not ashamed of his name. It is really a little murloc, about the same height as Lilai, and looks extremely cruel. The two schools of terrifying teeth, even the sharks dare not follow him. Bite.

"Finally escaped."

The little murloc who came out of the teleportation formation took a look at Luo, and fainted directly after just saying this.

"I'm rubbing, is this touching porcelain? Do you still teach this in Dark Reef?"

"Don't make trouble, you are seriously injured at first sight, take out the healing ointment quickly."


73. I have a plan

Luo Yi poured Slark a bottle of healing ointment, but didn't see that he meant to wake up, so he could only carry him to the tavern.

Along the way, Luo Yi and three people are really eye-catching.

Although there are everyone on the Chambord Islands, the fur tribe and the murloc tribe are scarce products.

On the first day Manjix appeared, traffickers followed him, but he was sold to the auction house by Manjix instead, earning his first pot of gold in the world.

But today, what Luo Yi carried on his back was indeed the Murloc.

The fur clan’s reserve price at the auction house is 700,000 Baileys, while the murlocs have reached 1 million. This is only the reserve price. With the auction, the final transaction price is more than hundreds of millions.

Murlocs are born with more than 10 times the wrist strength of ordinary humans, but they are very popular among slaves, mainly because they are strong and easy to work.

However, those traffickers who were eager to move, saw that the murloc was with Manjix, and gave up.

Maybe it is the prey of others.

Although he didn't do anything, the fact that Luo Yi picked up a murloc still spread.

Everyone knows that the tavernkeeper, who recently became famous on the Chambord Islands, picked up a murloc and returned.

Put Slark on his bed. Although Slark was covered with wounds and blood stains, and some resin from the Chambordland Islands stuck to him, it didn't matter, it was just washing clothes.

During this period of time, Luo Yi was responsible for washing the clothes for the big guy at first. Later, although Lilai would also come to help, she just cleaned her own personal clothes.

The eight-year-old girl knows how to be shy, right?

Although the bed was dirty, Luo Yi still covered the quilt for Slark. Although he didn’t know whether the quilt would be awakened by the heat, but just back all the way back, the touch was cold and cold. It's always right to cover the quilt.

Going downstairs, Manjikes was sitting there drinking, Dibu was holding a mop, scrubbing some of the liquid that Luo Yi had just come in with Slark on his back.

As for Lucifer, he is still asleep, and I don't know when he will wake up.

"All future lottery draws will go to the beach, so as not to draw a hero suddenly."

This was the first sentence Manjikes said, and Luo Yi also thought it made sense.

"Actually, I have a plan. Maybe in a few days, we will have the money to build a house."

"Huh, you actually also make money?"

"That's right, am I the one who eats rice in your eyes?"

"Is not it?"

"When did you become so venomous."

"do you have any plans?"


Luo suddenly didn't want to talk.

It was hard for me to think of a plan, maybe it could solve a problem of hundreds of millions, but in the end I had to be mocked by Manjikes.

But some people say no, but their bodies are still very honest.

"The ship we saw just now is the ship of Dragon Palace City. In fact, the murlocs and mermaids of Murloc Island are not good for human senses, but Princess Otohime has always wanted to change the history of Murloc Island. Advocating coexistence with humans, let the fisherman island lay down hatred against humans."

"So this princess has a problem with his brain? As far as the attitude of human beings towards murlocs is concerned, it's amazing if this can be let go."

"Although I think so too, people are willing to do this. The key is this thing. They wanted to do this on the fisherman island 700 years ago. They even built a huge ship, but now that ship is sinking. The bottom of the sea is of no use."

"It turns out that their brains have been broken since their ancestors."

"Regardless of whether there is a problem with their brains, Princess Otohime came out of Dragon Palace this time to go to the holy place of Marijoa with the Denonites, who was mentioned in the previous newspapers. "

"Dragon? Is this the garbage of this world?"

"Well, that's the rubbish, but Princess Ouhime will get an autograph from the Denonians this time. As long as the Denonians speak, all the kings of the franchise can only agree to all the residents of Murloc Island. Move to land, and even think of ways to protect them."

"So you want to help that princess achieve his goal, and then find the king to do something hard?"

"Look at you, this kind of icing on the cake, what kind of money can be made, and this kind of thing, we can't help at all, Mary Joa is not a civilian that can enter at will, but if we save Otohime The princess died"

"Why didn't I realize that your heart is so dark before? You actually want to direct yourself, arrange for someone to assassinate the princess and save it, so as to gain the trust of the Dragon Palace Kingdom. I have to say that your plan is indeed good, but you are prepared Who will be assassinated, and who will be saved?"

After Manjikes had finished speaking, he saw Luo Yi, who was sitting on the sidelines and said nothing, and he looked through.

Luo reached out his hand and tapped on the table, his face was helpless.

"When did I say that I would arrange for someone to assassinate?"

"Then how are you going to save people? Could you tell me that you are going to let Slark save the drowning Princess Otohime? I just saw that mermaid seems to be a goldfish."

"When Princess Otohime returns from Marijoa, she will be assassinated on Murloc Island. You think everyone on Murloc Island can let go of their hatred of humans."

"So you mean to let Slark save the princess at a critical time, so as to gain the trust of the Dragon Palace Kingdom?"