Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 43

"That's not what it means."

"That's it, I thought"

"Do you think I'm not a good person."

"Oh, drinking is a mistake."


If I could not beat you, I would have beaten you a long time ago.

Dignified Oyo Club's future wine fairy, you told me that you had a problem with drinking?

"That's the plan anyway, but for the specific situation, we still have to wait for Slark to wake up. If he doesn't want to, he can only change it."

Luo Yi also understood that if Slark was unwilling and could not force it, he could only think of a way to make Princess Yi Ji return to the fisherman island to pay attention to safety, or they could dive directly to the fisherman island. Save Otohime in the event of an accident.

Luo Yi remembered that when Yi Ji had an accident, it happened to be when the signature box was burned down. As long as he saw a fire, he just had to pay attention to the sniper.

Manjikes can still do things like receiving bullets.

"This is the money-making plan you are talking about? Isn't it all other people's efforts."

Manjix took another sip of wine, and seemed not very interested in Luo Yi's plan.

"No way, who made me a brain worker."

Luo Yi: ╮╰╭

74. Kind smile

"Kacha Kacha"

"Hammer, harp"

"Gudong Gudong"

"Siri Snoring"

In the tavern, Luo kept frying in the kitchen, and Dibu was also helping to prepare dishes.

On the bar, Slark squatted there, holding the piece after piece of sea king-like meat with both hands and stuffing it into his mouth, occasionally having a sip of ale, and he didn't have time to say a word.


Is really hungry.

Where is the Dark Reef, it is a miracle to be alive in it, let alone food.

Besides, he is a murloc himself, and what he usually eats is algae, fish, or living fish.

In Diablo Reef, I live in danger every minute and every second. I never dare to expect the taste and type of food, and my daily consideration is how to escape that ghost place.

Although Slark was locked up for less than a year, he also vaguely felt that his family and conscience were slowly fading.

You can only live for evil.

This is the law of survival of Dark Reef.

Therefore, when the contract in his mind sounded, Slark didn't even look at it carefully, only knowing one of them, which could teleport him out of Dark Reef.

What's not agreeable to this, plus he was seriously injured.

It's simply the grace of remaking.

In that ghost place, who knows when will be able to escape.

After a meal, he almost ate meat that was about the same weight as his own. Adding the vegetables Luo Yi prepared for him, this amount of food really added another place to spend money.

After taking the hand towel that Luo Yi handed him, and after wiping the oil stains in his hands, Slark stood on the bar very upright.

"I'm Slark."

From the power of the contract, Slark could clearly feel that everyone in this tavern was just like himself.

And the person who just handled food for himself is his current contractor.

"I am Luo Yi."

Luo Yi also nodded, and silently filled Slark's glass.

These people are really, how can they drink better than each other.

Not only Manjix, but even Lucifer and Dibu later, the amount of alcohol was calculated by barrels, which caused the tavern's expenses to increase a lot.

Fortunately, their profit on a barrel of wine is four times the cost. Otherwise, how will they live?

"If you need my power, please use it."

In Slark's heart, there is the only remaining humanity that hasn't been wiped out.

For the contractor who took himself away from the Dark Reef, even though he looked like a weak chicken, he had to admit that the meals he had just ate were delicious things he had never eaten before.

The injuries on his body were almost restored to normal, and he was pulled back from the edge of dying. In the end, the internal injuries were healed. After a period of training, he would soon recover.

I took a deep breath of the air on the land. Although it was not as good as the sea, it seemed to be reborn.

"There is really something that bothers you, but I'd better take care of the injury first, let's wear this thing first."

I took out a ring from the armory. The golden ring was inlaid with a punch of red, and there was a piece of white on each side of the ring, which looked like a seven-dimensional space. It looked very joyful.

Perseverance: A gem that brings courage to the holder.

Although it is a ring, its name is called a ball. It is mainly a ball in DOTA1. When it comes to DOTA2, because of copyright issues, you know.

The effect of Perseverance Ball is to increase life and mana recovery. Slark took it in his arms and felt the injury in his body that accelerated the recovery.

Sure enough, magic items are good things.

The scimitar in Slark's hand is also a magic item, but it is only harder and sharper, without any special effects.

As for this kind of restoration magic items, they are even more precious than some weapons.

The most famous among them is the Heart of Terror.

Slack was holding a tenacity ball and believed that within two days, his injury would be healed.

"This matter is more or less of your kind"

Luo couldn't see anything when he looked at Slark's complexion, but he was able to eat so much just now, and Luo Yi didn't believe that his body could not bear it.

Even Luo Yi glanced at Slark's attributes.

Strength: 154, Agility: 140, Intelligence: 135.

These three attributes are even a little lower than Dibu. If nothing goes wrong, a single match against Dibu may be directly shot into a fish slip by four shovels.

Don't doubt that Dibu does have such strength.

Don’t look at him in the shop by holding mop buckets, serving dishes and wine glasses, but he really fights. In the absence of equipment advantages, unless the attributes are high like Manjikes or Lucifer, they are of the same level. Among them, only those who were beaten up.

After all, there are four people in the family.

Slark listened carefully to Luo Yi's words.

In addition to asking him to save people, Slark also began to understand the situation in the world.

In general, it is also a world composed of various races, and this world is also constantly disputed.

Like the battle between Radiant and Dire, the navy and pirates of this world are also fighting against each other.

However, the reasons for fighting are different.

Compared to fighting for the ruins, the Navy faces pirates more like capturing criminals, and even those pirates can exchange money.

Yes, change money.

Lin Nan mentioned that the reason why Toslock went to the fisherman island on the sea floor to rescue Princess Otohime was that in addition to saving people, he also wanted to make a fortune and rebuild a tavern.

"In other words, are we short of money now?"

Slark sorted out the content of Luo's words very brilliantly.

"Yeah, and maybe even poorer now."

Luo Yi nodded without hesitation.

It's better to admit this kind of thing early.

In fact, except for a young hero like Lilai, who has not grown up, everyone else has a unique power. It is not a problem to survive in this world.

However, Luo realized that if he wanted to let others help, he still needed to exchange it. It would be better if he could provide some help.

"You said before that when pirates go to the bottom of the sea, they need to coat the pirate ship before they can dive into the bottom of the sea."

"Yes, after all, humans cannot breathe on the bottom of the sea, and ships are not used to navigate underwater."

"I see what is written on these wanted warrants. Regardless of life or death, the drowned pirates can also exchange money."

"I see, you are such a genius."

"It's okay, one of the reasons I was caught before was because of human trafficking."

"It turns out to be in my old business, this is a wanted order, you are welcome, just do it as much as you want."

A pile of wanted orders was taken out from under the bar.

These are all attached to the newspaper, and every Luo Yi hasn't been thrown away. After being collected, more and more.

Slark tucked the wanted warrant on the belt around his waist and smiled kindly.

75. Kingdom of Gossa

Suba County Island, Kingdom of Gossa.

This is a small kingdom, not even on the seven routes of the great route.

The so-called seven routes start from the upside-down mountain at the beginning of the great route, and there are seven magnetic lines extending out.

If you want to sail on the great route, you can only use the spherical special compass, which is also the record pointer of the great route.

The recording pointer records the magnetic field between the island and the island, and is used to guide the ship to the next island.

Therefore, it takes months or even years to store magnetism for every island.

At the beginning, you can select any one, but no matter which island the magnetic force starts from, once you select it, you cannot change it.

Finally, these seven routes will converge on the Chambord Islands.

But these islands are not the only ones in the first half of the great route.

There are many islands that are not on the route and can only be sailed by permanent pointers. This is a pointer that always points to a certain island. The manufacturing method seems to be a mystery.

The reason why Oliver has a permanent pointer to the Kingdom of Gossa is also because when the prince of the Kingdom of Gossa traveled in the Chambord Islands, he had a good impression of Oliver's family, so he left a record pointer and phone worm number, and wanted to make friends. .

Therefore, after the establishment of the Dota Chamber of Commerce, Oliver's first thought was here.

The route between the Chambord Islands and the island of Suba County is not long, and it took three days to pass quickly.

In the past three days, Lilai deeply realized the treatment of the eldest sister.

Every day I got up and opened the door, a group of people greeted me at the door, and they were sent to the restaurant.

The meals are special. Although it was originally like this, not only the variety of dishes in the past few days has increased a lot, and even after-dinner fruit dessert drinks are delivered from time to time.

And Auros, as the teacher of the eldest sister, is even more respected.

If it weren't for the conditions, Bill and the others even wanted to confess Auros according to the specifications of the Dragon.

After all, on the second day of the voyage, Auros didn't use any abilities, punched a sea king that was nearly 100 meters long, and then ate it.

Originally thought that Lilai's meal intake was three times that of an adult, which was already terrifying, and when Auros ate every day, he just ate the appetite of a normal person.

But she didn't expect that she could actually eat the entire sea king, almost exhausting the two cooks on the ship.

Everyone immediately understood that they seemed to have joined an amazing chamber of commerce.

A group of clean sailors docked the ship at a port in the Kingdom of Gossa.

At the port, a young man in formal clothes was standing there. It seemed that he was not much different from Oliver's age. Behind him were a dozen or so armored guards standing there with long guns.

"Long time no see, Your Highness Henrietta."

After the ship docked, he put down the springboard, and Oliver took the lead to disembark and greet Henrietta.