Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 44

"It's really been a long time since I saw you. I didn't expect you to not contact me for a whole year. I thought you had forgotten my friend."

"How come, it's just that a lot of things happened this year"

Oliver sighed. He seemed to be very familiar with Henrietta. He asked the sailors to load the goods onto the wagon, and Oliver and Henrietta drove to the palace together.

Small countries have the advantages of small countries, mainly because they are close, and it only takes half an hour to get there by carriage.

Standing on the deck, looking at the island in front of him, from Auroth's point of view, this country is really small. If you have to say it, it is actually a city.

Yes, among the countries that Auros destroyed, the so-called Kingdom of Gossa is actually the size of a city.

This time, Auros and Lilai had two purposes, one was to protect the ship, the other was to travel.

When the boat docks, they can go to play.

Anyway, public travel is not distressed at all.

Auros is ready to experience the life of ordinary people, just like when he first came to this world, without using his strength, being an ordinary spectator, recording everything in this world, especially the process of Lilai being cultivated into a hero by herself. I remember it clearly.

In the room on the ship, there are biographies written by Auroth, which record Lilai's growth experience.

From the first meeting, to eating together, shopping together, meditating together, bathing together, sleeping together

Holding Lilai's hand, Auroth took Lilai around in the Kingdom of Gossa.

In general, this is a somewhat backward, but still relatively rich country.

The entire Kingdom of Gossa is backed by mountains and mainly grows fruits. The income of residents on the island seems to depend on selling fruits grown by the country.

Almost everywhere on the island, foreign merchants are trading with the residents of the kingdom, selling some food, clothing, or daily necessities.

Auros and Lilai also tasted the fruits sold on this island. They were refreshing and delicious, with sour and sweet, very delicious.

"Teacher, this is delicious."

"Teacher, I want to see that."


Although calling the teacher, the way Auros and Lilai get along is more like a sister, and Lilai does not feel restrained.

The most important thing is that since I came to this world, although I heard all kinds of magic about this world from Luo Yi's mouth, I also learned news from various places in the newspaper.

However, it is indeed the first time to go out.

It was as if the bird had left the side of the cage, Lilai let herself go and played happily on the street.

Auros began to perceive, preventing possible dangers around him, but found that there was no one who could fight on this island.

At the other end, Oliver rode Henrietta's carriage and came to the palace.

Said it is a royal palace, it is actually not big. After all, the Kingdom of Gossa is so small, but it is much more luxurious than the buildings outside.

The buildings in the entire Kingdom of Gossa are two-story or three-story buildings, and there may be a basement or something.

Most of the residents are farmers, plowing the land, or planting fruits, some craftsmen will open a shop downstairs in their own homes and work as carpenters and blacksmiths.

Although life is not rich, but I also live happily without much worry.

Especially since the country is located outside of the seven routes, almost no pirates come ashore to harass, and occasionally some pirates who are blown here by storms are also repelled by the army.

In general, it can be regarded as Guotai Minan.

Henrietta directed the guards to move all the wine barrels on the carriage to the restaurant. Henrietta prepared to host a banquet to entertain her friends, and by the way, taste the wine he was blowing up.

At the time of departure, Oliver and Henrietta communicated the time of arrival by phone. Under the leadership of Henrietta, the two of them just arrived at the restaurant when they saw a long table full of various food.

"I'm all ready, I'll miss your wine."

Oliver and Henrietta sat down at both ends of the table, Henrietta said with a smile.

"Then let me introduce the special ale and spring bar of the Dota Chamber of Commerce."

With that said, Oliver stood up and personally opened the lid of the barrel with the ale written on it.

The strong breath wafted out of the wine barrels, stimulating the nose of everyone in the restaurant.

76. I have dreams

"Good wine."

Henrietta took a deep breath when the lid of the barrel had just been opened, as if to suck the ale from her nose.

I have to say that the ale made by Manjikes can make people fall in love with it at the moment the lid is opened.

The strong aroma of wheat, mixed with the smell of alcohol, through the special techniques of Oyosha, the true spirit is mixed in the manufacturing process, which is a brewing technique that no one in this world can imitate.

What, you say domineering?

The brewed wine is probably called Wang Shui.

The maid in the palace filled two glasses of wine for them, and Henrietta picked it up and drank it.


Regardless of the golden color, the rich aroma, or the mixed taste of wheat kernels and alcohol, it is definitely the best choice, and at this price, Oliver also said, a barrel of only 100,000 Baileys.

One hundred thousand, not expensive, really.

It was some of the wines in their palace used to entertain guests, a bottle of more than 100,000 Baileys, but Henrietta felt that, no matter what, it was not comparable to the ale provided by Oliver.

The Kingdom of Gossa is indeed small, and it is not very rich, but this affluent is the kind compared to other kingdoms in the outside world. At least some food and wine are purchased and the funds for entertaining guests are still sufficient.

"What does this spring spirit taste like?"

Henrietta licked her lips and turned her eyes to the barrel of wine next to her.

"The taste of this wine is sweeter, and it's not easy to get drunk. If you just drank ale, you should rinse your mouth first, and then taste the taste."

Oliver is still very experienced with his own wine. Although this wine was specially prepared for Luo Yi by Manjix, since it is to be sold, Manjix will naturally not be stingy.

Henrietta felt that Oliver made a very reasonable point, and immediately rinsed his mouth to make sure that his mouth did not have the residual smell of the ale, and moved the ale out in advance to let the smell in the restaurant dissipate before Oliver opened it. The lid of spring spirits.

Unlike ale, spring spirits are not that strong, but they are very fragrant.

Closing her eyes, Henrietta took a breath and felt that some pictures began to appear in her mind.

It was a grassland. The gentle spring breeze swept across it, bringing up the unique fragrance of the grassland. It was a bit like the smell of a mixture of mud and grass after the rain, but it was a little different.

I don't know why, it seems that even the usual fatigue disappeared at this moment.

"Good wine."

Henrietta sighed again.

Oliver almost wanted to complain.

You are also a prince anyway, just one sentence, can't you say something nutritious?

Forget it, it's his friend anyway, and now he's his guest again, so don't complain about him.

Henrietta couldn't wait to take a sip.

It's totally different from the ale just now.

The alcohol concentration of ale is higher. After drinking, the pores of the whole body are relaxed under the stimulation of alcohol, and the taste is strong. In general, it is a cool word.

But this spring spirit is like a drink. It really doesn't taste much, but the slight sweetness in it contrasts with the ale, which makes people feel relaxed.

Both wines have their own advantages, which makes Henrietta very satisfied.

This kind of wine cannot be better used to entertain guests on important occasions.

Of course, if they really have so many guests in the Kingdom of Gosa.

There are indeed many merchants on the sea to trade in their Kingdom of Gosa, but those who trade with merchants are civilians in the city, and have nothing to do with the palace.

At most, they are communicating with other countries, and ordinary people have no chance to enter the palace.

"I want these wines. This year I will order 500 barrels of each wine. As for next year's, how about ordering next year?"

In fact, Henrietta was a little embarrassed when he said this.

To put it bluntly, their Kingdom of Gosa is also a kingdom in size.

And he Henrietta, also the prince of this kingdom, is the only prince.

He is not very old, he is 31 years old this year. Except for some very important things, almost all other things have been handed over to Henrietta. When Henrietta’s child is born, the old king is ready to retire. Take the kids and let Henrietta be king.

After managing the kingdom, Henrietta knew that their royal palace funds were indeed not so rich.

One thousand barrels of wine a year, one hundred thousand Baileys per barrel, that is also one hundred million.

"No problem, in fact, when I'm here this time, there are other things I want to discuss with your Highness."

At this moment, Oliver began to show his fangs.

"Let's talk while eating."

With that, Henrietta pointed to the table that had not been moved.

Oliver smiled, went to his seat and sat down, and thanked the maid who poured himself wine.

"I think you have become more confident after not seeing you this year."

Henrietta looked at Oliver and couldn't help but speak.

"After someone is behind you, you are naturally full of confidence." Oliver smiled, and the expression on his face suddenly became very serious: "His Royal Highness, my friend, do you have a dream?"


Henrietta, who held up the glass, suddenly stopped her movements.

Who has no dreams.

But dreams are always out of reach, shouldn't they continue?

"Actually, His Highness very much hopes that the Kingdom of Gossa will develop."

Oliver said these words, and he also remembered Henrietta's loud rhetoric about changing the country when he was drunk in their hotel.

At this moment, Henrietta also remembered her gaffe.

After taking over the management of the country, Henrietta began to realize the many problems that existed in the entire country, especially with regard to finances.

After all, it is a small island. Although self-sufficiency is not a problem, being satisfied with the status quo must be the beginning of a decline.

The productivity of the outside world is increasing. Why should people come to their small kingdom to buy things?

Simply put, it is lack of competitiveness.

Although the fruits are selling well now, there is even an island in the great sea route where the whole island is full of food. The sky is floating with cotton candy, the water is flowing with chocolate, and the wild boars running on the island are all cooked. Yes, the kind that can be eaten directly.

These are what the merchants who came to the island said.

"Your Highness, Chambord Islands, the reason why I stayed in my hotel is not just because of the warmth."

Oliver's words came directly to the point.

Henrietta certainly understood what Oliver was referring to.

Doesn't it mean that their country is poor, and a dignified prince can't even live in a luxurious hotel.

But Henrietta couldn't help it, he also wanted to live in luxury, but conditions didn't allow it.

The Kingdom of Gossa is indeed not short of money, but it can't spend money randomly.

"I have dreams."

Henrietta nodded very seriously.

77. Surveillance

When he came out of the palace, Oliver had two more contracts in his hands.

Henrietta stood at the gate of the palace, watching the carriage escorting Oliver away, and suddenly spoke.

"You said, I did this, is it right or wrong?"

"I believe that your majesty will definitely support the decision you made the prince."

"Your Excellency Whitley, please help me with the next thing."

"His Royal Highness, don't worry, all this is for the Kingdom of Gosa."