Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 45

"We will not say anything about joining the Dota Chamber of Commerce for the time being, and let the public know about it after the results are made."

"His Royal Highness, I need to correct it with you. You have joined the Dota Chamber of Commerce."

"I am the future king after all."

"Even if you become a king in the future, our Kingdom of Gossa cannot admit that we have joined a chamber of commerce."

"Well, it's all up to you."

Whitley seems to be over half a hundred years old, with a head of white hair. He has served as a minister in the Kingdom of Gossa for more than 30 years, and has come to where he is today.

Henrietta also learned something about the Dota Chamber of Commerce during the conversation with Oliver.

When Henrietta knew that in the Blade Tower Chamber of Commerce, there were several existences that could knock down the sea kings with one punch and disappear with one ship, and then realized what a powerful organization behind Oliver was.

It's one thing to have money. This sea still depends on strength.

Look at the four emperors, look at the three big generals, which one of them has the ability to rely on money?

It is the age of the great pirates, and they have also discovered the Kingdom of Gosa. Over the past ten years, more and more pirates have arrived in the kingdom, and their strength is getting stronger every year.

The cost of maintaining the army is also increasing, but it is of no use. Their Kingdom of Gosa is very small, so small that there is not even one that can fight. In the face of pirates, they can only rely on forced shells to resist.

If one day, a pirate who can pick up shells with his bare hands comes, then they will really be dead.

Henrietta also understood that from the moment Oliver proposed the deal, he should have planned to pull himself in.

Henrietta just learned about this Dota Chamber of Commerce.

He didn't hear Oliver say the word dream, so he rushed forward.

Everyone has a passionate side, and Henrietta is the same, but he is already at the age of soaking goji berries in a thermos. Even when it comes to dreams, he will have many worries.

Oliver did not hide anything from Henrietta either.

The Dota Chamber of Commerce has just been established, and there are so many things missing.

However, Oliver saw the potential in the Dota Chamber of Commerce.

The wine made by Manjikes alone can open doors after the Dota Chamber of Commerce.

Oliver learned that there are hundreds of winemaking methods in Manjix's mind. If all the wines are created, it can even dominate the entire world's wine industry.

Under Oliver's explanation, Henrietta understood.

The characters behind the Dota Chamber of Commerce are indeed powerful. They themselves have several powerful men as partners. Their foundation is in the Dota Tavern, but it was actually a Chamber of Commerce that was opened under the advice of Oliver.

Even though Oliver seems to be doing everything, his shares are only 30%, and the remaining 70% is in the hands of the tavern manager named Luo Yi.

Oliver’s condition is simple. Let Henrietta join the Chamber of Commerce as a personal name, and then use Henrietta’s personal connections to sell the products of the Dota Tavern. Then, according to the sales situation, he will contact Henrietta. The tower individual carries out the profit sharing.

How could Henrietta not know that even though he joined in his own name, and what he can provide to the Chamber of Commerce is also personally owned resources, but in fact, it is not just using the power of the entire kingdom to accomplish this. thing.

As for the so-called profit sharing, Oliver must have divided the profits in his hands to him.

After all, Henrietta basically doesn't need to do anything, just build a bridge in the middle, and then wait at home to collect the money. Where can I find such a good thing?

Once the Kingdom of Gossa has money, it will naturally be able to introduce more advanced and powerful firearms, and the kingdom's combat effectiveness will naturally increase.

There are also a variety of fruits on the island. Oliver also said that they can be used to deduct the wine money of the Kingdom of Gossa at market prices.

This is the result of discussions between Oliver and Manjix.

If you want to brew more wines, a lot of fruit is naturally indispensable, but what kind of fruit is needed. I haven’t told Henrietta yet. Next time Oliver will send over the two wines ordered by the Kingdom of Gossa and settle the payment. It’s not too late at the same time.

Oliver had lunch with Henrietta in the palace and spent a long time talking nonsense. By the time he left, it was already dusk.

The chef on the ship is already preparing dinner, but the eldest sister and the master of the eldest sister have not come back yet, and the boat will inevitably lose a bit of beauty.

Auros and Lilai spent a whole day strolling in the Kingdom of Gosa.

Auros naturally does not need to say, Lilai has also been trained by Manjikes for a period of time. Under the inspiration of the book of knowledge, her physical strength is better than ordinary people, but after a day of playing, she also feels a lot of tiredness, especially There are many things on hand.

"This is for Brother Luo Yi."

"This is for Uncle Allod."

"This is for Brother Manjix."

"This is for Uncle Lucifer."

"This is for Meepo."

"This is for the teacher."

Bag after bag of things were gifts Lilai had prepared for several people, and it was spent on the pocket money Luo Yi gave Lilai.

In fact, they are not expensive gifts.

What Luo Yi prepared was a very nice glass goblet. Kan Luo Yi took the goblet and wiped it every day, he should like it very much.

Harold’s is a fashion magazine, which I saw when I was passing by a bookstore.

The one given to Manjikes was also a wine book bought in a bookstore. Although I don't know if it's useful, he likes wine so much. It should be fine.

Lucifer's gift was a brand-new apron. The one used in the tavern had been a long time ago, so I simply changed him to a new one.

Mi Bo's is a small natural crystal, the price is not expensive, the reason why I chose this is because Lilai sees Mi Bo's bag, there is always a piece of crystal leaking outside, I think he likes it very much.

As for the Auros, they were books from this world, but they were several history books.

Auros was very happy when she received the gift. What she searched everywhere back then was not the books that recorded a lot of history or stories. I didn't expect Lilai to be so caring, and she deserves to be her good disciple.

However, after a day of shopping today, the two of them received real attention.

Auros with extremely high intelligence attributes has very keen senses.

Those gazes that looked at the two of them made it clear which ones were appreciation, which ones were wretched, which ones were sighs, and which ones were surveillance.

I just don't know which force, or which force it is, is quietly staring at the two of them.

78. The Mysterious Ability Frozen Person Event

"Yes, sir, they are just shopping here."

"The purpose of the ship has been investigated, it is to promote the wine to the Kingdom of Gossa."

"Yes, there was no other movement, and the other people on the boat did not disembark."

"Yes, we will continue to monitor."

Auros clearly heard the people who were monitoring him, and in the end they all reported the situation with the phone worm.

Don't doubt Auros' hearing, even if she becomes a human form, her body is still a dragon.

However, Auros is more interested in these things called technology.

The phone worm itself is a naturally growing creature. The reason why it can make calls is that this creature can emit unique bio-electric waves as a conductive medium. As long as it is installed with an artificial phone case, you can make a call.

The telephone worm seems to be looking forward to being caught by humans. After all, after being caught, not only is there no life-threatening thing, but it can also get enough feed every day, which is many times stronger than that in the wild.

In addition to this group of personnel, Auros also found another group of personnel, which seemed to be monitoring the movements of the two of them.

However, compared with the previous batch of methods, their surveillance is much gentler, but when passing by the shop door or passing by, they will take a few glances like a passerby without paying too much attention.

Auros can accurately judge that these are two groups of people, not several groups, mainly because they have different auras and different identities.

The previous batch of people who have been reporting the situation are all residents of this island, at least on the surface.

However, while chatting with other shops, Auros discovered that these people are basically outsiders who have been on the island for many years.

And these people are not densely distributed, but some rules can be found. If you connect the points where all of them are located, you can just monitor the entire island.

The latter group of people is different.

Some seem to be just businessmen temporarily stopping here these days, some are guests who travel to the island, and some are the aboriginal residents of the island.

Moreover, there is no regularity in the distribution of personnel. It seems that everyone is busy with their own affairs. The reason why they are monitoring themselves is because they suddenly appeared here and attracted their attention.

Although the two surveillance methods are different, Auros doesn't have any favorable impressions of them.

Surveillance is surveillance. There is no good or bad, no one will be willing to be watched, no matter whether it is in good faith or maliciously.

Therefore, Auros left a small punishment for these watchers.

I didn't do anything. It was just freezing the body. As for whether it can be used in the future, it depends on whether they smashed it stupidly, or they know how to soak in warm water to melt slowly.

The sky gradually darkened, and Lilai took Lilai to find a restaurant that seemed okay for a meal, and the two returned to the boat.

Did not cause any trouble.

Well, really not.

"My hand, where's my hand?"

"Aren't your hands here?"

"But I can't feel the presence of my left hand."

"You shouldn't be sick and your hands are so cold and hard."

"Really, why is it broken?"


In a small fruit shop, when the manager was serving guests, he suddenly couldn't feel the presence of his left hand, but his left hand was really growing there, but he couldn't move it.

However, when the customer in front of him grabbed his left hand and found that it was as cold as a popsicle, the store manager also hurriedly stretched out his right hand and grabbed his left arm.

However, when he wanted to raise his arm to take a look, the whole left hand was like ice, breaking directly from the shoulder position, and in surprise, his right hand could not help but force a grip, and the whole left hand was also broken. Up.

This scene directly scared the other customers in the shop. Everyone fled out of the shop in a panic, and even a little bit more excited, they had already gone to the soldiers.

No way, this kind of thing is too weird.

It was all fine, selling fruits and singing, suddenly his left hand disappeared.

The most important thing is that it doesn't hurt.

I can't feel any pain.

Looking at the place where the left arm was broken, you can see obvious ice crystals.

This is completely frozen.

The soldiers rushed to the scene quickly, and controlled all the people in the store at the time, as well as the surrounding stores, and were also called for questioning.

"This is the power of the Devil Fruit, it must be."

"Take a try with sea water, and you will know that among these people, there must be some capable ones."

"Hurry up and get the sea water."

"Please keep calm, everyone here needs to check it out. The Kingdom of Gossa welcomes you to come and play, but please also abide by the laws of our kingdom and don't hurt people at will."

The soldiers armed with spears quickly controlled the situation.

Suddenly the arm broke, and it didn't look like a legal person did.

And those who possess this ability must be the ones who are right.

However, the soldiers' hearts are actually very bottomless.

This person can freeze a person's arms silently, or maybe he can freeze a person's head directly.

Even though they are soldiers of the Kingdom of Gossa, their real combat power is better than ordinary people. They are really scary when facing the capable.

"Report to the captain, there is news from the west, and the situation is exactly the same as ours."

"What? Is that capable person already running away?"

"Captain, after receiving the news, there were two similar cases in the east block, one broke a hand and the other broke a leg."

"Why so fast, it takes half an hour to run from west to east."

"Captain, the same happened to a clerk on the street next door, but after soaking in warm water for a while, his arm recovered."

"No matter what, think of a way to catch people first, block all ports, and don't let ships leave."

"Yes, Captain."

Under the command of that captain, the soldiers of the entire Kingdom of Gossa moved into action, blocking the port and blocking the roads. Everyone on each ship needed to be checked before leaving.

This matter must have been done by outsiders, and they are very sure about this.

After all, the entire Kingdom of Gossa is so big, if he is his own, unless he wants to kill the entire country, it is impossible to do such a stupid thing.