Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 46

Only outsiders would do such things on the island.

As for whether they can be caught, that's another matter.

Anyway, none of the injured people are from the Kingdom of Gossa, they are all outsiders who settle here.

So, on the Chambord Islands, Luo Yi, who had just returned from a workout by Manjix, received a call from Lilai.

"Brother Luo Yi, we can't go back for the time being. There has been an event of freezing people with mysterious abilities in the Kingdom of Gosa, which seems to be the teacher.

Luo Yi:???

79. Isn't it the wrong way?

Regarding the temporary inability to go back, Auroth felt a little embarrassed.

She even felt that she was being merciful to her subordinates.

But Auros suddenly remembered that he was in this world and was going to be a quiet spectator.

Now because of the mysterious ability person, the Kingdom of Gossa has blocked all ports and wants to capture this ability person.

Sea water is the second effective criterion for knowing whether the opponent is capable.

As long as it is soaked in a certain amount of seawater, or just a little bit of seawater but the soaking time is too long, the capable person will be exhausted.

So, if you are capable, just take a basin of sea water and let those people put their hands in for a while to know.

If so, it is best to show your ability to clear up the suspicion.

However, using seawater at best will only make the capable person feel weak, and will not turn the capable person into an ordinary person.

If you use the crystal sea floor stone of the sea, even a little bit, but once touched, it will make the capable person feel weak and temporarily lose the power of the devil fruit.

However, Hailou Rock is basically controlled by the Navy and not everyone can get it.

The soldiers of the Kingdom of Gossa can only let the people on the ship get off, prepare a large amount of sea water beside the ship, and inspect the past one by one.

Some of the guards on the ship are indeed capable people, but they directly used their fruit abilities. Seeing a person turning into a mouse, Auroth's eyes lit up, and the world suddenly felt more interesting.

That is the power of Devil Fruit.

A person who can turn a person into an animal is an animal capable of fruit.

Under mental perception, it can be found that the life characteristics of this person have also changed with the change of appearance.

Auros decided, and let Luo Yi make a few devil fruits to study it.

"I'm sorry, madam, although you are friends of the prince, but in order to find the prisoner, I can only wrong you."

When the soldiers arrived, it was already dark.

In order not to cause more trouble, Auros extended his hands very cooperatively, gently rolled up his cuffs, and placed them in the basin of sea water prepared by the soldiers.

"Let me just say, how could such a beautiful lady be a criminal."

"But why was the expression of the sailors on their ship so weird just now? I thought the criminal was the one who put it on, but in the end there was no capable person."

"Look at their attitude towards this lady. I guess this person is their boss, maybe because I am afraid that the boss is unhappy."

Auros naturally heard what the group of whispering soldiers were saying, and didn't think much about it. After the interrogation, Auros took Lilai back to the room on the ship.

After the instructor Lilai conducted today's practice, Auroth opened the drawer on the side, took out a small book, and began to write today's biography.

"Chapter Nine: The Mysterious Ability Person Freezing People Incident"

"The Crystal Maiden, Lilai, came to the country called the Kingdom of Gossa. This country is calm on the surface, but in fact, it is secretly infiltrated by many spy agencies, and the Crystal Maiden, who has attracted the attention of the world, also encountered two here. Spy surveillance of two forces"

He wrote five thousand words eloquently, then deleted four thousand unsatisfied ones, and finally consolidated it. A 9,000-character chapter appeared.

Looking at the sky outside, the moon had risen, and the clock on the wall had reached 12 o'clock. Auros felt that he could go out and catch fish.

Apart from other things, the sea beasts or sea king fish in this world have a lot of influence on their bodies.

No wonder people in this world can become more powerful than dragons just by practicing physical skills, and they also have an advantage in food.

Before there was a Lieutenant General Gumir in the tavern, Auroth clearly felt that the physical strength of that person was almost the same as that of Manjix.

Auros still knows something about this race of Pandaren.

But in Manjix's body, there is half of the blood of God, although it has not been activated, it is this ordinary blood that has brought him unparalleled talent.

Coupled with the unique spirit of the monk in the Oyo Society, Manjikes was able to have such strength at the age of 17, even Auros felt a little admired.

However, the dragons are all arrogant, probably just so much admiration for their hair.

After collecting all the written manuscripts, Auros happily looked at the other books on the desktop.

These are the books that Lilai solemnly handed to her after returning from shopping today, saying they were gifts for her.


I have received a lot of gifts before, but those who gave gifts were beaten up by myself and sent representatives to seek peace.

And this time the gift seems to be different from the previous one.

Auros could feel that completely different mind from it.

Yes, it is the mind.

This gift is actually not expensive, but in the bookstore, Lilai surreptitiously clipped these books among other books, surreptitiously checking out, not wanting Auros to find out.

And when Lilai blushed and handed these books to Auroth, Auroth felt the feeling of gratitude.

In the past, when those humans brought precious gold and silver jewelry to their lairs, they all trembled uncontrollably.

Auros swore with his dragon scales that it was definitely not cold, but a emotion called fear.

In the face of the strong, everyone will feel fear. This is normal.

But Lilai did not.

It may be because of the power of the contract, or it may be because the two have been getting along during this time.

Auroth's love for Lilai is also getting deeper and deeper, and the two gradually become like mother and daughter.

He opened the door and looked at Lilai who was meditating behind him.

"Practice hard and get up to eat fish tomorrow morning."

Auroth moved his lips and made a very faint sound, and Lilai, who was meditating, also nodded imperceptibly.

Everything is so natural.

Chambord Islands, GR 66.

This is the naval station and the safest place on the island.

No pirate would rush into a place full of navy to make trouble without reason, except for the Straw Hat Pirates.

And life here is actually very monotonous.

Every day, except for the navy that goes out on patrols, everyone else has to receive very rigorous training, so that they can have the ability to pick up guns when facing pirates.

But today, an uninvited guest arrived in the naval station.

"is that a lie."

"Am I awake today?"

"Why are you pinching me?"

"It hurts? I thought I was dreaming."

"Nonsense, how can you know if you are dreaming without pinching yourself."

"It makes sense."

"Whether there is reason or not, what is going on with this murloc, isn't it a wrong way?"

80. The Murloc

Chambord Islands, No. 66 gr.

Inside the naval base, Kadaru is drinking coffee and working with recent documents.

It has been five years since he was transferred to the Chambord Islands.

He had long pale blonde hair, and some white hair was also squeezed out, but his hair color itself was very easy to cover up, if he didn't lie on his head and look closely, it would not be obvious.

The jagged beard on the chin is also very distinctive.

Before the sun rose, Kadar had already processed all kinds of documents in his office. Even the breakfast was brought to the office by the navy soldiers. After eating in two or two bites, he continued to work.

Kadaru’s work efficiency is very high, and there are actually quite a lot of documents accumulated in one day. After all, the Chambord Islands are not so peaceful on the surface.

Pirates and human traffickers abound, and the missing persons are double digits every day.

After finishing all the content in one morning, Kadalu, who had lunch, will come to the training camp and participate in training with the soldiers after a short rest.

Be stronger, stronger, stronger.

This is the request that Kadaru placed on himself.

He once failed, just five years ago.

At that time, the commander of the g-2 fortress was Gumir, but there was another person who was also a lieutenant general of the navy g-2 branch. It didn't take long before he took the position of admiral and became Gumir's superior.

At that time, Huang Yuan hadn't been sitting in the office eating bananas to reduce his nails. It was a matter of catching pirates, and he was a bit more diligent.

Well, more diligent than now.

And five years ago, Kadal was sent by Lieutenant General Huang Yuan to investigate the Pirates of the Sun, but he himself recklessly attacked the Pirates of the Sun directly, causing the entire army to be wiped out.

Then... no more.

Although he was not demoted or punished, his transfer from the original g-2 fortress to the Chambord Islands has already explained everything.

The navy needs you, you need to stay on this island and obey orders.

It is possible to catch pirates at sea, but he can also make war merits, but in the Chambord Islands, he can also catch pirates, but these credits can only be used to offset his previous mistakes.

After all, the entire navy of the ship was sacrificed because of his wrong order.

Holding a bamboo knife in his hand, waving it again and again, sweating like rain.

Kadaru's reputation on the island is still quite high.

Inside the Navy, it is not clear what the reason for Kadaru was transferred, and it is impossible for the above to allow such things to be known by the Navy.

If the navy soldiers thought that the major admiral in the navy killed the entire ship, what would they think?

If you want to bring a good navy, the most important thing is morale.

Therefore, Kadar did not have the slightest prestige, and even the scene of training with soldiers in the training camp every day was widely circulated in the naval base, making him deeply respected by the soldiers.

Even during training, Kadaru's training volume was several times that of these soldiers.

After all, he was also a major general.

The main reason why the Pirates of the Sun team failed was because the opponent had Seaman Jinping, the man who joined the Qiwu Sea last year and killed their navy ship with a punch...male fish.

When Kadal knew that Shin Ping had joined the Qiwu Sea, his mood was very complicated.

He never thought that one day the pirates in his round would be on the united front, even if their navy and Qiwuhai were only in cooperation.

But this is strange, isn't it?

Obviously it is the navy, but it has granted criminals the privilege of allowing crime.

At that moment, Kadalu was very confused.

Could it be said that this is the justice of the Navy?

But this matter was decided by a higher-level figure, and even the Marshal of the Warring States had nothing to do.

What can he do?

I can only practice harder and become stronger, at least, when I hold the post of Rear Admiral of the Chambordian Naval Base, make this island safer and let the people trust the navy more.