Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 47


Waving the wooden knife time and time again, Kadal was very serious at this moment, but...

"Report to Maj. Gen. that a murloc came into the base and said... to exchange for a bounty."


Kadalu stopped the wooden knife.

What did he hear?


When did the murlocs get so bold, they dared to land on the Chambord Islands, and even went to the naval base.

However, after all, Murloc Island is also one of the government's franchise countries. In principle, they really need to shelter Murloc.

"I went to see."

Kadaru put the wooden knife in the soldier's hand, took the towel set aside, wiped his body, put on his uniform, and walked outside.

Slark was sitting in the reception area of ​​the naval base. Next to him was a wooden cart. The pusher of the cart was tied with a rope and the other end was held by Slark.

On the cart, there were several dead bodies.

The body was swollen, the whole body was pale, the lips were bruised, and there were several wounds on the body, which looked like drowning.

As for how it drowned, look at the murloc next to him and the knife in his hand. Isn't it obvious?

"After checking, it is indeed the Keppel Pirates."

"Captain Keppel, a reward of 83 million Baileys."

"The deputy captain... is offering a reward of 67 million Baileys."

"Combatants... offer a reward of 30 million Baileys."

"The cadre... is offering a bounty..."

"Total 210 million Baileys."

The few corpses here have the lowest reward of 10 million Baileys, which happens to be the people on the Keppel Pirates ship with a higher reward.

I remember that a few days ago, this pirate group was indeed registered on the Chambord Islands.

However, this pirate group did not cause trouble on the island, and the navy did not care about them for the time being, but did not expect that after coating, just entering the sea, they were picked up by a murloc.

In the sea against murlocs, unless they are extremely powerful, there is only a dead end.

When Kadal came out from behind, he recognized the pirate group at first sight.

This pirate group is not strong, Kadal felt that even if they live to Murloc Island and live to the new world, they will not survive for a few days.

After all, the terrible extent of the new world is a world where even the navy cannot get too involved.

The four emperors on this sea are ruling there.

"If yes, please check out for me."

Slark spoke very politely to the navy inspecting the body.

The navy did not answer immediately. Instead, he looked up at Kadar, who had just walked in. After seeing Kadar nodding, he saluted a military salute and went to the Finance Department to approve the money.

Kadar did not communicate with Slarktor.

For him, the murlocs were a nightmare, and this nightmare, now appeared in front of him again, as a pirate hunter.

Do it to him?impossible.

The navy doesn't want face.

If you let others know that the navy has taken action against the pirate hunter who has captured the pirates, it is feared that it is not dark yet, he, the major general, will not have to do it, and he will even be taken to the Judicial Island for conviction.

Before long, two Baileys filled with boxes were handed over to Slark, and the two boxes were placed on the cart. Slark stood up slightly, and walked out with the pusher.

"Thank you, by the way, I may come again tomorrow. You can prepare 200 million Baileys ahead of time, not enough."

The setting sun shines in from outside.

Kadarum placed a cigarette silently, feeling the sensation of the smoke lingering in his lungs, and slowly vomited it out.

That murloc is probably a good fish.

81. Why do you have to open a pub?

Inside the Dota Tavern.

Luo Yi, who had finished training in the afternoon, was preparing dinner with Dibu in the kitchen, and saw Slark pushing the cart back to the tavern.

The cart was made by someone on the road when Slark went out.

The process of payment alone almost scared the craftsman to death.

Just kidding, in the eyes of humans, murlocs are extremely cruel races, especially when Slark's appearance is not very good, and they are even scared to death.

At that time, the craftsman heard that he was just building a cart. It was free for free, and he couldn't lose much, as long as he didn't do it himself.

Unexpectedly, Slark actually insisted on paying.

Why, is it possible that the murlocs have changed their sex?

In the end, Slark put down three thousand Baileys in the shop, after all, the craftsman did not dare to collect his own money anyway.

The cart is used to carry pirates, after all, after the pirates are brought up from the bottom of the sea, they can't directly resist to the naval base by themselves.

Originally, Luo Yi wanted to act with Slark, but Slark said that it was no problem to leave everything to him, and Luo Yi would not take care of it.

The fact is also true.

Although there were a lot of people watching him along the way, there were also a few gangsters who wanted to do something to him.

Slark still knew how to think.

If you kill people openly on the island, you are committing a crime. As for whether you kill a good person or a bad person, it mainly depends on whether the other person is wanted.

Without a wanted warrant, you are a criminal, and if you have a wanted warrant, you are a hunter.

Slark showed his strength a little bit, and no traffickers came up to join in the fun.

For the starting goal, Slark had a plan.

According to the information provided by Luo Yi, there is a distance of 10,000 meters from the Chambord Archipelago to the fisherman island. Apart from anything else, it is a two to three kilometers dive. Slark only needs to gently pierce the membrane. You can easily get a blood.


double kill...

triple kill (three kills)...... killg spree (big kill special kill)

ultra kill (four kills)...... doatg (dominate the game)

rapage (five kills)...ga-kill (killing like hemp)

unspable (no one can stop)

wicked sick

---...Onster kill (monster kill)

godlike (Godlike killing)


Of course, it would be even better if Slark could have speakers around his ears while working under the sea.

The resin of the Chambord Islands is indeed tough, even if it is submerged to a depth of 10,000 meters, it will still not break.

But in Slark's eyes, it was not that difficult.

Sharp objects can easily cut through the film.

Then, think about where the sea floor is.

With a depth of 3,000 meters, the water pressure alone can kill people directly.

The person in a boat was killed by the huge water pressure at the moment that film was broken, and the remaining half was relatively strong and still struggling to support it.

However, most of them did not survive a few seconds before they were cold.

Seeing the pirates who were desperately going upstream, Slark tightened the knife in his hand and killed it directly.

Bubble coral, a specialty on Murloc Island, can temporarily generate a small bubble, allowing small boats or living people to sail freely on the seabed.

But I also said that it is a specialty of Fishman Island, which is not available in the Chambord Islands.

So the problem is, when sailing on the seabed, the bubble membrane broke and there was no oxygen supply, and there was a murloc staring at you. What should I do?

It's hopeless, last words, goodbye.

Swinging the knife several times, just to speed up the death of the prey, Slark found his target very accurately, took out the rope prepared for sight, tied the prey together, took it ashore, and pulled it for money.

Two boxes of Bailey were placed on the bar by Auros.

Auros opened the box and looked at Bailey neatly placed inside, Luo Yi stretched out his hands and placed them on it.

"A total of 21,000 knives have been recharged, are you sure to recharge? Yes/No"


Luo Yi was really shocked by this number.

21,000 dollars, how many things have to be extracted, how many levels can the system be upgraded, and how many new functions can appear?

All of these made Luo Yi a little coveted.

However, he cannot do this.

If this is the case, then in the next training session, Manjix might have a heavier hand.

You know, some beatings are good for being beaten, but some beatings are really just being beaten.

Luo looked straight, and covered the two boxes of Pele's boxes and put them in Manjikes' hands.

This money can't be spent indiscriminately now.

With the friendship of the Dragon Palace Kingdom, you can indeed ask them for money to build a tavern.

However, after discussing with Manjix, Slark, and Mipo, they decided not to use this favor so quickly.

For one thing, this is their friendship with the Dragon Palace Kingdom. Keep it in your hands, and one day it will be better than changing to a tavern.

Secondly, just after saving the queen, she said that she wanted money for the tavern, which is easy to think about.

Did you guys send people to assassinate and save people? Self-directed and acted to cheat money away from the Dragon Palace Kingdom.

Therefore, they can save the money to build the hotel. The friendship of the Dragon Palace Kingdom is very precious, especially Luo Yi said.

The current mermaid princess is the current sea king Poseidon, but she has not yet awakened.

Everyone knows how to choose this.

Therefore, 220 million Baileys are the funds to build the tavern.

As for how to build and what to design, Luo felt it and asked Manjikes to talk to someone.

Accepting two boxes of money blankly, Manjikes nodded and said, "I will go to a craftsman tomorrow, but our demand may be quite large. 200 million Baileys may not be enough."

"Since it is not enough, then give me ten million first, and I will open the inventory for you."

Luo Yi said so, can Manjikes disagree?

Open the box, count ten million and throw it to Luo Yi.

In front of Manjix, recharge, the information bar, and unlock the inventory.

Slark’s three grids cost 600 dollars, plus one of Manjix’s grid, and 300 dollars disappeared, leaving only 100 dollars in hand immediately.

"You can put the Perseverance Ball in your inventory and you won't be afraid of losing it."

The power shoes, Yasha, and two pieces of equipment were handed over to Slark by Luo Yi.

Luo Yi also wanted to equip Slark with a divine outfit, but to equip this kind of thing is not to see what you want, but to see what I have.

However, if the system is upgraded again, he can synthesize more items.

"In other words, since the capture of pirates comes so quickly, we can live by capturing the pirates. Why do we have to open a tavern?"