Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 48

Di Bu, who was serving food on the side, suddenly said a word, which silenced everyone.

82. Go to Fishman Island

What Dibu said is very reasonable.

But Luo Yi and others disagreed.

First of all, there is a weak chicken in the tavern who has only been able to beat a miscellaneous soldier.

Luo Yi: "Hey, I'm still here."

Manjikes ignored Luo Yi's complaints and continued to explain.

It is not impossible to dare to bounty hunters, especially the number of pirates on the Chambord Islands. Almost every few days, there will be one or two pirate boats coming to the shore, and the strength is weak.

The definition of a supernova refers to a pirate who has rapidly developed a bounty of more than 100 million in a period of time.

In the first half of the great route, it is not that simple to raise the bounty to 100 million.

Even Luffy, after experiencing the Alabastan incident and defeating Krokdal, one of the seven Wuhai under the king, the bounty was raised to 100 million.

As the second in command on the Luffy ship, Roronoa Sauron, although in anime and manga, has never shown real strength, but it can be judged that his combat effectiveness is not weaker than Luffy.

But Sauron's bounty was only rewarded with 60 million Baileys after the Alabastan incident.

Of course, it is not accurate to use the protagonist team to measure the bounty. After all, Choba was offered a reward for the first time, and it was only after the Judicial Island incident that he was offered a reward of 50 Baileys, although Dres Rosa two years later After the article, the reward is doubled directly.

Is that because Chopper is weak?No, that's because people who have seen his strength are cold.

Similarly, for the pirates registered on the Chambord Islands, basically only those with a reward of over 100 million will attract the attention of the Navy.

However, if there is no incident, the navy will basically not carry out arrests, otherwise, the residents of the island are afraid that they will be living in war every day.

Summarizing what Manjix said, Dibu understands.

First of all, despite the fact that there are many pirates in this world, there are actually not many high bounty.

Secondly, it is not easy to control the scope of the fighting on the Chambord Islands, it is easy to spread to civilians, and it is not good for one's own reputation.

Finally, the arrest of pirates is mainly the job of the Navy. The pirate hunter industry is just a life of licking blood with the tip of a knife. Being a serious merchant is also a relatively long-term choice.

Of course, it really wasn't because Luo Yi was too weak, so he didn't consider engaging in this industry at the beginning.

As for Luo Yi, did he care about the fact that Manjix said he was a weak chicken?

Of course I don't mind.

After all his calculations, he came into this world in just one month. From a thin young man, he has already exercised more than 40 points in his current three attributes. Among them, Manjikes has done a lot.

Among other things, compared to the two very famous in the East China Sea, they almost cut off the world’s number one swordsman. Fortunately, Luffy stopped him to let Hawkeye or the "Sword Saint" who walked out of the East China Sea. Luo Yi said that he should Better than them.

However, that is the "weakest" East China Sea, the East China Sea that can shock people with a reward of tens of millions.

Looking at the world from different positions, what you see is naturally different.

In a few years, that is the year when the protagonist Lu Fei goes out to sea, the overlord of the East China Sea, Klick, who is offering a bounty of 17 million, will take his 5,000 Klick Pirates to the great route.

Then, I was very unlucky to run into the Hawkeye Mihawk who came to see Luffy in the East China Sea, and finally ran out of the great route, and finally fell into the hands of the protagonist.

You know, it is the Straw Hat Ship Group, which has only 5600 people.

Even the weak chicken that relies entirely on equipment can be called the overlord of the East China Sea, which shows that the name of the "weakest" in the East China Sea is also worthy of the name.

And Luo Yi's current strength does not say how strong he is, but according to his own memory, he is not Klick's opponent, that is a pervert who can wield a heavy gun with one arm freely.

However, Luo Yi's current strength is not weak, although he has not yet reached a ton, but he can easily handle a barrel with a weight of hundreds of catties.

When several people were chatting, Luo Yi saw the prompt that popped out of the system interface.

Lilai: "Brother Luo Yi, the matter here has been resolved, and we have set sail for the return journey now."

Luo Yi: "How to solve it?"

Lilai: "It seems that it was the injured residents who were found out as spies and then let us go."

Luo Yi: "...well done."

Luo felt it right now, those spies must have a p in his mind now, I don't know if it is inappropriate to say it.

As for how they were found out, and which party these people belonged to, Luo Yi didn't have any interest in knowing. This was a matter for the Kingdom of Gossa. As long as it didn't affect his business, everything would be fine.

"In a few days, the ships of Dragon Palace City should be back, Slark, remember to find some time, go to Fishman Island first, and familiarize yourself with the distance. After all, you have to dive 10,000 meters."

Luo Yi was also counting the days.

It took only seven days for Princess Otohime to return to Fishman Island from leaving. Even if the fishman Island has unique bubble corals, it saves the time for coating, but now the time to see the ships in Dragon Palace City has passed. For four days.

Luo Yi was not sure about the exact time when Princess Yi Ji was shot. It may be the second day or the third day when she returned to the fisherman island.

Instead of trying to save time just in time, it is better to arrive at Fishman Island early and be fully prepared.

Slark nodded, and several people went to the table. After eating up the food, Luo Yi went upstairs again to take a look at Lucifer.

Lucifer was asleep for a long time this time, and Luo Yi was still more worried.

However, according to Manjix, the Aghanim’s Scepter ignited the branding fire in Lucifer’s body, but it didn’t matter. This was an opportunity for Lucifer. Once this period of time passed, he could become Stronger.

I said that I don't need to worry, but Luo Yi would still take a look every day.

After digesting for a while, Luo Yi moved his limbs and walked out of the door of the tavern, continuing today's training.

Learning is like rowing upstream.

The same goes for cultivation.

Finally, six pack abs appeared on his body, Luo Yi didn't want his strength to regress.

It is Dibu, after every day is busy, will also call out a clone to conduct a pair of training, to prevent their own strength from falling.

time flies.

The next day, Slark once again eliminated a pirate group and returned to the store with a bounty of nearly 300 million.

After a day's rest, on the third day, Slark dived directly into the sea and headed towards Murloc Island.

Right below the Red Earth Continent, there is a seabed of 10,000 meters. For humans, if you go to the seabed, you may not be able to distinguish the north, south, east, and west. They can only rely on the record pointer and the powerful navigator to take the ocean current to the fisherman island.

But for Slark, after he got into the water, he felt like he was back home.

Riding on the ocean current, passing by a huge submarine waterfall, descending directly to a position of seven kilometers under the sea, and then passing submarine volcanoes, where there are groups of giant fishes, Slark saw the huge tree roots, and Among the tree roots, the Murloc Island exuding a strong light.

83. Tavern reconstruction

Lilai: "Brother Luo Yi, where are you guys?"

Luo Yi: "We are here in the new tavern. We are already building a house."

Lilai: "Let's come here."

After returning to the Chambord Islands, Oliver went to the Chamber of Commerce to get busy, while Lilai and Auroth returned to the tavern, only to find that they had only stayed here to protect Lucifer.

Lilai immediately opened the system interface, and directly initiated the message without even looking at the map.

Knowing that Luo and they were at the new tavern, they put the gifts they brought back behind the bar, and rushed over with Auroth.

The new tavern is indeed already under construction.

In just two days, Slark managed nearly 500 million Baileys and gave Luo the capital for them to build a house.

When Manjix knew Slark's goal, he went to the craftsman to design the drawings, even the budget was calculated, a full 500 million yuan, and Manjix paid for the shortfall.

Anyway, the money earned in this world cannot be brought back to the world of Dota in the end. Even if it is brought back, it will not be spent.

And the world of One Piece is a very efficient world.

In just an hour, the drawing was shown in front of Manjikes.

Facing the craftsman's design, Manjix was very satisfied, and Luo Yi nodded.

Then, on the day Slark went to Murloc Island, they brought people to clean up the remaining ruins.

Auroth's ice, after holding on for nearly ten days, finally exhausted its magic power and melted.

The remaining buildings are the kind of slag that can be broken upon knocking. It took the craftsmen half a day to clean up the rubbish, and it took another half a day to demolish the basement.

Why did you tear it apart?

Build the building, otherwise how to lay the foundation, this time it is a twelve-story building.

Anyway, there is nothing in it, and the wine to be sold has already been sold out.

Then, it was the building of buildings.

When Luo looked at the drawings, the design of the content of the drawings was very fresh and refined, but in the Pirate World, it was not a strange building, if it weren't built among a bunch of hotels.

A total of twelve floors of the building, if you count the three basements required by Manjikes, a total of fifteen floors.

Why is the basement so big? Of course it is used for wine.

If there is no wine in the tavern, can it be impossible to enlarge the sword?

Many wines require different environments, time and temperature.

Even during the fermentation process, a completely closed and constant temperature environment is required to allow the wine to ferment better.

Manjix's cellar was made strictly according to his requirements, and Luo and others were also forbidden to participate in the design.

But the twelve floors above are the ideas that Luo Yi proposed.

The rooms inside the pub, except for the pub and kitchen on the first floor, the eleventh floors upstairs are all housing, which is not much different from before.

The real difference is the decoration inside.

Inside the tavern, it is divided into two areas.

Radiant and Dire.

On the Tianhui side, the walls and floor are mainly blue, which looks similar to the style of the Chambord Islands, full of vitality. Even the tables, chairs and benches are composed of large and small tree stumps.

On Dire's side, red and black are the main colors. The floor's painting style is like a huge volcanic crater, as if it wants to swallow people in. Even the walls are painted with burning flames. The tables, chairs and benches are also in the shape of stone.

The same goes for the room upstairs.

The size of the room is different, and the decoration is also different. Luo Yi looked at the profile of each hero in the system and asked the craftsmen one by one.

In the face of Luo Yi, who has different decorations in each room, the craftsman did not feel any dissatisfaction, but listened carefully and wrote down the decoration requirements.

The house is still under construction, and there is still a period of time before the renovation. Luo Yi doesn't need to worry. Every day he tells the craftsmen that the renovation of ten rooms will end in twelve days. By then, the house will probably not be completed.

When Lilai and Auroth came over, they happened to hear Luo Yi talking with the craftsman.

"This room, help me decorate more naturally, it feels like returning to the forest"

"No problem, guest."

Of course there is no problem.

It takes several times longer to complete such a complicated decoration. In this way, it is easy to delay the time for them to receive the next job, so they have to add money.

It doesn't matter if you add money, just because you have added money, it's 500 million.

The price is not cheap, but for them to build such a large building, it is indeed not expensive.

Especially among the 500 million, it also includes the cost of building materials and labor costs for workers.

"Brother Luo Yi, we are back."

Lilai jumped to Luo's side and said happily.

"It's good to come back, this time out, did you encounter any interesting things?"

Luo Yi pulled Lilai to the side stool and sat down, looking at her happy face, Luo Yi knew she had something to say.

"Well, I saw such a big fish at sea this time"

Lilai gestured with her hands and kept talking about the interesting things about her voyage these days.

Encounter pirates, storms, sea kings, customs of the Kingdom of Gosa, and the fruit is sweet

Lilai kept talking about almost everything.

In the meantime, Luo looked at Auroth, but only saw her smiling face and satisfied smile.

Suddenly, I felt that there was a sense of sight of a mother and daughter coming back from a trip and talking funny things with their father who was working overtime.