Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 49

However, Luo Yi was also very happy looking at Lilai's appearance.

When he first came to this world, Lilai was timid, afraid to talk to people, afraid to have physical contact with people, breaking a plate would just look at Luo Yi grievously.

And now, she was able to go out to buy things, and she was able to tell stories that she thought was interesting like a real child.

Although in Luo Yi's ears, it was extremely boring.

"On the first day of going to sea, I encountered a pirate ship, which I sank with a cone of ice"

"The second day I went to sea, I encountered a storm. Although I was hiding in the cabin, I was still a little scared."

"On the third day of going to sea, I ate a piece of sea king-like meat caught by the teacher, but the chef is not as good as Uncle Lucifer, and the taste is not so delicious."

Like a running account, Lilai counted all the things she had done and encountered every day.

Luo smiled and nodded in response to Lilai, and from time to time he exposed the words "Is it?" "It's amazing." "Lilai is awesome," and Lilai chuckled.

Several people chatted happily, and in the 10,000-meter deep seabed, Slark successfully entered the fisherman island.

Although there has never been a murloc like Slark on the island, it may have passed through Ali from Murloc Street. When entering the level, Slark did not receive much questioning.

After all, it is impossible to prevent his own kind from logging onto Murloc Island, not to mention that Slark does not have the tattoo of the "New Murloc Pirate Group".

It was easy for Slark to find a place to live on the island as a murloc. If he couldn't even do this, he would have died in Dark Reef.

Gently wipe the short knife in his hand, and then know that waiting for Princess Otohime to return to the Murloc Island is enough.

84. The Princess Return

"Princess Otohime is back"

"His Royal Highness Otohime"

"Great, as long as you can come back alive, so will we"

"Welcome back! Your Royal Highness Otohime"

Slark has been on the island for two days.

The atmosphere on the island has not been very good these days.

Just looking at the atmosphere here, Slark thought that all the murlocs on the island were dead.

However, when the ship carrying Princess Otohime returned from outside the fisherman island, the atmosphere on the island changed again.

Had it not been for Luo Yi had already talked to Slark about Princess Ouji's reputation on the fisherman island, and after Slark arrived here, he really understood what it means to win the hearts of the people.

Seeing everyone weeping and welcoming the princess's return at the port, there was joy from the heart.

Slark, who was still eating in the restaurant, watched the entire restaurant, including the owner's cook, all ran out, and also followed out with the rice bowl to watch the excitement.

As a result, a strange sight appeared on Murloc Island.

On the boat, Princess Otohime held a piece of paper in her left hand, squinted and smiled and waved her arms towards everyone on the Murloc Island.

At the port of Murloc Island, mermaids and murlocs were crowded, and everyone was cheering and crying, welcoming Princess Otohime's return.

Behind this group of people, a murloc, who was holding a bowl and looked a little bit cruel, was eating the seaweed "drivingly".

Gilkrode Square.

Here is the large square of Fishman Island, a huge square that can accommodate hundreds of thousands of people. At this time, the citizens of the entire Fishman Island gathered.

"A word from the nobles of the world can exert a powerful force even in the King's Conference World Conference."

"This is a book written by the nobles of the world, the content is"

"For the friendly exchanges between the Murlocs and humans, I will also agree to the submitted signature opinions!!"

"In other words"

"When more signatures can be submitted at the World Conference, this piece of paper will give us a more realistic power!! Migration will definitely be possible!!"

After returning to the fisherman island, Princess Otohime went directly to the square without stopping, and announced the important news.

"Dragon people will support the signature"


The exclamation sounds one after another, but Princess Otohime did not stop.

"So after this, what we need is more signatures. For me, we can only wait for your decision."

"Please be sure to express your will to coexist with humans and your will to move to land"

Picking up the small ballot box from the ground, Princess Otohime took a deep breath.

The square also suddenly became quiet.

No one responded.

How should I put it, it’s like a lecturer on the court constantly preaching his own set of success. Whatever you want to be a man, I will give him one million. Those who are loyal to me will be one million. Ah, understand the applause.

As a result, nobody birded him, really embarrassed.

But Princess Otohime did not feel any embarrassment.

Prior to this, she had made a lot of efforts to collect signatures, and even the signatures were all taken back.

On the high wall of the square, Slark squatted on it. After listening to Princess Otohime's speech, even Slark wanted to vote. He felt that he could feel the will of Princess Otohime strongly.

"Having seen and heard is domineering, the power of this world is also amazing."

Looking at the silent square below, Slark recalled what Luo Yi had said to himself before.

"After Princess Otohime returns to Murloc Island, she will start collecting signatures. However, a few days later, a soldier named Hordy Jones in Dragon Palace will buy a human pirate to light the signature box, and then he will take Otohime. The princess was killed, so just pay attention to this murloc."

That's what Luo Yi said. It seems that what happened this time, the most difficult thing is how to save the princess Yiji while also letting that Hordy's ambition be revealed.

After all, there is no evidence to prove that he was going to assassinate the princess before Hoddy shot him. But if he shoots, he will save people on the square now, and then run to the high wall and take Hoddy Get caught.

However, Luo Yi also said that Hodie killed the human pirate not long after firing. It seems that he must act fast this time. First save the princess and then kill Hodie. Before the humans, catch Hodie first.

By the way, Luo Yi seems to have said that Hodie's behavior will be seen by a shark.

In other words, even if he beat Hoodie to death, there is a fish certificate to prove that Hoodie was the one who shot.

Thinking of this, Slark nodded and worked out a course of action in a few days.

After thinking about it, the crowd began to rush in the square below.

One child after another, squeezed out of the crowd, ran to Princess Otohime in the center of the square, and put the signatures in the box one by one.

"Are the children here to make me happy again? Wouldn't you say you want to take it back again?"

Looking at the children who came to deliver the autographs, it was the children who took the autographs back before, and although there was still a smile on their faces, it was also clear that it was a wry smile.

"I don't know how to say it, mother also said to sign it!!"


In surprise, one by one people came forward and put the signature paper with their name into the box. Every piece of paper was filled with 10 names.

Fishman Island has a population of 5 million. Even if every piece of paper is full, there must be 500,000. This is not a small number.

"Hey, come in order!"

"Everyone line up"

"Don't push me"

"His Royal Highness, such a small box is not enough!"

"What do you think the population of our country is!"

A small box was quickly filled.

And Otohime was already in tears, she couldn't speak, and she didn't know whether it was tears of joy or tears of moving.

"Let's give in, sorry, please put the rest here!"

Four soldiers from Dragon Palace appeared, carrying a huge, one-person tall box.

"Princess Otohime, how good is it for you to cry like this? Please go over there and rest!"


"Those who agree with the enthusiasm of the princess, please put your signature here."

It was the right minister of the Dragon Palace Kingdom, and the race was a seahorse mermaid. With the face and tail of the seahorse, it replaced the speechless Princess Otohime to preside over the autograph collection activity.


Princess Otohime, who was crying loudly, was sent back to the palace by Minister Left, a catfish mermaid with a bowler hat and single-sided glasses on his left eye.

For several days, people from all over the country holding signatures gathered on the square.

As for Slark, he would come to the highest point of the square every day, overlooking the situation below. In a place where there are mermaids and murlocs, it is not difficult to see humans.

Finally, in Slark's sight, a human with a sniper rifle appeared.

85. The plan failed

Slark has been on Murloc Island for almost seven days.

On the first day, he was still familiar with life on Murloc Island, and on the second day, he was like a native murloc on this island.

And the next day, it happened to be the day when the princess returned to the fisherman island.

In the next few days, Slark did squat on the high-strength outside the square every day, but he would only squat here when it was dawn. When the sky gradually darkened, Slark would return to his residence on the island. , And chat with people nearby.

Yes, although it is located under the deep sea of ​​10,000 meters, there are also sky and clouds here.

Because the giant tree "Eve of the Sun", which grows near the fisherman island, can transmit sunlight from the ground to the fisherman island, the fisherman island located in the deep sea will have sunlight and day and night changes.

Local residents even call this phenomenon "the blessing of the sun."

Luo Yi said that Hordy would shoot the princess in the daytime under public attention.

His goal is to let everyone see that it was humans who "killed" the princess, so as to arouse the hatred of the people of the fisherman island that had been gradually put down under the princess's encouragement.

Seeing a human holding a sniper rifle, he had found a high and low place and got down. Slark knew that he should act.

[Dance of Shadows: Slark hides himself in the Clouds of Shadows and becomes invisible, and will not be discovered by anti-stealth means.Attacking, casting spells, and using items will not make Slark appear.This skill also has a passive effect. The movement speed and health recovery will be improved when the enemy is out of sight.

This is Slark's ability in the game, but now, Slark has really disappeared in place, not even a black cloud is left behind.

Slark was extremely fast in the stealth state, directly increasing his usual speed by half, even much faster than Manjix's optimal speed.

Slark, the murloc, is an assassin hero. The more enemies you kill, the stronger the attributes.

And the current Slark is not the Slark when he escaped from the Dark Reef. It can be said that he still has a high growth space.

And even if it hadn't evolved to the ultimate body, Slark's speed couldn't be underestimated. Before everyone had noticed, Slark had already arrived in the center of the square.

At this time, the sniper was still aiming and did not shoot.

In the square, the crowd was surging, and a large number of murlocs or merfolk came and delivered the signature paper in their hands.

Princess Otohime stood by with a smile on her face, constantly thanking the people.

In the past few days, the princess will come every day. Although she is physically weaker than ordinary humans, Slark can see the strength of her heart.

Slakla got closer to Otohime, and aimed at the location of the sniper.

According to Luo Yi's statement, Hordy should also appear in this action, but he was just in the sniper's position and he didn't see Hordy. Maybe he is hiding in the dark now, or in another location.

Slark knew about Hordy's general information, the great white shark man, with black hair and wearing the costume of a Neptune soldier.

Well, no, it's really only about this point.

And Neptune soldiers appeared in the square every day, and Slark really couldn't recognize which one it was.

Now, it only depends on the situation.

Above the high strength, the pill in the hands of the sniper is a special incendiary bomb. Once the shot is fired and it falls into a box full of paper, it is a raging fire that cannot be stopped.

Inhale, aim, and shoot.

This set of actions, the sniper did not know how many times.

Usually, it is a moving enemy, but this time it is a target that does not move and is huge.

As the trigger was pulled down, a small group of flames spurted out from the muffled muzzle. In a crowded square, the sound seemed insignificant.