Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 50


Slark watched the flames rise from the box, but did not stop the bullet.

The signature box is on fire, it doesn't matter at all, the important thing is to get Hoodi to shoot.

"Wow ah ah ah~~"

"Quickly leave, it's on fire!"

"The signature box suddenly burned!"

"Hurry up and put out the fire!"

"Water, get water!"

There was a commotion.

In the face of the fire, the quality of this group of people was immediately revealed.

People who were close to the square high platform in the middle ran out one after another, while the soldiers quickly organized the evacuation of the crowd to prevent someone from being burned by the fire.

There were also some soldiers who poured a bucket of water on themselves and rushed directly into the fire, trying to rescue those signatures that were not burned by the fire.

Princess Otohime also ran up, regardless of her physical weakness, and joined the ranks of rescue signatures.



"what sound?"

"What is that? It looks like a bullet."

"Hey, who are you?"

On the central stage, Slark's voice and shadow appeared, holding a short knife in his hand, ignoring everyone around him, and showing a cruel smile at Hoody Jones on the front high stage.

"Got you."

If one said that he didn't know which one of his prey was before, then when the prey himself was exposed, he was immediately spotted by Slark.

Huo Di, holding a spear, looked at Slark who stood in front of Princess Otohime below, and a chill immediately rose in his heart.

The look in the murloc's eyes directly caused Hordy to chill from the spine.

However, Hordy is not staying anymore now.

The murloc didn't know who it was, but at the very moment of a shot, he suddenly appeared and bounced off the bullet that hit Princess Otohime's heart.

But it doesn't matter, even if Otohime is not dead, Hordy can still proceed as planned.

As long as he kills that human, let everyone know that it is the human being assassinating the princess.

Thinking of this, Hodi immediately ran towards the road of human retreat.

An ordinary human sniper, no matter how fast he can go, Hoddy caught up with him without any effort, raised the spear in his hand, and shot directly at the human.



The same development, the same ending.

Hordy's pupils shrank sharply.

Looking at the human being kicked in front of him, and Slark who had taken his bullet.

"How did he get up?"

This is Hordy's first thought.

"Who is he?"

This is Hordy's second thought.

"The plan failed."

This is Hordy's third thought when he looked at the short knife that was placed on his neck, and didn't know when he was stabbed, and he was bleeding abdomen, feeling the strength of his body disappearing.

86. Strong enough

When Hodie woke up, the scenery in front of him was very familiar.

This is the prison tower of Dragon Palace City, and Dragon Palace City is located above the fisherman island and belongs to the residence of the royal family.

Hodie moved, but there was a dull metal crash on his body.

It was an iron chain, and his hands and feet were all locked by iron chains, and it was even difficult to sit up.

Looking down, the wound on his stomach seemed to have been bandaged, but he seemed to have lost too much blood and couldn't lift his strength.

However, even in the heyday, the one who was bound by the chain could not open the chain in a posture that was not easy to exert force.

After struggling hard, Hordy turned around and saw a familiar face, the other party was also tied up, but using ordinary rope.

In this way, things are clear.

"Yo, awake."

"Hodie, we really misunderstood you."

"Sure enough, it was a trash born on Murloc Street, thinking about assassinating the princess."

"Fortunately, Lord Slark appeared immediately, otherwise Hordy would not be able to atone for his sin even if he died."

Hoodie made a loud noise when he turned over, and the soldiers guarding outside immediately noticed it.

After the two soldiers armed with long guns walked in, they looked at Hodie with murderous expressions. Had His Royal Highness Neptune personally ordered Hodie, Hodie would have been hacked to death.

"Woohahaha, that princess should have died a long time ago. She actually wanted to live in friendship with humans. Inferior creatures like humans are only worthy of being our slaves."

"How can it be repaired, don't stop me, let me hack him to death."

"Don't be impulsive, you should ask your Majesty Neptune to come over now."

Hoddy had no intention of repentance.

He was born in the early days of the most chaotic era of the great pirates. In his childhood, he often used humans to destroy and abuse their murlocs at will. He was also influenced by the residents of Murloc Street who hated humans. In addition, he felt that Fisher Tiger died of human selfish behavior. There is hatred, making Hordy an absolute racial watcher.

He is an excellent soldier of the Dragon Palace Kingdom. In order to become the right-hand man of the evil dragon he admires, he has continuously improved his strength by becoming a soldier of the Dragon Palace City.

It's just really weak.

In the comics, after ten years, Hodie was evaluated by Luffy as a murloc who "suffered to a level of over 100 million beatings" after he took the drug.

Then, it was cleaned up by Slark.

In other words, Hodie, who didn't take drugs, was a little weaker than the dragon in the East China Sea that offered a reward of 20 million Baileys.

Neptune came very quickly, or that he had done almost nothing, just waiting for Hodie to wake up here.


Neptune put his arms around his chest, his eyes full of killing intent.

In the comics, because of the death of Princess Otohime, Neptune ordered the minister to lock himself in the hard shell tower. No matter what he did, he could not release himself until the killing intent in his heart disappeared. Otherwise, Neptune knew He will definitely kill.

"Woohahaha, your majesty's eyes, is it going to kill me?"

Although Hodie was lying on the ground and could only turn his head to look at Neptune, his face was still full of triumphant smiles.

"If it wasn't for me, you would have been beaten to death by Jinping."

Neptune's words were not alarmist.

Although Jinping at this time has become one of the seven Wuhais, it is also because after listening to Fisher Tiger’s "injustice and retribution" theory persuasion, he changed his style, but before that, Jinping was the sun. The most brutal existence of the Pirates.

"Is it very Ping? He is indeed powerful. He was also the second in command of Murloc Street. Such a person is actually called the Seaman, and he laughs to death."

"It seems that you have no intention of repentance."

Neptune was not ready to go on.

Facing Hordy, he could not wait to nail him directly to the wall with the trident in his hand, but Otohime presumably did not want to do it herself.

If this is the case, let Hodie go first, and let him spend his next life in this prison tower.

"Thank you again, Mr. Slack."

Back in the palace, Hordy once again expressed gratitude to Slark sitting in the hall.

"No thanks, Majesty Neptune, it's just a coincidence."

"Anyway, you saved Otohime's life. I will always remember this warmth."

"Princess Otohime is determined to allow humans and murlocs to coexist peacefully. Even I am deeply impressed. If you need my help, you can always find me."

"But, Mr. Slark, you don't seem to be a resident of Murloc Island."

"No, I was born in Nanhai."

Slark didn't lie. The place where he was born was the South China Sea in the Dota World, and the South China Sea people in the Dota World were accustomed to devouring similar evil races.

"Nanhai? I didn't expect Mr. Slark to come from such a far place. It's not easy to come."

"Indeed, if it weren't for Luo to help me, I'm still locked in the dark, dark reef."

Slark also sighed.

If there was no Luo Yi at the time, although he could use the power of Shadow Dance to recover his injuries, his humanity would have been wiped out bit by bit, until it became a machine that only knew killing.

"Luo Yi? Is that Mr. Slack's friend?"

"Yes, I live in Luo Yi's tavern now, and it is Luo Yi who told me the news of Fish Man Island before I will come to Fish Man Island."

These words were not taught by Luo Yi, but Slark naturally knew how to say it.

"So, it seems that if it weren't for Mr. Luo Yi, I would be doomed this time."

Otohime nodded too, and the three Neptune brothers and Princess White Star sitting behind her were also grateful.

"Murman Island is the hometown of all fish and murlocs. Mr. Slark is coming back this time and he is ready to settle here, right? I can give him a house on Merman Island or join Dragon Palace. ."

Neptune said.

"That's not okay. Actually, I came to visit Fishman Island this time, and I am ready to go back."

"So that's the case, then I won't stop the husband, I just don't know how to contact?"

"Actually, I live on the Chambord Islands. By the way, this is the phone number of Luo Yi Phone Worm. You can find me if you find him."

As if thinking of something, Slark took out a fish bone from his backpack, picked up a knife and carved Luo Yi's phone number on it, and handed it to Neptune.

However, he didn't seem to realize what he meant when he said he lived on the Chambord Islands.

"Chambord Islands... can murlocs go ashore?"

Both Neptune and Otohime knew that there was a population auction house on the Chambord Islands, and even the Tianlong people would come out for a stroll from time to time. How did a murloc live on it?

"Yes, it's strong enough."

Slark recalled the few days he had lived on the Chambord Islands before, and nodded very calmly.

Neptune: "..."

87. Come on, boy

Slark is back.

On the way back, by the way, I picked up a ship of pirates who had just launched into the sea, but Slark had not paid attention to this pirate group before. He just picked up a few people who looked like cadres, tied them with seaweed, and were directly at the naval base. Log in on the island.

A total of 130 million Baileys were exchanged, and Slark returned to the tavern carrying the box.

For him, no matter how much money is, it's just a number.

As a murloc, the sea is his home, and all the resources are available in the sea.

Of course, except for magic equipment.

Slark's contract is very simple. After he has the ability to escape from the Dark Reef, his contract will come to an end.

There is only one way to become stronger, and that is to fight.

Although Slark's battles during this period were almost always solved at a speed of destruction, but it was also for the sake of the future.