Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 51

He knew that it was Luo Yi who signed a contract with him that allowed him to come into this world.

It was Luo Yi who provided him with magic equipment and healed his injury.

It was Luo Yi who gave him an environment where he could become stronger with peace of mind instead of licking blood on the tip of a knife every day.

And what Slark did was just catch a few pirates in return and solve Luo Yi's current economic problems.

Now, the money to build the tavern is almost there, and there is even some surplus. In addition, Manjix also has a steady supply of income. Slark waited for Dibu to finish the day’s work, and went out to practice with Dibu. .

Seeing two people who were about the same size, one holding a short knife and the other holding a shovel and went out, Luo Yi always felt something strange.

However, now Slark has reached a fairly good friendship with the Dragon Palace Kingdom, and Neptune also knows his name.

In this way, after a while, you can consider setting off to Fishman Island and doing business by the way.

But that was afterwards, and the top priority now was to complete the task Manjix gave himself.

After the system was upgraded to level 3, Luo Yi's qualifications also increased to level 3.

In the eyes of Manjikes, it was probably from a useless person to a level where he could barely cultivate.

Think of what Manjix said.

"If the book of knowledge hadn't been used all the time, your current combat effectiveness would probably be about the same as the navy patrol on the island."

This is Manjix's evaluation of Luo Yi's aptitude without any mercy.

But Luo Yi also understood that it was true.

Had it not been for the book of knowledge, the effect of his exercise would have been definitely not as obvious as it is now.

Every day I can feel my physical fitness is gradually improving, this kind of thing, others can't even think about it.

At this speed, Luo felt that he could sling the Four Emperors after two years of practice. Of course, just thinking about it. If the system does not continue to upgrade, Luo Yi will soon grow to the limit of his body.

Everyone's potential is fixed from the day he was born, and the extent to which he can practice in this life is almost always destined.

Otherwise, the soldiers in the navy are all participating in the training together. Why are some strong and some weak? It is not all arranged by the author.

In short, Luo Yi, who is sitting cross-legged next to Lucifer's bed, is groping for the true energy in his body following the method Manjikes taught him.

This was after training ai and practicing zou last night, Manjikes suddenly told him that he had reached the standard of cultivating true energy, so he started to try to practice.

The true qi of Aoyou Society is very easy to use. Using true qi can not only increase one's own fighting ability, but also increase one's fist attack, dodge speed, and even heal patients.

In summary, it is an all-round improvement, just like the internal force in martial arts novels.

Seeing Manjix's combat effectiveness, Luo Yi naturally wanted to learn.

It's just a question of whether you can learn or not.

Luo Yi has been meditating for a whole day after learning the breathing methods that Manjikes taught him and the methods of meditation.

During the period, because he was asleep, he was pumped eight times by Manjikes' stick, held up by urine twice, and hungry once, but nothing was gained.

However, Luo Yi was not discouraged. Of course, this thing of Zhenqi was not so easy to cultivate. Manjikes meant to let Luo Yi get used to it first, so as not to practice crookedness when meditating later.

As for how to develop Zhen Qi, it is natural to improve your physical fitness first. The stronger your body, the easier it will be to develop Zhen Qi.

"Manjikes, do you think I can really cultivate true energy?"

After finishing meditation, Luo Yi moved his body bones. After all, he remained motionless. In fact, it was more tiring than having been active.

"Don't worry. With your current physical fitness, you are only just beginning to get in touch with True Qi in Oyu Society, and you will not be able to train for a year or a half."

Manjikes still didn't say a word. At the beginning, it only took him seven days to cultivate true qi, but his aptitude was completely incomparable compared with Luo Yi now. He had the blood in his body.

"However, people in this world are trained with energy called domineering."

Domineering is the potential power that everyone in the world of One Piece possesses. This power is an innate ability. When momentum, murderousness, and fighting spirit manipulate these invisible sensations, willpower can be turned into a weapon. A powerful force, people call it domineering.

Domineering is also classified.

Possessing the "king's aptitude" can rely on its own "brave" to shock or frighten the enemy's "overlord look".

The "armed color" domineering of entities that can touch the "natural" fruit ability can increase their defense and attack power.

Can predict the opponent's next move and position of "seeing and hearing" domineering.

Luo realized that his body belonged to this world after all, and the path of cultivation might have to follow the development of this world.

"Don't worry, Zhen Qi is very compatible and will not conflict with any other energy."

Manjikes patted Luo Yi's waist with a righteous face, after all, his shoulders could not reach.

"The domineering you mentioned, I also felt in the body of the previous Lieutenant General Gumir. It is an extremely domineering force, but if you want to mobilize the domineering, it is much harder than practicing true energy."

Manjikes is extremely confident of the strength inherited from the Oyu Society, that is, after the body's physical fitness reaches a certain level, it can cultivate energy.

This power, like domineering, is inherent in the body, but because the body is too weak to be mastered by others, it also needs the correct way to guide it.

Manjikes naturally felt the energy hidden in Luo Yi, but that power, whether it was true energy or domineering, depended on Luo Yi's own efforts.

Come on, boy, before we leave, grow into a strong man who can be alone.

88.Miss. Golden Week

A regular life is Luo Yi's favorite.

Regardless of whether this life is bitter or sweet, sour or hot, in short, don't have too many variables.

Luo Yi didn't like variables.

As it is now, Luo Yi has been doing exercises every day, selling alcohol, meditating, and stopping by the new tavern while running to see how well it is being built.

Luo Yi enjoys this life very much.

People, a bit of salted fish is pretty good, so what are you doing?

Do you think you have everything after you fight it?

Let me tell you that if you stay up late to work, the probability of you getting a god-level BUFF such as hair loss, wrinkles, neurasthenia, unresponsiveness, decreased vision, and immune disorders is hundreds of times higher than the probability of your salary increase.

I didn't see that even with the physical quality of Manjikes, it is not advisable to stay up late at night. As soon as it is night, not more than 11 o'clock, Manjikes goes to bed.

On this day, Luo Yi ran in the sunset as usual, it was his passing.

He saw a very familiar person.

This is a child about the same age as Lilai, dressed in casual clothes as a painter, under a tree, spreading a picnic cloth, eating senbei, drinking green tea, and a drawing board and a palette next to it.

In front of her, there was a wooden board inserted on the ground, and it was written on it.

"Portrait, a 500 Bailey."

Miss. Golden Week?

Luo recognized her at a glance.

Although she was a 16-year-old girl when the plot began, she is only 8 years old now.

The flow of people in the Chambord Islands is indeed very high, but it seems that none of them stopped to paint portraits.

What's more, this is GR 58.

Little sister, even if you want to make money, at least you have to find the right place. Do you expect a group of shipbuilders, ship repairers, sailors and the like to stop working and ask you to paint a portrait?

Looking at Miss. Golden Week, she has some dirty clothes and tired face. Although she seems to be eating senbei leisurely, she is actually very tired.

Luo Yi involuntarily slowed down his running speed.

Paint a picture in the past?

However, what is 500 Baileys enough for? I guess I would buy a pack of Senbei.

In the original book, the origin of Miss. Golden Week is not introduced, but what is certain is that she has nowhere to go now.

The fact is also true.

Followed Mr.3 to the Miss. Golden Week in Chambord Islands. Originally, he came in a boat built by Mr.3 with his ability, but he did not expect that Mr.3 was caught directly in the Dota Tavern.

At this moment, Miss. Golden Week has just joined the Baroque Work Club, and no one noticed her at all, let alone offer a reward.

At the time when he was separated from Mr.3, Miss. Golden Week only had 10,000 Baileys in change. After buying the senbei and green tea, there was not much left, so I saw Mr. with my own eyes. 3 was captured by the navy.

It's probably Mr.3.

With her excellent painter, Miss. barely lived on the island for a month during the Golden Week.

Why is it reluctant?

After all, it is impossible to work part-time, and it is impossible to work part-time in this life.

As a poor child who hopes to finish work early and eat senbei, and has been eating senbei and drinking green tea during working hours, how could he go to find a job?

And no one hires child labor, especially girl labor.

Therefore, during the Miss. Golden Week period, basically relying on sponsorship to live.

Painting a portrait, deducting the cost of buying paint and paper, actually made less than 200 Baileys, and she couldn't even afford a meal.

Even so, at the end of the day, at most 10 copies are sold, and sometimes even one cannot be sold.

What can she do.

Can't go to the Navy for help.

How do you explain that a little girl will be helpless on the Chambord Islands?

Even, as long as you check your own information in detail, you will find that you have joined the Baroque Work Club.

Even if she was only 8 years old, she knew she couldn't do it.


A coin popped out of Luo Yi's hand and landed in the basket in front of Miss. Golden Week. When Luo saw that there were exactly three 500 Baileys inside.

It seems that today she is also two guests.

"How is the drawing?"

Luo Yi sat on the stool provided by Miss. Golden Week and asked.

Miss. Golden Week didn't answer, she took up the paintbrush and the drawing board directly, and traces of scary afterimages appeared in the air with her right hand.

Luo Yi said that at this hand speed, he insisted on at most three seconds.


It took less than ten seconds from picking up the drawing board to putting it down during the Miss. Golden Week, and a painting appeared in Lin Nan's hand.

A slightly flushed face, coupled with some wet hair, neat and handsome facial features, perfectly presented Luo Yi's image that has not yet calmed down after exercising.

Even the background behind Luo is drawn together.

For such a painter, 500 Baileys are really worth the money.

"Does the guest want another one?"

Miss. Golden Week, who had already picked up the green tea, asked when Luo hadn't left after he got the painting.

She really doesn't like work, but she also has to eat well.

Fighting power, Miss. Golden Week basically does not have, she is a top-level support, core control player, without any output ability, and here is the Chambord Islands, can not play, it is better to be honest.

Luo has been staring at Miss. Golden Week.

He is struggling now.

He found that he was moved with compassion.

It is true that Luo Yi himself likes sister paper with long hair and big waves. It would be best if she was Yujie.

But the problem is that he is soft-hearted.

Seeing a little girl who was only 8 years old, she was helpless on the island and could only survive on the island with her own painting skills and Senbei green tea. Luo Yi really couldn't stand it.

In his previous life, Luo Yi also chose to help others when conditions permit.

It can be said that it is not asking for a return. It is false. It is best to have a return. If it is not, it is the right to satisfy the trace of the so-called Virgin's heart in your heart.

Fortunately, this Madonna's heart only occurs when his wallet is full, otherwise Luo Yi may directly strangle his Madonna's heart.

Now, as the manager of the Dota Tavern, Luo still has enough income on his hand. If you help a little bit, there should be no problem.

After all, Miss. Golden Week shouldn't stay in the Baroque workplace for long now, not to the extent that Guan Erye is loyal to Liu Huangshu.