Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 52

Even if there is, Luo Yi is not afraid.

The baroque work club can play Krokdal the best. If you have the ability, come and teach you how to be a man.

"Would you like to come to work in my shop? Miss. Golden Week."

Luo Yi just called out the title of Miss. Golden Week, and the girl in front of her, like a whirlwind, took everything directly and started to flee desperately.

The speed made Luo Yidu feel ashamed.

89. Tavern is built

Marianu is the original name of MISS. Golden Week.

"Mary, you squeeze with Lilai and others for the time being. After the new tavern is built, you will prepare a separate room for you."

Marianu nodded blankly, holding her small bamboo basket in her hand.

What can she do.

Although he ran suddenly just now, he still didn't beat Luo Yi, and was caught up.

Had it not been for Luo Yi to explain clearly, Mr.3 was arrested that day because the Navy happened to be drinking in the tavern, Marianu thought Luo Yi and the Navy had colluded to arrest someone.

In the end, Marianu chose to accept Luo Yi's kindness, absolutely not because of poverty.

"You take these clothes. Go upstairs and take a shower, Lilai, you take her up."

Luo handed over the bag in his hand. On the bag, the words "Harold Clothing Store" were clearly printed.

Nodding, Marianu took the clothes and, led by Lilai, went to the second floor.

Throughout the whole process, Manjix and Auros who were still in the tavern did not say a word.

"That little girl's mental power is not much different from Lilai's thoughts. You picked up a treasure this time."

Auros spoke first, looking interested.

"You can pick up a little girl when you go out to exercise, you are really amazing."

Manjikes suddenly said in a strange way.

"This person has a special identity. If Lucifer wakes up suddenly, you must hold him down."

Luo Yi used a trick, Dou Di shrugged, indicating that this matter is not that simple.

"Is there another secret?" Auros was emotionally up, and he took out his own notebook and prepared to listen to Luo's story.

Lucifer's strength is good, Auros admits that she was actually able to suppress the flames that ran away at the time because of her attributes.

However, after all, it was the branded fire brought by the death knell of Wa Shiondo, and it was indeed powerful enough.

As for the little girl, it seems that something happened with Lucifer, who actually had to keep her in Lucifer's hands.

So Luo Yi talked about Lucifer's previous experience and the origin of the new tavern.

Only then did Auros know that Lucifer had suffered such a loss overseas.

However, this little girl's abilities are also strong, and she can be picked up by Luo Yi, so she is lucky.

"Mary said, she has actually just joined the Baroque work agency for less than half a year. I think she should not have deep feelings for the work agency, and she should not betray us."

Luo explained a few words at the beginning, which can be regarded as justifying Marianu.

"It doesn't matter what betrayal is not betrayal, let alone the strength of our tavern, it is the location of the Chambord Islands, it is not Qiwuhai who can come and make trouble at will."

Manjix took a sip of wine very calmly.

Auros didn't say much.

She could tell at a glance that the little girl really wanted to stay in the mentality, but it seemed to be a little tangled now, after all, she was once an enemy.

Lucifer hasn't woken up yet. When he wakes up, Marianu will be his own, and he won't hold such a grudge.

Time passed quickly, and another three days passed in a blink of an eye.

In the past three days, Marianu didn't do much in the tavern, and even the tavern had never been opened. She was basically painting.

That was discussed in advance with Luo Yi, and Marianu's role in the tavern was to be a painter.

Today is the day when the new tavern is built.

In less than a month, one building was changed, and Luo Yi felt a little unreal.

But think about Luffy and their Wanli Sunshine in just three days, Luo Yi was relieved.

The people in the Pirate World have a good grasp of professional knowledge, coupled with strong physical fitness, building a building is not a matter of minutes, even machines are not needed.

The basement was also built in accordance with Manjix's requirements. After hearing that the tavern was built, Manjix was the first to take the lead in rushing to the new tavern.

Every day staying in the old tavern to make wine, Manjikes really felt too small. If the kitchen and basement could be bigger, he could also spare more time.

At the scene, Luo Yi was quite satisfied.

The tavern was indeed built according to his own requirements. Even the rooms are well decorated one by one, which can be said to exceed Luo Yi's expectations.

When handing over the house, Luo Yi was very satisfied, and the craftsmen were also very satisfied.

It is naturally very happy to be able to see a brand new work born from one's own hands, and the other party is also satisfied.

Push open the door of the tavern.

This time, Luo Yi directly made the door of the tavern a sliding door instead of a half waist door.

That thing is actually useless.

Most of the people who will find the tavern in the hotel street are not pirates, and the door is safe.

This time the tavern, when it was built, even the tables, chairs and benches were all custom-made. Except for the sheets and bedding, everything else was ready and could be checked in directly.

"These are the locations of your rooms, I have prepared them for you, let me know if you are not satisfied."

Luo Yi told Lilai the number of the specially decorated room. With Lilai rushing to take the lead, several other people also checked their rooms.

First of all, Lilai, in her room, can only be described as cute. The main color of the whole room is blue or sky blue. With gold as a foil, it matches Lilai's own appearance very well.

And in Manjikes' room, there are all kinds of wine glasses and wine barrels. Of course, a little bamboo is planted to satisfy Manjikes' desire.

In Mi Bo's room, there are all kinds of crystals, the crystals that are more than half a meter high to one meter high. Although they are all props, they are also very expensive.

Auroth's room was very cold, so cold that you could clearly feel the cold when standing outside the door.

Slark's room was a room similar to the bottom of the sea, but the sunlight shining through the window gave him the pleasure of moving from darkness to light.

In addition to these specific rooms, Luo Yi naturally reserved some normal rooms, and after arranging one for Marianu, several people went back and carried Lucifer over again.

Yes, he still didn't wake up, but Luo Yi was sure that he was still alive.

Unexpectedly, Aghanim's Scepter was so effective. If it weren't for holding it in his hand, Luo Yi would even think Lucifer was a professional touch porcelain.

"Marie, what happened to what I asked you to do before?"

"No problem, leave it to me."

Marianu held a paintbrush and drawing board in his hands, and straightened out his chest that didn't exist.

90. Don't drink alcohol



"Sisi Country One"

I have to say that Marianu is still a bit capable as the original Miss. Golden Week.

In the past few days, everyone has gradually become familiar with her.

This is a very quiet little girl, how quiet is it?

If it weren't for her on the table every day, everyone would subconsciously ignore her.

When she was not working, Marianu was sitting quietly in the corner, with the almost forgotten messenger, eating senbei, drinking green tea, and just picked up the drawing board and drew a picture.

Luo Yi offered her a low salary, but after covering food and housing, Marianu readily agreed.

Moreover, what Luo Yi can give her is safety.

The Baroque Work Club is very strict, and the failure of the mission will end in coolness.

Therefore, Marianu is very sure that Mr.0 will send a killer to clean up her loser.

Luo Yi's promise to her is to provide her with a safe place if she doesn't want to stay in the future, she can leave at any time.

As for why Luo Yi committed directly, Luo Yi didn't know, maybe it was just sympathy, or it might be moved.

In Oda's big title page story later, Krokdal's plan was revealed by the Straw Hats, and Krokdal and Mr.1 were also captured by the Navy.

The remaining members of the Baroque Working Society actually organized to rescue them together.

As a result, Krokdal and Mr.1 refused to escape, causing Mr.2 and Mr.3 who came to rescue them to be taken to the deep sea prison together.

In the end, Miss Golden Week and the other Dragon Set members rescued by them found an abandoned hut in the desert and opened a brand new spider bar. Miss Golden Week also served as a painter in the spider bar.

This is the original life trajectory of Miss Golden Week.

It can also be seen from here.

Although their Baroque Work Club is an organization of wicked people, everyone in it is sentimental and righteous.

After the advancement of the city chapter, all Pirate fans remembered a person's name.

Mr. 2, von Klei.

This man who sacrificed for friendship.

Although he is a personal monster.

But he is also a real man, a leverage.

As a reader, Luo doesn't dislike some members of the Baroque Job Club.

Even Lao Sha, who wants to destroy the entire country just to get Pluto, doesn't have great popularity.

During these three days, Luo Yi brought senbei green tea and pigments in his spare time, and asked Marianu to talk about what he wanted to decorate the tavern.

Since it is called the Dota Tavern, it should look like a Dota.

Radiance and Night Dire, guards and natural disasters, Luo Yi's belief in this life.

No game can replace them in Luo Yi's mind, except for DOTA3.

Therefore, in addition to Lilai and the others who Mariannu had already met, Luo Yi also dictated the remaining characters one by one, telling Mariannu about her appearance, and restored them one by one on the paper. come out.

Marianu painted so fast that Luo Yi didn't even see it clearly. A lifelike figure appeared on a piece of paper.

After modifying some details, every DOTA hero was drawn by Marianu.

And Luo Yi's request for her is also very simple.

Written the name of each hero on the paper, and classified them according to Radiant and Dire, let Marianu start graffiti in the hall after the tavern was built.

After careful consideration and combining with the interior decoration of the tavern, Mariano immediately decided what kind of mural should be painted on the wall.

So, on the night of the reception of the new tavern, Mariano worked overtime and painted both walls.

The 117 heroes were divided into two factions: Radiant and Dire. At this time, both factions were concentrated in the tavern.

Here, there are companions who hook up and drink.

There are alcoholics who are in conflict afterwards.

There are two imperial sisters who are competing.

There is the God of Flower who molested the beauties at the bar.

There is a monkey carrying a stick hanging on the beam

Although Luo Yi didn't explain the character of these people, Marianu painted these people vividly on the wall through her own sorting.

Entering the tavern, the first feeling is marvel.

This is the Dota.

Luo Yi is very brutal Marianu's painter, as to whether it looks fancy, Luo Yi does not care.