Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 55

Neptune held a steel fork in his hand, blocked Otohime, and took the lead out of the palace.

Neptune saw it as soon as he came out.

In the sky of the Dragon Palace, a black shadow flew from the sky at extreme speed. Upon closer inspection, it seemed to be a long sword, spinning and spinning in the air, getting closer and closer, and flew straight towards Princess Yi Ji.

"The Murloc Karate Gun Wave"

A wave of water blasted out from Jinping's hands, like a cannonball, hitting the sword, directly knocking the sword off the side.

However, after the sword made a turn in the air, it flew straight toward Otohime without stopping.


With a cold snort, Jinping rushed directly at the flying sword, and another "Murman Karate Five Thousand Watt Punch" hit the sword.

The fist that was enough to split the power of 5,000 tiles directly smashed the sword into pieces, which made it stop.

"Unexpectedly, the enemy's attack can even break through the defense of the Dragon Palace. It seems that it is not an ordinary capable person."

Standing in front of Neptune, Jinping did not immediately relax his vigilance, but instead looked around to prevent another attack from appearing suddenly.

And the soldiers of Dragon Palace City surrounded Neptune and Otohime one after another to protect their safety.

"You seem to be in trouble."

Suddenly, a voice rang in everyone's ears, and a figure slowly appeared beside Neptune.

"Mr. Slark? Why are you here?"

Seeing Slark appeared, Neptune's eyes were full of surprise.

Could it be that Dragon Palace’s defenses were so unbearable, not only weapons flew in, but even people came in?

"I followed that sword."

Slark pointed to the wreckage and said.

"Wow, does Mr. Slark have any clues?"

For Slark, Neptune still had good intentions, and Slark's words just now seemed to be able to solve the problem.

"There is a murloc who ate the target fruit on Murloc Street. This should be his ability"

"Something flew over again."

Before the words were finished, another black shadow appeared in the sight of everyone.

94. Go on, don't stop

In fact, Slark didn't have much information.

The first is the ability to target fruit.

Each palm can mark one target, that is to say, if the octopus man eats the target fruit, six targets can be marked.

As long as the opponent is set as the target, the items thrown by the capable person will automatically be tracked to the ends of the world, unless they are shot down or blocked by obstacles on the way.

If you wash your hands, the target locked by that hand will be eliminated, and you must touch the other party again to lock it again.

And if you want to shake hands with someone but don't want to lock the person as a target, you must wear gloves as a protective measure.

Van der Dijken is now in the Murloc Street, throwing weapons one after another with the ability to target fruit to Princess Otohime.

As for marking, it is too simple.

As long as you take a piece of signature paper and put it in the box, you can naturally shake hands with Princess Otohime, and even the other party will say thank you.

And Otohime herself did not expect that there is such a fruiting ability in the world. For Otohime, the murlocs or merfolk who came to vote, whether they live on Murloc Island or Murloc Street, are all She needs someone to thank.

As for Daiken's appearance, Luo Yi couldn't describe it too accurately. He only knew that he had four legs, and his shoulders were almost as high as his head.

However, one thing is very easy to determine.

Because of eating the devil fruit, Daiken cannot move freely underwater. Once in the sea, he needs to use bubble coral to cover himself with a film to prevent contact with the sea.

In Dragon Palace City, after Jinping once again stopped a flying knife, Slark probably talked about the information he knew.

"I'll go to Daiken, Jinping, you just stay here to protect the princess."

Slark didn't stay any longer. When he came down this time, the target was Deken. The reason why he appeared in Dragon Palace was also because he saw the sword that shot towards Dragon Palace.

As for the guards of Dragon Palace.

What guard?Where are the guards?Why did not I see?

Slark turned around and disappeared into everyone's sight, as if he was completely integrated into the environment.

Jinping was also surprised.

This Mr. Slark's methods are indeed powerful. Even under the domineering perception of seeing and hearing, there is no way to find him, as if he suddenly disappeared, no wonder he didn't find out how he appeared just now.

Such a murloc is like a natural assassin, and he doesn't know when and where he will come out.

Slark, who had swam out of the Dragon Palace City, chased after the two weapons that had just flown in.

On the bottom of the sea, Slark moved faster than on the shore by many times.

Like a sharp arrow, it shot straight out.

On the way, Slark smoothly killed a meteor hammer.

Judging from the strength of the contact, the ability of this target fruit is indeed powerful, but it is also limited.

In the eyes of a real strong man, an attack of this level is just a punch.

If Manjix's strength, this ability is really useless except for a little disgusting.

In the frontal battle, this fruit ability is really useless at all.

You said, people let you touch it, can't you just stab the other side to death?

Therefore, this ability can only be used for sneak attacks, and you have to find ways to get close to the target and mark the opponent before you can start throwing weapons.

However, Luo Yi also said that there are no trash fruits, only those with trash ability.

Maybe this target fruit still has some ability to develop.

But as far as the current situation is concerned, Van der Deikken's strength is not worth mentioning.

The weapon thrown out can't even kill a major of Bell's level. What's the use?

However, this weapon also provided himself with a position. Following the direction where the weapon flew, Slark adjusted the angle slightly, and swam forward again.

It didn't take long, just a few minutes, and Slark saw his goal.

It was a huge murloc who looked like a sea monster. When walking on the bottom of the sea, he pulled a decaying ship. The bow was a skull with fangs, and the Pirate Flag was a double sword. Crossed skulls.

If you just saw the Pirate Ship, Slark really couldn’t tell, but when Slark saw that the hull was wrapped in a huge bubble film and the ship was full of murlocs, he knew he was looking for it. correct.

Slark did not disturb anyone, and sneaked into the ship quietly.

"Captain Deacon, the weapon is here."

Slark looked at the murloc standing on the deck, and his eyes suddenly narrowed.

There really is such a strange murloc, even with four legs, the shoulders are really as high as the head.

A murloc next to him came carrying a huge axe and handed it to Deken's hand.

"Hehehe, I didn't expect that the princess is still alive now. It seems that Dragon Palace is not all waste."

"Captain Deaken, there is actually no need to kill Princess Otohime."

"If I don’t kill the princess, how can I see my beloved Bai Xing? The princess Yi Ji was assassinated before, but now Bai Xing does not go to the fisherman island. Only at the funeral of the princess will Bai Xing leave Dragon Palace. of."

"Idiot, who would marry the man who killed his mother."

"Hey, who seems to be like this without you?"

Deakin thought it was one of his crew members, but when he turned his head, he was a murloc who had never seen him before.

"Call me someone from the depths of darkness."

Slark grinned, and a webbed hand suddenly flew in front of Daiken.

The pain, from the wrong palm, not feeling the palm, is transmitted from the wrist to the brain.


Holding his broken right wrist, Van der Deyken yelled in pain, but he didn't stop at his feet, and quickly retreated.

How can it be repaired, marking the right hand of the princess, it was cut off.

"Kill him, little ones."


In fact, when they saw Deaken being cut, everyone had already picked up their weapons and rushed up.

Slark didn't care.

The strength of these murlocs is not strong, some of the navies being trained in the naval base are much stronger than these murlocs.

Obviously, these murlocs just rely on their natural talent to be a little stronger than humans to do whatever they want.

In addition, even the posture during the battle seemed such a layman.

It can be said that the reason why they can be pirates underwater is only because humans cannot breathe underwater.

Once thrown on the great route, it is nothing, and it is incomparable with the previous Pirates of the Sun.

A black mist erupted from Slark and instantly covered half of the deck.

All the murlocs that were hit by the mist fell down as if they had been hit hard. Although they were not dead, they were seriously injured.

"Go on, don't stop."

Seeing Slark's two rows of fangs, Van der Deikken suddenly felt that he was dead today.


Chambord Islands.

"I don't know how Slark is doing."

Manjikes leaned on the bar with one hand, poured wine into his mouth with Baohu in the other, and said suddenly after taking a big mouthful.

"You can open the map of the system interface to see."

Luo Yi gave a very pertinent suggestion.

"How can I view others without permission? How can I use this map?"

Manjikes pointed to the system interface.

You have been in love for so long, and you know why you can’t chat?

Luo Yi wanted to spit out, but didn't know where to start.

Wouldn't you open the interface a little bit by yourself?

It's impossible, I can point you to the recharge interface.

You know, as long as it doesn't affect the wallet, there is nothing Luo Yi dare not order.

Under Luo Yi's explanation, Manjikes slid the map and found Slark.

Then, several people around Manjix saw Slark's mouth full of blood, standing on a boat, and the small knife in his hand gradually dripped red blood.

And beside him, one after another corpses fell there, and there was not a single mouth in the boat.

Luo Yi also saw Van der Deeken's body.

Obviously, Slark did not show any mercy, even his two palms were cut off perfectly.

The Van der Dijken Pirates were erased from this world.

"Uncle Slark is so cruel."


Lilai, you call him that, but you will be educated.

After all, Slark is not yet your uncle's age.