Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 56

"Cut the weeds and roots, act decisively, no wonder you can survive in Dark Reef."

Manjix analyzed it rationally.

"Indeed, when Slark started, all moves were the key."

Dibu said he has the most say.

"War of the Ruins, Slark and Meepo belong to the Dire Legion."

Auros touched the point directly.

In the world of Dota, because the Moon of Madness was shattered, the relic crystals of Radiant and Dire fell on the ground, causing a war between the two forces.

No one knows how long the war lasted, only that there are only three places to survive in this world.

Radiant, Dire, and Neutral.

Staying neutral does not mean you are safe, and sometimes even become the target of both Radiant and Dire.

Among the neutral forces, almost all are weak creatures, and there are no heroes like Manjikes.

Auroth's words were obvious.

After they return to their own world, there is no way to avoid the war of relics from happening. All that can be done is to participate in the war.

Even she, the Winter Flying Dragon Auros, has to participate in this war that is destined to start.

Like the murals in the tavern, it’s not so easy for the heroes of both factions to drink in one tavern.

"The future matters, leave it to the future me, you don't go back so quickly."

Luo nodded.

He couldn't participate in the battle of relics, but in the game, which of the heroes in the Dota world had not died in his hands.

When the time comes, fight, no matter what camp you are.

Lilai and Lena are not both Radiant, and they don't have to fight to meet each other.

"Give me Aghanim's Scepter and I can go back."

Manjikes said directly, stunned Luo Yi.

"Why? Don't you say, don't take out that thing indiscriminately?"

Luo was surprised.

"Aghanim's Scepter can stimulate the potential in the human body. There is indeed a certain danger if it can't be controlled, but if it can be controlled? It is an extremely powerful artifact."

"But it also depends on the situation. If you give it to Lilai, the frost power in her body will probably run away directly, completely out of control, and our tavern will be rebuilt again."

"But if you give it to Auroth, this increase will not be much. She has almost reached the limit for the development of the frost power in her body, no matter how it is improved, it will be the same."

Following Manjikes' explanation, Auros nodded and agreed.


Luo Yi directly made a long tone.

So, this thing is used to stimulate the potential in the body, and the so-called potential mainly depends on whether there is any energy hidden in your body.

Manjix had blood in his body, branded fire in Lucifer's body, Auroth and Lilai had the power of frost, and even the earth had a trace of shadow crystal energy.

Where's Ke Luo?

Even holding the magic scepter, he didn't awaken what kind of armed domineering, seeing and hearing domineering, or domineering domineering.

No matter how bad it is, it will be good luck to have an overlord.

This is something Luo Yi is looking forward to, but he can only look forward to it. Whether it's useful or not, it can only be seen in the future.

Maybe when the system level is up, his aptitude will increase, and his potential will be stimulated.

"Manager Luo Yi, congratulations on the reopening of your tavern."

"Ah, old Leisan, you are finally here."

"I picked up the job a few days ago and I really can't go away. Today is finally finished. Please help me with the wine. Thank you, little girl."

She smiled kindly at Lilai, who remained the same.

With outsiders present, Luo Yi also referred to him by what everyone called Rayleigh on the island, lest the tavern could not be opened.

Several people chatted for a few words, Manjikes took out the latest brewed deep-sea spirits, and directly went to work with Raleigh.

Luo Yi was asked to try this kind of high-alcohol alcohol by Manjikes before.

Don't tell me, the taste is okay, but it's a bit dizzy, and there are side effects of fragmentation.

At least Luo Yi didn't remember what happened that night at all.

"Marie, please help me clean up."


Although Marianu was a painter in the shop, she would get up and help tidy up the table when she was busy in the tavern.

As for the food, Luo Yi temporarily asked the chef of the pub next door to help temporarily, and waited until Lucifer woke up.

However, today's pub is destined to be lively.

The door of the tavern was pushed open again.

The remodeled gate, although not the original half-waist gate, was transformed into a sliding gate by Luo Yi.

A tall and muscular man is dressed in a costume that looks like a Shaolin monk.

What made Luo most familiar with was his square face that seemed to be the same as playing cards. It was so stylish.

"Miss. Golden Week, betray the organization, accept it"

"Sorry, sorry, I accidentally bumped into you, Dazbonis, a fruit-cutting ability, you are unlucky when you meet Leonard today."

"Go out and fight."

"Okay, the manager."

Kicked Mr.1 out of the tavern, and Leonard and Mr.1's battle began between the gate and the wall.

"same as usual?"

"Well, milk coffee."

"Okay, wait a minute."

96. Recruitment


Originally a bounty man from Xihai, he later joined the Baroque work agency in Shakrokdal, codenamed "Mr.1".

He is an unsentimental killer, a senior agent.

He, the chief conductor of the Baroque Working Society, is loyal to Krokdal.

He is Krokdal's most trusted subordinate.

He is taciturn, unsmiling, and doesn't like to mingle with others.

He is the strongest among all high-level spies.

Let’s put it this way, Mr.2, who ranked second, offered a reward of only 32 million baileys, while Mr.1’s bounty was as high as 75 million baileys, and he was about to catch up with the 81 million before Lao Sha was turned into Qiwuhai. Bailey is out.

Although the bounty is not an accurate standard for judging the strength of a pirate, the person with the high bounty must not be weak.

Especially in the first half of the great route, a devil fruit can turn a person into a strong man, and the natural fruit is even more insoluble.

Dazbonis, who is capable of cutting fruits quickly, can turn his whole body into a blade that is as hard as iron, and his defense is very strong, and ordinary attacks can't hurt him at all.

Therefore, Lao Sha decided to send Mr.1 to the Chambord Islands, which would have betrayed the Baroque Working Society and joined other organizations in Miss. Golden Week.

As for the safety of Mr.1, Lao Sha is not worried.

For this trip, Mr.1 is also full of confidence.

He is very confident in his fruiting ability, at least until now, Mr.1 has never been injured.

No matter whether it was firearms or shells or swordsman slashes, none of them could hurt him.

So he set sail.

He came by the wind.

He went away through the waves.

He was caught.

It was Gumir's adjutant, Brigadier General Leonard.

Leonard's strength is also not weak, otherwise it would not be possible to become a lieutenant adjutant. The reason why he is a brigadier general is mainly because of insufficient merits and cannot be promoted.

In the Pirate World, the standard for becoming a swordsman is sword aura, which is flying slash.

Able to do this, you can be called a swordsman.

But before this, the swordsman still needs to do one thing, is to cut steel.

A swordsman who can cut through steel has truly begun to enter the ranks of the strong.

And this is easy for Leonard, he has already mastered the domineering.

So, Mr.1 is ready.

Relying on the ability to cut fruits quickly, Mr.1 didn't pay attention to Leonard. After displaying the fruits ability, he would insist on it, but he never expected that he would be beaten by a single second.

Knife, return to the sheath.

On Mr.1's chest, there was an extra scar with a deep visible bone.

"Handcuffed with Hailou stone and taken away."

Leonard stood at the entrance of the tavern, pretending to be forced without looking back.


The navy soldier who had been guarding the door directly saluted Leonard, took out the handcuffs and locked Mr.1.

As for the wound that is still bleeding.

It's okay, it's not dead yet, it's better to control more flow.

"Here, guest your coffee."

"Thank you, the manager, I think I can be promoted to major general next time I come."

"That's really congratulations to the guest."

Luo's eye twitched.

To be honest, when Mr.1 just appeared, Luo Yi was indeed a little surprised.

This old Sha's actions were fast enough, how long did he take Marie in, and he actually came to the door.

However, Lao Sha is too unlucky.

The two generals were all planted in Leonard's hands.

Calculating the military merits of his two outings, he has exceeded 100 million.

This is much faster than him earning military merit by following Gumir all day.

As the commander-in-chief of the G2 fortress, Gumir usually only needs to sit down. If he really meets the pirate who wants him to be dispatched, it is a big pirate.

Therefore, Leonard has the illusion that this place is simply his own blessed land.

He came this time to celebrate the reopening of the tavern with Gumir.

Follow the instructions above.

Judging from the current performance of this Dota Tavern, it is also a good citizen who abides by the law.

Moreover, the name of Slark, the pirate who is active in the Chambord Islands recently, has also been widely circulated in the navy.

This is a murloc who catches pirates.

Thank goodness.