Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 57

The murloc is already a pirate and the navy is grateful. Now there is a murloc who catches pirates. How can you be upset?

But now it seems that Mr. Slark is not here.

It doesn't matter, they just came to have a good relationship with the tavern.

The strong have always only dealt with the strong.

The strong in this tavern is not much weaker than Gumir, and even stronger.

As for sending an admiral to come, it is impossible.

Who doesn't know, the three navy officers are all problem children.

A red dog general who has carried out "complete justice", has an upright character but cruel methods without leaving a trace of affection.

A green pheasant general who changed from "burning justice" to "lazy justice", a guy who would fall asleep anytime, anywhere.

A Huang Yuan general who preached "ambiguous justice", his mantra was "so terrible."

These three people, if you find one of them, it is estimated that others will leave a bad image on the Navy.

Gumir came this time and brought a little gift. He also said congratulations. He didn't mention the navy in a word. Except when he first entered the door, Leonard performed the duties of the navy and arrested a wanted criminal. Outside, it's like a friend's visit.

Luo Yi also told them very generously that the milk coffee was free for them today, which was regarded as a cost to help them solve their troubles.

And Gumir just glanced at Leily, who was sitting on the bar, chatting, laughing, chatting and drinking with Manjix, and didn't make any extra moves.

Just kidding, since people want to retreat, let him retreat, there is no need to cause trouble to the navy.

In short, after the reconstruction of the tavern, it seems to look good.

On the other side, the Kingdom of Alabasta.

Lao Sha was so angry that he wanted to lift the table.

Just a minute ago, he received a message from the "unlucky combination".

Mr. 1, was caught.

And the one who captured Mr.1 was the Commodore Leonard who captured Mr.3, Lieutenant Admiral Gumir.

The cigar in his mouth was emitting a faint plume of smoke.

Lao Sha's legs were on the table, her right hand was placed on the golden hook of her left, and her face was sullen, not knowing what she was thinking of writing.

The "unlucky group" responsible for reporting the news quietly touched the door and ran out.

No way, after the boss is angry, it is very dangerous.

After a long silence, the cigar in Lao Sha's mouth had already burned to his mouth, and Lao Sha raised his head, threw the cigar in the ashtray, and made a difficult decision.

"Sure enough, it's time to hire people."


Dragon Palace.

After Jinping shot down several flying weapons in succession, he waited for a long time, and nothing came over.

"It seems that Mr. Slark has succeeded."

Neptune has been standing beside Otohime.

In fact, if Slark hadn't appeared, Neptune would have been angry enough to search for prisoners throughout the sea.

However, if Luo Yi knew about this, he would definitely persuade Neptune not to make such a big fanfare.

After all, in the original book, Bai Xing stayed in the hard shell tower for 10 years, and you didn't see any prisoners.

"It is indeed Mr. Slack. If he hadn't just appeared this time, he would have worried the princess for a while."

Jinping also sighed.

It was a coincidence this time.

I don't know if Slark happened to pass by, or for other reasons.

But his appearance this time was a wake-up call for the entire Dragon Palace City.

This Dragon Palace City was not as safe as they thought.

At least Mr. Slark did not come in through the passage.

Then the question is coming.

How many powerhouses like Slark can enter and exit Dragon Palace at will?

How many strong people can hide their figure under the influence of everyone?

Looking at his fists, Jinping suddenly felt that his strength was not enough.

The reason why Jinping agreed to Qiwuhai's solicitation was to protect Murloc Island.

But now, what really protects the fisherman island is not the name of his Qiwu Sea, but the Pirate Flag in the center of the fisherman island.

On the banner, on the two bones that make up the cross, the white smiling skull, and the beard that turned upward against gravity.

This flag is being publicized.

"In my place, you have to listen to me"

This is the white beard pirates group where the white beard known as the "world's strongest man" is located.

After Jinping joined the Qiwu Sea, although there was a lot of peace on the Murloc Island, many pirates were afraid of the reputation of Jinping Qiwu Sea, but theft and kidnapping of mermaid or murloc still happened from time to time.

It wasn't until the White Beard Pirate Group planted a flag here that life on Murloc Island became more peaceful.

At least, it's only occasional fishes or murlocs missing.

All this is actually the credit of the White Beard Pirates.

Even though they have never appeared since the flag was planted, the reputation of White Beard still resounded through the entire great route, and no one dared to touch his brow.

"Mr. Slark is back."

I don't know who yelled, and Jinping looked up and saw Slark's figure and the corpse of the broad-striped tiger shark in his hand.

Very Ping clearly saw that two palms were missing on the corpse, and the scar on the chest was also a fatal wound.

The weapon Slark used seemed to fit the wound.

"This is Van der Dijken. When I found him, I just saw him preparing to throw an axe, but I didn't stop the weapons he threw out earlier."

Slark explained.

"Thank you Mr. Slark for saving Otohime again."

Neptune thanked him sincerely.

"Nothing. I wanted to come to Dragon Palace this time. I happened to meet him."

Slark shook his head, saying that he didn't need to care.

"It seems my luck is very good. Both times I was saved by Mr. Slack by chance."

After confirming his safety, Otohime also walked out from behind Neptune and said with a smile.

"Mr. Slark came to my Dragon Palace, is there anything wrong?"

Jinping on the side also spoke.

Compared with other things, the first thing Jinping needs to protect is the safety of Fishman Island and Dragon Palace.

The times when Slark appeared these two times were too coincidental, and I couldn't help but doubt it.

"That's it. Once Luo knew that I had contact with His Royal Highness Neptune, he wanted to ask His Royal Highness if he wanted to buy wine. The ale, spring spirits and the recently brewed deep sea spirits in our tavern are all very Not bad."

Hearing what Slark said, Jinping directly removed Slark's suspicion from his mind.

He believed that no one was so boring and spent so much effort just to sell alcohol.

Besides, the prisoners in the two incidents were arrested and put to death.

"It turns out that this is the case. It seems that this time, you have to thank your friend named Luo Yi again."

"It's a pity, he is just a little timid, and he dare not get on the boat."

Slark didn't forget Luo Yi at this time.

In fact, after solving Hodi’s matter before, Slark saw Manjix ask Luo Yi.

"Why don't you go to the Murloc Island yourself, and have Slark go to work, just because he is a Murloc?"

"No, I'm just afraid that when I get on the boat, I will encounter some sea kings, or the submarine volcano just erupts, or I get lost on the bottom of the sea"

"After all, I'm afraid of death."

Manjikes summarized Luo Yi's words quite brilliantly.

At that time, Slark had only one idea.

Manjix was right.

Luo Yi was indeed afraid of death.

In the world of One Piece, there are countless ships from Chambord Islands to Murloc Island, but the ships that sink to the bottom of the sea far exceed those that safely reach Murloc Island.

In the deep sea.

Not to mention sea kings, even sea monsters can easily pierce the soap bubble membrane that protects ships, and humans are on the bottom of the sea, without oxygen, no matter how strong they are, they will be cold.

"He is so timid, if I want to buy wine, how will he send it to me?"

Neptune asked curiously.

"Don't worry, he has a courageous subordinate. Although he is just an ordinary person, he has a lot of enthusiasm. If he knows that Fishman Island has orders, he will definitely deliver the goods himself."

Slark remembered the Oliver he had seen a few days ago, as if he was a fanatic in the MLM organization.

"It's kind of like Princess Otohime."

Slark felt that he could not explain it well, so he added another sentence.

When Neptune and Otohime heard this, they couldn't help but look at each other and smile.

For some reason, Neptune suddenly wanted to see the human that Slark was talking about. Of course, he wanted to see the human named Luo Yi more.

"In that case, we have placed an order for this wine."

The steel fork in Neptune's hand pushed harder, obviously just buying wine, but it seemed to declare war.

"Thank you, Your Majesty Neptune, by the way, I just found this on the way back, do you know what it is?"

As he said, Slark digs out a cantaloupe-like thing from the bag behind him, with a tang-like spiral pattern on it.

Slark didn't know, but how could they not know Neptune.

With just a glance, he immediately recognized what Slark was holding.

"Devil Fruit"

98. Want to be free

Slark: "It's done, Neptune also agreed to order drinks."

Luo Yi: "It's a good job, and the order from Dragon Palace will be divided for you."

Slark: "I have no interest in money."

Manjix: "You will be interested in spending money."

Chambord Islands, Dota Tavern.

Luo Yi received the news of Slark's success.

In fact, they had already seen the death of Van der Deyken at the time, but they did not expect that Dragon Palace had agreed to the order so readily.

Slark: "By the way, Neptune said he wanted to meet with Luo Yi. Next time you deliver the wine, you can bring it by yourself."

Luo Yi: "No problem, I actually want to visit Mermaid Island."

Lilai: "I want to go too, I want to see a mermaid too."

Luo Yi: "Yes, when the time comes, the big guys will go together, but I will trouble Mi Bo to leave a few clones here to see the store."