Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 58

Meepo: "Small."

Auros: "I have seen murlocs and mermaids, and it feels like that."

Luo Yi: "It may be a little different from your world, it's always good to come out and take a look."

Manjix: "I will prepare drinks as soon as possible, and we will leave as soon as possible."

Lilai: "Awesome "

Luo Yi: "You can even know emoji"

Lilai: "."

In the tavern, Marie and the messenger are the most depressed.

As the eighth member of the Dota Tavern, Mari is the only native of Pirate World except Luo Yi.

As for the Oliver family, they have moved out to live outside.

If you live with the boss, what would it look like.

Marie, who has no system, looked at Luo Yi and the others together without speaking, as if only communicating with her eyes, she always felt strange.

The scent of green tea drifted into Marie's nasal cavity. After putting aside the doubt in her mind, Marie handed the messenger a piece of senbei.

Her current job is very simple. Apart from helping out when the tavern opens, she feeds the messenger and can do her own thing the rest of the time.

Moreover, the opening time of the pub is only three to four hours, and the day’s liquor is sold out.

As for the messenger.

Lucifer didn't wake up recently, but he ran a little more diligently, bringing back all the food back and forth. Apart from not being able to speak, the messenger's brain seemed better than ordinary people.

As soon as Luo and their chat ended, they began to get busy with their affairs.

Lilai was taken back by Auroth to meditate and impart all kinds of knowledge.

In addition to the knowledge of magic, Auros also explained to Lilai the geography of the Dota world.

An excellent magician must have mastered a variety of knowledge, which can be described as erudition.

After all, in the study of magic in an exhausting life, without knowledge, it will be difficult to do anything.

And Manjikes has recently begun to research new wines.

There are so many materials in Pirate World.

Even some plants that Slark occasionally brought back from the sea were completely different from the Dota World.

Manjix was very excited.

How do monks improve their combat effectiveness?

Of course it was drinking.

How to learn drunk boxing without drinking.

Moreover, how to become a wine fairy without drinking.

To become a wine fairy, in addition to having a good combat power, you also need to work hard on wine.

Manjikes was preparing, ready to go back to challenge the Brewmaster after he had enough strength.

This is the most respected title in their ethnic group.

Meepo, that is, Di Bu was not idle either.

In his backpack, he carried a few large Shadow Market crystals.

Why is it not small? After all, he also poked his head out of his backpack.

There is no small power in the Shadow Ruins crystal.

Mi Bo knew that when he mastered the power of the Shadow Ruins Crystal, it was the moment he returned to the Rift Shadow Ruins.

Only Luo Yi wiped the wine glass idly.

To be honest, Luo Yi quite envied everyone in the tavern, including the newly joined Marie.

They all have dreams and goals, and they are very clear. They also have a momentum in their hearts to move forward for the dreams in their hearts.

However, Luo realized that he had nothing.

His life seemed to have been destined for a long time.

Reading, growing up, working, getting married, having children, paying off mortgages, car loans, and all kinds of loans

In short, it is a path that everyone is walking, and it must be followed by secular regulations.

For example, get married before 28 years old.

For example, two children are required before the age of 30.

For example, if you want to get married, you must first have a house ticket.

For example, blood relationship is the closest relationship in the world.

These seem to have a very complete set of rules, everyone knows, but you never know who set these rules of the game.

Why do people have to get married?

Why do we have to have children when we are married?

Why do parents have to agree even to get married?

Why is it not affection but blood relationship that determines intimacy?

Luo Yi couldn't figure out many questions.

Sometimes, Luo felt that he was extremely cold-blooded, cold-blooded enough to ignore everything in the world, including his own life.

But sometimes, Luo Yi felt that he was sentimental and righteous, and there were so many things in his heart that he couldn't let go of.

Maybe this is contradictory, but this is the real self again.

I don't know when Luo Yi became unwilling to contact people, unwilling to communicate with people, unwilling to open his heart.

Maybe my grades improved when I was young but my parents were hit by it.

Maybe my secret was told by my little friend.

Maybe it's because of being scolded by teammates when teaming up to play Dota.

In short, Luo enjoyed the night at first.

Only one person in the room, driving a computer, playing games, watching anime, and living a life like this one day in a year, it seems warm, but in fact it is a refreshing stroke.

To say what Luo Yi wants most now is a peaceful life.

The house is there, and the world of cars seems to have not been created. Their technology tree is a bit crooked. There are motorcycles, submarines, and power boats. In another 8 years, even "biubiubiu" laser-shooting robots will be developed. Yes, you can believe it without a car.

Therefore, Luo realized that he was a real winner now.

There are no shortcomings except that the money in the tavern is not earned by yourself.

Perhaps because of this, Luo Yi would feel a little bit uneasy.

Manjikes came here because of the contract, and the day when the conditions in the contract were fulfilled, it was the day they left.

Therefore, it is better to have a father and a mother than yourself.

I want to live, I want to decide my life, I want to be free.

For some reason, Luo Yi suddenly remembered what Lu Fei said.

"The freest person in this sea is the One Piece."

99. Go, buy vegetables

"What was Luo Yi's stimulation?"

"I don't know, what's the matter of adding training to yourself?"

"It's a good thing to be willing to practice on your own, no matter what he does."

"As long as it doesn't hurt the foundation, love can do whatever it takes."

In the tavern, Auros looked at Luo Yi who had gone out and ran around the island twice early in the morning, and when he came back, he was a little puzzled.

As for Luo Yi's sudden increase of training volume, Manjix didn't say a word, just silently helping.

In the original training plan, Manjix took into account Luo Yi's physical endurance, as well as his own character customization.

Even if the amount of training is increased, as long as it is not excessive, there will be no effect.

Besides, being diligent is a good thing, and it is even more good to be strong, and ask so much why.

The two didn't know, Luo Yi hadn't encountered anything at all, so he stood behind the bar and gave himself a strategy.

"Is there any weight-bearing equipment? Will it be effective when I wear it?"

At the end of the morning exercise, Luo Yi asked suddenly at breakfast.

"No, but you have a lot of things in your hands. Just sort it out and see if there is anything useful."

Manjix knew that Luo Yi's ability seemed to be able to sign a contract with creatures randomly, or obtain a magical equipment randomly. If he couldn't, he had something to exercise.

"Good idea."

Luo nodded a little, opened the system interface directly, and found the hero skin that he had organized into a pair.

"Heavy Thorn Back Protection"

This is the backstab of the steelback beast, which looks like an armor made of tortoise shells, but only the back is covered with porcupine spikes.

Just forget it, it's a bit like Wukong and Klin carrying the turtle shell training of Immortal Turtle.

"War Gear Armor"

No, no, this is a dwarf's equipment. Although it is indeed armor, it looks a bit heavy, but he definitely can't wear it.

Not to mention, this thing is also ugly.

"The Scarlet Stone"

Little stone?Forget it, do you think Xiaoxiao is really small?That's the mountain giant.

The size of this bright red stone is twice as high as Luo Yi. No matter how it is done, I can't hold it.

"Dragon Palace Battle Club"

To put it nicely, this is Monkey King's stick. Luo Yi has been thinking about whether he would squash himself directly if he took this thing out.

Thirteen thousand five hundred catties, if you convert it, it's 6.75 tons. At least Luo Yi doesn't have such power right now.

After searching for a long time, after searching through the two hundred skins in his arsenal, Luo once finished his breakfast, but still did not find a suitable one.

Practical things are either ugly or cannot be worn.

And some skins are not for human use at first glance.

After thinking about it, Luo Yi gave up this unrealistic idea.

This is not the Dragon Ball World. It is estimated that a piece of clothing of several hundred catties will not be touched.

Huh, wait.

If you pull Tenghu into the group with a smile, can you not enjoy the cultivation environment of the gravity room?

I'm such a genius.

Of course, just think about it.

Luo Yi didn't know where Fujitor was smiling, only that his life card was written on a great route.

So, whether this great route is the first half or the second half is unknown.

Luo Yi didn't think much about this question.

If there is, there will be no.

Maybe after two or three days, my enthusiasm will go down.

After packing up, Luo Yi came to Lucifer's room as usual.

Sitting next to him began to meditate and practice zhenqi.