Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 59

Perhaps it was because of the strong medicine given to him today, Luo realized that a burst of energy had indeed begun to appear in his body, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't catch it.

This sitting is three hours.

When the time came to 11 o'clock, it was the opening time of the tavern, Luo opened his eyes and prepared to go downstairs.

However, as soon as he opened the door, Luo suddenly turned his head.

The neck is broken, and the book is over.

He saw Lucifer sitting on the bed.

The pair of eyes, like soybeans, stared straight at themselves, expressionless.

Lucifer couldn't make an expression either. Under the burning of the branding fire, he took off his armor. Lucifer was like a corpse. Where did the muscles and skin make the expression.

"Dad Doom, you are awake."

Surprises always come from this way.

Without a little precaution, and without a trace of concern, he just woke up like this.

The most important thing is how long he has been awake.

"Morning, Luo Yi."

"Uh, it's noon, I'm about to go downstairs to open a shop, are you all right."

"I'm very good."

Lucifer nodded. Although he was still so arrogant, Luo Yi heard a hint of joy inside.

Ever since, Luo Yi opened the system interface.

Strength: 399, Agility: 254, Intelligence: 327.

The attributes of Doomsday Dad have improved a lot, but like Auroth, one of them is raised to 399 and no longer goes up.

It seems that this 399 is a bottleneck, just like I was stuck in the bottleneck of 49 for two days a while ago.

"Then do you want to go to the kitchen? Everyone actually missed your cooking skills."

"Go, let's have dinner."

Lucifer stood up directly.

There are some things he didn't say. For example, when lying in bed, Lucifer could actually perceive the outside world. He was just trying to control the stigma of riots in his body.

Lucifer himself did not expect that there was so much energy hidden in his body.

If you master it all, Lucifer felt that his strength could even take a huge leap, reaching the point where he was crushed by a single punch.

However, this matter is not so easy, as short as six months, as long as three to five years, Lucifer can be sure to control all the energy in his body.

Just now.

After going downstairs, Lucifer walked straight into the kitchen familiarly, as if he had never been in a coma.

"He is awake?"

Manjix dangling Bao Hu and said.

"It looks like it's not just awake."

Auroth gave a chuckle.

At this point in time, everyone stopped their practice.

The business of the tavern has always been very good. Every day, the profit of operating the tavern alone has reached nearly 1 million Baileys. This is still the net profit after the cost has been discarded.

Dibu and Slark didn't say much.

One is serious about doing things, the other has never been with Lucifer.

However, several people looked at Lucifer, who had just entered the kitchen not long ago, and suddenly walked out again with an apron on them.

"Go, buy groceries."

100. Cook is Coming

The daily life in the Dota Tavern is living as before.

Except for the three hours in the tavern every day, everyone has their own business to be busy.

When the book of knowledge on hand was used up, Luo Yi's cultivation speed obviously slowed down.

Therefore, in addition to daily practice, Luo Yi tried every means to get money from Manjikes.

In view of the fact that Slark was summoned, which greatly helped the construction of the tavern, and when he and Dibu went out to exercise, they would also go to the dock to pick up the pirates who were offered a reward and add a little more income to the tavern. , Manjikes very decisively gave Luo another 20 million Bailey.

Only this time, after deducting the cost of opening the third grid for everyone, the remaining lottery did not let the newcomer appear, but the equipment was better.

However, Manjikes refused to increase the attribute equipment, only took a blood essence stone.

According to him.

The addition of all equipment is an external force. Only when one's own attributes become stronger can it truly become stronger, otherwise one day if the equipment is lost, wouldn't it be beaten back to the original point.

Well, you are the big brother, you are right.

But Luo Yi also understood what Manjix said.

The environment he is in now is not in the game, but the naked reality.

The abilities that I have are naturally external forces.

If you are not strong enough, one day you lose your external power, your attributes will inevitably drop a lot.

Luo Yi also tried to wear equipment training.

Indeed, the training volume of the day has increased a lot, but the increase in attributes has decreased a lot.

But this does not mean that the equipment is useless.

For example, the blood essence stone, which restores health and mana, can effectively shorten the time of rest and recovery, allowing Luo Yi to invest in the next training faster.

This is also an external force, an external force that can indeed be used.

Recovery is an additional ability of magic equipment. If it is gone, it will be gone. The impact on the battle is not too big. At least if Manjix wears the blood essence stone, when making wine, physical strength and infuriating energy will be consumed. It can be ignored.

The order of the Kingdom of Gossa is not a small number, and Slark is now also on the fisherman island line, Manjix is ​​really busy.

Fortunately, in the new kitchen, the necessary equipment is very complete. Ale and spring spirits are also easy to brew alcohols. It takes three or four hours a day to prepare about a hundred barrels of wine. Up.

As for Zhen Qi, Luo Yi seemed to have some feelings, but he had not fully touched it yet.

"Think about the book of knowledge you use. If you can't learn it, I am afraid that the book of knowledge will faint in the toilet."

Manjix was right.

Luo realized that this was what he said the most.

It's a pity that Manjikes usually has to meditate and cultivate true energy, otherwise Luo Yi still really wants to learn from him the rich knowledge of the Oyo Society.

As for Auroth's magic lesson, Luo Yi also listened to it, and the result was obvious.

He has no magic talent.

In other words, Luo Yi didn't feel magical power at all, and had the talent to exercise magical power. Just listen to it. There is no way to practice.

But there is no one in this world who practices magic, so why do you learn that?

It's better to cultivate true qi.

On this day, the time has come to the end of June.

After doing the math, it was almost three months since I came to Pirate World.

Luo Yi's current attributes, strength: 56, agility: 56, intelligence: 60.

The skill column is empty, and it is still a scorpion who has not mastered any skills.

However, compared to the time when he just crossed over, his attributes have increased more than ten times.

Lifting three hundred catties easily with one hand was something that only happened in Luo Yi's previous life.

But now he can do it easily.

Luo realized that he could go to the East China Sea and walk sideways.

Today's business has ended, Luo Yi is counting today's income.

It’s easy to count, just use the system recharge interface as a computer.

Put the banknotes of the same denomination together and recharge silently.

"A total of 148 dollars have been recharged. Are you sure to recharge? No"

These are the sum of 1.48 million Baileys from the whole money. After manually counting the odds and ends of the coins, the income of 1.66 million a day was counted in less than 5 minutes.


"Sorry, our business hours today are over."

"I know, but I just came to find someone."

Hearing the sound of talking to Dibu outside the door, Luo Yi directly pulled Manjix over to clean up Bailey on the table, and ran to the door to meet him.

"Uncle Cook, here you are."

"I haven't seen you in two months. You have changed so much. Of course I want to watch it."

"Uncle Cook, please, have you had lunch? Have you eaten, don't mind having some more."

In the tavern, Lucifer was about to come out of the kitchen. Hearing Luo Yi's words at the door, he didn't say much. He walked directly into the kitchen, stopped the avatar who was still cleaning, and put on his apron again.

Manjix has also collected today's turnover and put two wine glasses on the table.

"It seems that you have a good group of partners."

In the tavern, Cook has met Lilai and Manjix. Afterwards, Cook is only the subordinate intelligence, and he has also seen it in the newspaper news.

To be able to start from scratch, Cook's knowledge of people is naturally not weak. Everyone in this tavern does not seem to be a simple character.

The same goes for the girl who is sitting in the corner resting now.

Take a look at the murals in the tavern, what a deep drawing skill it takes to paint.

Not to mention, this girl was previously a member of the Baroque Work Club.

By the way, two agents of the Baroque Job Club were caught in the tavern, which was unlucky enough.

"They are my most trusted partners."

At the table, Luo Yi sat opposite Cook and nodded in acknowledgment.

The two exchanged a few words. Cook talked about some interesting things they encountered at sea. Luo Yi also talked about the experience of opening a store during this period, including the establishment of his own chamber of commerce. There is no need to hide such things.

"Uncle Cook has something to say."

After the small talk, Luo Yi asked directly.

"Do you know Doflamingo of Qiwuhai under the king?"

"I know, what's the matter?"

"Let me confirm with you, you should not want to go to the new world now."

"Uncle Cook, aren't you working with Doflamingo?"

"The ale I bought from you was used by me to open the market in Dresrosa."

"Is Doflamingo worried that his throne will not be secure?"

"Luo Yi, shouldn't you join the navy?"

"I didn't join any forces."

"That's good, this world is too chaotic, some forces, it is better not to touch lightly."

After serving food and drinks, Manjiks and the others sat behind the bar.

But now, all six people are at a loss.

"What are they talking about?"

"I don't know, is Doflamingo the flamingo Luo Yi said before?"