Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 64

Sure enough, it didn't take long for Slark to appear in everyone's sight.

There was a shark with him.

The body surface is scattered with light spots and criss-cross light bands, like a chessboard.

This is a whale shark, but it's a bit bigger.

The three-masted sailing ship newly bought by Luo Yi and their Chamber of Commerce has reached about 70 meters in length and nearly 40 meters in width. Otherwise, how to hold a crew of 50 people and hundreds of tons of drinks.

But the whale shark in front of me looked almost as big as their ship.

If it hits, their little broken ship is really too much.

However, this whale shark seemed to have come with Slark.

When approaching the ship, the whale shark turned around in the sea, and after a large circle, appeared on the right side of the ship.

And Slark had also jumped onto the deck.

"This is silly, I met when I went to Fishman Island last time, so he can be responsible for pulling the boat."

Should I think of a way to praise you.

Facing Slark's behavior, Luo realized whether he should reward him or something, so that he was more like a boss.

However, he doesn't seem to be his boss, and there is no way to raise his salary.



Hearing Luo Yi's yelling, Oliver immediately took Bill to find the rope.

Sea beasts pulling boats, I didn't expect that I would have this kind of treatment in my life.

Luo Yi looked at carrying the rope and tied one end to the front end of the pectoral fin of the whale shark named "Han Han".

Probably, it's the neck.

After everything was ready, Luo and the others really experienced what it was like to pull the boat by the sea beast.

It can only be said that fortunately, there is no speed limit on the seabed.

107. Arrived at Fishman Island

There are sea beasts pulling the boat, but it is completely different.

The sails have been put away by them.

And the ship, being pulled by the hank, is advancing at an extremely fast speed.

Anyway, the surrounding scenery is almost invisible.

The ship was originally equipped with lights to prevent the situation where you can see nothing at the bottom of the sea.

Now, lighting up all the lights on the boat, the two shining headlights, shining on the silly swimming in front of them, and the small fishes flashing quickly around, you know how fast their boat is.

At this time, Kunka had changed his clothes and walked out of the room.

Looking at Kunca who put on a new dress, the unique admiral's aura immediately appeared.

Originally saw Kunka who was a little embarrassed, Oliver and the others didn't feel much, but now they suddenly realized that Kunka was the most majestic one in this group, second only to Lucifer.

"Those of you, need training."

I didn't take it seriously before. This time, since Kunkka decided to become Luo Yi's captain, naturally his opponents also have requirements.

"They are just hired staff from the Chamber of Commerce. If you want better people, you'd better train a crew by yourself."

Luo Yi also knew they were weak.

After all, it was just an ordinary sailor.

After years of exercise, the physical fitness is only slightly better than that of ordinary adults.

But Kunkka's former subordinates were soldiers, not the same.

"fair enough."

Kunkka nodded.

What I cultivated myself is naturally much better than what I attract from outside.

It’s just that this time is a bit long. It seems that we need to pick some stronger adults, and train well when they are not sailing.

Cuenca thought so.

Luo Yi did not interfere.

I don't understand why I should point fingers at professionals.

You only need to provide financial support.

Anyway, it's not my own money, so I don't feel distressed at all.

Not much to talk about, Kunkka followed the power of the contract and found a few other people to chat.

It must be getting acquainted with each other, after all, they will work together in the tavern.

Luo Yi opened the system interface and checked the remaining knife coins.

After deducting 5000 and keeping the upgrade, there are still 3280 dollars.

In other words, he had just drawn 1,720 times before he got a captain.

Luo Yi really admired this system.

There are almost too many props now.

It's just a higher-level item, and I can't get it at all.

First, he spent 600 coins and opened a three-slot inventory for the captain. Luo Yi picked a few pieces of equipment and gave them to the captain.

Phase shoes: The person wearing it can travel through the void.

Hidden Blade: A sword left by a king after his death. With it you can move invisibly and launch a surprise attack from the shadows.

Crystal Sword: A sword blade forged with rare crystals will find the weak points of the enemy's armor.

Phase shoes plus armor increase movement speed and attack power. Active skills can also ignore terrain and increase movement speed.

Hidden Blade increases attack speed and attack power. After opening, it increases movement speed, ignoring the terrain and becoming invisible. A shadow breaking blow causes additional damage.

The crystal sword only adds attack power, but provides the probability of a critical strike.

Wearing such equipment, the captain in the game can already wave around.

Kunkka did not refuse these equipment, but accepted it with a smile.

Unlike Manjikes, he said that he would find Luo Yi to equip him when his practice reached a critical point.

In addition, Lin Nan also specially prepared two pieces of equipment this time. After arriving at the fisherman island, he prepared them as gifts for Princess Yi Ji and Princess White Star.

Of course, organizing the weapons arsenal is a painful and happy thing.

Looking at the arsenal full of Dangdang equipment is like looking at the vault, the quantity alone makes people want to stop.

However, when your treasury is in a mess, not only do you have to classify these things into each other, but also consider the synthesis of equipment, Luo Yi feels big.

In general, now is to classify everything on hand, and then synthesize equipment according to different heroes to give them more reliable.

However, the level 3 system can only draw items worth less than 1,500 gold coins in the game, and many important items are worth more than 1,500.

Luo realized that after the next upgrade, he could only draw things below 2000.

And similar to the extreme magic ball demon blade, which is just worth 2150 and 2200, you have to wait until the system is upgraded.

Humph, too much.

In this way, not all useful equipment will have to wait a long time to be available.

However, after the next upgrade, you will be able to draw the reel of the shoes of travel.

Thinking of this, my mood suddenly improved a lot.

Those are flying shoes.

Although so far, he has not flown once.

However, Luo Yi also took two of the City Return Scrolls stored in the Armory and put them in his inventory. Anyway, there was an inventory dedicated to the City Return Scrolls, which did not take up space.

As for whether it can be used, so far, it seems that it can only be teleported to the spring water, the two taverns that he owns, and the Dota Chamber of Commerce, which is nominally his own.

That's enough.

When going back from Fishman Island, you can try teleporting for yourself.

"It's under the sea now."

For some reason, Luo felt that he had left an unreliable label in Manjikes' heart.

"I'm not using power."

Luo Yi is also self-aware.

Of course, the bottom of the sea can't be messed up. What if a double-headed dragon or phoenix breaks the bubble?

I have to wait until the fisherman island.

"That's great."


Too lazy to care about you.

A man leaned on the side of the guardrail of the ship, and Luo gradually began to daze when he looked at the surrounding scenery.

He remembered that at the beginning, Lilai was very attached to herself.

But when Auros became her teacher, Lilai spent much less time with herself.

In the tavern, Manjix and Lucifer seemed to be in good terms, and they didn't know when they became drink friends.

Dibu and Slark have also become friends, and they usually train with each other, and their attribute points have also increased.

Only oneself, alone.

Even Kunkka just chatted with himself for a few words and went to find someone else.

Humph, as expected, the heroes are all pig hoofs.

I really still need to find friends and wives in Pirate World.

Think about how watery the sister papers in Pirate World are.

I feel drooling just by dreaming.

As I thought about it, the depth of the ship's descent became deeper and deeper.

Riding in the huge underwater current, everyone held the hull to ensure that they would not be thrown away, and soon descended to a sea area of ​​7000 meters.

And with a silly drag boat, Slark cleared his way to the fisherman island. The process was extremely smooth, without any obstacles.

In this 10,000-meter seabed where no fingers can be seen, the murloc island that is as dazzling as the daylight appears in front of everyone.

108. Welcome to Dragon Palace City

It was originally a dark seabed.

It was like someone turned on a light suddenly.

Under this lamp, you can see the huge, intertwined tree roots, deeply rooted in this sea area.

Luo Yi and the others were amazed by the width of a tree root.

Even at the naive pull speed, it takes several minutes to pass a tree root.

Luo realized that just the width of a tree root was already comparable to an island.

And at the center of these roots, an island suspended in mid-air, wrapped in huge bubbles, just suspended there quietly.

Pulled by the hanhan, the ship came to the entrance of Murloc Island.

Fishman Island has a special entrance, otherwise, it is illegal entry.