Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 65

The outer bubble structure of Murloc Island uses a double-layer bubble film.

When you enter the first layer, you will enter a place with air, and the bubble film on the ship will also be absorbed by the bubble film of the fisherman island.

At the second level, it will enter the bubble film of turbulent water.

Human beings who cannot breathe on the bottom of the sea will be rushed to the bottom of the sea if they enter it, even without the power to resist the current.

Therefore, it is not so easy to use other channels to enter the fisherman island, until the straw hat pirate group appears and the Sonny’s black technology can barely enter.

The regular passage is naturally the entry point of Fishman Island.

Luo Yi and the others untied the silly rope, and after thanking him sincerely, they entered the channel connected with the double bubble film that could safely drive the ship into the fisherman island.

The entrance to the fisherman island is handled by the soldiers of Dragon Palace.

When they saw the sea beast pulling the boat, they were already very concerned.

But when they saw Slark saying goodbye to the whale shark, they knew who had come.

Although Slark has only come twice, but now in the entire Dragon Palace, no one knows Slark's name.

Whenever you say you don’t know, you will be beaten by other soldiers.

You don't even know a murloc from the South China Sea who saved the princess twice.

How can it be repaired, can't bear it.

Therefore, when Luo and they sailed the ship into the port, preparing to register at the entrance of Fishman Island.

"Mr. Slark, please here."

As the ship was still moving forward, a murloc in a soldier's costume of the Dragon Palace came out to show the way, and Bill quickly commanded the helmsman to change its course.

Under the guidance of the murloc soldiers, Luo and the other ships belonged to the place where they docked.

The materials in Dragon Palace City were all delivered from the fisherman island.

The cooperation with the Dota Chamber of Commerce can be said to be the first real contact between Dragon Palace and the outside world.

Of course, except for the time when White Beard planted the flag on Fishman Island.

After the ship docked, just after putting down the springboard, a murloc greeted him.

"This is Mr. Luo Yi, right? Your Majesty has already prepared the banquet in the palace. Please go here."

The elderly man with a bowler hat, single-sided glasses on his left eye and a horned cane in his right hand came up.

Luo Yi just glanced at it and knew that this was the left minister of Dragon Palace City, a catfish mermaid.

"I am."

Luo nodded, stretched out his right hand and shook hands with Minister Left.

Mermaid, the upper body is a human, and the lower body is a fish.

"There are 9 guests this time, please."

Minister Zuo was very polite to Luo Yi and his party.

Especially after seeing several people of different shapes coming off the ship, I was even more surprised.

When Slark communicated with them before, he said that everyone should come together when he first delivered the goods, mainly because he wanted to go to the fisherman island to play, so their preparations this time were considered adequate.

"Sorry, we have 10 people this time."

10 people, Luo Yi, Lilai, Manjix, Lucifer, Meepo, Auros, Slark, Cuenca, Oliver, Mariano.

Oliver is the vice president of the Blade Tower Chamber of Commerce. It is impossible to go to Dragon Palace this time without him.

And Marianu, living in the Dota Tavern for so long, everyone knows that she and Lilai have a very good relationship.

After all, they were two girls of the same age, especially when Lilai was practicing Frost Magic, Mariannu painted the ice sculptures made by Lilai on the side.

This is their daily routine.

And it’s family members who can spend daily together.

"Okay, please come here."

A giant flounder with large bubbles on its back stopped next to Luo Yi and the others.

This was Dragon Palace City who was specifically responsible for carrying foreign visitors, and Luo Yi and several people sat on it.

Oliver looked excited.

He didn't expect that Luo Yi even called him up.

Oliver, who was still instructing everyone to carry, came over.

The drinks on the ship were naturally taken down by the sailors and handed over to the soldiers.

But the scene was still a bit awkward.

Although under the influence of Princess Otohime, everyone has decided to live in friendship with humans.

But to be honest.

They have always had a bad impression of humans.

Humans also know that murlocs have a bad impression of humans.

Therefore, the scene of the transportation is extremely quiet.

When the sailor and soldier meet their eyes accidentally, both sides will turn their heads tacitly, pretending not to see each other.

Especially when Luo and they left by boat.

To be honest, Bill was actually scared in his heart.

Everything that can be hit on the boat is gone, what can they do if something happens.

Fortunately, the surrounding soldiers didn't seem to hurt them, but stood around the ship in a protective manner.

Luo Yi and they did not control the goods.

It's all delivered to your fisherman island, if you can't get the goods, it's your fisherman island problem, it's my business.

Sitting on the flounder, riding the ocean current all the way up, the speed is faster, more exciting than the speed of a naive pull boat.

Drive, drive to the edge of the city, roll down the windows, change the speed for a bit of fun

Forget it, roll down the window, I'm afraid I have to sing Cool.

Almost without a few words, they have arrived at Dragon Palace City.

Although I have seen the magnificent scene of Dragon Palace in the animation, the effect of a computer screen and live broadcast is really different.

I want to see, I want to see anime 531 chapters, where is this written out, I am afraid it will be a chapter in water.


Although there was no description, everyone couldn't help but showed a look of wonder at Dragon Palace.

Especially Lilai, the little girl who has basically never seen anything in the world, almost didn't stick her face out of the bubble.

Marianu, who was sitting next to Lilai, started drawing directly with the little notebook she carried with her.

One by one, Dragon Palace City appeared in her hand, all of them were seen from different angles.

Auros intimately helped cool the ink on the side so that it could be put away more quickly.

Minister Zuo took out a bubble coral and blew out a huge bubble, giving Luo a few people a place to move around freely.

"Welcome to Dragon Palace City."

109. Shimmering Cloak

The gate of Dragon Palace.

The Neptune family was already waiting at the door.

Standing at the forefront were Neptune and Princess Otohime.

On their side, the three Neptune brothers and the white star.

"Waiting for you for a long time."

Neptune's height is 12.2 meters, although the standing part of the fish tail is removed, the height is about 9 meters.

When he stood there with his arms folded and said this sentence, it was really majestic, and Luo Yi even subconsciously raised the thought of wanting to apologize.

"Your Majesty, you are a real person! We are entertaining guests, not looking for someone to fight!"

"As the leader of a country, I don't even know what to say on what occasions. It really makes people have nothing to say."

"You should be clear about what is the situation in this country now. If we make humans feel that our fisherman island does not understand etiquette, then Princess Otohime's efforts will not be in vain, and she will not want to think about her identity."

"Yes, you must pay attention in the future"

I was taught a lesson.

When they watched a seahorse mermaid opposing Neptune and giving advice directly, while Neptune kept apologizing to him with this "I was wrong" appearance.

Everyone has controlled their expressions one after another, don't change too much.

There were only two little girls, Lilai and Mari, and they didn't seem to feel anything wrong.

"Please also guests to the banquet hall, we are ready for the banquet."

Neptune was being educated, but Princess Otohime, who was originally standing next to Neptune but was directly ignored by everyone because of her size, naturally stood up.

"Shall we wait for your Majesty?"

As soon as Luo realized it, it didn't seem very good for him to run like this suddenly.

"Look at how polite the guests are. Your Majesty, you should really study hard. Starting tomorrow, your Majesty, please come and learn etiquette courses with the princes."

"Yes, you must pay attention in the future"

Luo Yi probably understood why Yi Ji directly invited them to the banquet hall.

Your Majesty, except when you fight, you really have no majesty at all.

Afterwards, the group, led by Princess Otohime, went to the banquet hall in advance.

The banquet hall has long been isolated with bubbles. There is a long table with steaming food on it.

Standing around is a beautiful mermaid with a bubble swim ring on his waist, who is responsible for entertaining guests.

Luo glanced at the past. There were 20 mermaids here, and one Kemi could sell 500 million Baileys. In other words, this was a banquet with a waiter worth over 10 billion.

Well, high enough.

"Guests, please sit down."

It seemed that it was a lesson. Although Neptune came from behind, when Luo Yi and the others entered the banquet hall, Neptune had also arrived and spoke very politely.

Luo Yi and others took their seats one after another, and there was no order in order.

Neptune sits in the main seat, Otohime sits on his right, and the three Neptune brothers and White Star sit on the left.

Beside Otohime, Oliver, Manjix, Lucifer, Slark, Dibu, Kunkka, and Luoyi sat in sequence.

Beside Bai Xing, sat Auroth, Lilai, and Marianu.

Boys and girls are completely separated.

However, Neptune and Yi Ji watched Luo Yi sit in the last position of the table.

Are you not the president of the Dota Chamber of Commerce and the manager of the Dota Tavern?

Why are you sitting at the end?

"Ahem, this banquet is to entertain all my friends. Thank you Mr. Slark for saving Ouji twice in a row, and thank you Mr. Luo Yi for letting Mr. Slark come to Fishman Island twice in a row."

Neptune’s gratitude is sincere, at least Luo Yi sounds like this.

Seeing the wine glass he was holding, Luo Yi quickly got up and picked up his own wine glass.

"Your Majesty is polite, I didn't expect such a coincidence."

Luo Yi's words directly exchanged the contempt of others.

Except for Mari and Kunca who didn't know what was going on, everyone else knew it in their hearts.

Obviously you did it both times.