Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 66

You even said that the princess would be assassinated, and it was a coincidence.

But no one went to reveal him.

"To be honest, if it weren’t for Mr. Slark’s help, I almost couldn’t control myself when Otohime was assassinated for the second time. Whether it's a human or a murloc."

Neptune seemed to think of Otohime's affairs. Although her words were soft, the words were full of murderousness.

"This is also the reason why I am grateful. Thank you for protecting Otohime and protecting her hope."

"If your majesty wants to thank you, buy more bars."

"No problem, cheers."


To be honest, Luo Yi didn't like heavy topics.

At a banquet, there must be a banquet atmosphere.

But none of the people present seemed to be able to create an atmosphere.

The Neptune family who are used to the royal occasion.

It's natural everywhere, but it doesn't make a lot of noise, just drinking and chatting with Manjikes.

Lilai and Marie have formed a small circle of their own.

Of the remaining few, none of them knew how to hold a banquet.

It's over.

Luo Yi least liked eating in this atmosphere.

He felt that it was time to change the subject, to stimulate the atmosphere, and let everyone get to know each other.

"Your Majesty, in fact, when I came this time, I brought gifts to the princess and the princess."

How to activate the atmosphere, of course it is to give gifts.

How to pull in the relationship between the two, of course, is to give gifts.

Even if you give a bunch of papas and the other party beats you up, it can be regarded as pulling in the hatred relationship between the two.

With that, Luo immediately took out the gift.

This was something he had picked before on the boat.

Although it is not very expensive, and for the strong, this thing should be useless.

But on Murloc Island, especially for two merfolk who don't have any fighting power, this is very useful.

The dark blue cloak, from light to dark from bottom to top, the deep red lining inside, coupled with the shining starlight, makes this cloak full of mystery.

Shimmering Cloak: The cloak that was stolen by the illusionist.

This cloak increases attack speed and magic defense, and the active skill is stealth.

When Luo Yi played games before, he had no gems or powder on his body. Once he had this equipment on the opposite side, he felt quite disgusting.

Generally speaking, if you release a skill or attack after being invisible, the invisibility will be released.

But the shimmer cloak is different.

During the invisibility time, the invisibility was only broken when the spell was released, and after a delay of 0.6 seconds, he entered invisibility again.

You say disgusting is not disgusting.

It's simply home travel, murder and treasure, a must for escape.

110. Just think

The banquet in Longgongcheng ended in a fairly harmonious atmosphere.

When Luo Yi took out the shimmering cloak as a gift, Yi Ji and Bai Xing both accepted it very happily.

Especially White Star.

The cloak that was originally only the size of an ordinary person, after being put on by the white star, was actually able to change the size according to her body shape, and she was directly put behind her.

Such amazing clothes are naturally loved by the two.

Not to mention, this cloak can be invisible.

In Longgong City, Bai Xing and her three brothers left the banquet table early, and together with Lilai, who had obtained two shimmering cloaks from Luo's hand, took Marie to play.

As for how to play?

Although they are invisible, they are all children, so they are definitely not just playing transparent world.

That is to play tricks on the soldiers of Dragon Palace.

However, in order to take care of the two humans, Lilai and Maggie, the six people can only run around in a big bubble, and even if Lilai and the others are already invisible, the three princes are not invisible.

No matter how they play, at least in Dragon Palace City, there is no danger.

Especially in the case of Van der Deikken being killed.

By the way, the devil fruit that Slark picked up before is still in Luo Yi's room.

Unlike other Pirate systems, the system can absorb the fruit to add skills to the protagonist, and it can also erase the side effects. Even to the devil fruit, the system has no reaction at all.

Then he was forgotten by Luo Yi.

After the banquet was over, Luo Yi and the others also expressed that they would go to the Murloc Island to play. As for Lilai and Mari, who had no idea where to go, they asked Princess Otohime.

"Sisi State One Desi"

It was Luo Yi who sighed.

It's still riding the flounder.

This time I walked through the passage between Dragon Palace City and Murloc Island.

After passing through the passage, it is directly above the fisherman island.

Looking down from the top, it is really spectacular.

It is more spectacular than looking down from the tallest buildings in the city.

Gil Crude Square, there is also a translation of Gilon Calder Square.

It is also the square where Princess Otohime was assassinated, and it is located in the center of Murloc Island.

The square is huge, and when viewed from the sky, it looks like a huge basin.

In addition to the square, there is Coral Hill, located in the southeast of Merman Island, where a luxurious cafe, "Mermaid Cafe" is operated.

The operator, Mrs. Xia Li, is the most famous fortune teller on Murloc Island. Although the exact time of the event cannot be predicted, her fortune telling language is 100% accurate.

On Murloc Island, the place where mermaids live is called Mermaid Bay.

Although it is a deep sea area, you can see the blue sky and white clouds, it is almost like a fairy tale world.

In the underground of Mermaid Bay, a large apartment built along the coral reef, called Coral Apartment, is also the female dormitory of "Mermaid Cafe".

I just don't know whether the current "Mermaid Cafe" has started operating. It seems that Xia Li is only a teenager.

There is also Yufo Li Shanzhuang, which is the most advanced area on the fish island.

Yuminhua Hall in the southwest of Yuren Island.

Marlin Shopping Center west of Fishman Island.

Waterwheel Town north of Murloc Island.

There is also Murloc Street outside Murloc Island, and Noah in Murloc Street.

The sea forest in the northeast of Murman Street, the Sea Forest, is also known as the "Ship's Cemetery" because many sunken ships in the sea are transported here along the flow of the sea.

Because "Sun Tree Eve" transmits the sunlight from the sea to Murloc Island, many beautiful corals grow here, and schools of fish and whales will also feed on this kind of fish.

There is also a history of apologies related to Joey Boye.

Why are there so many introductions on Fishman Island?

That's because there are records in the original work.

There are many places to play on Murloc Island.

Slark said he was going to meet his friends, but he didn't follow him.

After spending several days in Murloc Island, Slark knew well about Murloc Island.

Manjix, Lucifer, and Cuenca didn't know when they got together, and they strolled around the fisherman island.

Luo Yi, Meepo, Auros and Oliver naturally formed a team.

"Let's go, I can't wait."

Auros seems to have become accustomed to her current status as a "human, heroic mentor, and explorer". She didn't know when she had prepared a small notebook, and she seemed to be ready to record everything she saw and heard on Murloc Island.

The geography is more Buddhist.

There was a straw that he didn't know where it changed from, he didn't have a backpack, or a shovel with him, in a rare relaxed state.

Oliver patted his pocket.

"I want to go to the store here first."

His purpose is also very simple, to see if there are any special products that can be taken away from Fishman Island.

Since the Dota Chamber of Commerce is called the Chamber of Commerce, it is naturally impossible to only do the liquor business, otherwise it would be better to sell liquor directly in the name of the tavern.

"Need someone to follow you?"

Luo looked at Oliver as if he meant to act alone.

"No, on Fishman Island, as long as you obey the law, there will be no danger, and I will just go shopping today. If I want to purchase, I will call the crew together tomorrow."

Since Oliver said so himself, Luo Yi also nodded.

If you have something to float the bottle, just call the worm.

But what Oliver said is also true.

The female mermaid who is in danger on Murloc Island is in danger of being caught or cheated away at any time.

Luo Yi and three people also wandered around on the island.

Isn't that the way to travel?

After doing a lot of strategies before setting off, when I reach my destination, I still don't want to go where.

The area of ​​Murloc Island is small, but not small.

After Luo Yi and the others got off the flounder boat, they either couldn't, or took a bus, and they dispersed.

Went around the Yuminhua Hall, and also went to the shopping center, as well as the Gilkrude Plaza, which is still full of people and is collecting signatures.

Previously, the collected signatures were destroyed by fire because of Hordy.

Otohime therefore gave a speech again and collected signatures from the beginning.

Perhaps because of Otohime's relationship, although the murlocs and mermaids of Murloc Island are not very friendly to humans, when Luo Yi and the others maintain a certain degree of politeness, the other party will also respond with a smile.

Unknowingly, Luo Yi and the others also left a good impression on Fishman Island.

Maybe it's like what the princess said.

The humans who arrived at Fishman Island in the past were all criminals named Pirates, but this time they came, but they were friends of the hero who saved the princess.

After going around, Luo Yi led the two to Coral Hill, intentionally or unintentionally.

Hmph, I haven't been to the so-called maid cafe in my previous life. In this life, I have all arrived at the fisherman island. How can I let go of the legendary "mermaid cafe".

You know, the mermaids here are better than the other, as well as their looks.

No, no, just thinking about it will get angry.

111. Mermaid Cafe

There are very few humans on Murloc Island.