Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 68

To be honest, Luo didn't know the content of Dibu's contract until now.

At that time, he said, just take care of the food.

Is it so easy?

Everyone in the tavern has a goal. Since the landlord has signed a contract, there must be a pursuit.

Since he didn't say anything, he didn't ask any more.

However, Luo Yi felt that now, he felt a cold look, coming from the back of the cafe.

Turning his head, his eyes crossed the heads of a group of people, Luo Yi saw a familiar, but a little green face.

Mrs. Xia Li.

It's just that Xia Li is 4 years older than Biro.

From Xia Li's indifferent eyes, Luo Yi didn't read anything.

If you have to let Luo Yi comment.

The figure of the female mermaid is really good.

However, whenever Luo thinks of the photos of Granny Coco Lo when she was young, she is a little afraid.

Why does it become so ugly after getting old? Is it because of drinking?

By the way, Manjix's figure is not good, and after becoming a Brewmaster, he also has a big belly.

Sure enough, you can't drink a lot of things like wine.

Xia Li, who was sitting inside the coffee shop, saw Luo turn her head and glanced at her. Gradually, her eyes began to change, with a look of reminiscence on her face.

Xia Li has a feeling.

Luo Yi seemed to know himself, only after seeing himself, he fell into the memory.

However, his memories seem to be a bit unpleasant.

Could it be that you have seen yourself in Murloc Street before?

If this is the case, it may not only be bad.

Thinking of this, Xia Li picked up the crystal ball placed aside.

Divination prophecy.

It is Xia Li's ability.

As for how this ability came about, Oda had no explanation, but it should not be the ability of Devil Fruit.

However, Xia Li’s prediction sometimes has no good results.

For example, when he was 4 years old, he predicted that the era of the great pirate would come.

Or the fall of the white beard was predicted before the big event in the future happened.

Ten years later, Xia Li became disgusted with divination because she had repeatedly foreseen misfortune, and was unwilling to predict the future.

But now, Xia Li doesn't have this mentality yet.

As soon as Luo looked at her eyes, Xia Li had an urge to know Luo Yi's future.

Then Luo found out.

Xia Li looked at herself for a while, then picked up the crystal ball and looked at it, her face was not right.

Luo Yi couldn't tell whether Xia Li's current expression was worried or frightened.

But what is certain is that she is divining the future, and what she sees is estimated to be a disaster.

Wait, why does she keep looking at me.

Could it be that I want to destroy Murloc Island?

The conscience of heaven and earth.

Although Luo Yi is not a good person, at most I just think that taking a mermaid home is the limit.

Although the lower body of a mermaid is a fish, the upper body is a human.

And as for the figure of a mermaid, who cares what the lower body is not.

Needless to say, when the mermaid reaches 30 years old, the tail will split into two legs.

In addition to Oda's great setting, the mermaid tribe belongs to the human range and is a mammalian creature, and the way of giving birth and feeding is the same as that of human beings.

So, the monster girl is also very loving.

Xia Li called the waiter in the shop with an ugly expression, and after whispering a few words, she went out through the back door of the cafe.

But the waiter came to Luo Yi and their table.

"This guest, Mrs. Xia Li invites you to go back, saying that there is something to discuss with the guest."


Luo nodded.

Human curiosity is very interesting.

After knowing that Xia Li would prophesy, and seeing her prophesying, and then found herself, Luo Yi was naturally very interested.

Luo Yi walked out of the back door of the coffee shop in the enviable eyes of a group of humans, and was taken to Xia Li's house by the waiter.

113. Why are you falling?

"Where is this?"

"I don't know, Luo Yi didn't give us a map or anything. I'll find someone to ask."

"Huh? Fragrance."

Manjix, Lucifer, and Cuenca are basically strolling around the island.

Just take a look at the local customs of Fishman Island, and sigh that the scenery of this place is good, and then there is no more.

But now, the three people seem to have come to the beach.

As for why there is a beach

They looked a little bit, and they saw the entry gate across from the beach.

It seems that all vessels passing through the entry port, after routine inspections, re-entered from there and disembarked here.

There are a lot of boats staying near the beach, and every boat has a Pirate Flag.

The three were just hanging out, and Manjix and Kunca explained some of the world in more detail, so that Kunca could adapt to life here.

Lucifer, who had been silent, suddenly spoke.


Manjikes still knew what kind of virtue Lucifer was.

The fragrance he said is the fragrance of life and the fragrance of the soul.

Since he said incense, there must be a fairly powerful guy nearby.

"Go and see, as long as you are not a citizen of the island."

Manjix nodded.

He knew that Lucifer had restrained himself.

Although he usually dines with them, for him, the most delicious food is the soul.

Because living on the Chambord Islands, Lucifer has very few opportunities to really enjoy delicious food. Only when he is free, he can find some pirates who are not long-eyed to live, and he has to choose places where no one is.

Mainly you are the chef of a tavern, eating people on the street is really unreasonable, even if you use your ability, it will scare away some customers.

Now on Murloc Island, if the opponent is a pirate, there is nothing wrong with just letting Lucifer let go and eat.

Lucifer walked ahead, followed by Manjix and Kunca.

It didn't take long to walk around the beach, and I saw footprints all over the beach, too late to be smoothed by the sea.

Obviously, this is a group of people, and they have just left.

Following the source of the footprints, it should be the people on the pirate boat.

In this case, there is no problem at all.

Lucifer speeded up a little bit, and Manjix and Kunca immediately followed, and there was already a tendency to trot.

How hungry this is.

In front, a team of about a hundred people appeared in the sight of the three.

Seeing the chaos of the team, Kunkka's eyes flashed with disdain.

The mere pirates are no different from the pirates in their world.

It's just a group of guys who do everything at sea.

A long way away, Kunkka felt that he could smell the rot.

Well, it's a bunch of bad people.

"He, familiar."

Manjikes followed Lucifer's fingers and looked at the young man in the lead.

Under the perception of Zhen Qi, there seemed to be an unusual power in the young man's body, and Manjikes felt familiar.

"That should be the one with devil fruit ability."

"That's the capable person? It doesn't look any different."

"Before the ability is used, it is generally impossible to see what ability the other party has."

"This world is really amazing. I don't want to have us, the various powers are really strange."

"Wait later, can you slow down, I want to see what his abilities are."

"OK, alright."

The three of them were discussing very easily, looking at the hundreds of people in front of them, they seemed to have seen their ending.

Lucifer said that there was no problem with Manjix's proposal, and even wanted to keep that person last and order an appetizer first.

"Captain, we are followed by three people."

"It doesn't look like a simple character. Is there a wanted order for them?"

"I just took a look and didn't find it, but there is a fur clan there, which is also worth a lot of money."

"Yes, you can take your time to catch mermaids. This fur clan can't let it go."

"Hahaha, Captain, then we will get on first."

The three of Manjikes did not hide their whereabouts, and the view on the beach was wide, and they could see people at a glance.

In the world of One Piece, all pirates have a problem, that is, the less capable they are, the less they know that the sky is thick.

In the original book, General Huang Yuan went to Chambord Islands to capture the Straw Hat Pirates.

One bite is terrible, and one supernova.

To tell the truth, I heard the admiral’s name, and even if he didn’t run away, he took the initiative to rush to the admiral.

This is the case with the group of people in front of Manjiks.

In the first half of the great route, there are very few people with domineering.

And without seeing and hearing the domineering situation, it is difficult to judge how strong your enemy is.

This is the case with the Maicar Pirates.

If you can't beat it, you won't know until you beat it.

I saw that group of pirates, led by one person, turned around and rushed towards the three of them.

Lucifer did not drew his long knife, while Manjikes took a sip of wine.

Kunkka held the long knife hung around his waist in his right hand.