Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 69

"give it to me."

On the long knife, a stream of water suddenly appeared, flowing over the knife, covering the whole long knife, emitting a faint light.

Manjix's eyes lit up, and even Lucifer turned his head.

That is the power of the soul.

As if it had been blessed by an ancestor, the energy in Kunkka was a power different from magic.

The power system of Dota World is very strange.

Some practice magic, some practice true qi, some pray to gods, some rely on their origins.

At this moment, Kunkka was holding more than just a long knife.

This is the soul lodged in his body and attached to his energy, that is the soul power of the Iron Sail Navy.

Facing Kunka's strange knife, Maika, who stood behind, immediately noticed the problem.

When the power of the devil fruit was displayed, the edges and corners of the head became sharp, wide and wedge-shaped.

On the head, there are two extra large ears, towering high above the head, the ears are round and leaning forward slightly.

A tail grew from behind, as thin and long as a mouse's tail, curved and upturned like a long whip.

The palms and soles of the feet have also become cat paws, but they have no hair and look ugly.

However, Maika's strength is not touted.

Mica, who offered a reward of hundreds of millions, swooped directly. When Kunkka was less than ten meters away from his crew, he surpassed a distance of hundreds of meters, flew over a group of people, and landed in front of Kunkka.

Kunkka also noticed Maika's movements, and the long knife in his hand lifted up. When Maika landed, he swung it out, which happened to collide with Maika's fingernails.


Like the sound of metal collision.

Maika's nails are even harder than ordinary steel.

The power of Kunkka's attack was not small, and it directly caused Mika to retreat ten meters, his feet and tail drawn three long lines on the beach.

Two thick and one thin.

"You are strong."

Micah's eyes revealed a strong sense of war.

"However, I have more than a hundred subordinates, but you, only three, young ones, give me up."


"Come on to me."


"I'm falling down no matter what."

Maika yelled twice in a row, but didn't get a response from his subordinates, unexpectedly turning his head.

Everyone on the Bailai crew was already lying on the ground except for the cadre Pope. Even Pope seemed to be injured.

114. Hiccup

The equipment in Kunkka's hand was given by Luo Yi.

Power shoes, hidden blade, crystal sword.

And the power of the knife just now is called the Tide Messenger.

Tidebringer: Kunkka's legendary sword adds extra attack power to his next attack and causes a wide range of split attack damage in the front.

This is Kunkka's skill in the game.

Although according to the introduction, his power is in his sword.

But I didn't see Kunkka changing his skin and couldn't use the water jet anymore.

This power is completely lodged in Kunkka's body.

When his knife collided with Micah, maybe Micah didn't feel it, but the people behind him suffered a lot.

The damage that splits to the rear is 165.

How can a group of ordinary pirates withstand the power of Kunkka?

The invisible shock wave directly fell on everyone behind him without being aware of Mika.

Moreover, everyone happens to be in the scope of division.

This is embarrassing.

When the huge force fell on them, although they were not dead, they were severely wounded and passed into a coma. There were more than 80 people.

The rest, gritted his teeth and supported it hard, almost didn't faint.

Only one pop, still retains a certain combat effectiveness.

The strong physique that has been trained is the main reason why Pope can resist.

Besides, this world is amazing.

As long as it is not a mortal injury, you can rely on will to sustain you.

In short, with just one shot, the original 3V100 lineup has directly become 3V1.5.

Why is it 1.5? Pope, who is barely standing up now, can only be considered half.

Manjix nodded.

This strength is very strong.

At least the power of this blow was much greater than the power of his own Thunder strike.

Of course, Kunkka's move is purely damage, and his own skills are mainly for adding state to the enemy, using strong vibrations to affect the enemy's speed.

And Lucifer's scorched earth is actually inferior to Kunkka's ability. Although his flames are terrifying, they have to be burnt.

As for Lucifer's flames, Manjikes could resist with his true energy, and others naturally had their own methods.

Facing Kunkka, Maika's expression became serious.

He still hasn't figured out what happened.

But you can know that I can't seem to beat it.

Especially, the long knife in Kunkka's right hand once again lit up with the same light as before.

And his very hard nails have also left scars.

Maybe if I come again a few times, I can't hold it anymore.


Micah made a decision immediately.

For speed, Micah still has confidence.

As a cat with fruit ability, Maika is extremely amazing in both reaction speed and explosive power.

Just after making a decision in my mind, my legs moved.

"He's going to run." Manjikes said suddenly.

Hearing Manjikes' exclamation, Maika kicked his legs and immediately turned into a gray lightning and ran towards the interior of Murloc Island.

However, before this lightning ran out 100 meters, a torrent suddenly rushed out of the beach, with a strong impact, directly rushing into the sky.

The shock from directly below landed directly on an indescribable place, turning Mika's face purple.

Moreover, after being wrapped in the torrent, Micah only felt soft, as if all his strength had been emptied.

"It's actually sea water."

In the air, the torrent was over, and Mika, who was still spinning about to land, saw Kunka raising his left hand, and only this thought in his mind.

But Lucifer, who had been standing behind Kunka, moved at this moment.

His agility is short board.

But this short board is only relative to his long board.

Among the entire Dota Tavern, only Auros was more agile than Lucifer.

Even Manjix was not as fast as Lucifer, especially after being strengthened by Aghanim's Scepter and baptized by the branded fire, it was even faster than before.

Without even seeing Micah clearly, Lucifer appeared at his whereabouts.

Do you want to kill?

Indeed, he is now in the air, unable to relay at all, and when he falls to a certain height, he will definitely be attacked.

Reluctantly mentioning part of the power, Maika used his power to continue to escape when he was preparing for Lucifer to attack.

The man in the blue dress is really evil.

However, Micah concentrated his energy and stared at Lucifer.


Captain Michael, that's it?

Pope, who barely supported his body on the side, felt such a strong fear for the first time.

It's like being poured from head to toe by someone holding a bucket of ice water.

Who are these people?

On the sea, except for some powerful naval officers and other cadres on the pirate ship, they did not encounter too many powerful men.

But even those people have to fight for a while. After you fight to the death, you can determine whether you can fight, and then sacrifice some subordinates so that others can escape.

But this time, it was really hell.

What did they do?

One cut, everyone cuts.

As soon as he raised his hand, the captain was swept away by the torrent.

With a finger, the captain is missing.

That's a pirate offering hundreds of millions of rewards.

Even if he encounters Rear Admiral, he will defeat the opponent, and he is still capable of Devil Fruit.

Why is Maika’s bounty hundreds of millions.

Isn't it because he defeated a rear admiral.

Then, such a strong man disappeared in an instant?

Where did the captain go? Pop didn't know.

But from the eyes of these three people, it can be inferred that Captain Mika was definitely solved by them.

After all, he is now surrounded.

"Don't you want this person?"

Manjikes pointed at Pope and asked.

Pope didn't dare to act rashly. The friends of the two strong men must not be the weak ones either. Seeing that both of them had done it, then he left it to him.

"Yes, digest."

Lucifer rubbed his stomach.

"Digestion? Did you eat Captain Micah?"

"Yes, delicious."

The fear on Pope's face deepened.


Don't care how he eats it, but you say it is delicious, it's too much.