Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 70

"I still have to digest it. This is the first time I heard you talk about it except for the ship last time."

Manjix was also strange.

In the past, Lucifer's digestion speed was amazing. It was just a human being, and it should be digested in a blink of an eye.

"something wrong."

Lucifer said so.

Manjikes was silent for a moment.

"Is there really a devil?"

"Hiccup is yes."

Hiccups, abnormal.

Popper's heart now has collapsed.

115. Fight

The layout of Xia Li's house is also relatively simple. Luo sat down on the sofa and wanted to hear what Xia Li wanted to say.

"Sorry, I invited you here."

"It's okay. Madam must have predicted something before calling me in."

"You actually know that I will prophesy?"

"The big prophet who predicted the era of the Great Pirate, I still know it."

Xia Li was not surprised at what Luo Yi knew she would predict.

She knew that her reputation on Murloc Island was pretty good, and now that the other party knew she would predict, she didn't need to explain too much about the words after that.

"In fact, this time, I want to ask Mr. Luo Yi for your help."

"Madam, please."

"I predicted that in the future, Mr. Luo Yi met a murloc in the East China Sea, and asked Mr. Luo Yi to let him go."

"What did he do to me? Why didn't I let him go?"

"I do not know."

Luo Yi's question stumped Xia Li.

Prophecy, after all, is just a prediction.

Xia Li couldn't see the cause and effect, she could only see some fragments, and then said these fragments.

For example, the era of the great pirates.

What Xia Li predicted was not that Roger was dead, but that many pirates would come to Murloc Island.

As for the later, it was also predicted that Malin Vandor's war and the fall of Whitebeard, but Xia Li naturally did not know the details.

It was because she was not clear, and her predictions were basically disasters, so this time, Xia Li still felt it was a disaster.

Although this disaster was not brought to this world, it was also brought to the murlocs, the murlocs she had lived with since childhood.

"Mrs. Xia Li, your relationship with the dragon is not good."

Luo Yi adjusted his sitting posture and said in a relaxed tone.

"Why do you mention evil dragons?"

Xia Li's heart stunned when she heard the name of the evil dragon.

For a long time, Xia Li would avoid the half-brother evil dragon who was thinking of revenge against mankind. Not many people knew that she was the half sister of the evil dragon.

And now, Xia Li didn't understand why Luo Yi suddenly mentioned the evil dragon's name. Did he know his relationship with the evil dragon?

"I know, if Mrs. Xia Li wants to let me let go of the evil dragon, I'm sorry, because of what he did, I was really met by me, I will not be soft."

Even if he is not an opponent of the evil dragon, it does not prevent himself from calling others to fight.

And Luo Yi now is completely different from before.

Murlocs are born with 10 times the strength of humans, but nothing more.

Luo realized that the evil dragon was completely wasting his talent.

In the original book, the battle of the evil dragon is entirely based on the superiority of the race. For the Murloc Karate, who can greatly increase their strength, they only practice to the extent that they can use ordinary water as a "shot bullet".

To be honest, Luo Yi even felt that the current self might have the power to fight the dragon.

The kind on land.

Luo Yi's attribute, after a long period of training, has 56 points of strength and agility, which is 10 times the attribute compared to ordinary people.

In addition, he had already mastered it for half a lifetime, and was not suitable for him at all. It was just a drunken fist for training, and Luo realized that he still had some fighting ability.

Especially recently, after Lilai was taken to practice by Auros, her opponent became Manjix.

The routine of being beaten allowed Luo Yi to grasp his own power more quickly.

"I'm not talking about evil dragons."

Xia Li felt that she should explain.

Seriously, she doesn't like dragons.

Especially the things that the evil dragon did in Murloc Street and in the Pirates of the Sun.

He is a racist, who treats human life like a grass.

The character is greedy and cruel, addicted to money like life.

Xia Li really didn't know where to get a good impression of her so-called brother.

"Is it wrong?"

Luo Yi scratched the back of his head awkwardly.

Oops, it was meant to be forced, so why did it fail.

East China Sea.

Cocoa West Village.

Here, it was originally a peaceful and beautiful village.

Why is it the original?

Living here was originally a village dominated by planting.

Let's talk about their lives.

Although not wealthy, it is still passable.

Why do you say that.

When the Dragon Pirates arrived, each adult was 100,000 Baileys and each child was 50,000 Baileys.

When Keke Yaxi Village was robbed for the first time, the entire village was robbed of more than 250 million points. Then, how many people is there in Keke Yaxi Village?

Ahem, this is not the point.

The point is that even a family of three would have to pay 250,000 Baileys a month, which is a little over 16,000 when converted into soft sister coins.

And this kind of life, the whole village actually maintained for 8 years, until Lu Fei came to end this life.

Therefore, human potential is endless.

In the environment of spending money to buy life, I lived for 8 years at a time.

The money used to buy life alone exceeds 3 billion a year.

You are so rich, can you say that pirates can't come to grab it?

Of course, spit out.

At this time, on the hilltop near the sea in Cocoyasi Village, a cross tied up with wood was inserted in front of a small soil bag.

Short orange hair, a sleeveless white dress, and a blue fish tattoo on the triceps of his left arm.

Nami sat here quietly, her hands hugging her knees.

Today is the third day that the Dragon Pirates have logged into Cocoyashi Village.

The atmosphere in the village is still a bit lifeless.

Everyone is still recovering.

The dragon did not kill everyone.

But everyone who dared to resist, or when Nami was taken away and Bermel was killed, the villagers were more or less injured.

For example, the police stationed in the village, A Jian, had numerous wounds cut off his body. After surgical sutures, he has just gone to the ground.


A little girl with blue hair and a red headband, wearing overalls, came from behind.

"Aunt Nochi Gobermel said so, right?"


"As long as you struggle to live, there will definitely be a lot of happy things happening!"


"After I was taken on board, I came to hunt down the five navy ships of the evil dragon gang, and they were sunk easily."

"The government will never come to save this island again."

"We will be sunk if we come, we can only rely on ourselves."


"Buy the village with 100 million Baileys!"

Hearing what Nami said, Nuojigo couldn't believe it.

"Well, in exchange, I want to join them and draw a chart for them."

"Such a huge amount of money, even an adult may not be able to earn it for a lifetime of working."

"But I can only do it alone, because the villagers have done their best to pay for the offerings." Nami said: "If I ask someone for help, someone will be hurt by it. I don't want to see this again. It's up."

Nuoqigao was silent for a while: "It's very hard, with the guy who is going to kill Aunt Bermel"

"It's okay, even if I look at their faces, I can always keep smiling"

Nami raised her head slightly, her smiling face, but tears kept rolling in her eyes.

"I have decided not to cry anymore, and decided to fight on my own!"

116. In Reason

Murloc Island.

Xia Li's home.

Luo Yi's conversation with Xia Li has ended.

"Mrs. Xia Li, please rest assured, I will abide by the agreement."

"Thank you, Mr. Luo Yi."

Xia Li's face was completely different from when she started.

But now, Luo Yi is more embarrassed.

He knew that Xia Li was now wondering whether Luo Yi had the ability to see the past.

She never felt that Luo Yi knew a lot of things, and his behavior was not at all as immature as a fifteen or six-year-old child should have.

On the contrary, it is like a person who has gone through the vicissitudes of life in the world and only wants to live a stable life.

This is strange.

But if Luo Yi could really see the past, he would be controlled by World ZF in the first place, or he might choose to be executed directly.