Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 71

After all, what happened in the hundred years of blank history has always been the truth hidden in the world, no one knows, and no one is allowed to know.

This is also the reason why O'Hara was erased from this world.

Seeing Luo leave, Xia Li gently touched her crystal ball and fell into thinking.

"Mrs. Xia Li, seeing the future is not a good thing. Perhaps it is because you watched that what you saw happened."

This is what Luo Yi said when talking with her.

Xia Li is now thinking about what he said.

Of course, if you find something related to yourself or the future related to the fisherman island, and it is still a disaster, you will definitely find a way to prevent such things from happening.

Is there such a possibility?

It is precisely because I tried to stop it by myself that it caused something to happen in the future.

Luo realized it was.

If there is no Xia Li predicting that the Straw Hat Boy will destroy the Mermaid Island, there will be no "Luffy Kidnap Mermaid Princess" and "Straw Hat Pirates occupying Dragon Palace".

Everything in the world cannot escape the cycle of cause and effect.

If you can't see the future, what will happen in the future is actually uncertain.

Xia Li's previous predictions were all outside the fisherman island, and she could not influence it.

Xia Li saw the straw hat boy who destroyed Murloc Island.

Who knows, was it destroyed because he saw it, or because he saw it?

This is a very brain-burning theory, just like the cheating problem of the chicken or the egg, Luo didn't even bother to think about it.

Following the original road, Luo Yi returned to the Mermaid Cafe.

"It's terrible."

"This coffee is no different from the regular coffee bought in our shop."

"Sure enough, is the point of the Mermaid Cafe because of the mermaid?"

Throughout the whole journey, in the entire Mermaid Cafe, apart from the singing and dancing performances above, there is nothing to be desired.

Luo Yi made a direct judgment, this is a place where people sell dog meat.

All of them are the mermaid cafes that have gone through eye addiction.

As for whether there are other thoughts.

Child, this is a juvenile manga, what can you think of.

Oda is a manga, what does he know.

After coming out of the cafe, Luo Yi and the three were slightly disappointed.

Especially Auros.

I thought this Mermaid Café, which is famous in Fishman Island, had something to write about.

As a result, didn't it just replace the human kabuki with a mermaid.

The next group of humans who seem to have never seen a woman in eight lifetimes exudes the smell of hormones, and they really don't have any enjoyment.

It is much more comfortable to change to the harmonious drinking environment in the Dota Tavern.

"Huh, what are they doing with Manjiks?"

At this time, Luo Yi glanced at the small map habitually.

It's important to look at the minimap, just like looking at the rearview mirror when driving.

for safety.

Then, he saw hundreds of small red dots around the three green dots where Manjikes were.


At first glance, they knew that they surrounded each other.

Is it because Lucifer wants to eat?

By the way, Lucifer seems to have swallowed a sea beast on the way here.

On the map, the location of the three Menjikes is not far from them.

Coral Hill is the dormitory for the employees of Mermaid Cafe. As soon as Luo and the others got on the bus, within a few minutes, they got off at Coral Hill.

By the time they arrived, Micah had already entered Lucifer's stomach.

And the rest

"Meepo, you came just right, did you bring a rope?"

"Yes, take it."

Taking off his backpack, Meepo took out several ropes from it.

Together with Manjix, they skillfully tied the others together and formed a string.

"These are all human pirates, but they are too weak, Lucifer doesn't like it, and they can sell them for tens of millions."

See if you don't see it, that's how hardworking and thrifty housekeeping comes.

Luo Yi looked a little speechless.

Why are you so skilled.

By the way, Manjiks, you belong to Oyo Society.

Why is this kind of human trafficking done with a clear conscience and even a little bit happy?

"What happened to Lucifer?"

Looking at Lucifer who was standing aside, his face was a little bit indistinguishable, Luo felt that his condition seemed not very good.

"You can see for yourself."

Auros spoke suddenly.

Following her finger, Luo Yi passed the system interface and saw Lucifer's status.

Shape changes: With the help of the power of the cat fruit sphinx, it can change back and forth between the three states of human form, animal form, and human animal form. After the transformation, it affects its own attributes.

The loathing of the sea: You, who possess the power of devil fruit, are loathed by the sea, unable to swim, and will lose strength when you touch the sea.

Two skills appeared in Lucifer's skill column.

As soon as Luo saw this, his interest suddenly came up.

If you talk about this with me, then I won't be sleepy.

Lucifer must have killed a demon fruit capable person, and then deprived the opponent of his ability.

Think about it too.

In the game, Lucifer can use the skills of the neutral creatures he swallows, whether active or passive, he can swallow successfully.

Now, it is no exception.

Just imagine Lucifer uses the cat fruit ability to grow cat ears and cat tail

The picture is too beautiful to imagine.

It is estimated that this is also a torment for Lucifer.

I would never use this ability, so I had a negative state, and I would lose my strength when I hit the sea.

Is there anything more painful than this in the world?

"Interesting, why not consider swallowing a superhuman or natural ability person."

Luo Yi found that at this time, he could only say something cool.

But Lucifer suddenly looked up.

"Well, it's reasonable."

117. Auros did it

Three days passed in a flash.

Luo Yi and the others have been playing on Fishman Island for a long time, and they have visited all the places they can visit.

During the period, more than 300 pirates were arrested, and several captain and deputy captain cadres were eliminated, and the loss exceeded one billion.

On the return boat, Luo Yi looked at Lucifer's stomach with a bit of a grudge.

You can't do this.

Do you know that those people you eat have a reward of at least 30 million?

There are two more than 100 million.

What do you think.

The devil fruit capable person at the beginning, Lucifer digested it in less than an hour and then finished it, and immediately swallowed another cadre.

Luo Yi could only watch, not knowing what to say.

Anyway, these people deserve to die, Lucifer is also very restrained, and did not casually use Devouring, otherwise, his current reward must be very high.

"When I get to the shore, no one will stop me from drawing the lottery."

During this trip to Fishman Island, I had a conversation with Xia Li.

Luo Yi didn't know if the future Xia Li saw was real.

If she didn't go to the East China Sea all her life, wouldn't Xia Li's prediction become a joke.

But if I went to Donghae myself

Knowing that the evil dragon group had occupied the Kokoyasi Village in the East China Sea, they also attacked more than 20 surrounding villages, and if he had the ability, would he choose to attack the evil dragon?

You know, as long as the predecessors who travel through the One Piece have the conditions, the first boss to use the evil dragon to make a knife.

Not only can you improve yourself by fighting, but you can also trade the dragon's fish head for bounty, and you can also embrace the beauty.

No predecessor can't do things that kill three birds with one stone.

Luo Yi also thought he would do this.

He thinks he is not a good person, but if he has the ability to pull others around and don't need to be ruined by others, Luo felt that he would still do it.

In everyone's heart, there is a hero, including Iron Man, Spiderman, Superman, Hyoudou Issei, and Akizuki Takasan.

In short, it's not that we don't want to be a hero, there is really no way.

As for whether Nami would not join the straw hat gang because of this, who would have caused the future One Piece to drown in the middle of the road, who can tell.

Luo Yi remembered that there was a fanboy in Luffy who pulled Aini Road as a navigator, you dare to believe it.

Of course, these are future events, and who can make it clear.

On the contrary, he is now in the Chambord Islands, and I don't know how far it is from Cocoyashi Village. Luo Yi doesn't bother to care about things that are not in front of him.

The return speed of the ship was not much slower than when it came.

The one pulling the boat is still simple.

Turning his head to look at the cabin, Luo rolled his eyes.

When I came, I pulled wine, and when I went back, I pulled the pirates. There was no one here.

As for how to deal with these people, Luo Yi is not going to deal with it on the contrary.

What he wants now is a lottery.


At the forefront is Manjikes.

Behind a rope, more than 300 people were pulled, and on each side of these people, there were two people walking there.

None of these people have a bounty, and their combat effectiveness is no different from ordinary naval soldiers. They even lack systematic training and command, and their overall combat effectiveness is not as good as that of the navy.

Now, there is only despair in their eyes.