Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 72

You can't run away.

The few people on the boat are as strong as monsters.

Their captain was also the one who was directly killed by a spike.

How does this work?

However, thinking that they would become slaves in the future, and might even be tortured to death, some people couldn't help slowing down, only to be pulled by the rope and staggered forward.

Luo Yi was leaning on the edge of the ship, seeming to be in a daze, but in fact he was constantly using his system for lottery draws.

He kept watching the turntable in front of him spinning. For a moment, Luo Yi didn't expect that there would be someone blinding his dog's eyes with electric welding after passing through, and he could still see with his eyes closed.

The system interface, after opening, seems to be the kind that is directly printed in the mind.

Just flash, otherwise the eyes are not uncomfortable.

It is the system prompt that pops up from time to time below, such as

"Low-priced preferential package, 100 Baileys 2 recommended tickets, 100 Baileys and 200 fans value, 10,000 Baileys 1 rudder owner, 100,000 Baileys 1 leader, please group 626894216 cash on delivery to send the treasure to immortality"

Who are you lie to

Luo Yi is a hundred unbelievers instead.

Is the treasure of immortality come as a gift?

On the contrary, Luo Yi has never encountered anyone who sent these things, instead, he heard a lot of news that people who believed in unofficial recharge channels were deceived.

Under the influence of a large amount of money offensive, Luo Yi has drawn a lot of all the equipment he can draw now, and the ones that can be synthesized and temporarily used have also been collected.

But, just like playing IMBA, although you have a lot of people and financial resources, you only have six grids on your body. The extra money is of no use at all except for buying a living.

In other words, it has grown to a limit, and there is no way to improve it. Instead, the hero skin has been drawn a lot. There is no problem in giving Lilai and the others two sets of changes.

Seeing the continuous decline of knife coins, Luo Yi would click once to upgrade every 10 times he draws, but he still got the "insufficient conditions" prompt.

"If I can't upgrade when the last 5,000 dollars are left, it may not be a condition of how much money is spent, but a question of my own strength?"

Luo Yi began to analyze the intelligence in his heart.

Since the upgrade of the system can improve one's aptitude, it means that the system provides a path for self-cultivation, so it is very likely that one's own attributes are also one of the conditions.

But whether it is to extract heroes or equipment, it seems that it has nothing to do with Luo Yi's attributes.

It's not a traditional online game. Wearing a piece of equipment has restrictions on levels and attributes.

The summoned heroes have a contract, and they will not look at their badge level and appear disobedient.

After all, they decided whether to listen or not, and Luo Yi had nothing to do with him.

As soon as Luo looked at it, he only had 6,120 coins left. It was another ten consecutive draws, and ten items popped out again with advertisements.

After habitually ignoring, Luo Yi clicked the ten consecutive draws again.

The turntable shook violently, and ten items began to appear in front of Luo Yi again, knowing that the ninth item jumped out of the turntable and landed on the deck in front of Luo Yi.

An orange magic circle lit up in front of Luo Yi.

Hey, I got a hero again.

The magic circle is running. Looking at the size of the magic circle this time, it should be a hero of normal height. I don't know who is here this time.

Calculating carefully, this is already the eighth.

A figure began to appear in the magic circle, but as soon as Luo could not see anything, he felt a huge force coming from the top of his head and directly pushed Luo Yi whole body onto the deck.

Before Luo Yi fainted, he only saw a pair of pure white shoes, which seemed to be Auros.

118. Affect my business

Jian Qi.

Flying all over the sky, a barrenness, eyes full of wind and snow and tears turned into dust

Looking up diagonally from the palm of his hand, Luo could see the transparent slash flying around.

Like crescent moons, flying out of the summoned magic circle.

After twisting his neck a little, Luo Yi saw a spinning top appeared in the magic circle.

For some reason, Luo Yi suddenly remembered a joke.

There used to be a man named Nobita.

When he was critically ill, he called his wife to the bedside and warned her: "After I die, you must never steal people casually, otherwise, every time you steal a person, I will go to the ground!"

After all, Nobita is dead!

A year later, Nobita’s wife went to the Yan King’s Palace to find "Nobita" for something important. Yama King had been doing it for a long time, but he did not know who was Nobita.

Finally, she mentioned the last words that Nobita had confessed before his death, so King Yama suddenly realized, "You said it earlier!"

Then he shouted inside: "Hey! Gyro male, someone is looking for you!"

Now, the "gyro male" in the magic circle is spinning fast.

Speaking of spinning, Luo Yi remembers two heroes.

One is the Juggernaut, and the other is King Axe.

Others, no impression.

But this, although the speed of rotation is very fast, so fast that you can't see the figure inside, it can be concluded that it must be a swordsman.

However, you sword storm, he is a bit IMBA.

I've never heard of it, Sword Master's Blade Storm has sword aura.

The flying sword energy not only cut off the mast of the ship, cut the cabin of the ship, but also cut the trunk of the Chambord Islands, leaving one after another sharp sword marks.

After a long time, the rotation stopped, but fortunately no one was injured.

Seeing that he had received the sword in his hand behind his back, with a masked face looking at his Juggernaut, Luo felt that he would risk his life when summoning heroes in the future.

Fortunately today, Auros was able to guide Lilai's practice on the shore because no one was disturbed nearby, and this saved him immediately.

Otherwise, seeing that the trunk that was so thick that it needed dozens of people was cut into an invisible hole, Luo Yi knew that he couldn't catch it at once.

"You summoned the master."

This is a pretense, obviously.

Standing up from the already damaged deck, Luo Yi felt distressed.

I bought this with the private money I finally saved.

It seems that this time the income of Dragon Palace City has to be posted to repair ships.

If this continues, when can I save money, and when can I draw and upgrade as I please?

No one has seen the real face under the mask of Lord Yunero.Some people even think he has no face.As a punishment for blatantly resisting the corrupt lord, the lord was exiled by the ancient island of hiding, which instead saved his life.Soon after, the island was completely destroyed by waves on a night full of revenge magic.

Yunieruo is the name of the ruler, but Luo Yi is used to calling him a swordsman.

In the introduction of DOTA2, Juggernaut is actually quite lucky.

Rebelled against the lord and was exiled.

Then the home is gone.

The ancient inheritance of masters on the island, etiquette and swordsmanship, are all inherited by him alone.

As the last pioneer in the inheritance, Juggernaut's confidence and courage came from his unremitting training.

Even the Juggernaut created his own swordsmanship.

"Just take the liberty to ask, the content of the contract"

Luo Yi now puts his own position very standard.

He is just a treat.

"Challenge yourself."

The samurai sword in his hand is a sword flower, and the juggernaut's voice is a standard bass.

Luo Yi almost understood.

This guy is probably a master who looks for people to fight everywhere.

Take a look at the attributes of the Juggernaut.

Strength: 307, Agility: 400, Intelligence: 196.

Big brother, big brother, really big brother.

Regardless of whether it is Lucifer or Auros, their highest attribute is only 399. Although the 400 and 399 are only a little bit different, this is a qualitative leap.

Luo Yi had a deep understanding of this when his attributes were 49 or 50.

It's as if it has been doubled directly.

So, this time there really is a big boss.

It just so happened that two people came here in a short time. They can introduce the world together. I believe the captain doesn't know much.

But Luo didn't feel the trouble at all.

The most important thing is that after the Juggernaut played, he increased his expenses.

"Forget it, let's go back to the pub first."

Luo sighed.


After all, it is the ship of the Chamber of Commerce, and there are still a few people left here to guard it.

Seeing Luo Yi was about to leave, they bit the bullet and walked up.

"Let Oliver come to see me back, and take a break during this time and fix the boat."

Waved his hand, Luo Yi knew what they were going to say and directly gave them the order.

"Okay, President."

The Juggernaut saw all this in his eyes and began to digest the information.

As soon as Blade Storm turned, the opponent was resolved, and at the same time, the news of the contract was received, and the Juggernaut directly signed the contract.

He wants to find more powerhouses to hone his sword skills.

The other world sounds very exciting.

As for this person, the Juggernaut knew his identity, but didn't know too much detail.

As he walked to the tavern, Luo Yi talked about the situation in the world.

When the Juggernaut heard the name of Jorah Kormihawk, the world's largest swordsman, he was immediately excited.

If it weren't for ignorance of sailing skills, the Juggernaut would want to go to sea to challenge him immediately.

That's right, the premise of all this is that Luo repairs the boat and takes him to find the great swordsman who is uncertain.

Knowing that he accidentally destroyed Luo Yi's ship, the Sword Saint was actually a bit embarrassed.

"I'm going to get back a billion bounty, and the money for repairing the ship counts as mine."

Although he was a pretending offender, the Juggernaut would still be responsible for his own fault, no matter whether the fault was intentional or unintentional.

But these words stopped in Luo Yi's ears, really pretending.

What does it mean to make a billion come back?

You too value the pirates of this world.

Think about it, the pirates who bounty hundreds of millions when they log in to the Chambord Islands can be called supernovae.

There are not hundreds of millions, basically no one pays attention.

Is one billion so profitable?

Ten pirate groups have to be destroyed for the bottom line.

Of course, if there are one or two supernova teams, it will be fast.