Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 73

Maybe the bounty level of a ship exceeds 500 million.

"There is no need to worry about ship repairs. In this world, we still have to abide by the rules of the game, such as who can't provoke them."

"Which people?"

"Now, that's the guy in front with a bubble mask who looks a little demented."

"Why can't you mess with it?"

"The main reason is that it will affect my business. Let's go to the nearby alley first."

119. Sky Dragon

White and strange clothing.

Because he is arrogant and disdainful to breathe the same air as ordinary people, he wears a bubble hood.

Treat people of other races as slaves.

Enjoy all privileges.

Once offended, the general of the navy headquarters or CP0 must exhaust all forces for maintenance.

This is the Tianlongren.

As for their contribution to the world, it is probably the opportunity to make everyone the same enemy want to beat them to death.

Now, it's been more than two months since Luo Yi came to Pirate World, and for the first time saw a Draco man rushing to the Chambord Islands.

I don't know why they appeared on this road, but here is the southwest of Chambord Islands. It is the farthest away from the holy place of Mary Joa, and there are no slaves to buy. What do these Tianlong people come here to do.

Pulling Lilai, taking Auroth and Juggernaut, the four hid in the alley.

As soon as Luo opened the map, he saw that Manjikes, Lucifer, Dib, Slark and the captain were now on GR 1 in the Chambord Islands. He felt he had to talk to them.

Luo Yi: "Manjikes, the Tianlong people have come to the island, be careful not to conflict."

Manjix: "No problem."

I got back quickly, I don't know what I was doing.

However, he is more at ease with Manjixlow.

"This is the Tianlongren?"

Auros had also heard Luo Yi say before, but she had never seen it before. As soon as Luo saw it, she had already pulled out her little notebook.

"Well, just look, no matter what happens, don't go out."

Luo nodded.

Compared to them, he knows the rules of this world better.

Before the complete overthrow of the world ZF, the influence of the dragon people is still very large.

If you run into them head-on, no one in your tavern is good.

Kneel down when you see Tianlongren?

It is estimated that he will directly label this celestial dragon person into celestial insect person.

Then, it was the Pirates Tavern against the Admiral. The Admiral adopted the tactics of Gourd Baby to save Grandpa. With the joint efforts of everyone in the Dota Tavern, they stumbled one by one?

Then, the people in the Dota Tavern, who were dissatisfied with the navy and the world, joined forces to win the Holy Land Mariagioa.

Manjix holding Aghanim's scepter was divided into three and turned into three pandas, earth, storm, and flame, and half of the palace of Mary Joa was demolished.

Kunkka raised his hand, and one ghost ship after another directly tore down the other half of the Holy Land.

Doomsday Dad pointed to Doomsday who directly clicked on the big boss of the dragon, Lord Yim.

The Juggernaut is an invincible cut to the sword storm, and the five old stars are tough.

Auroth's curse of winter caused four of the five old stars to tear their teammates to death.

Slark opened his invisibility and arbitrarily shuttled among the crowd, taking away one after another, the rod-making Celestial Dragon.

Dibu carried four shovels and was responsible for finishing and collecting leaks in the back.

Luo Yi brought Lilai behind, sipping melon seeds and drinking Coke and shouting 666.

Thinking about it, it's really interesting.

However, Luo Yi is a cautious man.

He wouldn't mess around when he wasn't sure he could really do it.

After all, there are not only three generals in the hands of ZF in the world.

There is also a CP0 in the Sky Dragon. It is said that he has the strength no less than that of the Admiral, and is known as the world's top powerhouse as "the strongest shield of the Sky Dragon."

Really fight, whether it can be 50-50 is not certain.

Therefore, it must be safe.

On the street, there are two rows of residents of the Chambordian Islands kneeling down, and of course, there are some tourists and pirates.

Although I don't know why the Tianlongren came here, everyone respectfully offered their knees, lowered their heads, and did not dare to look up, for fear that they would cause trouble if they were not careful.

In the middle of the street, there is a naked upper body with a special seat installed on the back. On it sits a special seat with sunglasses and a cane. The light brown hair and the beard are connected together. The beard is bigger than the face, and Two small black beards grow on the upper lip.

Behind, followed by four bodyguards in black clothes, sunglasses, hands in pockets, walking in disagreement with six relatives, at first glance they are doglegs.

Beyond that, there are a few women with a sense of sorrow, wearing cool clothes, wearing a collar around their necks, and a chain attached to the collars. They look beautiful and charming.

Then, a group of soldiers wearing holy land armors followed. The original author was too lazy to paint a company, but now the author is too lazy to describe a group of dragons, which is not worth mentioning.

Saint Rozwad is the name of this Draco.

As a noble of the world, it is normal to visit their back garden occasionally.

This Denon has no other hobbies, just like collecting captain slaves.

Luo had only two impressions of him.

One is in the original story of the Dragonite incident, when Usopp sits fainted.

The other is that at the World Conference ten years later, the Bartholome bear was leased as a slave.

The whole street did not live up to the hustle and bustle of the past. Everyone lowered their heads quietly, and did not dare to take a breath.

No one knows if he will be shot to death by the Tianlong people because of the noise, or if he will suddenly be taken by the Tianlong people and be taken to the holy place as a wife or face.

Many things are not clear.


On the quiet street, there was a sudden shot.

Luo Yi and their eyes suddenly turned away.

"Who made you kneel on my way, do you want my slave to go around you?"

An extremely cold-blooded voice sounded, and even Saint Rozvard’s cane had not been put down, and the tip of the cane was still smoked, telling everyone that his cane was actually a gun.

Gougouzi No. 1 immediately came on the stage, passed the Tianlongren, kicked the civilian who curled up in the middle of the road and did not dare to move, kicked him into the alley next to him, and after a few laps, he left. The sight of everyone.

"Huh, untouchable."

Dogleg patted his leather shoes lightly and made a bad word.

The people around dare not speak.

Everyone knows that disrespect to the Tianlong people is a consequence they cannot bear.

"These untouchables don't even know the most basic etiquette. They deserve it."

Under the sunglasses, although he couldn't see Saint Rozwald's eyes, his unkind expression could also tell the displeasure in his heart.

"Of course, untouchables are untouchables after all. We will clear the road ahead of time. Please rest assured."

Doglegs looked like a competent butler and respectfully saluted Rozvard. Then, four doglegs immediately walked in front of the team to clean up the people on the road.

The behavior is very rude.

But no one was killed.

"Really do whatever you want."

Seeing the team of Tianlong people drifting away, Auros couldn't help but sigh.

Of course, it would be better if she could stop the pen in her hand.

"Of course, it's just a bunch of rubbish."

Luo nodded.

"A world ruled by garbage? Interesting."

The Juggernaut held his sword backhand, his tone calm.

"Brother Luo Yi, I now know that we have a revolutionary army."

Lilai held Luo Yi's hand tightly, and looked at the Heavenly Dragon with fiery eyes.

"Don't worry, their good days are not long."

Luo lightly patted the back of Lilai's hand and said with a smile.

120. Forchart Island


That day the team of dragon people passed by, and Luo Yi returned to the tavern with a few people. He saw the man standing at the gate with an MMP in his heart.

A top hat with blue feathers, a familiar cloak, and a medieval aristocratic tights.

Are you afraid that others will not know that I am related to the revolutionary army?

Luo wanted to send people to the naval base on the spot, saying that he had captured a revolutionary army.

Do you know what sneaking is?

Do you know what an underground worker is?

Do you know what it means to devote your life to the great rejuvenation of the people of the world?

Don't understand anything, how do you become a revolutionary army?

No, this thing needs to be fed back to Dorag.

I remember he didn't leave the phone to himself last time.

could not be reached.

Luo took out the key and opened the door of the tavern.

In fact, it does not matter whether the door is locked or not, and there is nothing valuable in the pub.

Except for the wine in the basement.

However, with the existence of a system, and the rejuvenation spring water is set up here, Luo Yi and the others are not worried about someone stealing things.

Mainly they have tried it.

Transport scroll, can be used.

When the five teleportation array lights up, I will ask you if you are afraid, although it is Feiquan.

Entering the gate, Luo Yi turned his head and nodded to the revolutionary comrade, beckoning him to come in.

"Hello, President Luo Yi, I am Percy, an islander from Forchart Island. This time I am here, I want to discuss cooperation with you."

Luo, who was setting up the tables and chairs, glanced at him with the wine glass.

Percy?You’re afraid it’s not Weasley.

And brother, if you talk about cooperation, can you please smile.

"Ah, it turned out to be a guest, wait a minute, I've been out for several days, so I'll clean up a bit."

"Ok, no problem."

As soon as Luo prepared a stool for him at the bar, poured a glass of ale, picked up the rag and began to wipe the tables and chairs in the tavern.