Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 74

About half an hour later, Luo Yi, who had simply cleaned it, also came to the bar, and Oliver ran in panting.

Just now, someone from the Chamber of Commerce reported to him that the ship was damaged and needed repairs, and Luo Yi also said to let him over. After receiving the news, Oliver rushed over.

Just kidding, their chamber of commerce has only one ship.

The ship that went to the Kingdom of Gossa at the beginning has been sold by Oliver. After earning an extra two million Baileys, plus the money he got from Luo Yi, it was changed to the current ship.

This is a ship that can hold at least a thousand barrels of wine, plus hundreds of crew.

The cost of repair must be a distressing figure.

This time, the money earned in Dragon Palace City is probably gone, maybe it will be posted back.

It's fake to say that it doesn't feel bad.

But there is no way, who is the president of the family.

Being able to receive orders from Dragon Palace, even drinks are provided by the tavern, these are important props that Oliver uses to open up relationships.

"Forchate Island?"

When Oliver sat down and introduced himself by the revolutionary comrade, his expression became a little surprised.

"What happened to this island?"

Luo Yi handed Oliver a glass of ale, and by the way, he also gave a glass of the Juggernaut who was sitting aside wiping the samurai sword in his hand.

By the way, give Lilai and Auroth a glass of milk.

"Five years ago, Fisher, who climbed up to the Holy Land Mariejoa with bare hands and liberated all slaves, was ambushed by the navy on Folchard Island two years ago. Because humans refused blood transfusions, they lost too much blood. Died."

Speaking of this, Oliver was still a little bit emotional.

As residents of the Chambord Islands, Oliver knew better about the Draco people than others.

Why is Tiger called a hero.

Just because he released the slave?

No, because everyone knows that the Tianlongren is not a good thing, so he will be called a hero.

If the Tianlongren are the kings who govern the world, then Tiger’s behavior is called treason and can also be called an anti-thief.

Hearing Oliver's explanation, Luo Yi suddenly had some reflections.

However, Tiger died because of his rejection of human blood, and now only the members of the original Sun Pirates group knew about it.

Picking up the wine bottle, Luo Yi renewed the cup to the Sword Saint whose cup was already empty, etc. When did you drink it, the mask was taken off and hey, do you want to give you a straw?

"Well, people in my hometown were too afraid of murlocs at the time, so they secretly notified the navy."

Percy raised her hand carefully and said.

When this happened, he had already followed Dorag out to fight the world.

This time, there was an order that was not considered an order. It said that he had come into contact with a newly developed chamber of commerce. If you want people in your hometown to have a better life, you can take the initiative to contact it.

Percy, who was originally lurking on the Chambord Islands, naturally thought of his backward hometown, and approached the door with a mentality of experimentation.

"It's okay. The relationship between humans and murlocs has always been like this. It's all the world's fault."

Luo opened his mouth and comforted.

"Then you are here this time, what kind of cooperation do you want to discuss? It just so happened that the vice chairman of our chamber of commerce also came."

Luo Yi pointed to Oliver.

"Our hometown is not a government-affiliated country, nor is it on the route of the great sea route, so there are not many people who arrive, and there are few merchant ships. If possible, I hope to provide my hometown with some daily necessities for a long time."

Percy did not dare to ask too much.

He just hoped that the people in his hometown would be better off.

"This is no problem. I am preparing to discuss cooperation with the merchants in the Chambord Islands, but it may take a while to sail."

Oliver agreed directly.

When it comes to selling anything to make money, Oliver thinks that everything can be made, it just depends on how you sell.

The island with few people visits is their first choice. Oliver's ambition is spread all over the world, and he will never miss any opportunity.

"Thank you for your help."

Percy thanked him sincerely.

Why did he come out to do the revolution? Isn't it just to make people's lives better?

"You are welcome, let's make an appointment to discuss the details in the Chamber of Commerce."

Oliver and Percy communicated a little, and said that he was completely responsible for this matter.

"If I want to go to Forchate Island, I want to go there too."

Luo Yi said suddenly after Percy had left.

"Huh? President, are you also interested?"

Oliver was surprised.

In his impression, although Luo was also concerned about the affairs of the Chamber of Commerce, he was not so positive.

"That's it."

Luo smiled, without explaining too much.

I can't say that I want to meet someone.

121. Altar

The itinerary has not been finalized yet.

But Luo Yi took out the deposit first.

Their transaction with Dragon Palace is very simple, pay with one hand and deliver with one hand.

After six hundred barrels of wine, after deducting the cost, the profit obtained is 70 million.

After deducting the wages of the employees of the Chamber of Commerce, after deducting the seven or eighty-eight miscellaneous items, there are only 60 million left.

In the end, there was only 40 million left in Luo's hands.

This is the case when Luo Yi has a large share of the Chamber of Commerce.

However, it is really sad that the money has to be taken out to repair the ship before the heat is covered.

Forty million sounds a lot, but in fact only half of the box was packed in the end.

Pele with a face value of 10,000 is only 4,000 banknotes.

Seeing Luo handing over all the money to Oliver, the Juggernaut on the side seemed to be lost in thought.

He is not yet clear about the purchasing power of the money, but he also knows that this figure is not small.

He also saw the size of the boat he chopped down.

And the value of a ship, how much Juggernaut is still clear.

In his world, the value of a ship can buy a dozen good magic equipment.

If you buy the sword in his hand, it is estimated that you can buy a boat.

"I'll go out and go around."

The idle swordsman can only sit in the tavern when no one can challenge.

Unlike Lilai and Auroth, they went back to the room to meditate after nothing happened.

"Bring some money with you, just in case."

When Luo saw that the Juggernaut was about to go out, he pulled out a drawer from under the bar, didn't look at much, grabbed a pile and put it in Juggernaut's hand.

The Juggernaut didn't say much, he put it in his pocket and went straight out.

There was no one in the shop, and Luo Yi continued to clean up the tavern’s hygiene.

By the way, the Juggernaut’s room was cleaned up, the quilt was taken out to bask in the sun, and every corner was cleaned up.

By the way, I opened the system panel.


"The system level has been upgraded to level 4."

"Enable the altar construction function."



How come it's all of a sudden.

Luo Yi did not find a pattern.

But it doesn't matter.

The important thing is that 5000 dollars coins were deducted, but the system added a new function.

Shrine construction?

Sri Lanka.

It can still be like this.

Luo hurried out and went to the old tavern.

The old tavern that had been completely reduced to a warehouse, Luo Yi didn't live here anymore except for eye-catching here.

When it comes to investigating guards, it is really a bit magical.

Like the iron-branch tree trunk before, it will not disappear after planting it.

Right now, the little tree in Luo's room upstairs was still happily staying in his room without anyone to accompany him.

The investigative guards can also be used indefinitely, as long as they come to water regularly.

Detective Guard: A plant form with only half of the perceptual power, generally cultivated by a wizard apprentice.

The so-called half perceptual power is actually the invisible unit.

Luo Yi was also fortunate that when he first used the system to draw a lottery, he drew the skin of the guard, the Rod of Faith.

Otherwise, what would an ordinary guard look like?

Imagine a sturdy branch sticking straight into the ground. At the top third of the branch, thirteen bright yellow eyeballs are spinning there.

Luo Yi was embarrassed to describe it with water.

It's okay if you can't see clearly in the game, but inserting a guard like this in the tavern will really scare the guests.

After the skin is equipped, it becomes a small ornament that looks like a cane. The upper part rotates continuously. Although there is another thing like an eyeball, it looks more comfortable.

Of course, it would be better if the skin of the Eye of the Great Sage could be drawn.

That's a miniature little king, standing on the golden hoop, very cute.

As for why we should insert our eyes.

Mainly because I can't see it.

This map is the same as in the game. Unless there are friendly forces or own buildings, there is no field of vision at all. Except for the map you walk through, you can view it, and other places are even black.

Think of other predecessors who traveled with the system.

Not only is there a direct map to see the entire world, but the map also carries detailed information about where there are people, what treasures, and what hidden passages are written on it.

But my own map.

Besides using it to find teammates and using TP, what else can you do and what can you do?

I don't know why, and suddenly got resentful, Luo Yi came to the old tavern.

Cleared one of the corners on the first floor.

I cleaned and sprayed some perfume left by my mother.

Luo Yi opened the system interface.