Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 75

After clicking on the shop, in addition to the two turntables for single draw and ten companies, a hammer-like button was added.

It says "Build".

Unlike the previous two, there is no amount displayed under this construction, but after clicking, a list will appear. The word altar at the top is extremely conspicuous.

And more conspicuous is the number behind.


Is it so expensive?

By the way, there is still a big row under your list, what are you going to do?

Now there is spring water.

Is it necessary to have melee barracks, long-range barracks, defensive towers, and finally a Radiant Relic, Night Dire Relic?

What about my Roshan Devil, when will he be brought out for a walk?

Luo Yi wanted to complain about his system very much, but didn't know where to start.

Is it expensive?

I still have 1,100 dollars in hand, and 100 after drawing.

After choosing, a small altar appeared in Luo Yi's hand.

It was actually a stone pillar with a vine wrapped around it. The middle of the stone pillar was excavated, and something like a bowl was broken open, faintly faintly shining light.

A red projection appeared in front of Luo Yi.

That was the appearance of the altar after it was built. With Luo's hand turning, the direction could be adjusted.

But it's not necessary.

As soon as Luo turned the shaved side of the altar outwards, he directly built the altar here.

The altar fell to the ground without making any sound.

It's as if it was originally here.

Luo Yi looked at the altar with satisfaction.

By the way, I glanced at the map.

Well, there is a circular icon of the altar here, and Luo Yi expressed his satisfaction.

However, when Luo Yi moved the system interface to the altar, he immediately became unhappy.

Blessed: Not activated.

Activation cost: 100 knives

Pit it.

Do you know how much I have left?

By the way, isn't this thing available when time is up?

Why does the activation still need knife coins.

Is it activated when I use it, or can I start using it after activation?

Luo Yi had a dark face and threw his last 100 dollars into it.

Blessing: When activated, an aura is created, which improves the health and mana recovery of nearby allies.

Cooling time: 119:59:57

Cool down for 5 days?

Do you want to be so bad?

Looking at the altar that can continue to be built in the system.

Luo realized that as long as he had money, after landing on every island in the world, would he no longer have to go out by boat?

122. Mixed Doubles

The construction of the altar can only be regarded as an episode.

For Luo Yi, the function of the altar is actually as simple as providing a flying point.

The teleportation scrolls in his hand are so many that he can use them for traveling.

Since the system was upgraded to level 3, every ten consecutive draws can steadily draw a transport reel.

Luo Yi now has more than 500 teleport scrolls piled up in his hand, and put them in the game, they can change into a Liushen costume.

On the system interface, select the teleport scroll and click on the spring water of the new tavern on the map. A white light circle lights up under Luo Yi's feet, and then a blue light is like a whirlpool, wrapping Luo Yi in the middle.

A second passed

Two seconds passed

Three seconds passed and the transmission continued.

Huh?Why didn't it transmit.

Luo glanced at the map.

There is a small green spot beside the spring.

It turns out that someone is also sending it.

According to the characteristics of the teleporting scroll, at the same time, when the same building is TP by multiple people at the same time, the first person is 3 seconds, and the next one increases by 1 second in the order of TP.

Well, four seconds later, there are more people on the map again.

Five seconds passed, six seconds passed, seven seconds passed.

Manjix and them all went home.

And Luo Yi is still waiting for the eighth second.

Finally, the blue light rose from the bottom of Luo Yi's feet, leading Luo Yi to leave the place at an extremely fast speed.

Luo closed his eyes consciously, but immediately opened them.

The scene in front of me is different from just now.

This is the basement level of the new tavern, which is also a warehouse.

Except for the spring water placed in the corner, the other items are all wines that have been brewed by Manjikes, which are neatly arranged on the shelves.

In the aisle between the shelves, five people are watching themselves.

"How did you teleport it back?"

Although Luo Yi asked, he still took out the teleportation scroll from the system, and one person gave them two as a supplement.

"It's not that Tianlong people yet. We are still checking out inside. They suddenly went to the population auction house. If they go out head-on, they are likely to have conflicts. Think about it or fly back."

Manjikes shrugged.

"It turned out to be so."

A few people chatted and went to the first floor.

It is already close to the evening in the afternoon. Because of the Tianlong people on the island, Luo Yi will not go out for exercise today, but will do some simple exercises in his yard.

In the three days to the fisherman island, Luo Yi didn't let go of practice, but it must be completely different from the previous exercise. He just did push-ups, sit-ups, squats, and jogging in the hotel where he lived.

And now, Luo Yi was running around in the yard of the tavern, sorting out what he had now.

After the system was upgraded to level 4, Luo Yi's qualification was also upgraded to 4.

I don't know if it was because of the improvement of aptitude, Luo Yi felt that there were some things he didn't understand about Zuiquan before, but now he seems to understand some.

The key is that these points are all Manjikes talked to himself before, but they are not very useful.

Could it be said that this is the so-called master leading the door and practicing in the individual?

Just like when studying mathematics, someone reads a book and gets a perfect score. Someone has a five-three score for three years and still fails.

There is also the so-called qi sensation that I have never felt during meditation. Now it seems to be clearer. When he exercises, Luo Yi can clearly feel a weak air current flowing in his body. .

As for whether it is true spirit or domineering, it is still unknown.

The pub’s yard is not small. In addition to Luo Yi exercising, Dibu and Slark are also feeding each other. Manjix and Kunca don’t know what they are talking about. Lucifer sits beside him and listens to their chat. .

The door of the pub was pushed open.

When Luo went out before, he didn't lock it, just concealed the door.

And the one who came back at this time was the Juggernaut.

"You're back."

Although Luo Yi was still doing push-ups, he said hello after seeing the Juggernaut walk in.

He hasn't been out for long, but it's almost two hours.

Luo Yi's sight also shifted to the box in Juggernaut's hand.

"Just now someone said that he himself was offered a reward of 110 million, so I exchanged his head for money."

Putting the box in front of Luo Yi, Sword Saint said lightly.


You are really acting like this.

There is no General Huang Yuan like you.

When people see a supernova, they will say "It's terrible" and then kick people away.

But what is your process?

Luo Yi didn't know what to say.

Anyway, it was a pirate who chopped it off.

Fortunately, the heroes he summoned can not only support himself, but even give him some pocket money. This is the system's greatest help to him.

Of course, except for Lilai.

In other words, why did he summon such a small Lilai instead of Lilai who has mastered the power of frost and has grown into a royal sister.

I don't like the feeling of childhood sweetheart.

The waiting process is not easy.

The sword sage who put down the money, sat cross-legged beside Lucifer, seemed to be meditating, and seemed to be looking at something again.

As soon as Luo went through a day of basic physical training, he was taught by Manjikes himself.

That is to beat Luo once with drunken fist.

Watching Manjikes drunk step and hug his heart, beat Luo Yi three steps backwards, followed by a drunk throwing cup and kicking a chain, making Luo Yi completely lose his balance, and the last fairy toasts and locks his throat. It is to directly control Luo Yi.

Everyone saw that Manjikes had released the water, but Luo Yi still couldn't take any action.

But this is also normal. How long did Luo Yi practice and be able to hold on for a period of time with Manjikes using only 10% of his strength, thanks to the book of knowledge.

Therefore, krypton gold is king.

"You are not good at boxing."

After the end of the day's training ai, Juggernaut commented on Luo Yi's practice.

"Really? I thought it was just my poor understanding."

Luo scratched his head and glanced at Manjikes. Seeing that the other party didn't seem to say anything, he answered.

"Do you want to practice sword with me?"

The sword master shook the samurai sword in his hand. Luo Yi didn't know why he used the sword like Pirate World while saying that he was a swordsman, sword magnate, and sword master.

However, Luo Yi still turned his head into a chicken pecking rice.

Just kidding, the sword spirit of the Juggernaut when he first appeared on the stage is really IMBA's. It is estimated that the navy will come to the door and ask them for damage to public places tomorrow.

Seeing Luo Yi was willing to learn, Juggernaut stood up.

Then Luo Yi regretted it.