Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 76

He has evolved from being beaten by himself to mixed doubles.

123. Yes, but

After seven days of mixed doubles.

Luo Yi deeply felt how beneficial boxing plus swordsmanship is.

If it were not for the continuous supply of tree sacrifices, Luo Yi estimated that every day he would have a bruised face to entertain guests.

"Hahaha, the store manager, didn't I tell you that when you were young, you should be temperate. Look at you, now it's not just your hands trembling, but your legs are soft."

"Do you believe that all the consumption of the audience today will be paid for by Lord Abbott?"

Luo glanced at this Abbott.

I teased myself when my hands were shaking last time. Now I am shaking my legs. I have doubled the amount of training.

"Unexpectedly, the manager, you are as humorous as I am, but Lao Lei didn't tell me, hahaha."

"I saw that the store manager was beaten yesterday. Are they your master? It's really ruthless to start."

"The wooden knife that the store manager was beaten was bought from me. How about the store manager, is it comfortable to use?"

"Store Manager"

Luo Yi has now discovered a serious problem.

The business of the tavern has become particularly good because of the relationship between wine and food.

But most of the guests who came to the tavern only dared to tease him, and even respected Lilai and Dibu who served the dishes.

What do you mean.

They are also members of the tavern.

Waiter Lilaidib, you don't molest.

Winemaker Manjix, you don't tease.

Chef Lucifer, you do not molest.

Slark, the pirate hunter, don't tease.

The novelist Auros and the Guardian Swordmaster are not molested.

Just know to molest me.

Do you think I am a dog?

"Today's drinks are all 12% off."

Luo Yi smiled brightly, brightly like an angel from hell.


The atmosphere of the pub is very lively every day.

Everyone is joking here, and there are many regular customers, but they don't come every day. After all, the consumption here is not low, especially the price of drinks, which is much higher than other pubs.

The main reason for attracting so many guests is the rejuvenation spring water.

When Manjikes is making wine, he adds spring water to it. After drinking, he can heal part of the body's injuries, and even the mental damage can be recovered.

In addition to those who do a lot of physical labor, most people who come to the pub to drink are still people who are tired in life or are guests such as pirates.

However, Luo Yi's tavern is now open in Hotel Street, and it also entertains many guests who come out to play.

Luo Yi continued to wipe the goblet, watching the guests spraying each other in the tavern, the guests hooking their shoulders, the chatting guests, the laughing guests watching the show.

This is the life of a tavernkeeper.

"President, the ship has been repaired and the cargo is ready, almost ready to go."

Oliver still looks like a hot air.

As soon as Luo finished the day's business, he came.

"Well, who is going with me this time?"

Seeing everyone there, Luo Yi asked.

In fact, Cuenca has been following Oliver and them during the day to learn about the navigation of this world by the way.

What is certain is that Kunkka will definitely follow.

As for the others, it depends on whether they want to go out.

"Are you sailing? The last time I went to sea, it seems that it was two years ago."

The Juggernaut stood up.

He expressed great interest in this.

Yunieruo, who was wandering around the world in order to hone his sword skills, was very happy to be a master in the past few days.

But in a new world, how can you not go around?

A few days ago, I ran into a powerful character.

There was a guest named Lao Lei in the tavern. The Juggernaut could see that he was unusual at a glance, but the other party didn't intend to do anything, and he was too embarrassed to lick his face and ask others to fight him.

When you go out, you might be able to meet pirates and the like. When the time comes, you will have the final say. The opponent will only be slaughtered.

After waiting for a while, finding that only Juggernaut agreed, Luo went back to the room and started packing.

This time, I didn't go to the bottom of the sea, and didn't let Han Han come to pull the boat.

The Chambord Islands are not too close to Folchate Island. This time it takes about half a month to go back and forth.

If the Juggernaut is there, he can just guide his own practice.

But now Luo Yi has just started to practice the basics of swordsmanship. Every day he practiced pumping, strapping, lifting, boxing, punching, stab, tapping, collapse, stirring, pressing, splitting, cutting, washing, clouding, hanging, picking, cutting, Pick, wipe, cut, tie, circle

These are the basics in the basics, even the Juggernaut is still practicing every day, without any slack.

Just like the sentence that economic foundation determines the superstructure.

How solid the foundation is, the future will be stronger.

Luo Yi knows this truth well, and has never let up.

After packing up, Luo Yi and Juggernaut followed Oliver to the shore.

"President Luo Yi, Vice President Oliver."

It was Percy who said hello to Luo, and he would follow along on this trip.

After all, it’s going home.

"It's okay. We opened a business meeting just to make money."

Luo waved his hand.

What Luo Yi said was also the truth.

On this trip, Oliver prepared a lot of daily necessities.

If all are sold, the cost will be deducted. Probably, maybe, maybe, there are only one or two million Baileys left.

After all, it's just some clothing, food seeds, daily necessities and the like.

As for whether there will be long-term contacts in the future, it depends on whether the residents of the island are willing.

These things are hard to say. Some islands just refuse to communicate with outsiders. What do you do?

"Set sail."

With an order from Captain Cuenca, the ship was repaired and the new ship set sail.

He didn't know what he had done in the past few days, Luo Yi felt that the spirit of everyone on the ship was different.

Especially the eyes that looked at Kunka were respectful.

After a few small chats with Percy, he went to communicate with Kunca.

Luo Yi picked up the wooden sword and waved it again and again on the deck.

Practice has never stopped.

The battle never started.

"In other words, if I encounter a pirate, can I practice my hand?"

Luo Yi actually had some expectations in his heart.


Who doesn't like box-to-flesh fighting.

Who doesn't like the excitement of hand in hand.

Who doesn't like the pleasure of turning clouds and raining.

Keke, Luo Yi said the feeling of turning his hands into clouds and covering his hands into rain.

He swears by the life of One Piece.

The ship sailed steadily, watching the sunset, dyeing the sky red, just like his future, red don’t want it.

Even the speed of swinging the wooden sword felt a bit faster.

"Yes, but it won't save you."

The Juggernaut nodded and said something that made Luo Yicong heart.

124. Two sisters

Practice is boring and enjoyable.

Boring, because it repeats the same things day after day.

Pleasure is to clearly feel your own improvement.

However, although his own attribute growth has reached 4, his attribute points are still increasing by 11 points.

Look at your own attributes.

Strength: 76, Agility: 76, Intelligence: 80.

Sure enough, he is an intellectual hero, right?

Just skills?

Even if you have a face of strength, you still have to give skills.

Luo Yi thought so.

I have learned how to say drunken fist and dominating swordsmanship, right?

There are six skill columns, so it's necessary to light up one.

Even if it's not right, the warm current in my body when I meditate these days can be considered infuriating, right?

But these skill grids are just blank.

You say irritating but not irritating.

What's the matter with this attribute?

A powerful super soldier?

The strength of 76, and the blood volume of 1520, is a bit higher than the super soldier, but the attack power is also 76 points, not as good as the super soldier.

Not to mention, some of the super soldiers in the veranda with custom maps.

People will release skills.

Finger of Death, Divine Slash, Mysterious Glory, Flame Detonation, Serial Frost, Ultrasonic Impact, Sacrifice of Chaos

Let you be a man in minutes.

I don't understand, Luo Yi can only leave the idea of ​​skills after the system upgrade.

By the way, after I upgraded my system, I haven't called a call yet.