Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 77

Why have I forgotten these days?

By the way, it was all caused by the altar.

One altar is worth 11 million Baileys, which is really heartbreaking.

In accordance with past practice.

The first lottery draw after the system upgrade must be a hero.

This time should be no exception.

I don't know who will come.

Is there a gentler young lady who can put yourself on a knee pillow and look up at her face.

Well, just think about it.

Among the heroes, even the female characters are not easy to provoke.

Lilai is also young, so she can play with it the most.

As for whether you will grow up in the future, you can't rely on your diligent hands.

"I saw the island."

On the observation deck, a sailor held the telescope in his hand and shouted loudly.

Seven days of sailing.

Very calm at sea.

In addition to training, Luo Yi's only activities to pass the time are fishing and sorting out the weapon warehouse.

I have smoked a lot of things before, so I have to sort them out.

When I go back this time and continue to draw, I believe many things can be combined.

Luo Yi looked at the pile of small pieces piled up in the corner, and already began to think about whether to use them to arm a team.

After all, helmets, armors, shields, broadswords, great swords, and javelins, whether they are weapons or armor, have everything.

There are even big roots you are afraid of.

The big root at full level, the kind of 800 damage.

Luo Yi suddenly missed the awkward operation of five messengers carrying five large roots and destroying the opposite side.

Although it is no longer possible after DOTA2.

But in DOTA1, anyone who doesn't show up is ashamed to say that he is playing DOTA.

Let's take a look at what foreign friends say when they play international services.

"Haha, we have two chinese."

Listen, we have two Chinese, and I feel we are sure to win.

As a result, the other side replied to them.

"Wo men dou shi zhong guo ren."


It's like playing a group.

"We have two Qiwuhai."

"Well, we are the Five Emperors team."

In a whim, Forchart Island has appeared in the visual range of the naked eye.

And the naked eye can see it, only less than 10 nautical miles from the island.

In less than half an hour, they docked and landed under Percy's guidance, which is said to be the nearest port to the village.

Well, not even towns, just villages.

Sure enough, it is an island with few people coming and going.

The port is also very desolate, except for a dilapidated long embankment, not even a person can see it.

"Please go this way."

Percy jumped off the boat first.

Oliver asked several crew members to carry two boxes of cargo and followed Luo Yi and Juggernaut.

Those are all samples.

If the other party needs them, they will remove all the cargo on the ship.

Instead of going to the island with Cuenca, he chose to stay with others to guard the ship.

At least, Kunkka was worried about his ship until it was officially equipped with a powerful escort.

Luo Yi and they didn't say anything.

Together with the Juggernaut, one person carried a box, followed by four Chamber of Commerce personnel, two people carried a box in groups, and walked to the village together.

After a straight road through a wasteland full of huge cacti, it finally came to the village.

"This place is not easy to even plant."

"Yes, but this is our hometown. No matter how bad the environment is, we can only find a way to build it."

"There may not be much fresh water on the island, or the other side of the island will be better."

"The whole island is the same. Our main source of water is these cacti."

Luo Yi and Percy chatted a few words.

Percy also secretly admired Luo Yi's strength.

Carrying a box of goods for so long, I didn't even pant for breath, my strength was extraordinary.

"Minasan, I'm back."

The village has no walls or fences.

There are no dangerous beasts on the island, and it is unnecessary.

However, because of the wide vision, Luo and the others had already been seen by the villagers before they approached.

Someone greeted him at the door early.

"Percy is back."

"This stinky boy, left without a sound for a few years, and knew that I had to break his leg when he came back."

"Arthur, you've been talking nonsense. Wipe your tears away first."

"Is his partner following him? It doesn't look like it."

"Whoever he is, it was Percy who brought it back anyway. It was the guest."

The last time a group of people greeted him here was because Krall was coming back.

This time, it was a child from the village who came back. He had no other thoughts besides being happy.

"Father, Lord Village Head, I'm back."

"Huh, just come back."

"My lord village, I will tell you that they are members of the Dota Chamber of Commerce. I finally told them to come to our island. These are the daily necessities they sell."

Percy couldn't wait to introduce Luo and them.

This time, he came back for personal reasons and had nothing to do with the revolutionary army.

However, when Percy turned his head, he saw that Luo Yi was no longer behind him.

Following everyone's sight, Percy saw that Luo Yi was already squatting in front of a little girl.

She is a cute little girl with orange hair and a bright yellow dress.

When Luo saw her, he had already recognized him.

No way, Ersao’s mouth is so distinctive.

"Little sister, do you want to visit Fishman Island."

Luo Yi's face showed the smile of a trafficker.

125. Whose subordinate am I?

"Who are you and what do you do to Kerla?"

A woman who looked like Kerla who grew up very much, with a face bigger than Kerla, stood in front of Luo.

Originally, Luo Yi was also a little boy. He just came over with a suitcase, and he didn't look like a bad person.

But when he met, he actually mentioned Murloc Island.

Isn't Murloc Island where the Murlocs live?

As for the Murlocs, that group of extremely brutal guys, he actually wants to take his daughter to Murloc Island?

This is unbearable.

However, Luo Yi just smiled at this, leaving the choice to the second wife.

"Murman Island?"

Kerla poked her head from behind her mother.


"Yes, our Chamber of Commerce has business dealings with Fishman Island. If you want to go, you can join us."

Luo had a smile on his face, his smile became a squint, and he was a dangerous person.

"By the way, Jinping is also here."

"Brother Jinping"

This sentence was thrown like a blockbuster.

Kerla suddenly remembered the days he was with the Pirates of the Sun, and soon after returning home, he saw the news of the death of Tiger's boss.

His eyes were filled with tears, and they couldn't stop flowing down.

She remembered the days when she was treated as a slave by the Sky Dragon.

At that time, there was always a smile on her face, and she dared not cry.

Even if he was abused to vomit blood, he still had to smile, hold back his tears, and pick up a rag to work nonstop.

The period of time as a slave left Kerla with a psychological shadow that could not be counted.

Even after being liberated and freed from the status of a slave, Kerla still retains her previous habits.

Until the ship of the Pirates of the Sun.

In order to erase the shadow in her heart, Tiger rudely replaced the hoof of the Sky Dragon on her back with the Peugeot of the Sun Pirates, a red, burning red sun, symbolizing "liberation" and "freedom" ".

Kerla still remembers what Tiger said to her when he threw the pistol into the ocean.

"What's wrong with crying! Don't confuse us with those Tianlong people!"

"Go, guys."

"Be sure to send this child back to his hometown."

If it weren't for Tiger, she wouldn't be able to get out of the shadow of the past.

Not to mention, go home.

However, when Kerla heard the news of Tiger's death, she was deeply suspicious of the world and ZF.

Why would the hero who freed slaves be killed by the navy?

Why do everyone think that murlocs are bad guys?

Why is the ruler of the world actually a Celestial?

That year, Kerla was 11 years old.