Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 86

However, unless Luo Yi showed an amazing talent, he would never reach the realm of a magister.

Of course, it doesn't matter if you don't reach it, anyway, the true energy in Luo Yi is about to be cultivated, and it is good to follow the monk route.

The inclusiveness of Zhenqi can even be used as magic.

After studying, Luo Yi would return to his room to meditate.

He can also meditate now, not only can empty his brain, but also let him learn how to use his mental power.

During this time, perhaps because of the effect of meditation, Luo's perception of danger became sharper, and he improved every day in the beating.

As soon as Luo was beaten less, Manjikes and Juggernaut would show a relieved expression, and then once again increased the speed and strength of their punches and swords.

Sitting at the dining table, Luo Yi opened the panel.

With the engineers removed, there are now a total of eight heroes.

The fourth inventory, 400 dollars per person, 3200 in total, is open.

The fifth inventory, 500 dollars per person, a total of 4000, open.

The sixth inventory, 600 dollars per person, 4800 in total, open.

After opening, Luo Yi's knife coins still had 30,000, which was cool.

As for the remaining three parcel boxes, Luo took a look and found that it would take 700 to open the next one, so if they all add up, it would be 19200.

It can be opened, but it is not necessary.

With six inventory slots open, you can stuff them with equipment.

There are still some equipment that has not yet been drawn, so they can only use small pieces to transition.

After the system is upgraded again and more things can be extracted, let's change things for them.

As for the most important flying shoes, Luo Yi has already matched a pair for everyone, but didn't match it for the engineer. This is not forgotten, this is intentional.

Back to the pub?Don't even think about it.

You can honestly study the art of explosion in Baldige, and strive to explode a big star as soon as possible.

With 30,000 dollars left, Luo Yi didn't plan to spend a lot of time every day.

Anyway, the previous 20,000 dollars, plus his previous inventory, had already stocked a large amount of medicines, and had just thrown it directly to Dorag.

So, just smoke a little every day, and keep yourself just looking at it and feel happy.

Anyway, the probability of getting a hero is so low now, just a little bit of Buddhism.

In the following days, Luo continued to live his daily life as always.

The happiest thing is to chat with a group of guests when the pub is open, and occasionally give them a discount, and then raise the price in two days and earn it back.

The income of the tavern, now that Luo Yi's pocket money is gone, is all used to improve the quality of life of the big guy.

For example, Luo is responsible for buying vegetables outside for three meals a day, while the meat is bought by the Manjikes and Cook Chamber of Commerce.

Their contract, but it didn't take long to start.

I eat sea king-like meat every day, if I let others know, I'm afraid it will be scared to death.

Of course, it's just a small sea king class.

If it's a giant sea king, let alone hunting, I'm afraid that a whole team of hunters won't be enough to stuff their teeth.

In addition to sea king meat, there is also a large amount of sea animal meat. It can be said that the money earned every day is basically posted.

After all, even the dragon Auroth is full, and who else can leave him hungry.

And Lucifer would only prepare a lot of food every day at dinner.

For breakfast and lunch, Auros is just an appetizer.

It's just that Lilai's appetite has also followed up. Obviously, she is just meditating every day, but her strength and agility have actually improved.

This is just hanging out.

It's definitely right.

However, Luo Yi did not relax.

With the book of knowledge, he can feel that his four-point growth aptitude has been fully utilized.

For three full months, the time has come to the end of September. On this morning, after Luo had breakfast, he returned to his room and began to meditate and practice Zhen Qi.

His current measurements, strength: 99, agility: 99, intelligence: 99.

This is a bottleneck and also his opportunity.

That's what Manjix said.

Luo Yi’s physical fitness has already reached the standard for the movement of true qi, and a large amount of true qi has already been gathered in his body. gas.

In fact, his current success rate of using True Qi has reached 99.

In the fierce battle, the innocent energy can be maintained almost all the time, but sometimes it will miss a beat.

And now, Luo Yi wants to complete this shot.

He felt that if he completely mastered his true energy, then his skill bar should also be lit up.

137. The City of Seven Waters

When a zhenqi was wandering back and forth between the two channels of Ren and Du from head to toe, Luo Yi knew that he had passed it.

The most obvious change is that all three attributes in the attribute column have become 100.

The more intuitive performance is the mastery of one's own power.

Now, he has been able to perfectly circulate the zhen qi to every corner of his body.

Well, every corner.

Sure enough, he was right to be so angry at the beginning.

Rotating the zhenqi in the body on both palms, the two palms began to glow like a mask with an excessive amount of fluorescent agent.

This kind of light Luo had seen Manjix used before.

It was used to help him quickly recover from his injury when he injured himself.

Magic items do have a miraculous effect on the recovery of injuries, but sometimes, in the case of dislocation and fracture, other methods have to be used.

Otherwise, why do you need a doctor?

True Qi is a very versatile energy.

For example, running on the legs can increase his movement speed.

Running on the palm of the hand can increase his attack strength.

Running on the skin can increase his hardness.

Even after he has mastered his infuriating energy like Manjix, he can increase his attack length.

For example, the thunder blow he released before.

Zhenqi is really striving.

It seems that he also felt Luo Yi's breakthrough. When he came down from the stairs, Manjikes handed over a barrel of wine with great satisfaction and looked at him with satisfaction.

Of course, Luo Yi was actually unhappy, his face turned black.

Since learning the sword with the Juggernaut, he rarely drinks.

But now, if you go down the bucket, I am afraid I have forgotten that I am really angry.

"Today is considered to be a celebration, so let's relax for a day, no training."

Manjikes said so, and Juggernaut also nodded.

"Then I'll go out to buy some food and have a good celebration tonight."

Luo Yi felt better at this time.

You are a teacher, listen to you.

Just after Luo Yi happily accepted Lilai's greetings, and the mood of being a little hazy by the wine barrel disappeared, he suddenly learned what double happiness is.

"President, we have received an order from the City of Seven Waters."

As always, Oliver rushed in from outside the tavern excitedly, without the stability of a vice-chairman of a large chamber of commerce.

"Oh, I didn't expect to get the order for the Capital of Seven Waters."

Luo Yi knew that the City of Seven Waters had a good reputation on the Great Sea Route. Although it had not yet reached the heyday of later generations, it was also a famous shipyard.

"Yes, it is said that the sea train is about to be built. We can receive the order when it is qualified. It is best to make a profit as soon as possible. Otherwise, when the sea train is opened, our business may be affected."

I have to say, Oliver's business sense is still relatively sensitive.

The current situation in the City of Seven Waters is very complicated.

Shipbuilding Island, the capital of the seven waters, welcomes the gods of water once a year, which is actually a tsunami.

Every year people on the island will go to high places to avoid the tsunami, but every year the water level will increase a lot after the tsunami passes.

Due to the poor trade of the Great Sea Route and the lack of contact between the island and the island, the major shipbuilding companies kept on merging in order to compete for customers, and the residents of the island fell into the shadow of slow death.

At this time, Master Tom, the world's number one shipbuilder, was rushed to live in a garbage dump because he built a ship for Gore D Roger.

Actually, it was also made by World ZF.

Typical bullying and fear of hardship behavior.

When Roger was rowing on the sea without oars and was all on the waves, he didn't watch them start to Tom.

But after Roger surrendered and executed his sentence in Roger Town, the World ZF began to arrest people related to Roger everywhere.

What did Tom do? Isn’t it just building a boat?

It's just that the ship he built happened to be boarded by One Piece.

Then World ZF caught Tom, saying that because of his help, Roger became the One Piece.

Aha, you are so awesome, why don't you judge this sea.

If there was no sea, there would be no One Piece.

At this time, the sea should be drained, so not to mention pirate boats, there is no sea for pirates.

The reason why Tom did not die 14 years ago is because he saw the situation in the City of Seven Waters and explained the design and concept of the sea train to the trial judge during the trial on the Judicial Island.

Although the presiding judge is not clear, he still knows how to train the people.

If the sea train is opened to traffic, it is indeed a great thing for the people.

So he announced that as long as Tom succeeded in building a sea train, he would be exonerated from building a ship for One Piece.

That said, but the current chief of GP5, what is the name of the scam, and the murderer who blows up O'Hara, has received an order to snatch the drawing of Hades.

In order to obtain the blueprint, the fraud framed Mr. Tom and made him a fault of attacking the judicial ship.

Finally, in order to save his two disciples, Mr. Tom offset the crime of attacking the judicial ship with the credit of the sea train. Finally, he was taken to the judicial island to be executed for the crime of building a ship for One Piece.

These are the information Luo Yi knows.

It can be said that Luo Yi's memory of the plot is still very full in the earlier part of the Fishman Island chapter.

But after arriving in the new world, the plot is very compact, and various tasks emerge in an endless stream, with several episodes coming out.

Originally these names were hard to remember, Luo Yi would even forget who was who.

He remembered the characters that appeared in the Aunt Pirate Group now.

"Who in the City of Seven Waters placed the order for us?"

Luo Yi took Oliver out to buy groceries and talked about the order by the way.

"Two shipbuilding companies have placed orders for us. In addition to beverages, they have also purchased some shipbuilding materials and many daily necessities."

Oliver began to detail the order this time.

Over the past three months, Oliver has actually managed the Chamber of Commerce very well.

After completing several orders in a row, the staff of the Chamber of Commerce gradually increased, and one more ship was purchased, which can be said to be an astonishing speed of fortune.