Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 87

The most important thing is that Captain Kunkka is still there. You don't even have to worry about safety when sailing, you can let him go.

"What about Tom Shipbuilding?"

Luo Yite named the place.

"Does the president mean the maker of sea trains? Their company is still making sea trains, but they are already too poor, so naturally they won't do business with them."

Oliver explained that the merchant, regardless of whether you are doing something big or not, can't get the money, that's for nothing.

They open a business meeting, but they don't take the initiative to send someone to the door for prostitution.

"Prepare some gifts. I will also go to the Capital of Seven Waters together this time and visit Mr. Tom."

Luo Yi gave an order.

"No problem, President."

138. Innocent wine

That night, a small banquet was held in the Dota Pub.

In order to celebrate Luo Yi's breakthrough in the first hurdle in his practice, and to encourage the staff of the Chamber of Commerce, everyone in the entire Dota Chamber of Commerce was called over.

The Chamber of Commerce has now grown to more than 200 people, of which more than 150 are all members of the ship.

The remaining fifty-odd figures are all other workers in the chamber of commerce.

The current chamber of commerce has begun to take shape. In addition to the president, Luo Yi, there is also a finance department headed by Oliver Taddy Cecil.

The membership department headed by Oliver's wife Margie, and the secretarial department headed by Oliver Naomi.

There are also various members who were later recruited by Oliver, responsible for procurement, publicity, outreach, inspection of goods, and management of the warehouse.

In the Chamber of Commerce, many people know that they have a president, Luo Yi who exercises on the island every day and also opened a daily limited-time tavern on Hotel Street.

However, today is also the first time most people have seen Luo Yi.

For three months, Luo Yi did not follow Oliver to sea, nor did he go to the Chamber of Commerce, so he was completely immersed in the practice and research system.

Since he could not draw any heroes, Luo Yi reserved the remaining 20,000 dollars. He felt that something went wrong.

For example, now that a function of building an altar is added, shouldn't you build a few more altars before you can continue to draw heroes?

Or, there is actually a limit to the number of heroes drawn. Now that the quota is full, what conditions need to be met before they can be opened.

Anyway, Luo Yi guessed this way, but in actual implementation, it was another matter.

In order to figure out the system, Luo Yi even wondered if the equipment he had synthesized was too few. He even continued to turn the turntable after madly combining a lot of equipment, but as a result, no newcomers appeared.

But no matter what, it's good now, and I dare not ask for anything more.

Luo Yi knew that he was a very satisfied person.

At the banquet that day, in order to have a good celebration, by the way, he had a few more glasses with the people under his hands. He even mobilized the true energy in his body to try to use the "Six-Maid Sword" to force the wine out of his body.

The results can be imagined.

Drinking porridge with a headache, Lilai thoughtfully stood behind Luo Yi, mobilizing a little bit of frost magic, gently rubbing his temples to relieve Luo Yi's discomfort.

At this time, Manjikes suddenly had other arrangements.

"New training?"

Luo Yi picked up the piece of paper that Manjikes handed over with some confusion.


This is the recipe for the first ale sold in the pub.

After taking a closer look, Luo Yi woke up most of the wine in an instant.

I can finally learn these things by myself.

Does that mean that after I finish learning

"These are actually the true qi cultivation methods of the Oyu Society. You can now master the true qi in your body, so making wine is the process by which you use true qi skillfully."

Manjikes didn't seem to feel the change in Luo Yi's emotions, and said directly.

Sitting up straight, Luo Yi listened carefully to Manjikes' explanation.

It's just an ale, Luo Yi has also seen the process of manjix brewing before.

Wash the wheat kernels, cook in the pot, let cool, crush the koji, add the wheat kernels, cover the surface with persimmon leaves, seal it, and serve in 24 hours.

It seems simple, but in every step here, there are places where infuriating energy is applied.

After breakfast, Luo Yi did not rest, and directly followed Manjix to the underground wine cellar.

Start with the first step of cleaning.

The infuriating energy ran on the palm of his hand. Following Manjikes' instructions, he inserted his hands into the water tank and began to wash and stir the wheat kernels.

Luo Yi's movements are very slow, but it doesn't matter.

Learning is a process, and the most important thing is not to make mistakes, not to achieve results the fastest.

Practice makes perfect, which is the result of constant contact.

Manjikes was very pleased to see Luo Yi walking along his steps very seriously.

Although his talent is not the highest, and he loves broken thoughts, since he started training Luo Yi, he has never heard him complain about what to do, and has never stopped training due to physical discomfort and other reasons.

It can be said that today, although it is inseparable from the book of knowledge, everything is achieved by Luo Yi's own efforts.

After spending two full hours, Luo Yi let out a long sigh of relief after sealing the last barrel of ale.

No mistakes were made throughout the journey.

Luo Yi felt that he was doing well.

Look at the appreciative look cast by Manjikes, this is encouragement.

However, Luo Yi also realized the daily hardship of Manjikes.

The number of orders in the pub is actually not small.

Later, Oliver went out to find it by himself, and it was okay that he almost didn't even have an order.

Their main sales now are the two liquor suppliers, Kingdom of Gossa and Dragon Palace.

This is where their chamber of commerce makes the most money.

And in two hours, Luo Yi just prepared a hundred barrels of ale, deducting the daily sales in the tavern, really not much.

Sure enough, the income of catering is still very high, as long as the sales are sold and the quantity is increased, the income will naturally come.

"Today's performance is okay. From now on, the ale will be brewed by you every day. When you are proficient, we will teach you other things."

That's what Manjikes commented.

Luo Yi stretched his shin.

I have never been so tired from meditating.

In fact, according to his current situation, there is no way to support such a large amount of work.

Since he had prepared a hundred barrels of ale at one time, Luo Yi's true energy was actually used up when he cooked the wheat kernels.

It's just that, after all, he is a hang-up.

The recovery speed of one blood essence stone plus five refresh balls was so fast that Luo Yi couldn't imagine it.

One hundred intelligence points, calculated according to 12 mana points per intelligence point, Luo Yi's upper limit is only 1200.

Even if the upper limit of magic increased by the blood essence stone of 425 is added, what is the concept of the 1625 magic value, ten seconds to full.

This means that Luo Yi is about the same as the lack of blue five-fifth opening next door, not long-lasting, and it will be full just once.

But Luo Yi returned to the blue equipment, even if he gave it to the blue cat, he could wave around.

Although he had been busy all morning, Luo Yi still felt refreshed.

Sure enough, if you have money, you can do whatever you want.

As long as the equipment is good, I can be armed as a carry as an engineer.

Ahem, just kidding, this is still a thing, it can only be in a dream.

In short, Luo Yi in a good mood, not only gave a 10% discount to the drinks of the day, but also took out the paper and began to write down the things in his memory.

He thinks, life requires a little planning.

For example, apart from heavenly gold and selling things, where else can you get money?

139. Goblin Engineer's Explosion Experience

Luo Yi didn't expect it.

The sea train said it was going to be completed, but it will be ready in just a few days.

Sitting on the boat, no one came out with him on this trip.

As Luo Yi’s sparring partner for so long, Manjikes and Juggernaut have finally managed to get his true energy out. Naturally, there is no need to continue to practice with him. The rest is left to Luo Yi to grow up slowly. it is good.

Looking at the newspaper sent by Newsbird today, the sea breeze was blowing, while controlling his true energy to resist the cold wind.

The weather is almost October, it can't be said to be cool anymore, it is indeed a little cold.

Oliver and others have put on their vests to resist the roaring sea breeze, but Luo Yi is constantly mobilizing his true energy to generate warmth in his body.

With the support of the equipment, Luo Yi can use Zhen Qi 24 hours a day, which is very convenient for exercise.

"A few days before we can reach the City of Seven Waters?"

Putting down the newspaper that said that the sea train was open to traffic and praising the Master Tom chapter, Luo turned his head and asked Oliver.

"I guess it will be tomorrow or the day after tomorrow."

Oliver estimated the time and said.

"I hope it's time."

Luo nodded, and underestimated in a low voice.

Oliver glanced at Luo. He heard Luo Yi's underestimation. Although it was not very clear, Oliver did not ask.

The boss spoke in a low voice, because he didn't want to be heard by himself.

However, Luo Yi, who picked up the newspaper again, was distracted by a sudden system prompt.

"Complete the contract, get the goblin engineer's explosion experience"


Luo Yi is full of greetings.

He directly pulled the system screen to the engineer trio.

Through their vision, Luo Yi saw a huge mushroom cloud rising slowly over the sea near Baldigo.

The raging flames rose from the sea and rushed straight into the clouds, rushing out of a hole in the clouds above Baldi, the clouds seemed to become a butterfly ring, shaking constantly.

Luo Yi: "Fuck everyone, look at the engineer"

Lilai: "Horrible!"

Manjix: "!!!Д"

Lucifer: "Heh! Great."

Meepo: "1"

Auros: "This power is comparable to a Magister."

Kunkka: "Can it blow to the bottom of the sea?"

Juggernaut: "My swordsmanship has not reached the limit."

Everyone has expressed their opinions.

In addition to the mushroom cloud, everyone also saw that under the huge explosive power, it was driven by a huge tsunami.

A huge wave of a hundred meters high screamed towards Baldi.