Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 88

Everyone found that the field of vision was retreating rapidly, and the engineer trio, floating behind Dorag at this time, seemed to be dragged away by an invisible force.

The three of them were not conscious at all. Seeing their ecstatic appearance and dancing happily, they seemed to be just celebrating their achievements. They didn't see at all. If they didn't run away, they would definitely be swept by the tsunami. Into the bottom of the sea.

Luo Yi really didn't know what to say.

While watching the explosion, he took out the explosion experience from the armory.

Yoho, the one that can be updated in real time.

After opening the first page, Luo Yi saw that the catalogue of this book was actually changing, and when turning to the end of the book, the page number was also changing. I thought that new content was generated in the middle of the book, so that Luo Yi had a way to travel by himself. The illusion of Harry Potter's world.

But even so, this is just a small book of less than a hundred pages.

After opening it, Luo Yi didn't know whether to cry or laugh.

It records a lot of experiences about explosions, and even the first item is called Explosive Takeoff.

Take off your sister.

At the time of DOTA1, the name of this thing was called a suicide attack, which means self-destruction.

This is the reason why this product is hated by everyone.

When he rushed up, he blew himself up. Although it was so powerful that it killed two of the opponent’s heroes, he also died. The money from killing the hero was also taken away by him. Teammates could only get two assists, even assists. Not necessarily.

So, what happens when the economy concentrates on a hero whose support is not support, control is not control, and the core is not the core?

Regardless of whether you win or lose this round, you are going to spray you anyway.

Not only was the opponent scolding you, even your teammates were scolding you, but they could not do anything with you. Anyway, it was the situation where Lang took off and finally was reported by nine people.

Luo Yi now looked at the content of this first page, really didn't know what to say.

This is a very powerful explosive.

But this kind of explosive has a disadvantage that it is fast.

It was an explosion caused by mixing two different materials.

As soon as the two materials encounter, they will explode immediately, and if you want to mix the two materials, you need to manually operate.

When the engineer trio was fighting, Squee was in charge of the cart, Sprin was in charge of the artillery, and Spoon was in charge of assembling the bomb. The division of labor was very clear, and the three had thick skins. Even if they were bombed, they would be seriously injured at most. Just dying.

But Luo Yi had a headache.

Your bomb is very powerful, but you have to rush up with the bomb to detonate it.

Then the question is coming.

Who in One Piece has less blood limit than yourself?


The people inside are more cruel than the other.

Except for those who were drawn to death by Oda, whose blood limit was reduced to 1, everyone else seemed to be 99999.

Those who blow up are all small soldiers, and those who can't blow up are big men. This skill is useless at all.

If you don’t have a remote-controlled bomb, you can’t make a remote-control device. Put the two materials in the same bucket, press the remote control to remove the wood in the middle, so that it can be detonated?

Luo complained weakly.

However, the things recorded in this experience are really good, induction mines, stagnant traps, remote-controlled bombs, these are all recorded in it.

Even at the end, it recorded a number of bomb types that Luo Yi had never seen before.


This is not a name yet.

Is it the explosion just now?

However, is it a bit too fast for you to directly transition from remote-controlled bombs to nuclear bombs?

After reading it for a while, Luo Yi understood that this thing is not a nuclear bomb, but a powerful bomb that they researched in combination with a special technique. It is not a nuclear weapon that uses the nuclear fission reaction to study.

The most important thing is that the materials inside seem to be very expensive. Even the revolutionary army does not have any stocks. The only thing is that they have been taken out for experiments.

As for the cost, Luo Yi looked at the engineer's record.

Well, one hundred billion Baileys.


140. On the Hulk Island

In the early morning, Luo Yi and the others finally arrived at the City of Seven Waters.

Oliver took the people from the Chamber of Commerce to hand over the goods with the people from the two shipbuilding companies. Luo Yi pushed a small cart with the drinks and Coke he prepared on it, and some food, and walked alone in the City of Seven Waters. On the street.

This is a city on the water, the prototype is drawn with reference to Venice, the capital of water.

However, the city at this time is not as prosperous as Venice, and it even feels like a waste of time.

Before the opening of the sea train, there was a shortage of materials on the island and shipbuilding materials had to be purchased from outside, but due to the opening of the great pirate era, they were afraid to even set sail.

This situation began 14 years ago, and even in just two years, the City of Seven Waters began to become deserted due to inconvenient transportation, because of the fear that the island would sink and the people on the island would collapse.

Four years ago, the first sea train line was opened. Starting from this desolate city, carrying people who were once desperate, the sea train smoked the Tom and began to cross the sea.

In the next four years, Tom Shipbuilding completed the three remaining routes, connecting St. Poplar, Pucci, St. Pruitt, and Judicial Island with the City of Seven Waters.

All of this was built by Master Tom, as well as his two disciples, Esbaku and Carter Fram Frank.

Even if Tom is a top shipbuilder who can lift a boat with one hand, just thinking about the amount of work will know that these three people are not human at all.

However, after the opening of the sea train, the City of Seven Waters has indeed begun to regain its former prosperity, but development will never come quickly.

In the anime, it was because it took Esbaku 8 years to merge the seven companies in the City of Seven Waters and cooperate with the World ZF, which drove the vigorous development of the City of Seven Waters.

After a little inquiries, Luo pushed the cart and walked towards the Hulk Island, where Tom Shipbuilding Company is.

Luo Yi had a calculation of time in his heart. Today is the third day when all the sea trains are completed. In other words, even if the judicial ship arrives today, Tom will be sent to the judicial island for execution by the sea train he personally built.

And the source of everything lies in the Pluto drawing.

By the way, it seems that Spandham’s rod maker should have been in contact with Tom three days ago, and now it should be stealing Carter Fraum, that is, the future Frankie combat USS attack is about to The incoming judicial ship wanted to use this to threaten Tom to take out Pluto drawings.

Now that the judicial ship hasn't arrived, I might need to make a detour first.

Pushing the trolley, Luo Yi came to the Hulk Island and saw the house that said "TOMS WORKERS". The door hadn't opened yet, but he came a bit early. After all, the sun had just risen.

Putting the cart at the door, Luo Yi walked directly toward the coast.

There are a lot of hulks parked there. Hundreds of abandoned ships are piled up here. It sounds like a small number, but the size of each ship is also very scary.

Among these boats, there are some small boats that look particularly conspicuous.

Seven or eight small boats with numbered numbers are lined up, looking very neat and orderly.

From a distance, Luo Yi saw four people wearing suits, black ties, and black hats, and one ugly man with red rosacea and black robe.

Because Frankie goes to sea by himself, he only needs one person to start these ships. On each ship, there is a person wearing a black wetsuit on it, preparing for the ship's sailing.

Sure enough, CP5 has come.

Then I should

Sneak, I don't have this skill, but I have a hidden blade.

Put on the big flying shoes, bring the Sanye Sword, the wind wand, the soul niche, and the war drum.

At this moment, Luo Yi's speed is as fast as he can now. Put it in the game, that is the full speed of 550.

However, in this world, there is no such thing as full speed. According to the setting, the old man Huang Yuan is a person with the ability of Shining Fruit, who can move at the speed of light. This is the fastest man in the Pirate World, and only Thunder Fruit It might have caught up with him.

Without anyone finding out, within 14 seconds of Hidden Blade's opening, it only took 10 seconds, Luo Yi crossed hundreds of meters and hid on the nearest hulk.

Then, silently replaced the soul niche in the inventory with an ether lens, and the war drum with a blue hammer.

"Damn it, damn Tom Studio, I'm the dignified chief of CP5, I dared to throw me out of the dilapidated house, so that my head was filled with paint, I fell into the water, and my jaw was hit."

Spandam, standing with his four men who were wearing white suits with hands in their pockets, who seemed to be ready to take pictures at any time, touched his still aching chin, and cursed viciously.

But it doesn't matter. When the judicial ship arrives in the City of Seven Waters, these fleets made by Carter Fram will directly bombard the judicial ship, and when the judicial ship is sunk, they are driven back, and you are done.

At that time, Tom's studio will be unable to defend themselves. Once they become criminals, they can be searched by themselves.

Pluto's drawings are coming soon.

That’s a legendary ancient weapon, a drawing of a super battleship that can destroy an island in one shot. It took a lot of thought for Spandham to find out this information. When he thought of the drawing, he couldn’t help it. Just laughed.

"Hahahaha, hahaha"

"Mr. Spandham."

Laughing too hard, Spandam's jaw dislocated.

In a rush, the subordinate who had to remember to insert the bag when someone came to take a photo took Spandam's chin back.

"Damn it, move faster, the judicial ship is coming."


At this moment, Spandam blamed everything on Tom's studio.

If they obediently cooperated with the investigation, they would have already got Pluto's drawings.

At that time, this contribution can be said to have a bright future, and even the power in his hands will be even greater than that of his father in CP9.

Thinking of this, Spandam continued to be patient, waiting for this group of subordinates to do things.

However, the development of things is often not so smooth due to accidents.

"Sir, there seems to be something in the sky."


One of the subordinates in the white suit suddenly pointed to the sky and said.

Spandam raised his head suspiciously.

They see

141. Meteorite Hammer


"I'm going out."

"Wait, Frankie, put your pants on."

Frankie who opened the door of the room saw the trolley at the door, and Cocoro, who was chasing out from behind, wanted to let Frankie's pants on the boat in swimming trunks, naturally saw these things.

"Wow, Coke, and burgers and French fries. Look at them. There are so many delicious foods."

Frank opened the box on the cart and looked at the neatly prepared food inside, even warm.

"Knowing that today is the day of the verdict, maybe the people in the city gave us it."

"Possibly, let's get the car in first. I'll go and call Mr. Tom and Aspaku. Today is really a good day."

Coco Luo said happily.

When she was a mermaid, she came to the City of Seven Waters from Murloc Island because she admired Mr. Tom, and now she holds the position of Secretary of Tom's Studio.

However, when a mermaid is over 30 years old, his tail becomes legs, not to mention, Kokoro, who is over 60 years old.

Originally, I just asked Frankie out to buy something to celebrate Mr. Tom's acquittal, but now it seems that I don't have to go.

And the things in this box, except for Coke burgers and fries, don't seem to be cheap. The Bailey she gave Frankie was not enough to buy half of these things.

However, when Frankie tried to push the cart into the house, she saw Granny Coco Luo looking up to the shore.

That direction, isn’t it where we built the ship?What is it? What is it?

Opening his mouth wide in surprise, Frank felt that his jaw might also be dislocated.

The shore of Hulk Island.

Luo Yi hid on a broken ship with a hidden blade effect. He was not discovered by anyone. The combat effectiveness of these CP5 intelligence personnel is not as abnormal as CP9 or CP0.