Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 96

But this time, he didn't feel the energy feedback.

But even so, a seriously injured Hornby and a weak Kirk could not stop Luo Yi's footsteps.

Outside, the more loyal subordinates have rushed in.

However, in a small room, the advantages of crowded tactics are not so powerful.

Luo stepped lightly, turned upside down, low and high, staggering and not falling.

Except for swords, fists, palms, fingers, elbows, shoulders, knees, and feet, they are all Luo Yi's weapons.

More than a dozen people rushed in, and only persisted for less than three seconds, and Luo Yi was completely knocked down without leaving a living.

Outside, I saw that the captain was seriously injured, three cadres were dead, a dozen people who rushed in didn't even play a role in blocking, and they had already run away.

Now, after reluctantly fighting with Luo for more than a dozen back and forth, Kirk, who can use the knife in his hand as a saw, keeps turning his eyes.

He wants to run.

If you run out, you will be chased and killed by the navy. If you can't run out, you won't even be chased and killed.

But he wanted to run, but Luo Yi was not too happy.

After dozens of consecutive attacks, even if it is only calculated according to the probability of the item itself, the 20 crit rate should be triggered.

But it didn't.

The crystal sword in his hand did not trigger a critical strike, and even the Bloodthorn in the inventory did not trigger a critical strike.

This is cheating.

Dad paid such a big price to take you out. Is it for you to display?

His face is not so good now.

Kirk can also tell.

Maybe I think I can support it too much.

But that's not the case. The captain who was badly injured was also participating in the war, but he didn't even see you hacking him to death. You just avoided the point with two swords.

Now, looking at Hornby, who was lying on the ground losing too much blood and alive, and after looking at the door behind Luo Yi, Hornby only thought of a way to escape.

"Captain, hold on."

Picking up Hornby with his left hand, Kirk stared at Luo with a big roar.

Cast a moving look at Kirk. In this long career as a pirate, he hasn't felt the warmth of humanity for a long time, but he did not expect that at this critical moment of life and death, the crew ran away, and the deputy captain still thought. Take yourself with your sister.

The crystal-like blade appeared directly in front of Hornby under Kirk's strong push.

Luo pierced Hornby's heart with just one stroke of the crystal sword in his hand.

Kirk, who had pushed Hornby over, had already thrown away the long knife in his hand and ran towards the side window.

Humph, the aisle outside is only two meters at most, and as long as he jumps hard and breaks the window, he can still fall into the sea.

He Kirk didn't believe it, this pirate hunter could still jump into the sea to chase him down.

For his escape plan, Kirk felt that the success rate was as high as 90.

The pirate hunter didn't seem to intend to kill them all at once, but instead used them as sharpening stones for training.

After the fight just now, he frowned and glanced at the sword in his hand, thinking about what problem he had encountered, and even pulled away a little bit from them.

At this little distance, Kirk judged that Luo Yi could not catch him.

The fact is also true.

Luo Yi is five meters away from the window, while Kirk is only two meters away from the window, which is actually two steps.

When Luo Yi pushed Hornby's body away, Kirk was ready to take off.

At the moment he took off, Kirk turned his head and gave Luo Yi a cruel smile.

Although he looked embarrassed when he was running away, he must be handsome. Kirk even wanted to say: "I will definitely be back."

And Kirk, who looked back, saw Luo Yi making a throwing motion.

This is his estimated 10 probability of not being able to escape.

There were two daggers hanging around Luo Yi's waist. Although they didn't know what they were used for, they were indeed a good weapon for throwing them when chasing.

Kirk was betting that Luo couldn't kill himself as soon as he calculated and threw the dagger.

As long as you can't kill, you can escape by falling into the sea.

With this jump, Kirk's legs used the greatest strength he could use in his life, striving to be foolproof.

Seeing that Kirk was about to jump up, Luo Yi placed his right hand backwards, and quickly swiped forward, an axe, which flew out, and landed directly on Kirk's back.

The axe that ran out too late to think about where, enduring the pain on his back, was struggling with his legs, but found that he couldn't use it.


The window did break, but most of Kirk's body was still stuck on the window, and the axe on his back, because it hit the upper edge of the window, the handle of the axe was pressed hard and the blade of the axe went deeper.

Both hands and feet dropped weakly.

Kirk's eyes were blank.

He was still alive, but he didn't understand why his legs would be unable to exert any strength in the end, and why an axe suddenly appeared.

At this moment, Luo Yi blew a light whistle, walked out of the door of the room, detoured the aisle next door, and raised his hand with a sword.

153. The Headache Warring States

Marine Headquarters, Marin Vando.

In the past few months, the information of the Dota Tavern and Dota Chamber of Commerce has been continuously sent to the hands of the Warring States Period.

He didn't want to control it.

At first, I would pay attention to this tavern, because Manjikes and Lucifer demolished half of the island, so they started to pay attention to these two powerhouses.

Judging from the traces of their battles, the two are not weaker than the lieutenant general's.

For this reason, the Warring States Period also specially asked Gumir to take a trip in person to see how strong these two people are, and by the way, take a look at their attitude.

Because the battle took place in the illegal zone, but the tavern opened in the rule of law zone, the Warring States period hoped that the two men had no intention of being criminals, otherwise the navy would have two more enemies.

Facts have proved that they just watched the tavern quietly, and occasionally cleaned up criminals on the island, which can be said to be civilian friends.

However, when Gumir went, he saw Pluto Raleigh.

The deputy captain of the One Piece was drinking in Luo Yi's tavern.

Regardless of whether Luo knew Rayleigh's identity, at least their tavern immediately became the target of the navy's stalking.

The navy soldier in charge of surveillance did not know that the man was Raleigh.

After all, it has been 14 years since the execution of the Pirate King Roger. Everyone's memories of Raleigh are just legendary characters.

Now the recruits who have joined the navy were still peeing and muddy 14 years ago. Where do you know the Pluto? Just take a look at the wanted order back then and see what Raleigh looks like in his prime.

However, the development of things seems to deviate more and more from their expectations.

I just wanted to observe, but found that there were more and more people in the tavern.

The most important thing is that when Gumir went for the second time, he found that the strength of these people was not weak.

The only thing that moved and satisfied the Warring States period was that these people seemed to have justice in their hearts.

I don't know if the people at the Luoyi Tavern are very clear, but according to the information recently submitted by the Navy branch of the Chambord Islands, the security of the Chambord Islands has been improved a lot.

In particular, the human trafficker transaction has not stopped, but most of the people auctioned at the human auction house have become pirates and human traffickers.

That's fine, although they are catching pirates and human traffickers to make extra money, but in this world, people are auctioned because of demand.

Such as the slaves of the Tianlong people.

Therefore, since the current self cannot prevent the population auction from happening, at least letting the arrested people be replaced by those wicked people is also regarded as evil.

However, the information obtained today made Warring States feel that he seemed to underestimate the kid named Luo Yi.

The intelligence that the revolutionary army can detect, the navy can naturally also detect it.

They all knew that Luo Yi was able to summon strong people one after another. The Warring States had always thought that this was Luo Yi's devil fruit ability.

According to their speculation, this should be an ability to summon others from far away. At least the people in the tavern are not in the archives of their navy at all. It is very likely that they are from the New World.

However, after Gumir went there twice before, he had mentioned that Luo was an ordinary man a little stronger than an ordinary navy soldier.

The news from the navy branch was only information that Luo Yi would run and exercise in the Chambord Islands every morning and evening.

But today, news came back that Luo Yi killed the Hornby Pirates.

Although the strength of this pirate group is not strong, Captain Hornby is offering a reward of 80 million Baileys, of which 60 million is due to strength.

More importantly, it was mentioned in the intelligence that Luo Yi directly killed the captain and deputy captain cadres of the entire Hornby Pirate Group by himself, and seized the opponent's Pirate Ship.

The pirate ship and the navy didn't need it, but it was their trophy, and Luo Yi didn't sell it.

But the problem is not here. The problem is that Luo Yi's strength is about the same as that of a colonel in the navy.

How many resources are needed to train a navy colonel, how could the Warring States period not know, even in the navy, there are few who can have the strength of a colonel at the age of 15.

Maybe, only the children cultivated in CP9 can catch up with Luo Yi's talent.

The Warring States period knew that before this year, Luo Yi was a child of an ordinary family, and his temperament changed greatly until his parents passed away.

It might be because you got Devil Fruit at that time, and those people in the tavern seemed to be Luo Yi's teachers.

"Hey, such talents did not appear in our navy."

Getting Luo Yi was equivalent to getting the support of the entire tavern, and the Warring States Period understood this at once.

However, Gumir also tried it before.

People are not willing, what can you do?

Putting down Luo Yi's intelligence, the Warring States Period took the next one with a headache.

The information that can be sent to him is naturally very important.

This is an intelligence from Dres Rosa.

In any case, Doflamingo has just become Qiwuhai this year, and now he has become the king of Dresrosa. Everything came by chance.

The king, who has always been supported by the people, suddenly brandished a butcher knife at the people and was saved by Doflamingo.

In other words, a discerning person knows that there is a problem at a glance.

But they can't control it.

Not to mention the identity of Doflamingo Qiwuhai, just his Don Quixote's surname is destined not to be an active person in the navy.

"Oh, why can't the Navy have more idiots like Karp."

"Warring States, as soon as I came in, I heard you saying bad things about me."

"How many times have I told you that you have to knock on the door when you come in."

"Huh? You let me knock on the door to prevent me from hearing you say bad things about me?"

"My Treasure Tea"

"I brought senbei over, what happened to your tea."


The Warring States period wanted Karp to get out, but there was no way.

If Karp can listen to him, he at least knows how to knock when he comes in.

Think about it and forget it, anyway, even if I eat senbei and green tea next to me, I just watch my work.

How can it be repaired.

Why did you become a marshal in the first place, it's really comfortable to be an idle lieutenant general.

Glancing at Karp, Zeng Guo looked at the intelligence again.

The above shows that the cadre of the Don Quijote family, Diamanti, left from Dres Rosa, not knowing where he was going, and is still under investigation.

At this time, to let the cadres leave, the Warring States had to keep an eye on them, worrying about what Doflamingo would conspiracy.