Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 97

The next piece of information also made the Warring States worry, feeling that his hair was going to be white.

"Red Heart Pirates"

154. Foresee the Future

In the past, Luo Yi felt that going out as a pirate hunter was compelling.

But it smells so good now.

Seeing that there are more than 10,000 dollars in the system, and the remaining 70 million Baileys in the hand, how can it be a cool word.

Luo Yi is now a little grateful that he is in the era of great navigation.

In this era, bounties are more hydrated than before.

If it were the pirate before Roger's death, offering a reward of 80 million Baileys would definitely be more than just that.

It also benefited from a set of equipment on his body and the sudden crit of the crystal sword, which directly laid the balance of victory in the battle.

From the beginning, Luo Yi didn't think he would lose.

The use of infuriating energy is still very extensive. It can increase defense and offensive power like armed domineering, and it can also perceive the strength of the opponent like seeing and hearing domineering.

Due to the relatively comprehensive functions, the power of each increase seems to be less than aggressive.

The increased defensive power of Zhen Qi did not allow Luo Yi's body to resist attacks caused by swords and guns directly like steel, but only increased his anti-strike ability.

And the so-called offensive power, in fact, only enhances the overall ability of the physical body, and cannot wrap the weapon like domineering, so that the sword in the hand will never break.

In terms of perception, it can only perceive whether there is someone and how strong it is. It can’t even know what kind of attack the enemy behind it is doing like seeing and hearing domineering.

Luo Yi realized that it was also possible that his true qi could not be cultivated at home. As for whether true qi could be applied to the capable person, Luo Yi felt that he had to experiment.

For example, find someone to eat the devil fruit that has accumulated dust in your tavern, and then beat him yourself?

No, that devil fruit is a superhuman type, unless it is a rubber fruit that directly changes the body of a person with abilities, those special abilities that are released cannot seem to be offset with domineering.

While thinking about the future development, Luo Yi returned to the tavern. After finishing washing and clearing the blood-stained clothes on his body, Luo Yi made a decision.

In the future, buy some cheap clothes, wear them during fights, and throw them away.

Expanding the system interface, Luo Yi clicked on the skill tree again.

Compared to the lottery, Luo felt that he was more willing to spend the money here.

No matter how many items are drawn, there are only a few inventory on my body. I can use all of them, but I can’t use them, such as Aghanim’s Scepter. What kind of overbearing, overbearing luck

"Phantom Yarn Training System 2, is it activated? Is it"


"2000 Knife Coins consumed, activation is successful."

Only 2000?

Luo Yi felt a sudden excitement in his heart, did it only grow by 1,000 at a time?So conscientious?

Luo Yi is really unable to complain about this system of pitting money.

Under the leadership of the system, in Luo Yi's eyes, only tens of millions of Baileys were considered money, and the others were not worth mentioning.

What makes a person misuse money in just a few months?

Is it stress?

Is it a burden?

Is it a responsibility?

No, it's nurturing.

Luo Yi discovered that he was actually taken care of by DOTA heroes.

But fortunately, at least there is no need to play with rich woman steel balls, rich woman golden hoop, rich woman flame mountain, rich woman closed moon fan

Putting aside unrealistic thoughts, Luo began to sort out the extra cultivation methods in his mind.

Phantom Assault: Moritti's silk veil is the last thing her hapless target sees.

Flashes to a friendly or enemy unit. If it is an enemy unit, it will gain an attack speed bonus when attacking the target.

This is the second skill that Luo Yi has now that he can practice.

Like the suffocating dagger, this is a special use of energy that can instantly move to the opponent's side within a short distance.

This can almost be regarded as a spatial application. With the help of the energy in the body, it can ignore all the obstacles between the two and instantly teleport itself to the enemy or friendly army.

There are still 8000 knife coins, but Luo Yi is not in a hurry to continue to activate the skills behind.

Although he wanted to master all the skills of the magic thorn in one go, Luo Yi knew that learning things should be done step by step. Only when the current knowledge is firmly grasped can he understand the following content.

It's definitely not because there is a lot of knowledge in my mind, it takes time to understand, and now my head is still a bit bloated.

Lying on the bed with his eyes closed, Luo began to organize the training content of the Phantom Raid.

First of all, this is not an easy thing to practice.

Unlike the suffocating dagger, Phantom Strike can be said to be a more difficult skill in the Phantom Veil.

Among the entire DOTA heroes, there are not many heroes that can be teleported, such as magic spikes, hidden spikes, enemy spells, and queens.

Seeing that only four out of a hundred people can teleport, you know how difficult this skill is.

Luo Yi studied all night, until the next morning, when dragging two huge dark circles to go out for a run, he didn't figure out how to practice.

Although this stuff is printed in your mind, sometimes knowledge is like a mathematical formula, which is clearly in your mind, but after the test papers are issued, you still won't do the same.

At this moment, it was the first time Luo Yi began to doubt his talent.

"If you want to learn Phantom Raid, it is best to learn Phantom Invisible first."

When Luo Yi returned to the tavern with breakfast, Moritti looked at Luo Yi with the porridge in her hand, and said these words after a long time.

"Huh? I got the order wrong?"

Luo Yi didn't know why Motritti said that. As for seeing what skills she was practicing, she was a member of the Phantom Veil, how could she not see it.

Luo Yi felt that the system was simply playing him.

Isn’t the order of learning in accordance with the lighting order of the talent tree?

Then you need to spend money to activate, and to study, you can't get out after you come in, you are simply engaging in MLM.

Taking a bite of the meat in his hand, Luo Yi opened the system interface.

"Phantom Yarn Training System 3, is it activated? Is it"


"Consume 3000 Knife Coins, activation is successful."

The Phantom is invisible: Long-term meditation enables the members of the Phantom Veil to carefully predict the arrival of the enemy.

The Phantom Assassin concentrates on one heart, and his skill to dodge enemy attacks is improved.Can be cast actively to blur her body shape so that she cannot be seen when there are no enemy heroes nearby.It is a non-linear stack with other dodge effects.

This time, there was not much knowledge added to my mind, the only thing that came out was the way of meditation.

Different from true qi meditation, this is the basic skill for cultivating the phantom yarn skill. The energy obtained from this meditation is much better than the effect of using the suffocating dagger.

Luo Yi combed the knowledge in his mind and tried to meditate, then he found that Manjikes, who was sitting next to him, stretched out his hand and took bread twice.

Predict future?

"Manjix, practice with me after eating?"

Luo Yi suddenly suggested that.

Although he didn't know what Luo Yi had suddenly made, Manjikes nodded.

When the two came to the yard, Luo Yi continued to look for the feeling that was just now, the mysterious and mysterious feeling.

While running the true energy in his body in a meditative manner, Luo Yi stared at Manjikes seriously.

He moved, and his right fist hit his left cheek, and he hit.

"Go brewing."


With invigorating hands running, gently rubbing his left cheek, Luo Yi immediately ran into the basement.

Foresee the future, but also the future.

155. I want it!



Compared with before, Luo Yi's life has undergone some changes.

In addition to operating the tavern, Luo Yi's free time is almost used to ponder the equipment in the system, as well as the phantom yarn training method in his mind.

Not in the inventory to test, but in the hand, mobilizing his own qi to test.

It has been two months since Moritti appeared to the present, and the time has come to the end of December.

There is no rush to draw a lottery, nor to activate the "Phantom Yarn Training System 4", Luo Yi is very hard to learn the first three skills of the Phantom Yarn.

In these two months, Luo Yi understood one thing.

The illusion that I had had before was shattered.

After summoning Motridi and activating the talent tree, Luo Yi thought that one day he could master the skills of all the heroes, killing the gods when encountering gods and killing Buddhas when encountering Buddhas.

But in fact, he can learn these skills as long as he has money.


So, this is not a serious DOTA, it is actually an OMG model.

It's been two months, besides making the suffocating dagger more accurate, he hasn't even mastered the invisible phantom, let alone the phantom raid.

The ability of the Phantom Yarn is not so easy to learn. It takes a long period of meditation and a change in the nature of the true Qi in the body.

To put it simply, he needs the power of the Phantom.

Just like some, the mage uses MP, and the fighter uses anger, the system is different, and the skills cannot be released.

Although the so-called power of the phantom will not conflict with the true energy in his body, it will merge with the true energy during meditation.

Luo Yi didn't know how to describe the zhenqi in his body now. The zhenqi that was originally slightly cyan had now been dyed with a hint of dark red, and it felt a bit wrong.

However, there is no problem with the use of true energy. On the contrary, it is more convenient than before. Is it because meditation and meditation can be performed together?Or is it because I have been working hard for the past two months to practice Zhen Qi?

In these two months, apart from practicing and opening a shop, I would go out to hunt pirates every few days.

And because Luo picked someone weaker than himself, Manjikes couldn't stand it anymore. The night before, he directly pulled him to find a pirate who offered a reward of just over 100 million yuan to fight.

I have to say that there is really a big difference between the pirates who are over 100 million and those who are not.

Without wearing equipment, Luo Yi could only barely support under the opponent's attack. This was because his usual training targets were Manjix and Juggernaut, and he was accustomed to that high-intensity attack.

After that, Luo Yi put on the Liushen costume and struggled with more than a dozen wounds on his body before he reluctantly killed the opponent.

It was the closest he was to death. In addition to his limbs, a huge wound was cut on his chest, and an inch was cut in on his left shoulder. Even with the recovery items, Luo Yi recovered for a whole day before he was relieved. come.

"His Aunt"

Pushed open the door of the tavern, after Luo Yi exercise today, he bought flour, leeks, and pork in the town.

Fortunately, the price of pork in this world has not risen.

Today is the last day of December, and Luo Yi wants to be a little different.

"Lilai, come here to help wash the dishes."

Following Luo Yi into the kitchen, and seeing that there were at least fifty catties of leeks, Lilai silently took out a aster.

The mental power unfolded, as if the invisible big hand controlled these leeks to fly, and they jumped into the pool, rubbing against each other, cleaning the little bit of dirt still entrained on them.

This is one of the ways Auros allows Lilai to exercise. Using mental power to control objects can effectively play a tempering effect, especially doing some fine work.

And the reason for holding Shion, this is the result of Luo Yi's research during this period.