Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 99

"Huh? Little girl, what are you doing?"

Diamanti asked Lilai's little movement in a puzzled way.

"No, I'm just worried that Uncle Lucifer will not be able to digest it after eating."

"Eat it?"

Diamanti didn't understand Lilai's meaning at once, but the slight drunkenness that was originally a little bit dissipated.


Diamanti felt it in an instant.

He grabbed his sword directly with his right hand, and Diamanti immediately showed his ability

Demonstrated ability

Out of ability



My ability!!?


"Huh, it really works."

Luo Yi, who was standing on the side, suddenly said this sentence.

"Hmph, even if I don't have the power of Devil Fruit, my swordsmanship is good"


In his hand, only the hilt was left.

The Juggernaut on the side slowly put the katana in his hand behind him.

Diamanti swallowed silently.

Although his two-color domineering hasn't reached the realm of mastery, he can feel the strength of the people in the tavern somewhat.

It’s just that, at this time, it’s the same whether you see or hear the domineering, and the domineering doesn’t require any effort.

The fur clan sitting in front of him, and the man wearing red armor sitting on his left hand, the masked man who had just retracted the knife on his right hand, and the bearded man who was slowly turning the knife into bright blue light behind him.

Especially the Devil Fruit ability, clearly knowing how to mobilize, but there is no way to use it, it is more uncomfortable than Hailoushi locked up.

Otherwise, as long as the "army flag" is displayed and the surrounding environment becomes light and fluttering like cloth, the chances of one's escape must be greater.

"Send in half a month"

"Send your sister."

When the four shovel slapped his face from all directions, the long sword that Diamanti was about to chop stopped directly in the air.

Although the attack power of the shovel is also very strong, the feather cap on his head is not as simple as a feather. It is a steel helmet made into this shape with the ability to fly fruits.

However, if the situation is that simple, he will not feel embarrassed.

Lucifer silently retracted his raised right hand.

And at Diamanti's feet, there was also a red pentagram magic circle, and his body seemed to be lit by flames.

Lucifer's big move, the end.

Not only can the skills be sealed, but even the items will be sealed together.

However, in the real world, it doesn't seem to be able to restore the items in Diamanti's body that were affected by the devil fruit.

However, this flame that burned with the body and soul made Diamanti unable to run back with skills like in the game.

At this moment, being able to barely support himself standing there, Diamanti felt that he had reached his limit.

"I saw you eating cooked food for the first time."

Looking at the situation on Diamanti, Manjix looked at Lucifer in surprise.

When I went out before, I swallowed them directly, didn’t they?

"He is special."

Lucifer nodded.


"I'm a cadre of the Don Quixote family. Are you afraid of our young master's revenge if you act on me?"

Diamanti braced himself and said such a sentence.

"Brother, this kind of thing should be said before the start of the fight."

Luo murmured unhurriedly.

However, it is not a fight at all.

In the game, they are one on five, but now, it's eleven of them surrounding Diamanti.

No, there are four people in Dibu, so it should be thirteen.


Time has not passed too long. Shion’s ban time is 5 seconds, while Lucifer’s Doomsday skill is 16 seconds, but Luo Yi thinks that they are using skills differently from the game.

Without answering, Lucifer raised his right hand again.

With this finger, Diamanti disappeared.

Standing on the side, Luo Yi, with a calm face, only felt a little unhappy.

Why, when I played Doomsday, I could only swallow wild monsters. I wanted to swallow heroes, and I wanted to swallow Roshan.

Lucifer closed his eyes, as if quietly feeling the power that had just been swallowed.

Luo Yi silently opened the system interface and looked at the Lucifer panel.

Sure enough, the previous two skills have been replaced.

This time, the skills on the panel are somewhat different from before.

Bannerman: You can turn any touched object into a light cloth-like form, but the material of this object will not change.

Seeing and hearing color domineering: The power that can feel the opponent's voice strongly, once this power is increased, the position and number of enemies outside the field of vision can be extracted, and the next moment the opponent will take action.

Let's not talk about the first skill, and the latter skill. You can't do this. The skills that people have learned so hard are used by you. I have to say that it is really enviable.

Lucifer closed his eyes and digested, and everyone was busy with their own affairs.

Regarding the matter of him swallowing people, I don't know why, even Lilai didn't feel anything wrong.

Should I say that I am an ice girl?

After a long time, the big guys finished washing, leaving Luo Yi in his pajamas, sitting beside Lucifer, meditating.

It wasn't until the next morning that Lucifer opened his eyes and saw Luo Yi on the side, knocking gently on the table.

Opened his eyes and saw Lucifer stood up.

"Come, teach you."

With that, Lucifer walked directly out of the tavern and stood on the clearing.

Taught me?Teach me what?

Standing up inexplicably, Luo Yi didn't change his clothes, but walked out directly.

Although I don't know what to teach, what Lucifer taught himself is definitely not simple.

158. Oyo Club will do this?

Marine Headquarters, Marin Vando.

Looking at the information in his hand, if possible, the Warring States period would like to go to the Chambord Islands in person, talk to the owner of the tavern, and ask him what he wants to do.

A week ago, Diamanti, a cadre of the Don Quixote family, disappeared at the Dota Tavern in the Chambord Islands.

And that day, it was the night before the New Year, the temple fair on the Chambord Islands hadn't ended yet, and someone saw Diamanti followed Luo to the tavern.

After all, both of them are celebrities on the island.

Especially Luo Yi, now in the entire Chambord Islands, some people may not know Diamanti, but no one does not know Luo Yi.

Mainly, this information was sent to Diamanti a week after his disappearance.

In other words, it was because Diamanti hadn't been seen for a whole week that he made a complete judgment of his disappearance.


"Warring States, I heard that Diamanti is missing, hahahaha, really these pirates"


The Warring States did not let Karp continue to speak at all, and directly covered it with a louder voice.

"Close the door."

The Warring States flirted with intelligence and scolded Karp.

"I'm happy."

Closing the door, Karp patted the table excitedly.

"I'm not happy!!"

The Warring States patted the table harder.╬

"Carp, although there are no outsiders in my office, you have to pay attention to your words."

"Big husband, you are the marshal of the navy."

"Damn it, you should take care of your son."

"Dorrag, don't care about him, I am now preparing to train Luffy and Ace into the navy."

"My Senbei Luffy and Ace? It would be best if they could become the navy."

"Yeah, speaking of it, it's been a long time since I went back to see my grandson, so I just asked for a leave."

"Go away, put down my senbei"

Being interrupted by Karp like this made the Warring States feel a lot easier.

Don Quixote's family affairs, I don't care about it.

If possible, the navy’s mess may really have to be dealt with by others.

The Dota Tavern seems to be a good partner.

Passed the information in his hand to the goat with a bell next to him. After watching it eat all the information, the Warring States Period picked up the pen and paper. It seemed that he had thought of something, and began to write something, showing his face from time to time. An expression of satisfaction or distress.

"Oh, I'm 69 years old this year. Why don't you retire when you are 70."

With a silent emotion, the Warring States period shook his head, how could it be possible at this time.

At this time, on the Chambord Islands.



"Come again."


"Come again."

"Don't resist."

"Come again."

In the yard, Manjikes held a thin wooden stick in his hand and kept tapping on Luo Yi, who was blindfolded.

Although it was the twelfth lunar month of winter, Luo Yi was naked, and he could clearly see the bruises on his body, which were all shot out.