Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 107

In the navy headquarters, the Warring States period was processing documents. When he saw the documents urgently sent by the intelligence department, he suddenly felt his head hurt more.

No, I am 70 years old this year, so I have to find a way to retire quickly.

However, Qiwuhai was killed, and the other party directly brought Qiwuhai's corpse to ask for the location of Qiwuhai. At first glance, he came prepared.

Who is this person?

Judging from the photos, this is simply a demon from the abyss of hell. It is estimated that it is a capable person of devil fruit, so the appearance is like this.

The Warring States itself is also a capable person, and it is in the form of a giant Buddha of the animal type human fruit phantom beast species, presumably this person is also a phantom beast species.

And the other party has the strength to kill Qiwuhai, and is indeed a very powerful powerhouse. It's just such a person, why haven't he heard of it before.

However, what is more important now is that the guy who claims to be Shadow Demon has stood at the gate of the naval base asking for the location of Qiwuhai.

Not to mention that there is still a vacancy in Qiwuhai, in order to temporarily maintain the so-called balance, the Warring States had to agree.

After signing the document, the Warring States took up the phone worm and personally communicated with Major General Kadaru for a while.

"The Marshal agreed. Tomorrow's newspaper will publish news about the new Qi Wuhai."

Kadar did not expect to receive a call from the Warring States Period directly. After listening to the instructions of the Warring States Period, Kadaru looked at the Shadow Demon silent for a while, and then said.

The Shadow Demon nodded, turned and left.

Taut immediately followed.

Seeing the shadow of the shadow demon leaving, Kadar did not quite understand his current mood.

Maybe he is really too weak.

Asking his men to freeze Moriah's body and send it to the navy headquarters for the people above to deal with it. Kadalu held the handle of the knife tightly and headed to the training ground to practice hard.

the next day.

The whole world is gone.

The prestige of Qiwuhai can be said to be known to everyone, except for idiots like Luffy, everyone knows how powerful Qiwuhai is.

It can be said that Qiwuhai can even achieve the effect of stopping children's night crying.

The world's first swordsman Joe La Cormihawk.

The Pirate Empress Boya Hancock.

Tianyacha Don Quixote de Doflamingo.

Haixia is very flat.

The sand crocodile Shakrokdal.

There are also Moonlight Moria, who was reported because of his death, and Basolomi, the tyrant who is said to have received an invitation from Qiwuhai.

These are all famous strong men in the sea.

But today, Qiwuhai's position has changed.

This is a major event, and no newspaper society has let this opportunity pass.

The face of Shadow Fiend and Moriah's death directly occupied a whole section of major newspapers.

Let everyone know the new Qiwuhai, like a devilish face.

Shadow Demon Nevenmore.

170. Seven Wuhai to the shop

Although the substitution of Qiwuhai caused a great sensation, it did not have much impact on people's lives.

The tavern is still open as usual, and Luo Yi is exercising as usual.

And Brook's arrival, not only did not scare anyone, but even brought more business to the tavern.

A moving, versatile and singing skeleton, almost directly became a beautiful landscape on the Chambord Islands.

For this reason, Luo Yi specially increased the price of the wine in the tavern, but still could not stop the enthusiasm of these people.

As the most expensive tavern on the island, the daily income of Dota Tavern is almost jealous.

Even Luo Yi felt envious, mainly because he didn't spend the money.

Obviously the tavern is his own, and part of the wine is now brewed by himself, but Nima's income is not his own.

Now, Luo Yi can rely on the income of the Chamber of Commerce, and he can only make money by going out hunting occasionally.

And on the third day Brook came to the tavern, an uninvited guest also appeared in the tavern.

That is a flamingo.

Pointed shoes, cropped trousers, professional mage, professional pirate, Tianyasha, Don Quixote and flamenco.

Diamanti was gone, and he also knew where he disappeared. Naturally, Doflamingo was looking for it.

Even though he is rebellious, cruel, cold-blooded, and unscrupulous in order to achieve his goals, even his relatives who hinder him can kill him, but Doflamingo is also quite king.

For him, the members of the Don Quixote family are all his family. After he killed his father, Doflamingo met Torrepol, Pica, Diamanti and Vergo. The four handed the fruit of the line to him and made him king.

Therefore, Doflamingo is also very concerned about Diamanti's disappearance.

Doflamingo knew about Diamanti's strength. Ordinary pirates were not his opponent at all. As for the Chambord Islands, he did not know the intelligence.

The navy naturally does not have to worry, after all, he now has the identity of Qiwuhai, and those so-called supernovas are just a group of ordinary but extremely arrogant guys who have not yet come out of the paradise and do not know the cruelty of the world.

The only thing that worried him was the people in the Dota Tavern.

According to the intelligence, the people in this tavern are pretty good, and they usually go out to do some bounty hunters.

But Diamanti’s time to come to Chambord Islands is not too short. The Dota Tavern also goes every day, and nothing happens. These are mentioned in the reporting work, how could he suddenly disappear in the Tavern That's it.

After the restless Doflamingo's affairs in the country almost settled down, he went to the Dota Tavern alone.

With his hands in his pockets, with a smile dedicated to the villain on his mouth, the expression guide is for one party to pass, and he walks the steps that the six relatives do not recognize, and wears sunglasses that cannot see his eyes.

When the door was opened, the tavern, which was still noisy, instantly became quiet.

Those who come here to drink, some are pirates, some are tourists, some are merchants, and some are workers.

It can be said that when they saw a Qi Wuhai walk in, their hearts were extremely shocked.

In the first half of the great route, Qiwuhai can be said to be the top BOSS at this stage and the fastest way to fame.

In the tavern, only Brook's piano is still reverberating. As a musician, he will not stop his music because of any guests. After all, the manager has not let him stop.

Ignoring everyone's gaze, Doflamingo walked to the front of the bar. He was three meters tall and looked down at a guest sitting there with a strong sense of oppression.

"Sit down, please."

The man immediately got up, where he didn't know what Doflamingo meant, and he wiped the stool by the way, showing flattery.

Wiping the glass that Lilai gave him, Luo glanced at Doflamingo, wondering if he could ignore his parasitic line if he opened BKB.

"What would you like to drink?"

Luo Yi put down the cup, carefully put it into the soft brocade box he bought and stored, and asked when he looked up at Doflamingo.

"A glass of ale."

Glancing at the menu behind Luo Yi, Doflamingo scolded a profiteer and ordered the cheapest one.


Poured a glass of ale and pushed it in front of Doflamingo.

"Good wine is worthy of being sold in limited quantities to our country."

Doflamingo picked up his glass and drank it, feeling a bit better than the ale Cook sent to their palace.

"Of course, just look at the people standing and drinking over there to know how good our business is."

Luo Yi raised his head proudly.

Isn't it just a flamingo, a hair dryer falls to the ground, and the people in the tavern will teach you how to be a man every minute.

"Yes, no wonder Diamanti comes here often."

Doflamingo looked up and looked at Luo.

Looking at his sunglasses, they are the same as Shinpachi. Are the glasses the main body?

"He is a big customer. He has consumed millions of Baileys with me. It is strange to say that he has not been here this year, but his master came first."

Luo Yi said the truth, after all, there was no such person at the end of last year.

"Really? But as far as I know, he disappeared in this tavern."

When Doflamingo said this, the atmosphere in the tavern immediately became serious. In the otherwise quiet tavern, some guests had already got up, especially those near the door, ready to escape.

"Doflamingo, you have to be responsible for your words, as if my pub is also a part-time human trafficker business. Look, my guests will be scared away by you."

Luo Yi's hands propped on the table, and Manjikes on the side also sat up quietly, Lucifer in the kitchen also walked out, looking at Doflamingo's eyes, suddenly became a little greedy.

As soon as Luo found out that Lucifer was hungry again, the soul of this strong man seemed to taste better.

As for the Auros on the side, he was already standing in front of Lilai.

But Dibu didn't feel nervous at all.

"Guest, your wine is finished, let's have another glass."

"Ah, I trouble you."

"You're welcome, Chenghui 3000 Bailey."

"Really expensive."

Under the domineering induction of seeing and hearing, Doflamingo is also clear about the situation in the tavern.

But he didn't have the tension at all when he rushed into the local base camp.

"Fofufufufu, I'm here to ask you today, you guys" Doflamingo raised his right hand and raised his middle finger, thumb and pinkie: "What happened to my family?"

171. Upgrade

Luo Yi looked familiar with Doflamingo's gesture.

Although he has raised two fingers more than the international gestures, Luo still prefers six plus one.

Parasitic line.

Just like his name, Doflamingo can shoot dozens of lines from his hands scattered in the air, insert them into the bodies of others, and control their physical movements.

The only disadvantage of this skill is that it "cannot control the human will". After all, these lines can only be inserted into the skin under control.

Since Doflamingo came in, Luo had already opened the system interface. On the small map, a huge red dot was sitting in front of him, and he would not let his guard down.

Don't think that you will win a five-on-one win. The eldest brother on the opposite side may be able to counterattack us with two or three assists before he dies.

And now, Luo Yi also saw an extra red circle on his status bar, which was a negative state.

He can also clearly feel that although he wants to control his body now, he cannot do it.

Huh, naive, brother is also in your control?Prohibition of physical attacks is not forbidden to use inventory.

Soul tear

Luo Yi directly mobilized the blood in the status bar.

This equipment that combines Shion and Crystal Sword can directly silence the target for 5 seconds, and after the time expires, 30 of the damage will be settled with additional magic damage, and all attacks will not miss, and 100 will cause 140 fatal blows. hurt.

As soon as the soul tearing point went out, the red circle in his status bar immediately untied, and Doflamingo fell directly into a state where he couldn't use his skills, including domineering.

"Come on, go on."

Luo Yi didn't directly stab him to death. Instead, he smiled and smiled at Doflamingo, seeing him tickling.

"The state of abilities being sealed, isn't it uncomfortable? Let me tell you, the big brother next to you is very greedy for your body."

With that, Luo Yi pointed to Lucifer on the side.

And Doflamingo really took care of it this time.

If the ability of the thread fruit cannot be used, he is still fearless.

His strength is very strong, but it is not strong in fruit ability, but his physical skills, his domineering, fruit ability, it is just assistance.