Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 108

But now, Doflamingo, who only has physical skills, is really not sure if he can walk out of this tavern alive.

God knows what the person in front of me has done. Could it be any special fruit ability that can limit the energy in others?

"If you have something, let's say it well, don't come up and just do it."

After Luo Yi said these words, it happened that the time had come for his soul to tear.

Feeling the power recovered in the body again, Doflamingo did not raise his right hand again.

Although I don't know if the opponent's ability can only be used once or can continue to be used, Doflamingo dare not bet.

If the opponent seals his own power again, these superior guys can be themselves in minutes.

Step by step to reach today's position, you can't be planted in such a small tavern.

It seems that Diamanti's affairs can only be changed in another way.

Doflamingo drank the ale on the table, stood up, put his hands in his pockets, and turned to leave.

"and many more."

Doflamingo, who had just turned around, looked angry. He was already laying down and ready to go. Are you going to continue to struggle?

"I haven't paid for the wine yet."

When Luo saw a spoon in his hand, he gently tapped the wine glass in front of him, and made two crisp "ding" and "ding" sounds.

Doflamingo said that he had never hated wine so much before, so he returned the drink from the Cook Chamber of Commerce when he returned.

Reaching into the cloak of his upper body, he directly took out a pile of Bailey and threw it on the table, Doflamingo walked out of the tavern angrily.

"Everyone eat and drink, eat and drink."

Happily picked up the pile of Bailey on the table, Luo Yi directly greeted the group of guests in the tavern who were almost scared to pee.

As for being happy, a glass of wine sold for 100,000 Baileys, this Doflamingo brought so much money when he went out, and a stack of them was 100,000.

"The fox is pretending to be a tiger, and it's a bully."

Manjikes directly used two idioms to describe Luo Yi.

"Che, the power of my partner is also my power."

Luo curled his mouth and put away the 100,000 Bailey on his hand.

This is my pocket money, but Manjix can't take it away.

The business of the tavern continues.

However, the guests didn't seem to have any interest in enjoying food and wine. After eating the food on the table in a hurry, there were no consecutive cups, and they left in a hurry.

This makes the guests who come later feel baffled.

What's the matter, usually at this point, at most you can only stand by the bar and listen to people screaming. Today, the entire tavern is actually empty?

After the order was placed, the drinks were just served, and even a mouthful of hot food was not served. The people sitting in the tavern suddenly felt restless, as if a needle had been placed on the chair.

No way, they came in an embarrassing time, but those who came later had already heard the news.

Tianyacha Doflamingo was deflated at the Dota Tavern.

are you crazy.

They know this tavern is very powerful, but is it so powerful that even Qiwuhai can do it?

Why does this make them joke carelessly with the store manager in the future?How can the store manager give them a discount occasionally?It is estimated that he will be beaten and fractured.

However, Luo Yi looked like a okay person, and when he saw a familiar guest come in, he would also make a joke or two. In addition, the atmosphere of the tavern quickly recovered.

The music in the pub has been replaced by a guitar. Now it is the lively time. Naturally, the piano cannot solve it.

The business of the day ended with joy and laughter. Luo Yi was doing daily exercises and sitting in the yard playing the turntable by the way.

In the past few days, another pirate group has been caught, earning more than 100 million Baileys, don't you keep it for the New Year?

However, Luo Yi didn't expect that he would draw a hero again, and the upgrade button on the system interface, after the hero appeared, the system could be upgraded.

"The system meets the upgrade conditions, is it upgraded? No"


"The new expansion is being updated"


The upgrade this time is different from before.

When upgrading before, this thing all jumped out directly, but this time, it actually needs to wait, but it didn't say how long.

Even if you don’t show the download speed and how long it takes to prepare for the new expansion, you should at least give the remaining time.

Waiting for the system to upgrade, Luo Yi raised his head and said hello to the new hero in front of him.

"Uh, this auntie"

Testimonials and update instructions


What testimonials?

How can I say a testimonial, really.

Anyway, it's on the shelves, very suddenly.

As for the issue of updates, I have collected public opinion.

A hundred change is right, no problem, come on, you want a hundred change to come, I will give you a buff, everything in the dream.


In view of the fact that this book is currently on the shelves directly, the tentative update is as follows:

12:5 noon more

Both have been ordered for 200, with three changes every day.

Both have been ordered for 500, with four changes a day.

Both have been booked for 1,000, five changes a day.

That's right, just so confident, anyway, I believe you can't kill me, so be it.

Of course, if there is a reward, it will be added. My hands and hair are gone. I will play with you to the end.


Luo Yi found a very serious problem.

He didn't know the hero who was suddenly summoned in front of him.

This is an old woman who is only over one meter tall, whitish and yellowish, swollen like a super Saiyan three in a ponytail.

Pointy goblin-like ears, eyes with goggles, wearing denim clothes, the point is that he is holding a large gun in his hand with several barrels on it.

In addition, this was summoned by Luo Yi. The second character with the mount, the former is the Guardian of Light Izaro, and this one is the old lady with two guns?

After all, her mount, on the back of a huge dragon lizard, was also carrying guns.

"I'm Granny Bi, and this is my little Modi."

Granny Bi, Your Highness Qiao Biluo?

Luo Yi complained in his heart, immediately shut down the system interface, and greeted her.

"Good mother-in-law Bi."

"Good boy, do you want to have a dragon flame biscuit?"

From the small bag in the saddle on Little Modi's back, Granny Bi took out a cookie with Modi's face printed on it.

This little Modi, who looked like a lizard but had dragon blood, was drooling while looking at the biscuit.

"Thank you Granny Bi."

After receiving the biscuit, Luo took a bite as soon as he picked it up and bit off half of it.

"how does it taste?"

Granny Bi asked without taking off her goggles, with a kind smile on her face.

"Well, sweet and delicious, delicious, but"

"But what?"

"But it seems that there is a force in the body that is restless."

Luo Yi really felt that way. When the biscuit was eaten, it was as if he had been given a stimulant, and this force was pouring into his legs.

"Do you really want to jump?"

"Yes, this is the feeling."

As if awakened by a point, Luo Yi said immediately.

"Then jump."

With that, Granny Bi suddenly jumped up from the ground, pushed Luo Yi's right hand, and pushed the remaining half of the biscuit into his mouth.

The biscuits are actually not big, and Mother Bi’s speed is very fast, Luo Yi did not even react, but found that the biscuits were already in his mouth.

Subconsciously swallowing, a sudden burst of power from both legs ejected Luo Yi.

Yes, even Luo Yi himself felt that he was ejected.

The energy that appeared in the legs actually launched him directly into the air, without a little defense, and no worries.

Luo Yi's location was originally on the open space inside the wall of the tavern, opposite a hotel.

This time the ejection directly caused Luo Yi to rush into the sky, about seven or eight stories high, before he began to fall.

If you just play up, there is no problem.

The key is that he is still flying forward now, calculating his whereabouts, Luo Yi grabbed with both hands, supported on the window sill of the opposite building, and barely stopped.


He breathed out gently. Although this height is not a problem for him now, it would be no good to crash directly into someone's house.

Fortunately, it is already night, most people have fallen asleep, and there are few pedestrians on the street. I flew through the air without being noticed.

Turning his hands, Luo Yi stood up from the window sill and saw the scene in the window.

Here, it was the seventh floor of the hotel opposite, and the curtains were not closed. From the window, Luo Yi just saw the female guest staying inside coming out of the bathroom, wiping her hair with a bath towel in her hand.people.

The people living inside also saw someone outside the window, and their faces suddenly showed horror.

Seeing the other party, he was about to yell out. Luo gave him the blade of the abyss with a quick glance.

Power Attack: stun an enemy target for 2.0 seconds.

Luo Yi originally wanted to faint this person, and then just ran away by himself. With such a blink of an eye, he didn't believe that the other party could remember what he looked like.

However, when Luo used the Blade of Abyss, he found that the scene in front of him suddenly changed. Isn't it the woman who was holding on to his hand?

Why did I appear in the room?

Hey, let alone, it's really soft.

No wonder I like it.

No, it’s not the time to do this, and it’s very rude.

Although Luo Yi liked the figures of the various sisters in One Piece, he was only greedy for their bodies. Strictly speaking, Luo Yi preferred the other party's initiative rather than being unconscious.

He quickly pulled the bath towel to wrap up the person, and put it on the ground, Luo Yi opened the hidden blade directly and jumped out of the window.

The time of 2 seconds is very short. If it weren’t for Luo Yi’s quick response, he couldn’t even put a bath towel on the other party. After the woman woke up, of course she also discovered the fact that she had just passed out suddenly, and she didn’t know when she was wrapped in her body. With bath towels, the woman looked at the open window in horror.

"Boss, check out."

Putting on her clothes quickly, the woman hurriedly went downstairs to check out. This hotel is not safe.

Luo Yi, who jumped back to the tavern again, was a little speechless when she saw Granny Bi who was teasing her pet.