Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 109

But forget it, although he was suddenly ejected, but who told him to earn his eyes and hands?

"The cookie?"

"Oh, that's my secret recipe."

Granny Bi seems to have confidence in her cookies.

"Well, thank Granny Bi for the biscuits. It's too late today. Let's rest first. I'll talk to you about this world tomorrow."

Taking Granny Bi upstairs to select a room, Little Modi went to the backyard and squeezed with Yizhalo's horse. Wherever he built a large Ma Peng, Xiaobai had a good temper and did not bully the newcomer.

Returning to his room, Luo Yi did not rush to draw a lottery.

When he first used the Blade of Abyss, he seemed to have caught the news of the successful system upgrade.

"The system level is raised to level 5."

"Update a new expansion piece, a controversy outside the world."

"The system recharge method has been updated."

"The system store has been updated."

"The messenger has been updated."

"Should the knife coins be exchanged for gold coins? No"

There were a lot of things that jumped out this time, and Luo Yi felt that he might need to digest it.

As for the last coin exchange for gold coins, Luo Yi didn't take it.

He saw the upper right corner of the system, beside the weapons depot, there was a mail-like thing, which was shining all the time.

Luo Yi, who is obsessive-compulsive, just clicked on it.

Sure enough, as he thought, any notifications or updates in the previous game will be displayed here.

Unexpectedly, this time the system is actually humanized to the point where a change log appears.

No wonder the update just took several minutes.

However, after spending half an hour carefully seeing the end from the beginning, Luo Yi suddenly felt a beeping dog.

What is this?

No, this is not DOTA2, this is not Accessories 2, this is IMBA, this is RPG, this is DOTA3.

173. Gold Coin Mall

The major changes to the system made Luo Yi very uncomfortable.

I remember that every time there is a major update in Dota, he has to spend some time to get familiar with it. Just as every hero has the update of the magic scepter effect before, Luo Yi is a little uncomfortable, often because he does not know some heroes. The effect of the magic scepter was killed.

Luo Yi had only one idea for this change.

Could it be that the messenger is actually the protagonist?I am actually a tool person?

After reading the updated content, Luo Yi directly turned his vision to the messenger.

Sure enough, he had always been just a messenger of a pony, growing wings.

As for the level, Luo Yi didn't see it, nor did Luo Yi see the natural money increase technique written on the update information.

Didn't it mean that the messenger provided 85 minutes of money?


Yes, there are two types of recharges in the system mall.

One is a knife coin, or as before, 10,000 Baileys are recharged with 1 dollar coin.

The other is gold coins.

Just after upgrading the system, Luo directly used 10,000 dollars. Now he only has 130 dollars left. It can be said that he has returned to the pre-liberation period.

And these knife coins, due to the new update, can choose whether to convert into gold coins, only this time, they will not be able to convert each other in the future.

130 dollars can be converted into 13,000 gold coins. If it is put in the game, it can produce two large pieces that are not too expensive.

But now, according to this calculation, one dollar can be exchanged for 100 gold coins, and an iron-branch tree trunk is only 50 gold coins. It can be said that the price has been burned by half, but things cannot be calculated like this.

In the past, one dollar coin was able to draw an exciting gem worth 2,000 gold coins. Now there are more than a dozen in Luo Yi’s armory, but now, it takes 20 dollars to buy it.

Luo Yi suddenly felt that it was just like a card game. At first, there were only ten consecutive draws. Later, the store opened and you can specify the purchase, but the cost of the single unit is definitely higher than the lottery, mainly because you can draw what you need.

But does Luo Yi need something?


He has drawn everything he can draw now. In addition to the things that the system has not yet released, the equipment on his body has already been gathered, including Lilai and the others, which are also filled with six squares of equipment.

In this way, the cost he gave to new heroes in the future increased a lot.

The things sold in the store also made Luo Yi feel a little unhappy.

The system has been upgraded to level 5 and the mall has also been revised, but there are still restrictions on the items sold in the store.

All the props worth more than 2500 gold coins are now in a state of being unavailable for purchase. Even the pictures are black and white. Those who don't know think they are used to sacrifice to the heavens.

In addition to basic items and upgrade items, there is also a display of items dropped by neutral creatures in the shop.

Yes, just show.

The equipment above made Luo Yi very jealous, but currently he didn't know where these things were coming from.

The updated content refers to the field drop, drop your sister, where do I go to jungle?

Where is the kobold family?I will go to a pot now.

This is the content of the Gold Coin Mall. The remaining functions of the system are still completed by Knife Coins.

The system's lottery carousel has been banned, and it has been directly turned into a mall that sells various skins.

So my system is actually called Jewelry 2, right?

A random set of skins in it costs thousands of dollars. Fortunately, you are selling one set. If you sell one piece at a time, Luo feels that he can find where to uninstall it on the spot.

However, there was one thing in the mall that made Luo Yi very satisfied.

Contract scroll: You can sign a contract with a random hero.

This thing priced at $10,000 is what makes Luo Dui most satisfied with this update.

Luo Yi vowed that he would rather spend twice the price to buy something than to fight for the 99 probability of lieutenant general.

As we all know, there are only two probabilities for lieutenant generals, possible misses and impossible ones.

Take a look at how much Bailey he spent to draw heroes before. Although he said that he also got a lot of things in the draw, but some things are not calculated like this.

Luo Yi now knew that he could evolve the system only when the number of heroes he summoned reached certain conditions.

At level 0, he had a Lilai, so he could be upgraded directly. At level 1, Manjix and Lucifer were summoned, and then the system was upgraded.

Level 2 to level 3, summoned 2 people, level 3 to level 4, summoned 4 people, and level 4 to level 5, summoned 8 people, why Luo Yi didn’t know, how could he summon 16 people next Upgrade the system level.

The faster the system level increases, the more benefits he can get. The first thing he can get is his cultivation qualifications and the upper limit of unlocking equipment.

According to the urinary nature of the system, as long as he reaches level 8, he can purchase saint relics. At that time, Luo Yi will let everyone know what is a berserker with six holy swords.

As for now, Luo Yi is very satisfied with some equipment changes.

For example, the Blade of the Abyss just displayed.

After the revision this time, the Blade of Abyss actually comes with a flashing raid effect. While stunning the opponent, it can flash directly to the opponent's side, and then cooperate with five battle fury

Directly choose to convert all the remaining knife coins into gold coins, Luo started buying, buying and buying.

Demon Blade: One of the ancient weapons forged by the demon blacksmith Abzidian, and killed its forger when it was out of the furnace.

Selling price: 2200

Damage: 42

Limit magic orb: the mysterious magic orb containing the essence of life.

Selling price: 2150

All attributes: 10

Blinking dagger: The legendary dagger used by the assassins on this continent.

Price: 2250

Active: flashing

Teleport to the position up to 1200 distance away.

When attacked by enemy heroes or Roshan, the flashing dagger will become unusable for 3.0 seconds.

Cooling time: 15s

These three pieces of equipment are what Luo Yi has always wanted, but the system level is not high enough to get them.

As of today, Luo Yi's five-piece suit has been assembled.

Only need to upgrade the system by two levels. After you can purchase the Eagle Song Bow, upgrade the Green Staff to the Void Spirit Blade, and you will really be flying.

However, buying one of the three pieces cost Luo Yi 6,600 gold coins, leaving only 6,400 gold coins. Luo Yi kept it for now. It is definitely not enough to buy only one of the Demon Blade and the Ultimate Orb. These two equipment It's very important, any hero can be used.

Just like now, for a demon blade, Luo immediately considered whether it was a synthetic golden hoop, Daedalus, or Battle Fury.

174. Fire

That night, Luo Yi didn't worry about what equipment he wanted to synthesize.

Why do people have troubles, why they have choice phobia, and it is not because of poverty.

Tomorrow, I will go out to play up one or two pirate groups, earning him 8 million Pele back, not that I can buy a few more pieces of equipment, when it comes to the question of whether it is compatible with Battle Fury, it is a question of how many pieces are needed.

In short, Luo Yi now only needs to put a handful of madness in his inventory, one for Desolation, one for Daedalus, one for Abyss, one for Silver Moon Crystal, and one pair of flying shoes. Chop over.

In fact, Luo Yi has made a choice between Battle Fury and Thor's Hammer.

But after just thinking about it for a second, Luo Yi gave up on Thor's Hammer.

It is true that Thor's Hammer works very well, increasing attack power, increasing attack speed, and even the possibility of adding a chain lightning.

However, the word probability directly caused Luo Yi to give up Thor's Hammer.

I am not a long-range hero, and Battle Fury can be sputtered. Since it can be sputtered by knives and knives, why bother to fight for the probability?

The damage of electricity is not even as high as sputtering.

As a result, two pieces of equipment were synthesized, Luo Yi, who left a limit ball, covered himself with a quilt contentedly.

No worries, everything is going well.

If so, leave it to me tomorrow.

"Oh, what the hell."

Luo sighed helplessly the next morning.

The troubles are really coming.

As soon as Luo found out, he became angry.

Today’s newspaper was delivered very early. When Luo got up early in the morning and ran in the morning, he saw the newspaper thrown at the gate of their pub, and the front page of the newspaper happened to be printed with Doflamingo’s face from the Dota pub. Come out unhappy.

Especially above the photo, the Dota Tavern brand accounted for almost one-third of the photo.

Well, the angle is extremely tricky.

As for the title.

Shock!Qiwuhai slumped, actually because

Not bad, I will go to work in a certain C shock department tomorrow.

The content of the newspaper is even more excessive, and I don't know who wrote it. Luo Yi now suspects that in the tavern, there are newspaper guests who mix in here every day.

The main reason is that the content of the newspaper is very detailed. It not only exaggerates the wine and food in the tavern, but also digs out the history of the tavern. It also mentions the burning and reconstruction of the tavern.

However, this newspaper is very courageous. Reporting to Qiwuhai is indeed a big news, but not every Qiwuhai can report casually, especially Doflamingo. This newspaper is estimated to be cool. .