Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 111

According to the intelligence currently collected by the Navy, the overall strength of the Dota Tavern can be overbearing in the new world.

"Puff ha ha ha, you stink boy"

Karp suddenly smiled again.

No one knows how his heart has changed.

But Luo Yi knew.

"Speaking of it, I actually have a deal that I want to explore with the Navy. I wonder if Lieutenant General Karp can be the master?"

Luo Yi suddenly said this after refilling Cap and Bogart's glasses.

"Deal? Do you want to sell the wine to the Navy? If that is the case, I can call you the shots. This wine is really good, and I feel like I am ten years younger after drinking it."

Of course, there is wine with spring water in it. Where can ordinary guests drink this.

"Of course I want to sell wine, but there is one thing I want to buy with the Navy."

"Buy something with the Navy?"

"Yes, I want to buy"

176. Please be sure to take people away

"Hailoushi? What do you want this thing for?"

When he heard what Luo wanted, Karp felt a little embarrassed.

"My merchant ship needs to cross the sea, and it needs sea towers to cross the windless zone."

Luo Yi admitted it generously.

"This reason is not unacceptable, it's delicious"

Karp took the food from Dibu, and after taking a bite, he called out loudly.

"If it doesn't work, Lieutenant General Karp will just say something for me."

Luo Yi didn't expect that the navy would agree, but he had no other choice. If the navy couldn't do it, he would have to find a way to go to the country.

What is Hailou Stone?

It is a rare mineral, which is equivalent to the crystallization of the sea. Its composition is similar to that of the sea. It can be regarded as a solid sea.

The effect of Hailou Stone is also better than that of the sea. The sea water can only make the capable person lose the strength. Some capable persons cannot even use the ability actively after the water is released.

But the sea floor stone, in addition to making the capable person lose strength, can also directly make the capable person unable to use the ability.

The navy's warships are able to sail back and forth in the four seas and great sea routes because the sea tower stones are embedded in the bottom of naval warships, so that the windless sea kings treat naval warships as the sea, but they cannot stay still.

As for why I have to buy from the Navy, I just want a fair word.

Although the sea floor stone is almost monopolized by the navy, the revolutionary army also has the sea floor stone. Otherwise, how their ships will get in and out of the great sea route, it can't be done by Dorag.

Luo Yi didn't need many sea-building stones. As long as there was a ship that could sail around the world, he would be able to follow the ship to build the altar everywhere, and then he could fly over it directly.

But now that the navy has paid attention to him, Luo Yizong can't change the sea floor stone out of thin air.

He didn't believe it. With the navy's intelligence network, he would not know the goods transactions of the Dota Chamber of Commerce.

At that time, he will definitely get more attention from the Navy.

This is like an ancient general who clearly holds the military power but dare not rebel. It is not because of bad reputation.

What Luo Yi is doing now is to put himself on the bright side to attract the attention of the navy, and behind his back, build up a number of altars, so that the heroes of the tavern can leave one by one quietly and go out to form a pirate group. Or join the revolutionary army.

Of course, if anyone is willing to go to the navy as an undercover agent, it would be better.

Confidential information is not transmitted by phone bugs at all, just tell everyone in the dialogue of the system, and will not be discovered by anyone.

During the time of thinking, Karp had eaten the fried rice in his hand, and put the spoon on the plate with a crisp sound.

After a large glass of wine, Karp rubbed his stomach contentedly.

This thing is not appetizing for him, but the taste has been tasted. After returning to the East China Sea, you can consider coming to the store again. The atmosphere here is good.

"Bogart, check out."

Picking up the dog's head hat and putting it on, Karp stood up and shook the navy cloak behind him, a handsome group.

"No, there was a kind person who paid for you yesterday."

Luo Yi stopped Bogart's move to pay.

Turning his head to Luo Yi and showing a toothy smile, Karp's eyes were covered by the brim of the dog's hat, and he couldn't see much of his expression, so he took Bogart and left.

"Yo, chicken sauce, Obasan, can you give me a cookie?"

Walking outside, looking at Izallo and Granny Bi, who were very different from the atmosphere in the tavern, Karp greeted again.

"Lord General, you are 71 this year."

"I know."

"Little brother wants to eat, then I will give you a special biscuit."

Granny Bi took out a dragon flame biscuit from her pocket.

Luo Yi saw the situation outside through the window, and it was too late to stop it.

"Lieutenant General Karp"

Bogart yelled and chased Karp who had been ejected.

As soon as Luo saw that Karp's flying distance was farther than he had done, he didn't know where he fell.

Seeing Granny Bi who was laughing and rolling in the rocking chair outside, Luo Yi was helpless.

Forget it, anyway, Karp doesn't hold grudges, so he wouldn't take it to heart.

As for Granny Bi's side, Luo Yi is already considering whether to send her to the Revolutionary Army.

This is a new hero.

And what she is good at is baking cookies and making weapons.

Yes, whether it was the gun in her hand or the thing on the dragon lizard's back that looked like two machine guns in front of the cab, she made it herself.

And according to the introduction.

Outside the entrance to the Outer World, there are desert trails and oasis in the blazing desert abandoned by rain.Along the way, there are many ragged guys who barely maintain their upgrades. In their eyes, Beatrice and her little dragon lizard Modi are very popular.

Granny Bi is well-known for her invincible skills in making weapons, and she spreads wisdom and happiness everywhere, as well as the most terrifying dragon flame biscuit in the world. She has experienced the trading of Keen people when she was young, using quick wit and quicker marksmanship. Lived to a high collar.

Indeed, among the bones scattered in the outside world, there are bandits blocking the way, and a group of bad guys who covet her with their own body.

That's all for the introduction.

After Luo came back from morning exercises in the morning, she saw Granny Bi baking cookies in the kitchen, and she was talking and laughing with Lucifer. Although Lucifer was really easy to talk to, facing a talkative old man, she often only needed An "um", she can talk all day.

There are two kinds of biscuits baked by Bi mother-in-law, one is ordinary biscuits, and the other is biscuits with Modi Longyan added, which is the kind she gave Luo Yi and Kapu to eat.

As for the talent for making weapons, Luo Yi didn't know what race Bi's mother-in-law was, but he knew that being able to make such weapons in such a harsh environment was definitely a gift.

Especially her attributes, which are similar to those of Manjikes, are really inadequate.

Now there is a goblin engineer in the Revolutionary Army who specializes in blasting, and there is another Granny Bi who is good at making weapons, not too much.

As for why it was sent to the Revolutionary Army, Luo Yi also had his own abacus.

If you create a place for Granny Bi to research weapons, do you need land, materials, and funds? If you want to mass-produce, it will not be easy to sell.

Selling weapons is illegal, and he is a serious businessman.

So, how nice it is to send it to the revolutionary army, someone pays for the research weapons, and the research results can be taken for free.

Luo Yi groped his chin with emotion.

So, as soon as the day's business ended, Luo flew directly to Baldi.

As soon as I walked out of the teleportation, I saw a room of wounded people, including several acquaintances.

"Mr. Luo Yi, please be sure to take Squee, Spring and Spoon away."

Seeing Luo Yi's sudden appearance, the revolutionary army is not surprised. At this time, it is the revolutionary murloc karate master, Haku, who is pulling Luo Yi and saying this.

177. Do you want to eat cookies?

Seeing that Baldil, who was originally desolate, now seemed to have been baptized by the flames of war, Luo couldn't help raising his eyebrows.

"Could it be that ZF found our base camp?"

Luo Yi pointed down and asked knowingly.

"Fart, all these three guys blow up like this, and quickly take people away. If you don't leave, the island will sink."

There was a bandage on his head, and even one hand was hanging on his body. I don't know if there was an injury under the clothes, but Haku's resilience was obviously stronger than that of humans.

When everyone else was lying down, he was the only one who could take Luo Yi to the top of the building to see the scene below.

Seriously, it was really miserable.

Luo Yi was a little embarrassed.

Do you think why I send people to you? Isn't it because they are afraid that they will tear down the Chambord Islands.

"Where are they?"

Luo Yi asked.

In any case, it is better to see first.

"I don't know, sometimes the three of them disappear suddenly, and then suddenly appear again. Didn't they fly to you?"

Haku shook his head and looked at Luo Yi suspiciously.

Don't blame him for thinking this way, after all, he is also the one who used the teleport scroll.


Impossible, I didn't give them anything that could be teleported, not even a teleporting scroll.

Turning on the system, Luo Yi directly looked for it on the map.

Sure enough, the entire Baldi was found, but the three of them were not found.

In other words, the three people are really missing?

"I didn't send them the scroll. Did you give it?" Luo Yi asked uncertainly.

"No, we thought you would give it." Haku shook his head.

"That's weird, there is no teleporting scroll, and there is sea all around, where can they go?"

"Even you don't know?"

"How would I know?" Luo Yi stopped abruptly in the middle of speaking.

He remembered one thing.

Goblin Engineer’s Explosion Experience

This is the earliest reward for contract completion.

That is to say, the contract between himself and the engineer has been completed, then the trio who has obtained what they want, will it have returned to the original world?

But Haku said that sometimes it suddenly disappears and reappears, is it possible that he can come back again?

"Next time they show up, contact me immediately."

No one can be found now, and Luo Yi can't talk about them.


Haku's eyes are not right, do you not trust me? I really don't know.

Luo Yi is really helpless, if you really don't want people, contact me.

"Do you think Dorag is not there?"

"The leader has gone out, I don't know when he will come back."

"Well, I was planning to recommend people to come here. Is there anyone who can call the shots?"