Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 112

"What talent?"

Haku's voice directly increased by an octave.

Don't talk about him, now the whole Baldi brother is scared.

Contribution is a good thing, and personality is not a bad thing.

But these three people are about to blow up the island, which requires careful consideration.

"For the manufacture of weapons"

"There is no habit, right?"

Haku's expression is very serious.

"Does it count as biscuits if you have a habit?"

Luo Yi is also a little weak.

He could even imagine that after Granny Bi arrived here, the sky was full of revolutionary army scenes.

"Is it just as simple as making cookies?"

Haku felt that Luo Yi's expression was unbelievable.

"Well, Kapu has eaten the biscuits with added ingredients. The delicious ones are gone to heaven."

When he said this, Luo suddenly felt confident.

I didn't lie either, it was indeed a matter of heaven, it was just a matter of active and passive.

"Let's bring the people first, but Squee and the others must be taken away. Regarding this, the leader said that he can give you some compensation."

It turns out that even Dorag has said it. Is it a fact that engineers will be reported by teammates everywhere?

Now that Haku said so, Luo Yi contacted Granny Bi on the system interface.

Luo Yi who should be taught has been taught, the inventory that should be opened, also asked Manjix for money, and the equipment is also given.

The light shines on Luo Yi's body, and after three seconds, the first thing that appears in front of Haku's eyes is the big face of Modi.

When the dragon lizard and the murloc met for the first time, they were only less than ten centimeters apart.

The two-meter-eight Haku is already very tall, but the dragon lizard's body is a bit larger, and when he raised his head, he is just as tall as Haku.


Little Modi happily handed in, but he almost didn't grill Haku into a fishing rod.

From the mouth of young Modi, Haku felt a hot breath, almost like a speech.

"Not even humans this time?"

Haku showed his fangs at Luo Yi.

"Little Modi is not a human being."

A somewhat old voice sounded from Little Modi's head, and Haku saw that there was a seat on Little Modi's back, and an old man's face came out from above.

"Autumn bean sack, that ear"

Haku exploded instantly when he saw Mother Bi's ear.

Indeed, Granny Bi's ears are very similar to those of Squee and the others, and the height is also the same, the skin color is different, and the others look exactly the same.

Maybe the skin of their race is like this, women's skin is red.

"Don't worry, Granny Bi is studying guns, not explosives."

Luo Yi really couldn't imagine what time Haku and the others had spent under the control of engineers.

"Don't worry, although I look a lot like a goblin." Granny Bi jumped off Modi's back, "but I'm different from those goblins with no brains."

"Yes, Granny Bi often distributes food to those who can't survive." Luo Yi immediately stood up and promised.

As for why it is guaranteed.

Nonsense, in the entire Dota, are there any heroes that are worse than goblins?

"If this is the case, it is not unacceptable."

Seeing Luo Yi's sincere eyes, Haku felt that he could consider trusting him again.

"Mr. Luo Yi."

"Lo Nissan."

Just as Haku tried to accept, suddenly two voices came.

Luo turned his head and saw that it was Sabo and Kerla.

"It's you guys, how are you doing?"

Luo Yi said hello and asked about the latest situation.

"I am learning Murloc Karate with Master."

Compared to before, Kerla was obviously more generous, and said happily, pulling Luo Yi's palm.

"Really, since it's here, I'll give you something."

With that said, Luo opened the armory, took out two power bracers from it, and a tenacity ball, and placed it in Kerla's hand.

"You can wear this tenacity ball all the time, especially during training. As for these two bracers, you can wear them during battle."

Luo Yi didn't explain the effects of the two things, but it won't be long before the revolutionary army will ask him for it.

It's great to be able to make another money at that time.

"Thank you Lo Nissan."

"You're welcome, Sabo's weapon is a water pipe. When you get stronger, I will give you a stick."

Luo said when he looked at Sabo who had no presents aside.

"Thank you, Mr. Luo Yi."

Sabo did not refuse to take off the top hat, and his every move seemed very noble.

"How cute two kids, do you want to eat cookies?"

Granny Bi suddenly leaned over, holding two Longyan biscuits in her hand.

Haku's eyes lit up.

That's right, this is a normal person, much more reliable than Squee, Spring and Spoon.

178. They are back

Under Luo Yi's strong persuasion, Granny Bi put away the Longyan biscuits and replaced them with ordinary biscuits.

Originally, Kerla was attracted by the Q version of the little Modi portrait on the Dragon Flame Biscuit, but he didn't eat it.

Seeing the somewhat resentful eyes of the two children, Luo Yi's forehead almost oozes sweat.

I'm saving you, and Haku, what does your current expression mean, how do I feel you regret it.

In the end, Granny Bi was still stayed.

This is also the result of discussions between Luo Yi and Bi mother-in-law.

Luo Yi didn't care about her contract, but if he could, Luo Yi would do his best to help them complete the contract.

So far, whether it is the so-called explosion experience or the talent tree, it is indeed something that can strengthen oneself.

In other words, the biggest help this system gave him was actually the cultivation talents he upgraded after the upgrade, the benefits he could get after completing each hero's contract, and the magic equipment.

Although Granny Bi didn't say what her contract was, Luo Yi guessed that he wanted to have enough resources to research weapons, and then return to the so-called outside world to do something.

Haku took Granny Bi to the laboratory of their Revolutionary Army, but Modi was left outside. After all, he was too big to get inside.

"Mr. Luo Yi, I don't know if I can discuss it with you."

After Haku left, Sabo suddenly said this to Luo Yi.

"Huh? Are you sure?"

Hearing what Sabo said, Luo Yi suddenly wanted to try this little genius.

It didn't take long to join the Revolutionary Army, and he managed to surpass Haku and let Dorag accept him as his disciple, the protagonist Luffy and his second brother.

"Sabo, apologize quickly."

Sabo didn't reply yet, Kerla on the side had already rushed up, pulling Sabo's face roughly.

"Su mi ma sen"

Sabo was very apologetic, but Luo Yi watched it with gusto.

The second sister-in-law is worthy of being the second sister-in-law, and took the person less than a year later.

"Don't worry, just discuss it."

He patted Kerla's little head and saved Sabo's face.

He doesn't have any rubber fruits, and he doesn't know how this face is pulled so open, is his skin loose?

"Little Modi, take us for a ride."

Luo Yi turned his head and said to Little Modi, and when he heard Luo Yi's words, Little Modi also leaned down and let the three of them do it on his back.

The seats are actually not spacious, or even a bit small. Granny Bi is designed according to her figure, but this is a convertible. Except for the middle seat, there is no door at all. After three people stand up, they are not crowded at all. .

As soon as Luo sat in the middle, Sabo and Kerla grabbed one of his arms. When they were ready, little Modi jumped directly and jumped off the top of the mountain.

Feeling the sensation of falling caused by the acceleration of gravity, Luo Yi said that this is the first time he has been dancing, and he still has no safety measures.


Compared to Luo Yi and Sabo's calmness, Kerla yelled out of fright.

Although he had been mentally prepared before, Kerla is now only a beginner in Murloc Karate. Falling from such a high place, the corners of his eyes are already full of tears.


Luo Yi picked up Kerla with his right hand, and when he was about to land, his body made a sinking movement to help her cushion her.

However, even if most of the impact of the landing was borne by Xiao Modi, and Luo Yi helped, Kerla still felt that his internal organs were tossing, and he would vomit out for lunch.

It was just that Kerla had just threaded it with a thread as a tough ball worn on her body as a necklace. Suddenly a gentle force came from her chest, quickly restoring Kerla's body.

"Huh, is this?"

I thought it was just a good-looking thing, but I didn't expect it to be so magical.

Kerla knew that Luo Yi had sold something to the Revolutionary Army that could quickly recover from her injuries, but she didn't know that there was actually such an item that could be recovered without eating.

Seeing Kerla's face gradually ruddy, Luo put her on Little Modi's back, jumped down, and stood in front of Sabo who was already holding the broken water pipe.

"bring it on."

Luo stood up with a negative hand and didn't even put out the starting hand, but Sabo was cautious and didn't rush to do it.

Two-color domineering, Sabo hasn't cultivated yet.

If it's seeing, hearing, and sex, it's mainly based on talent. Some people are born to be able to awaken high-level seeing, hearing and sex domineering, which can infect others' hearts, hear other people's voices, and so on.

However, armed and domineering, it takes years and months of continuous exercise to be possible. This requires not only talent, but also time accumulation.

Sabo didn't wait too long, and directly attacked Luo Yi with his water pipe.

A sweeping stick swiped directly towards Luo Yi’s head. The speed was so fast that it even made the sound of breaking through the air, but Luo Yi seemed to have known that he was going to attack like this. He tilted his body back and easily avoided it. Saab’s attack.

The attack failed, but Sabo did not stop. Following the force of the sweep, he gently jumped up, and around his waist, a whirling kick went directly to Luo Yi's chest.

However, Luo Yi, who was leaning back, retreated one foot, and then flashed to the side, once again avoiding Sabo's attack.

Luo Yi was actually not so easy to fight for a short time. The reason why he was able to avoid it was also because he became more and more proficient in seeing and hearing.

Luo Yi also sincerely admires Sabo's strength.

Obviously he was only 13 years old, but regardless of speed or strength, he was about to catch up with him. If he was given one or two agility outfits, he would not be able to catch up with his speed.

Sabo's attack is very sharp, even if he has not specifically learned the system of sticks, but he has danced a water pipe.

Luo Yi didn't choose to hard-wire, but dodge constantly.