Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 113

He found that compared to the almost invisible attacks like Manjikes or Juggernauts, Sabo's opponents, who are not much different from his own strength, are too easy to dodge.

"Mr. Luo Yi, are you not going to fight back?"

After more than a dozen consecutive motives were evaded, Sabo began to use language to get Luo to make a move so that he could find an opportunity to carry out an effective attack.


The water pipe from top to bottom was blocked by Luo Yi's wrist after Sabo finished speaking.

Sabo saw that the water pipe in his hand was deformed, and Luo Yi's wrist was wearing the pair of braces he had just given Kerla.

Sure enough, it is not a simple brace.

After colliding with his own water pipe, he made a sound like a metal collision, and Sabo immediately made a judgment in his heart. The guess that Luo Yi gave Kerla was another magical prop.

"Since you ask, then I can start offensive."

After tidying up the wristbands on his wrists, Luo clenched his fists and showed a drunken hand.


Suddenly a wave of shaking came.

The faces of Sabo and Kerla suddenly changed.

"They are back."

179. The Blessing of Qiwu Sea

The battle with Sabo was interrupted, but Luo Yi and Sabo agreed that they could come and accompany him for an hour every day, and then fly to the three engineers who were blasting.

At this moment, Luo Yi was wearing black and took out six refresh balls to recover from the injuries he had just been injured by an unknown number of bombs.

"Say, what's wrong with you all?"

Looking at the three people sitting in front of him, Luo said with a headache.

Squee: "The new bomb needs to be experimented."

Spring: "It seems that it has reached a bottleneck recently."

Spoon: "Bang."

Luo Yi: ""

I tore you believe it or not?

Luo Yi really didn't show their blasting experience, and he didn't know what they were doing here.

After all, the initial reviews were very good. When the nuclear bomb was launched at sea, Dorag and others did not say much except complaining about the high cost.

But this time is different.

Not only did you explode the entire island, you even wounded people in the Revolutionary Army. Would you say they were angry?

Therefore, an engineer is a pit.

"Then why did you disappear?"

Luo asked with a headache, covering his forehead.

Squee: "The new bomb will be brought back to the village to try."

Spring: "But they don't welcome us very much either, they drive us away every time they see us."

Spoon: "Cut"

Luo Yi: ""

No, no, they just want to kill you.

In short, the three engineers still have to take them away, but how to arrange them is a big problem.

Unless an uninhabited island is created and they are thrown on it, the Chambordian Islands will not escape the danger of destruction, and they may even be wanted by the Navy.

Wait, the navy doesn't seem to want its own people.

As far as Luo Yi understands, apart from those who are voluntarily sentenced to the Navy, the Navy has really not said that it directly wants insiders of the Navy.

If you put engineers in the navy

It feels a little exciting to think about it.

"Mr. Luo Yi"

Although the explosion stopped quickly this time, Haku and the others ran over in a hurry, for fear that the engineer trio might do something earth-shattering.

"I want to discuss with you about taking them away, but it may not be so fast. I have some new arrangements."

"It's okay, as long as we can take people away, the main reason is that our lives are in danger every day. We can't concentrate on our business, you know."

Haku said rightly.

Luo Yi expressed understanding.

Originally, they were engaged in an underground organization, but as a result, there was a scientific researcher who blasted their own people every day in the organization. You said it was annoying but not annoying.

If it weren't for the fact that they did make a huge contribution, Dorrag had contacted Luo Yi long ago, and it was definitely not because he had been away for a while, so he would ignore what happened here.

"In this case, I will solve this problem as soon as possible within a month."

Luo Yi also agreed.

In this matter, I can go back to the naval base on the Chambord Islands. I have been familiar with those navies during this period. I believe that recommending a few talents with "personality" shouldn't be a big problem.

"The three of you should not detonate the bomb in Baldi during this time. If you want to explode, go back to your hometown. Otherwise, I will let the Revolutionary Army suspend your research funding."

Humph, you said so, what can we do.

The engineer trio nodded at the same time and agreed.

In order to make it easier for the engineers to study and to survive his own explosion, Luo Yi replaced the blood essence stones in their hands with two tenacity balls.

As for why the refresh ball should be replaced, it is mainly because of the system upgrade this time that the synthetic props of the refresh ball have also changed. The refresh ball will not return blood.

Compared with the recovery of magic, it is more important for the engineer to recover the blood.

After confessing the good things and saying goodbye to everyone, Luo opened the system map and was planning to return to the tavern, only to find that Shadow Demon seemed to be docked on an island.

It seems that it has been a long time since I went to take a look, if I can consider going out.

Thinking of this, Luo Yi changed his course directly and flew over to see the situation.

However, this time, for the sake of safety, Luo Yi took out the anti-magic cloak and put it on. The large cloak directly covered half of his head, and I believe it would not be seen by others.

After all, this is a world where most people can be fooled by wearing a fake beard.

Luo Yi did not directly fly the Shadow Demon, but flew the holy altar of the Pirate Group.

The altar was built inside the cabin of the pirate ship. Once activated, it just covers the entire ship, and everyone can get the healing effect of the altar.

Moreover, it is far more concealed than flying directly to the Shadow Demon to walk out of the cabin.

What he can transmit, when the Chamber of Commerce develops in the future, the altar will inevitably be built all over the world. Even the navy's intelligence, the CP organization of the world's ZF, will also detect its own intelligence.

Coming out of the cabin, I saw the busy pirate group, who seemed to be docked on this island to replenish goods.

The Shadow Demon stood in a daze at the bow of the ship, not knowing what he was doing.

And the deputy captain Taut, who was chatting enthusiastically with a person at the dock, seemed to be a familiar person.

In addition, Luo Yi saw a stranger thing.

"Why does the Pirate Flag float on this island? You didn't directly occupy an island, right?"

In the field of vision, Luo Yi saw three Pirate Flags of the Shadow Demon Pirate Group, fluttering on the roofs of residents' houses.

"This is one of the cities that the Revolutionary Army has liberated. Since it is not a member of the ZF, there is no navy blessing. It is our Revolutionary Army soldiers who usually help defend the country. Now it happens to be able to use the prestige of the Qiwu Sea to save this country from The invasion of most pirates."

Originally, Luo Yi asked the Shadow Demon, but Dorag's voice suddenly came from behind him.

"Hey, you are here."

When Luo knew that Dora had gone out, he didn't expect that he actually ran away in person because of Qi Wuhai's affairs.

"Your proposal is very good. If we can get a few more positions in the Qiwu Sea, we can even develop our power on the bright side."

Regarding the Qiwuhai, Dorrag did not think about it, but his plan was to let the bear contact Dr. Begapunk who was taken away by the navy, but he never thought of using Qiwuhai's prestige to develop. power.

"So, do you want me to build an altar in this country?"

"May I?"

"Of course you can, just give the money."

"I'll discuss it with the king."

180. Skills

"Hurry up."


"Well, it's like this."

"It's so hard."

"Wow, it's too long."

I don't know why, Kerla felt that what Luo Big Brother and Sabo said during the battle sounded strange, but they couldn't be said to be strange.

It has been a whole week since Luo came here last time.

This week, Luo Yi will come to practice against Sabo every day.

Sabo held the water pipe and Luo Yi held the wooden knife.

The water pipe and the wooden knife kept hitting each other. In this week's duel, Sabo was basically attacking and Luo Yi was defending.

It's not that Luo Yi didn't attack, but he faintly felt that his own domineering experience was about to succeed in cultivation.

Compared with the former situation where the spirit is not working, Luo Yi's current domineering vision has reached the level that he can release it at any time.

Every time the system was upgraded, Luo Yi felt that he had suddenly become acquainted, and many things that he could not figure out before became clear.

Sabo's attack was very sharp and sharp, with few extra moves. Although he was still young, his combat experience was extremely rich, and he was stronger than the several pirates he had captured before.

Is it really because of the teaching of a famous teacher?

Luo realized that if he hadn't had Manjix and Juggernaut instructing his practice, he would not be Sabo's opponent now.

The water pipe collided with the wooden knife again, and Sabo didn't feel irritated for every one of his attacks being blocked by Luo.

This was the same when he and Dorag were practicing, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't make an effective attack on Dorag, and sometimes he didn't even know where the opponent's attack came from.

And Luo Yi's movements were not very fast in Sabo's eyes, but Luo Yi's attack was rarely able to pass.

Sabo even felt that it was not that Luo hit him with a wooden knife, but that he hit him in the direction where Luo waved the wooden knife.

He knew that this was domineering, and Dorag had also told him about domineering things, but Sabo hadn't realized it yet.

The battle continued, and Sabo's neck was also hung with a tenacity ball, which was given to him by Luo Yi. After taking this thing, whether it was injury or physical strength, his recovery speed rose a step.


Luo Yi's wooden knife landed on Sabo's arm, and a red mark was struck on it, but after a while, the red mark had disappeared, as if he had never attacked.


Luo Yi cursed inwardly.

The people in One Piece have a common feature, that is, thick blood and high defense.

Generally speaking, people who will die exist to pave the way for other people or things.

Such as Roger, such as Ace, such as Whitebeard, such as Guina, such as Princess Otohime, etc.

And apart from these people, I really haven't seen a few people with names and surnames that will be cool.

The wooden knife moved backwards and directly blocked Sabo's water pipe. Luo Yi's movements did not stop, turning around and punching directly.

"Dragon Claw"

Index finger and middle finger, ring finger and little finger merged together, plus thumb, Sabo's right hand is like a dragon claw with only three fingers, grabbing directly towards Luo Yi's back waist.