Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 114

How could it be repaired, if you directly grabbed a man's kidney like this, it would be a crit.

"Ordinary Boxing"

A very ordinary punch directly collided with Sabo's dragon hook and claw, and the two of them retreated a few steps.

In terms of strength, Luo Yi is a little bit stronger than Sabo. This pervert who has been exercising in the forest since he was a child is not like a 13-year-old child.

With a miss, Sabo attacked again.

Although he is powerful, he knows his strength is strong enough, even if the opponent knows where his attack is coming from, he will definitely not be able to avoid it.

In this regard, Luffy perfectly explained what martial arts in the world is on the island of Nine Snakes. It is invincible, but fast is not broken.

"I actually hid this hand."

Shaking his right hand, the three clear paw prints on it brought a fiery pain.

Although Sabo is not yet armed and domineering, and the power of this dragon's claws is not even one-tenth of the power, this trick itself is a very powerful attack. It can be seen that Sabo's water pipe attack just now is just a feint, and The dragon hook claws that are connected afterwards are the main dishes.

"If you don't, you won't even be able to damage Mr. Luo Yi."

Sabo has the attack power, but the speed can't keep up with Luo Yi who can anticipate the enemy's first opportunity.

Especially in the past few days, Luo Yi seems to be more and more proficient in the domineering mastery of seeing, hearing, and color, and making fewer mistakes.

In other words, even if there is no domineering, Luo Yi still has true energy, and he can predict where the opponent's attack will come from.

Zhen Qi revolved, and the injuries on his hands quickly recovered.

Although he scolded Sabo for being perverted, even if Luo Yi didn't rely on equipment, only his own recovery ability was extremely amazing.

The discussion continued, and the two did not do anything lightly, and they tried their best.

Said it is to learn from each other, but it is also for practice.

One hour passed quickly.

Even with the toughness ball to help with recovery, but an hour-long high-intensity battle, especially in the case of basically being beaten, in order to achieve an effective attack, Sabo's physical strength is exhausted.

Luo Yi is actually not easy.

Skilled and unskilled are really two different things.

Sabo's Dragon Claw Fist is estimated to be as much as Rager's true biography. Whether it is grip or impact, it is a strong group. If the attack is uninterrupted, he will not even have a chance to recover from his injury.

When the two of them sat down on the rock to rest, Luo Yi was okay. He was basically not attacked. The wooden knife broke, and both fists were bruised and swollen.

On Sabo's side, the clothes on his body were basically chopped into rags, and the water pipes were scrapped. Later, the two of them fought hand-to-hand with both hands, which has been the norm this week.

Kerla expertly took the clothes over to change Sabo, Luo opened his system panel and took a look at his attributes.

Comparing with people of comparable strength, the rate of attribute growth is not slow. In the past few days, all attributes have also improved by five points. I don't know when the next improvement will be.

However, today's system panel is a bit different from usual.

When Luo saw it, his skill bar lit up.

Taking a deep breath, Luo Yi tried his best to suppress the excitement in his heart so as not to laugh.

He came, he came, he came with skills

Seeing and hearing color domineering: All living creatures possess the potential power, can strongly feel the breath of the opponent, read the position and number of enemies out of sight, and the actions that the opponent will take in the next moment.

Of course, this is not the point. The point is that on the skill bar where the domineering sight is located, a yellow frame is lit, with a big plus sign above it, like a naked 404, attracting Luo Yi.

181. Talent Referral

In this world, there has never been any regret medicine.

The moment Luo fainted, these words kept lingering in his mind.

When he woke up, Luo Yi was already lying in the revolutionary army hospital.

Kerla was peeling an apple on the side, and Sabo was communicating with Dorag.

"Woke up."

As soon as Luo opened his eyes, Dorag knew he was awake.

"Well, wait, let me stroke it."

The temples were still beating frantically, and the severe pain kept coming, which was more exciting than typing out the code for a week and then doing twelve bottles of Red Bull.

However, Luo Yi's heart was excited.

The feeling just now was much stronger than he had just mastered the unskilled domineering look and feel.

Just like in the original book, Kerby awakened from the top of the war after awakening to see and hear domineering, completely uncontrollable, and there was noise in his ears.

However, Luo Yi is more serious.

What he hears now is not just the sound of people’s conversation, the sound of the air flowing around, the dusty sound of Baldir, the sound of someone moving the seat, the sound of a telephone bug, the sound of the sea. The sound of small and medium fish blowing bubbles

"Unexpectedly, I actually awakened the domineering look, Luo Yi's talent is really incredible."

"This is what Mr. Dolag said about the domineering awakening. I didn't expect it to be so terrible, even Mr. Luo Yi suddenly passed out."

"Big Brother Luo is okay, I have already peeled my apples. I wonder if he can eat them?"

These are what Luo Yi heard.

Seeing and hearing domineering skills appear on the skill bar, and there are yellow dots that can be upgraded.

If it's you, should you choose to add points, or a few points, or choose to add points?

In short, Luo focused his mind and clicked frantically on the yellow dot.


Then, without knowing how many points were added, he hadn't noticed too much, so he was rushed to his brain by the huge information and passed out.

The information on the system interface is domineering, and does not show the current level, nor does it detail what functions are available now.

Hear your heart?Convey your heart?Long-distance lock?Foresee the future?

Is it because you didn't press the at key?

Although he complained in his heart, Luo Yi still tried to take back all the domineering arrogance he had released as he had mastered before.

It didn't take long for Luo Yi to hear less and less voices in his mind. Luo Yi finally controlled his domineering look and feel. In the next period of time, he was afraid that he would have to cultivate and master well before he could completely control it.

"What an amazing talent."

Dorag saw Luo Yi who was gradually recovering, and couldn't help but sigh.

"Yeah, what a shocking pain."

Luo Yi smiled bitterly and replied.

"Big Brother Luo, have an apple."

Kerla carefully handed the apple to the side.

"Thank you Kerla, I just happen to be hungry."

As a result, Apple smiled at Kerla.

Without the disturbance of noise, it is indeed much more comfortable.

"Big Brother Luo has been in a coma for a whole day, so I'm going to get food." As he said, Kerla ran out without looking back.

"Have I been in a coma for so long?" After taking a bite of the apple, Luo looked at the time on the system interface at 4 pm.

"Well, during the period, Mr. Manjikes visited once, knowing that Mr. Luo Yi was in a coma after awakening, seeing, seeing, and being domineering before returning."

Sabo said so.

Luo nodded a little, thinking he was a little conscientious, and didn't give him a pair of flying shoes for nothing.

"Get a good rest." After Dorrag left this sentence, he got up and left.

Sabo sat aside obediently, and it seemed that he and Kerla took turns taking care of themselves during this unconscious day and night.

It's a pity, no matter how two children, no matter how you have to have a young lady in a nurse costume, just like the four ship doctors on the white beard boat.

Without waiting for too long, Kerla ran in from outside, holding a lunch box about the height of her in his hand, "cang" and put it on the next table, and a small table was put on the bed. , Began to arrange the plates and meals skillfully.

"Saab used to be hospitalized for training before, and I am used to it."


Seeing Luo Yi's eyes, Kerla seemed to know what he wanted to ask, and directly explained.

Picking up the bowls and chopsticks, Luo took a bite without hesitation.

People are iron, and rice is steel, so I feel hungry without eating for a day.

Everyone knows that sleeping is the most energy-consuming.

"Mr. Manjix said that he will go back when Mr. Luo Yi wakes up, and the navy people are here." Seeing Luo Yi quickly consume the food on the table, Sabo said suddenly.

"Huh? I didn't expect it so fast, so let Squee and the others go with me." Luo took a sip of the soup and swallowed all the food in his mouth.

Sabo suddenly said with excitement: "Really? They are leaving too. It's really good cough, it's a pity, everyone is a companion, I didn't expect to be separated so soon."

"You put away the smile on your face before saying this, hello." Kerla tore Sabo's face forcefully again.

A meal ended in laughter and laughter. Luo Yi said that after he had finished the past few years, he came to Sabo to practice, and Sabo also expressed expectations.

In the few seconds when Luo Yi led the goblin trio to the spring of the Dota Pub, they saw the expression of Yixiyijierqi, a revolutionary soldier who came to see him off.

Really, is it so annoying?

Let's send the Goblin away quickly.

It's so BUG to be able to go back and forth between the two worlds freely after the contract is completed.

Is that one day, he can also go to the world of Dota?

Forget it, that world is too dangerous, and most of them are not humans, and girls with long and wavy hair are very dangerous, don't consider these.

Back at the tavern, Luo Yi took the three of them out of the basement and greeted everyone in the tavern before heading directly to the naval base.

"Major General Kadaru."

"Is this the blasting talent that store manager Luo Yi said? It seems to be from another race."

"Yes, their race is goblins."

"It's the sea, it's amazing."

What does this have to do with the sea?Luo Yi couldn't help but complain.

"As for the talent introduction mentioned by the manager of Luo Yi, the head office did not disagree, but they requested that the manager of Luo Yi also go to the navy headquarters for interviews, and specifically mentioned that the manager of Luo Yi and Lieutenant General Karp Transactions."

Kadar didn't know what deal Luo Yi and Karp had reached, he was just a message and lead.

"This is no problem, when shall we leave?"

"I need to contact the headquarters first, and I can leave early tomorrow morning."

Now the sun outside is about to set, and Kadar will not specifically choose to sail at night.

"No problem, then we will go back first and come over tomorrow morning."

"Luo Yi, store manager, walk slowly."

Seeing the departure of Luo Yi and the Goblin trio, Kadaru was full of gratitude, because he, he could once again set foot on the land of Malin Vandor, although only as an escort.

However, due to the Dota Tavern, the security of Chambord Islands has become better and better recently. The number of pirates captured has increased, and his achievements have also become higher and higher. It should not be long before he can make up for his previous mistakes. , Go back to the headquarters.

Give Luo a grateful look again, benefactor.

182. Is it really okay?

Riding on a navy ship, Luo Yi took the goblin trio and boarded the current that leads to the Gate of Justice.

In the cabin, Luo Yizheng was pulling the three goblins, and once again confirmed what he explained to them last night.

"Did you remember everything you said last night?"

Luo Yi's expression is serious, there is no joking about this matter.

Squee: "I see, we won't talk about what happened in the revolutionary army before."