Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 115

Spring: "Yes, although I am very happy in the Revolutionary Army, but we will never mention the three words Revolutionary Army."

Spoon: "Yes."

Luo Yi: "Please say it again."

Squee: "We used to be in Miners Bay."

Spring: "Miners Bay."

Spoon: "Yes."

After putting it away, Luo Yi nodded in satisfaction.

"That's right, believe me, as long as you mention those three words, the navy's methods will be more cruel than me."

Threesome: ""

The three of them are really not stupid. Why can't the revolutionary army stay any longer? This principle is the same as that of lifting port.

The three of them did not reflect on it, but when the bomb was researched out, the three of them immediately wanted to detonate and try, without considering so many circumstances.

And this week, because of Luo Yi's warning, when they researched, they all returned to the Miner's Bay to detonate the bomb, and they would come back after the explosion.

Obviously, during this period of time, the attitudes of the members of the Revolutionary Army towards themselves were different.

It's almost like seeing the child grow up.

All three of them understood, and Luo Yi also made it very clear.

The nature of the navy is different from that of the revolutionary army. They are in the navy, as long as they don’t blow up other people to death, no one cares about them, and they can even provide a lot of materials.

I remembered that I was studying bombs in Miner’s Bay. Not only did I need to hide from other people, I also had to collect materials myself. Sometimes I didn’t have time to stop and study for a month.

But because of Luo Yi's help, they were able to devote all their attention to the study of blasting. Since this is the case, what does it matter if you bear it a little bit.

After thousands of warnings, the three people finally began to mature at this moment. I have to say that capital is really a powerful opponent, and it can turn the trio that didn’t have a brain into thinking about interpersonal relationships. Engineer.

"It's almost here, Manager Luo Yi."

After knocking on the door, Kadalu pushed the door and walked in, just to see the scene where he was finished preaching to the three.

"I'm sorry, Major General Kadaru, the three of them are less sensible. I have to explain more so as not to cause any trouble."

Luo Yi said sincerely.

"The manager Luo Yi is polite. I think all three of them are very lively."

Kadalu didn't think there was anything annoying about the trio.

After all, it was just the beginning of the encounter, and the three of them looked a little stupid, and with their heights there, they looked like ugly children.

"Well, I think you might not want to stay in the navy headquarters after they are really lively."

"Haha, store manager Luo Yi, is this a joke?"

"No, if you know that they have blown up three towns because of research blasting, you know this is the truth."


Wait a minute, what are you talking about?

The polite smile on Kadaru's face instantly solidified.

At this moment, he seemed to see that his official career had come to an end.

Is there such a possibility that he will be assigned to the weakest East China Sea to serve as a small base leader?

The worried Kadaru had been at the pier of Marin Vandor, but he never recovered, but was once again frightened by the people on the pier.

"Puff ha ha ha ha boy you are finally here, I have been waiting here for a long time."

"Lieutenant General Karp personally greeted"

Kadalu muttered like a zombie.

"Mr. Karp, you were not driven out by the Marshal of the Warring States period."

Looking at the senbei residue at the corner of Karp's mouth, Luo Yi unceremoniously exposed his evil deeds.

"Huh? How did you know."

"Forget it, this is a donut for you, and Granny Bi's Longyan biscuits."

Luo Yi ignored Karp's staff-like questioning and started bribing directly in front of everyone.

"Not bad, your kid has a great appetite for me. Don't open a tavern. Let's be the navy."

Karp directly accepted the donuts, as for the Longyan Biscuit, he didn't even look at it.

The last jump directly caused him to fall into someone else's house, and it took him a long time to help repair the roof.

Luo saw that Karp didn't want the Longyan Biscuit, so he put it away first.

Oh, this is a good thing.

Not only can you jump directly when you eat it, but it can also cause impact damage and dizziness when you land, and the range is not small.

In addition, perhaps it has undergone a special treatment, or the material used to make the biscuits is special. The biscuits actually have the effect of healing injuries, and they are the kind of instant recovery.

With Karp's leadership, Kadaru and the others no longer need to go in, and went directly to the rest area to report.

As soon as Luo followed Karp, Squee pushed the trolley, with Spring sitting in front of him, and a large bucket on his back with Spoon inside.

Although the entire naval base was large, Karp took them directly to the Warring States office.

For him, there is no difference between going to the office and lounge in the Warring States Period.

Without knocking at the door, Karp opened the Marshal's door directly.

It seemed that he had expected Karp to come to this trick a long time ago, and the Warring States period did not scold him, but instead turned to look at the woman sitting aside.

Gray hair, ponytails, and two emerald green earrings, Lieutenant General of the Navy Headquarters, Chief Staff Officer, Crane.

Luo Yi didn't expect that these three people of the same age would meet him at the same time. His status is already so high?

"I wanted to see Mr. Luo Yi a long time ago, but I saw him today."

The first person who spoke was the Warring States Period. Compared to Kapu's casual attitude, the Warring States Period was much more formal.

"The name of the Marshal of the Warring States Period, I grew up listening to it."

Luo Yi also responded politely.

He had watched One Piece for 20 years, and he was even bigger than the body of this world. He didn't grow up listening to it.

"Well, it's different from what Karp said, very polite kid."

With that, the Warring States glared at Karp who was looking for Senbei after rummaging through the boxes and cabinets. There are outsiders, pay attention.

"I heard that you want to recommend scientific research talents to the Navy?"

The crane sitting aside suddenly spoke.

Scientific research talents are not unavailable in the Navy, but each of them is very important early. They either need to be trusted or controlled. People from unknown sources must not be allowed to join. After all, they don’t know if the other party is here to steal naval secrets. .

"Can you show the technology they have mastered?"

The Warring States also followed Crane's words.

"Here? Not so good, right."

While talking, Luo Yi held onto the trio of engineers eager to take out the explosive barrel.

"That's right, let's go to the beach, I remember, they are blasting engineers."

Warring States nodded and pulled up Karp, who had found nothing. The three directly led Luo Yi and them to the beach and asked the engineers to show their research results.

While Luo Yi couldn't bear to look straight, the beach of the navy headquarters shook the mountains, and the entire naval base rang out with the sound of enemy attack alarms, and received a brand new name, Crescent Bay.

A huge circular open space was directly exploded by a few small-looking explosive barrels, and a large amount of seawater poured into it, looking like a crescent moon.

"Really talented."

Seeing the trio of engineers dancing in excitement, there is only one question in Zhan Guo's heart.

Is it really okay to let them join the navy?

183. Hailou Stone Trading

After the Warring States came forward to stop the alarm farce, Luo Yi and the others were taken back to the Warring States office.

"The explosive bomb is indeed very powerful, but one thing, if we can't explain it, we really dare not let him into the navy casually."

The words of the Warring States Period are also very pertinent, Luo Yi also understands it, and the trio of engineers who stood there quietly, afraid to put another fart, looked at Luo Yi nervously.

"The three of them"

Luo Yi didn't conceal the slightest bit. He told the trio about experimenting with explosives, blowing up three towns, and being chased by the villagers who ridiculed them.

Looking at the trio who looked guilty and regretful next to them, both Zeng Guo and He were judging the truth of the matter.

Miner's Bay, Crane Port, and Hand Town were places they had never heard of before, and even the Goblin race had never known them.

But this is also normal. If the Navy knows every place in the world, then this comic is called the King of the Navy.

In the new world, the navy has almost no power, it can only catch the pirates outside the territory of the Four Emperors.

Therefore, what Luo Yi said remains to be verified.

However, Sengoku and Crane are two spirited people, and they can see at a glance that the engineer trio has no intentions, but they continue to cover up.

"If the Warring States Marshal agrees to join them in the navy, I will let them try their best to restrain it. However, there should be special experimental sites in the navy, which should not hurt people."

Luo Yi talked about the situation he was most worried about.

The trio immediately agreed and nodded, showing their well-behaved side, like those pets in the pet store.

"Leave it first, but there will be a period of inspection. If it doesn't work, we will send people back."

Zeng Guo and He glanced at each other, both understood what the other meant, and nodded in agreement.

Squee: "Great, brother."

Spring: "It's great, brother."

Spoon: "boom"

Luo Yi: "You guys stop for me."

Seeing that the trio actually wanted to take out the mines to celebrate, Luo Yi hurriedly held them down.

At this moment, even Karp felt that allowing the trio to join the Navy might cause extremely serious losses to the Navy’s military expenditure.

"Besides, there is one more thing I want to discuss with Mr. Luo Yi."

Except facing Karp, the Warring States has always been expressionless.

"Marshal, please speak."

"I heard Karp said before that you want a sea floor stone."

"Yes, for my chamber of commerce to develop, business must not be limited to great shipping routes. The four seas are huge markets."

"It's a fact, but the sea floor stone is scarce after all, even if there are not many reserves in the navy, we can't easily sell it to you."

Fart, your sea tower stones are so much that they can be used as prisons, handcuffs, bullets, and robotic arms. You still think it will not be enough?

However, there is also a possibility that the navy now has no supply of sea-building stones due to the occupation of Kaido, and it can be said to use a little less.

"I have a few good things here. If the marshal finds it suitable, I can exchange them for the sea floor stone."

Warring States said that he would not easily sell it to himself. That was not to not sell. In fact, he wanted to raise the price. However, Luo Yi felt that it was not impossible to exchange the magic items in his hand, just don’t know, Bega Punk will research it out.

At the end of the scientific world is metaphysics, right?

"If it is wine, the Navy also buys it. We have tasted it. It tastes good, but it is not enough to match the preciousness of Shanghai Loushi."

Warring States shook his head.

"This is a life-saving straw on the battlefield, don't you think about it, Master Marshal?"

As he said, Luo Yi reached into his pocket and took out a small ball emitting a bright green light.

"Huh? What is this?"